Everything Is Done For A Reason

The Jews told Yirmiyahu that they understood that they had to do teshuvah, but they did not believe that a churban was imminent.

Take A Breather (Part II)

Rabbeinu Yonah notes that the nefesh and ruach represent man’s instinct for thriving and surviving in a physical or material way.

Lessons From Pinchas For The Coronavirus

We have moral duties as individuals, and we make political decisions as nations. The two are different.

A Message From Moshe With Help From Above

For years I have been interested in stories about families that lost someone they loved, like the one I am compelled to write now.

Kohelet, Tolstoy, And The Parah Adumah

Science deals in causes and effects, not purpose and meaning. In the end, he concluded that only religious faith rescues life from meaninglessness.

Take A Breather (Part I)

Maimonides explains that “ruach” also means a life-giving spirit, which is what remains of a person after death (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

Do You Know Anyone Called Zvi?

They realized he must have got on a bus, but they had no idea which bus. They had no way of knowing whether it had been a bus to Ramot where we live.

Korach: Cancel Culture’s Precursor

Their aim was to discredit Moshe, damage his credibility, raise doubts among the people as to whether he really was receiving his instructions from G-d.

All About Hair

In another famous Talmudic passage, the rabbis speak about taming the force of the Evil Inclination for idolatry, which took on the form of a lion made of fire.

To Life

I didn’t realize that the anecdotes I gave my offspring, and then grandchildren, would truly be heard and also remembered.

Spying On The Land – Or Touring?

They were about to enter a land they had not seen. They had no idea what they were fighting for.

Kneading The Dough

Rabbi Mecklenberg writes that “arisah” is related to “eres” (bed): Just as dough consists of a mixture of flour and water, so too a bed’s mattress rest on a mixture of interplaced beams or planks.

The Shabbos Salad That Hashem Sent

I sat on the couch, surrounded by loved ones, so, so grateful for the beautiful Shabbos we would celebrate together, our first family gathering in many months, inspired by the upcoming occasion of one of our grandson’s upsherin on motzei Shabbos.

Loneliness And Faith

: I was not alone in feeling alone. Other people had been here before me.

Not Just For The Birds

The scene of thousands and thousands of cranes, as well as other birds, was awesome. I thought that would be the climax of our three-day trip up north.

Loneliness and Faith

I believe that isolation contains, within it, spiritual possibilities.

A Coriander Conundrum

Ultimately, when Antoninus pointed out that doing so would totally erase his progeny, Rebbe encouraged the Roman official to have mercy on his deviant daughter.

The Blessing Of Love

Why does this command and no other require love?

Where’s The Gold?

Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz (1765-1821) writes that Ophir is Peru, where large deposits of gold are supposedly concentrated.

The Truth And Nothing But The Whole Tooth

Had we waited a day or two longer, the tooth would have died completely.

The Torah And Free Knowledge

The Jewish people had universal compulsory education 18 centuries before England did.

The Old Switcheroo

The Torah stipulates that if one tries to transfer holiness from one animal to another, both the original animal and the new animal become consecrated.

Lost In China

He reluctantly pulled himself up, slung his knapsack over his weary shoulders, and walked for several hours until he discovered that he was approaching the same big rock that he had passed several hours earlier.

The Power Of A Curse

The whole idea contained in the 13 Attributes of Compassion is that G-d’s love and forgiveness are stronger than His justice and punishment.

Divorce Bills And Other Documents

Rabbi Sofer explains that all legal documents are called “get” because they bring people together (e.g., lenders and borrowers, buyers and sellers, etc.).

Miracle On A Lonely Road

As a visitor, one can often feel a sense of danger there, although if one’s Jewish radar is properly tuned in, one can feel the concentrated presence of Hashem in His Holy Land, more so than anywhere else on earth.

Blemished Imperfections

Rabbi Dr. Ernest Klein explains that this word originally referred to a dot or speck on an otherwise pristine background and was later expanded to mean any type of blemish or defective imperfection.

Covenant & Conversation: Radical Uncertainty: Emor

There is something very strange about the festival of Succot, of which our parsha is the primary source. On the one hand, it is...

A Concrete Act Of Emunah

I’m not moving from here until the Baal Shem Tov gives me a blessing for a child. Either he can bless me, or he can step over me, but without his blessing, I’m not moving from here!

Covenant & Conversation:The Ethic of Holiness

Kedoshim contains the two great love commands of the Torah. What are they?


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