The Story Of A Synagogue And The Man Who Didn’t Believe In G-d, Who...

The shul was finally opened with air conditioning, furniture, and books, and has been serving Eshel for about 40 years. But that isn’t the end of Miller’s story.

Celebrating The Rebbe’s 122nd Birthday

We can’t wait for him to knock on our door and say he wants to be at the Seder. What if he’s not going to knock? And if we are going to wait for him to knock, it may take a very long time.

The Real Reason We Are Hated

Those looking to find the source of antisemitism often miss the massively disproportionate representation of Jews in almost every index of human achievement. Instead of learning and benefitting from the great success of a contributing minority, many choose a path of envy and jealousy, which leads to hatred.

Is There Such Thing As Lashon Tov?

The disciples of Hillel hold that at a wedding you should sing that the bride is beautiful, whether she is or not.

Inspiring Insights For Your Seder Night

The Seder night serves as an opportunity to pass over our mesorah, our tradition and legacy, to the next generation. It's a night when we speak about emunah, the meaning of being a Jew, and our purpose in this world. In order to teach these lessons to our children and ourselves in a deep and lasting way, we must encourage the Seder participants to ask questions, no matter the age or knowledge-level.

Close Encounters With Rav Elyashiv, zt”l

I didn’t let go of what I correctly perceived was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and accompanied Rav Elyashiv all the way home – again just the two of us.

Our Upstairs Neighbors And The Pesach Wine

His reply was quick in coming. I’ve heard of a segula if the Pesach wine used for the makkos is poured on the doorstep of irritating neighbors they might move out, he informed him. Of course, Asher and Malkie were very excited to hear about this unusual segula and couldn’t wait for the seder to end so they could implement it.

Grand Siyum To Celebrate 40 Years Of Rambam Study

Every participant will receive this matbei’a shel eish, a coin of fire, representing the fire of the Rambam and the fire of the Rebbe. Ure’isem oso uz’chartem – whenever one sees the coin, he or she will remember what the coin stands for; the daily learning of Rambam.

Othello, WikiLeaks And Mildewed Walls

The most compelling illustration of what the tradition is speaking about when it talks of the gravity of motsi shem ra, slander, and lashon hara, evil speech, is Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello.

Why Does Hashem Send Us Challenges?

There is a fundamentally deeper understanding of a challenge – one that reveals the very core spiritual purpose and effect of a test.


They tried to explain he had Alzheimer’s and they implored upon them to try one more time to check that David was safe. Reluctantly they finally agreed and told them to return in two days.

The Fifth Son

This presents a grave challenge, which should command our attention long before Passover and the Seder night. For no Jewish child should be forgotten and given up.

Spontaneity: Good Or Bad?

Why then was spontaneity wrong for Nadav and Avihu yet right for Moshe Rabbeinu? The answer is that Nadav and Avihu were Kohanim, Priests. Moses was a Navi, a Prophet.

What Do We Really Want?

Most spiritual schools of thought are focused wholly on the spiritual; they view the physical world as lowly and dangerous. They therefore claim that the physical should be avoided to the greatest extent possible.

The True Judge

The fallen tree damaged the car’s roof and broke a window. My husband covered the window with plastic in the meantime. Accompanied by a car-knowledgeable friend, Menachem went to file his claim against the city a short time later.

Why Civilizations Die

Jews did not abandon the past. We still refer constantly to the sacrifices in our prayers. But they did not cling to the past. Nor did they take refuge in irrationality.

When The Rebbe Was Arrested On Purim

A policeman noticed the crowd gathered around the Rebbe and listening to him, so he came over and asked the Rebbe, Haben Sie eine erlobinish? (Do you have a permit?) When the Rebbe did not produce a permit, the officer arrested him.

Parashat Tzav: Spinoza, the Alter Rebbe, and the Eternal Fire

The repeated commandment for the Cohanim to keep the fire burning seems to undermine the purpose of the Heavenly fire: the open manifestation of God’s miraculous providence.

The Relationship That Could Have Been

The carpenter was shocked! If only he had known he was building his own house, he would have invested so much more effort.

The Four Ws And An H

My good friend knew all the above already, as a good friend does, but she listened anyway.

Cutting The Wheat In Lubavitch

Even when he was already advanced in years, Reb Zalman himself, with his flowing beard and joyful, shining face, would rush around the fields like a young man, with scythe in hand. His simcha carried him.

The Dimensions Of Sin

Regardless of guilt and responsibility, if we commit a sin we have transgressed a boundary.

Purim: Our Existential Battle Against Amalek

Amalek rejects Hashem’s connection to this world or any connection between the spiritual and the physical. Essentially, Amalek denies Hashem’s control of this world and the ability for man to uplift himself to the level of the spiritual.

Nothing’s Gonna Change… 2024

We lived through those COVID-19 years in a state of flux. Things were changing all the time... The only thing that didn’t change was the necessity to change many facets of our daily life.

The Special Mitzvos Of Purim

Though we dress up in holiday finery, Purim doesn’t feature holiday work restrictions. Nonetheless, all the better if you can take the day off from work and focus on the holiday and its four special mitzvos.

Haggadah Refresh: A Review Of Two Seder Masterworks

Although the haggadah is the essential tool to convey historical occurrences, the development of our People, and Jewish self-awareness, frequently the new releases have so many sideshows and kitschy illustrations that the message gets lost in the sauce.

Haman And Today’s Battle Against Amalek

Torah is not simply a guide to living a life of truth; it is the blueprint and DNA of this physical world. In other words, our physical world is a projection and emanation of the deep spiritual reality described in the Torah.

On Jewish Character

Aaron, according to the most favored explanation, realized that he could not stop the people directly by refusing their request, so he adopted a stalling maneuver.

Happy Even Now?!

When the askan heard this, he was devastated. After more than two and a half years of waiting for a kidney, the rabbi missed this opportunity because his 'helper' decided to go to sleep and call later. How would he break this to Rabbi Kerelenstein?!

The Battle For Truth!

Things are not always as they seem. Each and every person in this world has a story, one much deeper than a surface glance reveals. Similarly, every object and occurrence in the physical world is laced with layers of depth and meaning. We must choose to peer beyond the surface in order to discover these layers.


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