Searching For Roots In Berdichev

Abe and I were a bit surprised that Eliyahu Yeshaya would spend over a $1,000 on a half-week trip to the Ukraine. We didn’t know that he had his own itinerary in mind.

Sing And Song (Part II)

The word “yashar” (straight) would seem to hold the opposite meaning of “shirah,” but Rabbi Shapiro notes that in rabbinic literature the two are linked.

In Hot Water

My team leader and quality control checkers lived overseas. They paid little attention to the dramatic events I had just undergone. But they did sense that I was feeling vulnerable, and it was showing in my work.

Sing And Song (Part I)

In what is possibly a separate explanation, the Malbim writes that “shirah” is a more general term that can refer to song both in a religious sense and in a secular sense, while “zimrah” refers specifically to a religious song that speaks of G-d’s praises.

G-d Wants You To Love Others

Fasting is of no use if at the same time you do not act justly and compassionately to your fellow human beings.

Mi Bamageifa: What We Are Supposed To Do Now?

Are we really yearning for the geula? Do we daven for it like we daven for other things we feel we need?

What The Bookseller Taught Me

She called the woman over and asked her to wait. Mrs. H. went into a room and returned with a large bag, which she handed to the customer, telling her that she had already paid for it.

The Cycle Of Life Continues

Although it’s been more than 40 years since we last met, how could my husband and I forget Steve...

The Prophetic View Of Sacrifices

They were not criticizing the institution of sacrifices. They were criticizing something as real now as it was in their time. What distressed them to the core of their being was the idea that you could serve G-d and at the same time act disdainfully, cruelly, unjustly, insensitively or callously toward other people.

Building Community

What united them was not the dynamic of the crowd in which we are caught up in a collective frenzy but rather a sense of common purpose, of helping to bring something into being that was greater than anyone could achieve alone. Communities build; they do not destroy. They bring out the best in us, not the worst.

Laborious Work And Angelic Creativity

Rabbi Kook warns that sometimes a person can become so involved and devoted to his work that his work controls him instead of the reverse.

With Gratitude

So along with my gratitude sessions, I decided to be more aware of saying thank you to people who deserve acknowledgment along the way – service providers, bus drivers, and the like – which I’m not always good at doing.

Karu Nah And The Coronavirus

Needless to say, everyone should be cautious and take common sense necessary precautions.

Moses Annuls A Vow

According to the Sages the original act of Divine forgiveness on which Yom Kippur is based came about through the annulment of a vow, when Moses annulled the vow of G-d.

Better Late Than…

Rabbi Shapira-Frankfurter discusses a third word for delay or late: “hitmahmah.” In his view, this word denotes a delay caused by moving slower than usual.

Daf Yomi

Where Beis Shammai And Beis Hillel Agree ‘One Must Not Take a Haircut Close to Minchah’ (Shabbos 9b)

Beaten Only To The Mat

Victory comes in different forms.

Megillas Mashiach

It is hard to believe that only 75 years ago, not hundreds or more, a Jew could not find a place. It was us they all did abhor.

Dressing To Impress

Tetzaveh is also the first time we encounter the phrase “for glory and for splendor,” describing the effect and point of the garments. Until now kavod, “glory,” has been spoken of in relation to G-d alone. Now human beings are to share some of the same glory.

Five Ways To Be Silent

A fourth word for quiet is “hass.” This verb means making others quiet (i.e., hushing them). The etymology of this word might be an onomatopoeic adaptation of the sound used to quiet others (like “shh…”).

Megillas Trump

The election results were not intended to go this way, according to the natural course of political science.

A “Coincidence” From The Daf Yomi

He reread it time and time again, but finally decided he’d just have to accept that he didn’t understand it and move on.

The Gift Of Giving

Why did God command Israel to make a sanctuary for Him? Shouldn't it be unnecessary?

Opening The Doors

Logically, it isn’t possible for you to make it to work on time. But there is a Creator. And nothing stands in His way.

How Many Foreheads?

The Mishnah and the Talmud do not explain what “padachat” means, so how do we know it means “forehead”?

Listening To G-d

Judaism is a matter of creed as well as deed. But we should allow people great leeway in how they understand the faith of our ancestors.

Stealing And Robbing

The gaNav steals at Night [i.e., when nobody is looking] while the gazLan steals in the Light [i.e., out in the open].

Who Can Forget?

It is not sufficient to simply learn the Torah, part of the mitzvah is knowing and understanding where the Torah comes from.

The Waiver

When he first found out that his bar mitzvah parsha was Yisro, which contains the Ten Commandments, Yedidya felt that Hashem had been particularly generous with him.

A Culture of Chesed

Our wonderful founding bochurim were now by and large married with children of their own. So it was a magnificent ever-expanding yeshiva family that now populated the alumni gatherings.


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