The Young Man Who Missed A Fast Day

Ben Zion caught his breath and apologized to Rav Ahron for barging in on him at the airport.

Not Reckoned Among The Nations

Tanach is perhaps the least self-congratulatory national literature in history. Jews chose to record for history their faults, not their virtues.

In Judaism, Religion and Nationhood Coincide

Why did God choose that Israel be blessed by Bilaam? Surely there is the principl “Good things come about through good people” (Tosefta Yoma 4:12). Why did this good thing come about through a bad man?

Why Was the Beis Hamikdash Destroyed?

The pasuk in the beginning of Parshas Eikev says that when we will follow the laws of the Torah, Hashem will guard the bris.

A Friend Indeed

We were fortunate to start our trip home. What a thrill to call the insurance company and advise them, “Please cancel my service call.”

The Celestial Phone Call

So why then are we not attentive enough to all of the signs that surround us? I have not the psychological training to analyze this question, but what seems clear is that slumber is not only restricted to our beds.

Earthquakes And Volcanoes

It should have proven to them that the churban was upon them and should have caused a tremendous teshuvah movement.

Losing Miriam

What made this trial different? Why did Moshe momentarily lose control? Why then? Why there? He had faced just this challenge before.

Faith During Darkness

Even after all of the medical procedures, both Chaya and Daniel were left with medical problems.

The Miracle Of The Sticks

The Midrash tells us that thousands of children in the desert were named Aharon because Aharon brought peace to their homes.

How To Argue

The story of Korach remains the classic example of how argument can be dishonored. The Schools of Hillel and Shammai remind us that there is another way.

Wedding Belles

The entire process seemed inexplicably doomed from the start; it was a proverbial comedy of errors if ever there was one.

The Danger Of Fake News

The universal theme of this week’s parsha seems to be interpreting facts correctly, and not listening to fake news.

Fear Of Freedom

The spies were not afraid of failure, he said. They were afraid of success.

Sincerity Counts

When someone loves something or someone, he will feel compelled to do all that he can for that thing or that person, even if it will not actually make a difference.

The Stolen Purse

Even if the cash was lost, it would still save endless hours of paperwork, phone calls, and visits to government offices to have all her documents returned.

Many Jews, One People

Our task as a people of destiny is to bear witness to the presence of G-d – through the way we lead our lives (Torah) and the path we chart as a people across the centuries (history).

A Tale Of Tefillin

It was not easy for any of them. According to Yitzhak, their lifeline was the books and letters that came from Jews in America and Western Europe.

Where To Look For A Story

Inspiration is everywhere-especially in the small things--if we pay attention.

Sages And Saints

A society takes all types... Shabbat Shalom!

The Value of Torah

The great Torah scholars of our nation, are even greater in Middos Tovos.

A Match Made On Shabbos

Because Yaacov had been waiting a very long time for a kidney but no suitable one had been found until then, Rabbi Hager told him that yes, he should do the transplant.

Global Warning

The Chofetz Chaim writes concerning several earthquakes that occurred in his time that if niviyim were alive today, they would be going to everyone and warning them to do teshuvah.

A Nation Of Indivduals

In Judaism taking a census must always be done in such a way as to signal that we are valued as individuals. We each have unique gifts. There is a contribution only I can bring. To lift someone’s head means to show them favor, to recognize them. It is a gesture of love.

Flight Or Fight?

My mind was now racing as I decided that, to save time, as soon as we got to the Delta entrance at the airport, I would jump out of the car and run. That’s what I actually did.

Sefirah: Before Or After Aleinu

It is possible that even the custom of not saying Aleinu after Shacharis on Shabbos is in accordance with the Arizal, since we daven Shacharis and Musaf together, and thus they are considered as one tefillah.

The Birth Of Hope

Hope is one of the very greatest Jewish contributions to Western civilization, so much so that I have previously called Judaism “the voice of hope in the conversation of humankind.” Without this, Jews and Judaism would not have survived.

Stepping Stones To A Better Place

I heard this amazing true story from Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger who heard it from Rabbi Yosef Levi.* Rabbi Levi regularly visits Jewish prisoners in...

Free At Last

The Torah is based, as its narratives make clear, on history, a realistic view of human character, and a respect for freedom and choice. Philosophy is often detached from history and a concrete sense of humanity. Revolutions based on philosophical systems fail because change in human affairs takes time, and philosophy has rarely given an adequate account of the human dimension of time.


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