Halacha Is The Way To Go

Impurity and moral decadence are all around us. Surely our souls are negatively affected and in need of spiritual healing.

The Ten Commandments As The Structure Of A Good Society

The first three commands establish the single most important principle of a free society, namely the moral limits of power.

Getting Clean

The Torah stipulates that a metal receptacle used for cooking the meat of a sin-offering must be thoroughly cleaned before being used for another purpose; it must undergo merikah and shetifah in water (Lev. 6:21).

Sweating The Details

Package? No, I not in America and no package here. Maybe you vant Shulem Fastag? Ich bin Shlomi Fastag. Shulem he live cross street. I not go to America.

Owing What We Own

We ought to recognize that in addition to creating all objects, Hashem is also responsible for specific objects being in our possession.

Find The Good

Rebbe Nachman tells us that we must "revive" ourselves by focusing on our good points.

The Alter Rebbe’s Directive To The Chassidim Regarding Their Antagonists

Lower your spirit – act with absolute humility before them. And if you must talk to them, speak “softly… with a restrained spirit...

Deepening Our Perception Of Challenges

If we can change what we want, we can change who we are. When we make new decisions, we create a new reality for ourselves.

The Face Of Evil

While it is true that the enemy always hates us for a reason, it is his reason, not ours.

Az Yashir: Song Touches The Eternal

What is a bracha if not a motivator to do something – to eat the matzoh, to lay tefillin, to recite Kiddush? But mitzvos of the heart are natural and organic; they happen naturally.

Piles And Clever Seas

Each of these items on its own has no major value, but when grouped together in a pile, can become something important. In the same way, cleverness is like a pile of thoughts that the intelligent person has considered.

Hashem Has Wondrous Ways Of Helping Us

The time came for the case to be called up and there was Mr. Cohen, facing the judge alone (of course, he knew that he wasn't alone, but his lawyer wasn't there.)

Mama’s Eyes

Yes, you are so lucky. Hashem made such a big beautiful world and here you are able to see it.

The Baal Hatanya And The Vilna Gaon

It was the Alter Rebbe’s fervent wish to quiet the controversy and for there to be peace amongst the Jewish people.

The Purpose Of Our Challenges

Did the great ones become great despite their challenges or because of them? What is the secret to their success?

Names Rooted In Kindness

The name Moshe, a name that is rooted in kindness, is applied to the Torah itself, as it is called Toras Moshe – the Torah of Moshe.

Telling The Story

In Judaism, the stories are not engraved in stone on memorials…. They are told at home, around the table, from parents to children as the gift of the past to the future.

Parent Principles

Judaism is about belonging to a people who descend from and still identify with our avot and imahot.

Putting Things In Their Place

Rabbi Pappenheim notes that in many instances natan and sam can be interchangeable, because they basically refer to putting something somewhere.

A Winner

Like many good Brits, come what may, Anne's father would buy a weekly ticket in the football pools. He always used the same numbers; the birthdays of his two children.

Creation Mysteries: When Contradiction Creates Clarity

The first stage was a gift, an illusion; the third is the product born of the effort and time you invested.

The Discourse That Explains The Purpose Of Creation

On 10 Shevat in 1951, the Rebbe officially accepted the mantle of leadership, and delivered a maamor that began with the same posuk, expounding upon his father-in-law’s discourse.

Pharaoh’s Heart And The Freewill Question

Freedom in the deepest sense, the freedom to do the right and the good, is not a given. We acquire it, or lose it, gradually.

Ambush On The Way Up

Instead of becoming dejected because we think we have fallen from our previous spiritual level, we can now be encouraged by knowing that, in fact, just the opposite has occurred.

Just Stop!

The way Rabbi Grayever explains it, chadal connotes the inability to perform a certain action, or sustain a reality, that leads to something being stopped – whether this inability stems from nature or from legal considerations.

From Annoyance to Acceptance, With Hashem’s Guidance

I had suddenly grasped that I would have to change my whole attitude to Yitzhak, see him in a different guise from the irritating boy I had defined him as.

Straightening The Bent Path

The more power, the more potential. The value in any power is only in the extent to which it can be controlled. Otherwise, the more power you have, the more destruction you will have.

Get More Seforim

It is plausible to say that we can fulfill the mitzvah by buying seforim, as this accomplishes the mitzvah’s goal – the study and knowledge of Torah.

Staying Young

This "old age mentality" is something a person can have even as a young adult. Conversely, an older person can possess a fresh and enthusiastic mentality despite having lived through countless ups and downs.

The Downfall Of Yishmael

Yishmael is destined to bring Klal Yisrael to the ultimate level of tefillah. This is going to happen before the geula can come.


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