Reb Yoel

Reb Yoel was the master who knew exactly how to make the Rebbe's teachings accessible to everyone.

The Power Of Listening

The tension between the counselors and the rabbis grew almost to the point of crisis, so much so that we had to stop the course for an hour while we sought some way of reconciling what the counselors were doing with Torah.

Wedding Planner

Ten years ago, when a good friend got married, she and another friend put together a book of lists and tips to help her organize her wedding. Since she enjoyed the project, Roni continued on her own to make these books for couples about to be married.

The Fewest of All Peoples

What happened to all the promises of Bereishit, that Abraham’s children would be numerous, uncountable, as many as the stars of the sky, the dust of the earth, and the grains of sand on a seashore?

The Destructive Power Of Depression

How are we to combat this destructive tendency to compare ourselves to others? The first step is to internalize the fact that we truly have no idea what someone else might be struggling with.

The Ultimate Teacher

As a young child, Joash was hidden away in the Holy Temple by his uncle Jehoiada, the Kohen Gadol, and later ascended the throne.

Raising The Dough

I told him that the check was not for us, but for Malka's group. I glanced quickly at the check and I read $1,100. Not bad.

An Exemplary Jew: Reb Pinye Korf

To say that he was a Jew who had Ahavas Yisroel is an understatement. He lived the life of all Jews. He felt pain from a fellow Jew’s pain, and rejoiced in a fellow Jew’s simcha.

How To Cry For The Churban

Many people are not reaching their fullest potential in learning, davening, and avodas Hashem in general. Many people lack motivation and are often in dire need of a spiritual uplifting, but do not know where to get it.

One Day At A Time

By viewing each day as a world onto itself and not worrying what the future may or may not bring, we make our service of Hashem much more manageable and increase the likelihood that we will be successful.

The Leader As Teacher

Other nations, says Moses, will recognize the miraculous nature of the Jewish story.

Anger Issues

In exploring the etymologies and polysemous usages of just a few of these words, we will shed light on the nuanced differences among some of the words for anger in our list.

Sealed With Hope

Without the funds at my disposal, I kept procrastinating the inevitable. My to-do list grew longer and hardly anything got crossed off.

A Letter of Chizzuk

May Hashem see and hear the prayers and the tears of our brethren throughout the world and send us the righteous redeemer, Moshiach Tzidkeinu, immediately.

Moses, Reuben and Gad: A Masterclass In Negotiation

Moses succeeds not because he is weak, not because he is willing to compromise on the integrity of the nation as a whole, not because he uses honeyed words and diplomatic evasions, but because he is honest, principled, and focused on the common good.

With A Little Help From Hashem

Tell Hashem about the obstacles you have to achieving your goal.

Welcome To Rooster City

Siddur HaRokeach adds that just as the rooster closes one eye when G-d is angry, so was Balaam blind in one eye, and just as the rooster stands on one foot when G-d is angry, so was Balaam lame in one foot.

Breaking Down The Walls

Why are these necessary components that must take place before Mashiach can come?

Made To Order

Shira had done this several times for her neighbors when they needed it so she didn’t feel too bad calling her friend Dina and asking her if she would mind picking up their order and bringing it home.

The Three Weeks – Days Of Potential Joy

We know that G-d is the G-d of mercy and goodness… If so, how are we supposed to understand the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash?

Lessons Of A Leader

This means: a leader must lead from the front, but he or she must not be so far out in front that when they turn around, they find that no one is following.

Wholly Grains

A person who is not careful to speak precisely… disregards the quality of his speech, as if he is grinding kemach.

Descent For The Sake Of Ascent

It goes without saying that a person is never allowed to use this idea as a premeditated excuse to engage in sinful behavior.

Even This Is For The Good

Very often when we hear stories about hashgacha pratis, Divine supervision and intervention – the end of the story shows how all the preceding...

The Kielce Pogrom

The Poles were also fearful that the Jews who had returned to Kielce would reclaim their prewar houses and businesses.

Rebbe Nachman’s Cure For The Exile

Even if you see that he is completely wicked, you must search and seek the little bit of good in him, wherein he is not wicked...

Leadership And Loyalty

Bilaam was a man with great gifts, a genuine prophet, compared by the Sages to Moses himself, yet an evil-doer mentioned in the Mishnah as one denied a share in the world to come.

Speaking of Speaking…

Yabia means speech that flows from the depths of one’s heart … or speaking continuously, non-stop, like an ever-flowing spring.

Spiral Of History

We are approaching the period of the year that has been previously doomed for disaster. But this does not have to continue.

Appreciating A Gam Zu L’Tovah Day

I thought you were a different patient when you called. I can’t fit you in today.


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