Stepping Stones To A Better Place

I heard this amazing true story from Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger who heard it from Rabbi Yosef Levi.* Rabbi Levi regularly visits Jewish prisoners in...

Free At Last

The Torah is based, as its narratives make clear, on history, a realistic view of human character, and a respect for freedom and choice. Philosophy is often detached from history and a concrete sense of humanity. Revolutions based on philosophical systems fail because change in human affairs takes time, and philosophy has rarely given an adequate account of the human dimension of time.

Good Vs. Evil

Another crucial point to note is which political party is embracing these attacks and, in a sense, bringing them about and justifying them: and that is of course the Democratic Party.

Special Delivery

We couldn’t believe it when she told us where Chana was staying and that it was only two blocks away from her.

Three Versions Of Shabbat

What does Parshat Emor tell us about Shabbat that we do not learn elsewhere?

The iPhone And The Mountain Goats

The receptionist, who was familiar with my story, said that they had not been able to retrieve my phone that morning.

Kindness By The Case

“I have no words to thank you,” Marcus stammered. “But, would you mind if I ask you a question? Why did you decide to bend over backwards to help me?”

What Started The Gaza Attack?

We must not lose sight of who is running the world and who orchestrated the recent rocket attacks, and the insubstantial and meaningless ceasefire. The rockets were sent for a purpose.

Yaakov And Eisav: Reason Vs. Instinct

Who then were Esau and Jacob? What did they represent and how is this relevant to Yom Kippur and atonement?

The Role of the Jewish Nation

Yaakov Avinu went to Mitzrayim with 70 souls, and when we left, we had become a great nation.

G-d Finds You When He’s Ready

G-d, in his mercy, will send you little gift-wrapped signs.

What’s The Hurry?

Bnei Yisrael were not meisim lev after seeing the yad Hashem destroy Mitzrayim in front of their eyes.

The Pesach I Saw Double

The pans of blondies had suffered minor volcanic eruptions, and chocolate chip-flecked batter hung like drapes around every side.

Education: The Key To Success

Jews became the only people in history to predicate their very survival on education. The most sacred duty of parents was to teach their children. Pesach itself became an ongoing seminar in the handing on of memory.

Four Who Are Considered Dead

We see that suffering is not considered equal to death.

Dress For Success

Then she dangled the bait in front of me: “If I pay for you to buy a gown, would that help?” Well, I guess a little bribery never hurt.

A Religion Of Holy Words

The Sages say, it's as bad as all three cardinal sins together – idol worship, bloodshed, and illicit sexual relations. Whoever speaks with an evil tongue, they say, is as if he denied G-d. Why are mere words treated with such seriousness in Judaism?

The Typewriter Repairman Who Saved Lives

Since the restructuring of my column at The Jewish Press, we have been focusing on the Jewish tenet that whatever G-d does, His interest is our good – even if we fail to see how events are for our betterment. Here is an example with a compelling script.

A Hug From Heaven

We’ve met the most wonderful, caring people who have helped us and Eli weather this draining challenge.

Is It A Sin To Have A Baby?

We know that the Torah’s perspective on having children is of course positive.

The Sacrifices Of Childbirth

he sacrifices a woman brings on the birth of a child, and the period during which she is unable to enter the Temple, have nothing to do with any sin she may have committed or any “defilement” she may have undergone. They are, rather, to do with the basic fact of human mortality, together with the responsibility a parent undertakes for the conduct of a child

A Moving Story

I didn’t see a solution to my housing needs forthcoming. Instead of getting down, I strengthened myself with the thought that “other people manage to find a place to live, and so will I.”

Megillas Mashiach

The international community has pressured Israel since its inception. Against all odds she has flourished and grown, it is has become a true exception.


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