The Election And Hashem’s Master Plan

It’s not simply that there is no room for such questions, rather we would be fools not to stop and think about why He chose this outcome.

The Height Of Divine Providence

Nice story. But how the shidduch came about… that’s something incredible.

A Tribute To Lion Of Justice Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 2)

Nelson’s pocket contained a bloody switchblade with the word “killer” inscribed on the handle. In that same pants pocket were three bloodstained one-dollar bills. The bloodstains were consistent with Rosenbaum’s blood type but not Nelson’s.

Communication Matters

Isaac never intended to give the blessing of the covenant to Esau. He intended to give each child the blessing that suited them.

Boys And Girls (Part II)

A whole slew of other words also come from ayin-lammed, including “elyon” (high), “l’maaleh” (up), “oleh” (elevate), “aleh” (leaf, which grows on a branch), “ohl” (yoke, which placed on an animal), “meil (tunic, which is worn on top of other clothing), “na'al” (shoe, which is worn on top of the foot), etc.

In The Middle Of The Night

One hot summer night Daniel woke up at about 4 o'clock in the morning and was terribly thirsty. Everyone else was sleeping and he knew he couldn't wake them up to say 'amein'.

Boys And Girls (Part I)

Rabbi Mizrachi explains that Rehoboam was called a naar at 41 because he was immature and had weak leadership skills...

It Was Written Down

We just need help in locating a nice place that meets the standards of the Health Ministry and is able to stretch to accommodate twice the size crowd if the rules lighten up.

Elephants Galore

“Pil” actually doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bible. Biblical Hebrew seems to have a different word for elephant, “shenhav,” which appears twice in the Bible.

Answering The Call

Noah fails the test of collective responsibility. He is a man of virtue in an age of vice, but he makes no impact on his contemporaries.

Overcoming Obstacles B’Simcha!

Family members, Baruch Hashem, came through lending the hosts two portable generators, which at the very least, could keep the seudot meals safe.

The Courage Not To Conform

Abraham is the supreme example in all of history of influence without power.

A Laughing Matter

In four places in Tanach, the middle patriarch is referred to as "Yischak," not "Yitzchak."

But He’s Not A Doctor!

Time went by and one day Yaacov had pain in his abdomen, the same type of pain that he had before his operation. He thought and hoped that maybe it would pass, so he waited.

Did We Learn From Noach’s Generation

Speaking specifically to the Jewish community, the undeniable fact is, the current president has done more for our people and Israel than any other United States President.

Doubly Blessed

My first day at the high school was an eye-opener. As I walked into the large entrance room, I suddenly heard a door open. I heard a teacher scream at a student and physically throw him out of the class. What a welcoming!

Tell The World: The Land Belongs to Bnei Yisrael

By us learning Torah, the world will see that there is a Hashem and that He is righteous.

Taking Responsibility

Kayin does not deny personal responsibility. He does not say, “It was not me,” or “It was not my fault.” He denies moral responsibility.

A Light In The Darkness

The entire time we were all on the rock, we were in darkness, since we were trying to conserve the cellphone lights. Besides, there was nothing to see except the night sky, which was easier to see in the dark.

Holy Matrimony (Part II)

Dr. Michael Satlow suggests that “kiddushin” is actually a loanword from the Greek legal term “ekdosis,” which refers to a bride's father handing over his daughter to her husband.

Working For The Real Boss

The conditions at the school Devorah was employed at were great. Perhaps she too would be privileged to finally find her calling.

A Tribute For The Lion Of Justice, Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 1)

Lifsh immediately attempted to pry the car off the children. His efforts were in vain as a mob began to attack him.

Holy Matrimony (Part I)

The Torah’s word for betrothal is “erusin,” and its cognates appear throughout the Bible. The Mishnah, however, more often uses a different word: “kiddushin.”

The Two Festivals Of Sukkot

Sukkot celebrates the dual nature of Jewish faith: the universality of G-d and the particularity of Jewish existence.

Why Such Anguish?!!

When Rabbi Margolin arrived home he sat down with his rebbetzin and they discussed what had transpired in the Rebbe's home. They talked, and thought and begged Hashem to give them the right thoughts so that they would make the right decision.

The Chaftetz Chaim’s Erev Yom Kippur Shmuz

At some point in the last half a year, everyone has had something in their lives changed. The most important thing to know about these changes is that they were orchestrated by Hashem personally.

The Arc Of The Moral Universe

This is a doctrine fundamental to Judaism and its understanding of evil and suffering in the world: G-d is just.

The Power To Hold Back

In Cheshek Shlomo, Rabbi Pappenheim connects “eitan” to the biliteral root aleph-tav, which he further reduces to the monoliteral root tav. He explains that this root means connections and linking.

Shofar Blowing In India

We loved hearing from our son by phone, and sometimes there was good enough reception to see him on WhatsApp. He was really having a wonderful time. He would plan his hiking itinerary around the goal of being in a Chabad House for Shabbatot.


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