Torah As Preventive Medicine

Aside from other practical considerations, the best way of implementing your intention and to achieve even incomparably greater results than can be imagined, is to apply your contribution in the area of Torah-Chinuch for children.

The Impetus For Two Improbable Movements

By 1939, not only had Novardhok reestablished itself on Polish soil, but it also had a network of 85 yeshivos! This dynamic phenomenon, unparalleled in Jewish history, came about as a result of a single statement.

When Truth Is Sacrificed To Power

That Moses needed to resort to force was itself a sign that he had been dragged down to the level of the rebels. That is what happens when power, not truth, is at stake.

From Loneliness To Oneness: The Endless Expansion of Self

Adam and Chavah are created as one before being split apart to model the oneness that we are striving towards as husband and wife.

Good Within Bad

The difference between the current era and the future messianic era is our ability to recognize Hashem's goodness within the bad. This is the meaning of Hashem's name currently lacking Oneness.

Korach: The Gorgeous Windpipe

The word garon appears eight times in the Bible. In five of those cases, the word is associated with speech, so it is clearly talking about the trachea through which speech passed to exit one’s mouth

The Baby Saga

When Ayala arrived home that night, she wasn’t feeling well. On a whim, she decided to do a pregnancy test. She felt sort of silly. She had only just davened at Miriam’s kever, but something spurred her on.

Benefits From Daily Rambam Learning

From the many stories told by various people in private and in public, it is clear that learning Rambam helped them in everything: children, health and livelihood.

Ascending The Ladder

One-out-of-three is not the kind of language that Dr. Weinblatt would ever employ, let alone even allow himself to think. The man is a fount of hope.

Chesed, Din, And Tiferes: The Guiding Principles Of Reality

How can it be that Hashem made a mistake – that He originally wanted to create the world with din but then changed His mind?

Remember To Remember

Part of what makes religion a force for honest and altruistic behavior is the belief that G-d sees what we do.

‘Remember The Future’

In the month of Tamuz it is necessary to elicit mindfulness in order to rectify the forgetfulness that came into being as a result of the Shattering of the Luchos (Tablets), which occurred in this month.

Empty Exaggerations

In explaining what a guzma is, Rashi writes that they are “simply words,” meaning they do not reflect the actual reality ... Similarly, Rashi explains that "words of havai" refers to speech spoken by common people, who often speak in vulgar ways that exaggerate the matter at hand.


My mother has given me non-stop love, care and attention since the day I was born. Despite the many challenges I have had in my life, my mother has been with me through thick and thin.

The Final Challenge

Amnon lived in a kibbutz located halfway between Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. Yet he knew nothing about Judaism and had never spoken to a haredi Jew. Tali found herself not only in a new job, but in the position of Defender of Her Faith.

Universal Participation In The Study Of Rambam

Because one of the principal goals of learning Rambam is to unite all Jews, women and children should also participate. – The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Always Thank G-d

Rebbe Nachman is telling us we must never make demands during prayer. Requests are appropriate but they need to remain just that – requests.

Moses And The Trajectory From Pain To Humility

True humility means silencing the “I.” For genuinely humble people, it is G-d and other people and principle that matter, not me.

Ideals Lost And Found

A gift isn’t real; something chosen and earned is. We’re in this world to choose, to assert our free will, and to create ourselves.

On Misers And Cheapskates

The truth is that kilay in the sense of miser is a rather obscure and archaic Biblical Hebrew word, seemingly not used in Mishnaic Hebrew.

Believing When It’s Dark

The last place I moved into about two years ago, was heaven for me, and I planned to stay there for as long as possible. Obviously, Hashem thought otherwise.

Please Take My Son

Rabbi Sha'air spoke to the mother and the child and was about to accept and register the boy when the mother said: I must tell you, Rabbi. I don't have any money to pay you. Not now, and it's not likely that I'll have any money to pay you later in the year either.

Jewish Unity Through Daily Rambam Study

When a person learns Mishneh Torah, he fulfills the mitzvah of studying and knowing all the Torah’s laws. – The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Never Give Up Hope

I was the poor man who you tried to give the money to, and it was because of me that you buried it!

The Way Of The Sage And The Way Of The Saint

Judaism strongly believes that G-d is to be found in the midst of the physical world that He created that is, in the first chapter of Genesis, seven times pronounced “good.” It believes not in renouncing pleasure but in sanctifying it.

Three-Step Process For Building Eternity

Have you ever felt like everything worthwhile in life eventually fades? The energy of youth fades into old age, the excitement of beginnings fades into routine, and the inspiration of a new goal fades into habit.

My Husband, My Man

The word baal not only means husband, but was the name of the chief deity of the Canaanite pantheon. Throughout the Bible, the Jews dallied with Baal-worship, and many of the prophets endeavored to break the Jews of that idolatrous habit.

Receiving The Torah With Joy And Inner Feeling

The issue at hand isn’t that the Jews didn’t serve G-d. They did serve G-d, but the joy was lacking.

Hashem Truly Runs The World

When I think back, there were other amazing occurrences that happened that day!

Deepening Our Understanding Of Sefiras Ha’Omer And Shavuos

The forty-nine days of sefiras ha’omer parallel the forty-nine-day process that the Jewish People went through upon leaving Egypt, before receiving the Torah. What is the meaning behind this process?


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