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The Inner Meaning Of Lech Lecha

G-d Almighty says to a Jew: In order for you to succeed in your shlichus (mission) in this world, “Lech lecha,” you must depart, “me’artzechah,” from your land. In a spiritual sense, this refers to materialism. We must depart from our own materialism.

The Voyage Of The Exodus 1947

Exodus passengers were separated on the port into men and women, invoking the worst associations to these concentration camp survivors.

Our Role In This World

What about the akeida was so unique, when throughout the generations thousands of Jews have given their lives for Kiddush Hashem?

The Justice Of History

The word “Torah” means “teaching” or “instruction,” and it is difficult to teach ethics through stories whose characters are fraught with complexity and ambiguity.

Labors Never Lost

Some people find very little inspiration in their prayers and Torah study. They may even put much effort into them yet never enjoy the fruits of their labors while alive in this world.

Seeking Completion

After banning Jews from being augurs, diviners, sorcerers, and necromancers, the Torah commands that one should be “tamim with G-d” (Deut. 18:13).

In The Merit Of A Tzaddik

After doing some research, Arieh discovered that his great-great-grandfather was in fact Rav Naftali Hertz HaLevi Videnboim from Bialystok, and he had been the first Chief Rabbi of Jaffa as well as a Mekubal himself.

Today’s Mabul Echoes The Past

How do we prevent ourselves from being sucked into this low lifestyle that the nations of the world have gotten themselves into?

The Further You Are, The Closer You Can Be

Imagine if a well-known atheist – say, Richard Dawkins for example, were to publicly announce that he was wrong about his atheism and that he had come to the realization that there is in fact a Creator. This would cause a massive kiddush Hashem (sanctification of G-d's name) that isn't possible for a tzaddik to accomplish.

Why Is The Mabul Called ‘The Waters Of Noach’?

Noach was the tzaddik in a fur coat. He made sure to take care of himself, his wife and children. However, he did not take care of the world at large.

Seasoning The Land (Part II)

Avot de-Rabbi Natan explains that the world is called taivel because it is “spiced up” (metubal) with Torah, so that the Midrash is emphasizing the importance of Torah in that the entire world is called taivel simply because there’s a little bit of Torah “mixed into” it.

Fantasy Or Reality: The Ultimate Challenge

You must limit your endless potential in order to make something real.

Hashem Is My Light And My Salvation

She watched with mounting anxiety as it not only continued to burn brightly, but somehow reignited the used matches from the previous night, causing a mini bonfire on the tray!

Holy Meshugene

As I got older and matured, however, I came to appreciate that we Jews carry out mitzvos with simplicity for no other reason than the fact that Hashem commanded us to in His Torah.

End Of Tishrei – Unpacking The Merchandise

Tishrei is with us a whole year; you're not going to leave Tishrei and Tishrei is not going to leave you. However, there is something we have to do about it – to unpack little by little all the great merchandise that we acquired during the month of Tishrei.

Forever Young

If you are prepared to learn something new, you can be 103 and still young. If you are not prepared to learn something new, you can be 23 and already old.

Are You Willing To Journey Into The Unknown?

All we know is where we're leaving from, where we are right now. Only once we arrive, we will retroactively see where the journey was taking us all along.

Seasoning the Land (Part I)

The Radak in Sefer Shorashim also connects eretz to the idea of running – in this case because of the planet’s non-stop astronomical motions.

The Minyan Miracle

I was overcome with gratitude to HaKodesh Boruch Hu for making it possible for Daddy to receive the honor that he provided for others, throughout his lifetime.

Simchas Torah: The Jew Becomes The Legs Of The Torah

Almighty G-d, being our Merciful Father – more than a banker – accepts our plea and He gives us hakofos, the credit for the new year. He gives us life and sustenance and happiness and nachas. With G-d’s help, during the year, we make sure that we meet our obligations.

‘So Long As He Is Called By The Name Of Israel…’

This raises the question, "Why?" Why would Jews from every background imaginable travel to a distant country to spend Rosh Hashanah at the grave of an early 19th century Hasidic master?

The Uniqueness Of Sukkot

It is almost as if Sukkot were two festivals, not one. It is. Although all the festivals are listed together, they in fact represent two quite different cycles.

A Leader’s Call To Responsibility

It is that power of hope, born whenever G-d’s love and forgiveness gives rise to human freedom and responsibility, that has made Judaism the moral force it has always been.

Bearing The Guilt

Miri has been carrying around guilt for the accident for over 60 years; for something she had zero responsibility for. She had misinterpreted the situation and blamed herself needlessly enduring enormous pain.

Rediscovering What You Already Know

Most importantly, though, when the malach struck you, you didn't lose this Torah; rather, you lost access to it. Instead of disappearing, this knowledge and clarity became buried deep within your subconscious.

The Year Of Shemittah

When one “comes into a land” and desires to establish his way of life, which involves “working the soil,” it is necessary to bear in mind that the first and foremost, as an idea and as a goal, is “Sabbath unto G-d”; not the “earthly” and material, but the spiritual and sacred.

Honesty First

The only solution is to recommit ourselves to being completely honest. With Hashem's help we can make a fresh new start this year based on truth.

The Cry On Yom Kippur

We are a hyper-verbal people. We talk, we argue, we pontificate, we deliver witty repartee and clever put-downs. Jews may not always be great listeners but we are among the world’s great talkers.

A Powerful Lesson

The ride had put her in a wonderful mood. The morning went well, and she looked forward to grabbing a quick lunch before returning to the main office.

To Be Fed From ‘The Royal Table’

Bread is a necessity, while wine is a luxury. Not only will every Jew receive the royal food from the King’s table every single day, but they will also receive the royal wine.


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