Striking Gold

Although he felt the town was receptive to greater spiritual influence, Rabbi Gold says that aside from the physical and spiritual considerations, however, was the much greater problem of trying to find money to open a religious school, his first project.

You Are Always G-d’s Child

A confusing thought may enter your mind, but if you stand firm, G-d will send you another thought to encourage you.

The Yom Tov Of Rosh Chodesh Kislev

In the face of the Rebbe’s fortitude and steadfast refusal to go to the hospital, the doctors attending him were unsure what to do.

A Father’s Love

Isaac surely knew that his elder son was a man of mercurial temperament who lived in the emotions of the moment.

When Selfish Becomes Selfless

Everyone wants to contribute something significant to the world. This desire is an inherent part of being human.

Toldos: The Doers and Fighters

The Torah recounts a series of incidents between the shepherds employed by Isaac and those employed by Avimelech, the Philistine king of Gerar, in which the former dug wells, and the latter tried to usurp control of those wells.


They now sit together and intensely discuss what they are learning. They are both very proud to carry on the legacy of my father, their great-grandfather.

Recognizing Our Power

The truth is that one must believe in the power of their mind and their soul, that they have the power to overcome any temptation, even that of immorality. Even the soul of the lowliest amongst us certainly has the power to stand up against the whole world with all its temptations.

Awesome Prayer

We go to shul, we say the words, but we do not actually experience what prayer could and should be because we are too atomized, individualized, and emotionally armored.

We Are ‘A Hakhel People’

Also while in exile Jews must not ignore their task, nor underestimate their capacities, however limited their material powers may be, inasmuch as a Jew’s material resources, as already noted, are bound up with the spiritual, and in the spiritual realm there are no limitations, also during the time of exile.

Oneg And Nega: The Story Of Eden, Nahar, And Gan (Part III)

You begin with your inner thoughts and experience. You then form the specific words that will encase your thoughts as you give them concrete form and throw these words out into the world around you in the form of vibrations.

A Call From The Future

How did Abraham overcome the trauma and the grief? How do you survive almost losing your child and actually losing your life-partner, and still have the energy to keep going? What gave Abraham his resilience, his ability to survive, his spirit intact?

Chayei Sarah: Take A Drink

Curiously, Rabbi Pappenheim argues that the word neshek (“weapon”) also relates to this root, because two opposing combatants approaching each other on the battlefield resemble two lovers approaching each other for a kiss, or because the mechanics of the neshek create a certain type of consistent noise.

Bringing The Future Closer

I was so encouraged by these words that I decided to show my faith in Hashem and my true belief that He will save me this time as well.

Orders From Above

Avi tried to appeal to the bus driver once more but to no avail. He was determined to leave on time. But oddly enough he still hadn’t moved even though it was already several minutes past the allotted time.

Why Travel

Each person is destined from Above to be in a particular place at a given time. At that time and place, there is something holy that they specifically must accomplish in that place.

The Rebbe And Hakhel

As a suggestion to our readers, let us visualize that the Rebbe is sitting at a farbrengen in 770 on Parshas Vayakhel 5752. The Rebbe knew what we did not – that this would be the last Shabbos farbrengen for a while – until we meet again.

Oneg And Nega: The Story Of Eden, Nahar, And Gan (Part II)

In order to achieve this ideal flow, one must perfect all three stages of the process. You must first connect to Eden, which requires going beyond the surface of reality and connecting to the transcendent – to Hashem and His Torah, to the spiritual root of the physical world.

To Bless the Space Between Us

It is the space we create for one another that allows love to be like sunlight to a flower

Be My Guest

Interestingly, Rabbi Yaakov Emden (1697-1776) argues for a Hebrew etymology of the word ushpiz in the sense of host by explaining it as a portmanteau of the Hebrew phrase yesh po zin (there is sustenance here).

Every Dog Has His Day

Kelly regularly jumped up to greet me in her signature style, licking me exuberantly while rhythmically wagging her tail. Well, she certainly knew how to make a guest feel welcome (if not utterly terrified!).

Ethical Dilemmas and a Functioning Oven

Do you mean to tell me, I gasped, unable to contain the note of exasperation from my tone, that I waited nearly two hours on the line only to find out that I had called for nothing?

Hakhel – Then And Now

It was the only event that required the attendance of every Jew, reminiscent of the historic moment when our nation stood at Mount Sinai, when every member of our nation was present when G-d lovingly gave us the Torah.

Influencing Friends With Torah

A ball cannot enter a stone wall and therefore bounces back from it. Likewise, when your friend does not gain anything from your words, they are reflected back to you. Thus, you are influenced by your own words.

Oneg And Nega: The Story Of Eden, Nahar, And Gan

The goal is for the essence of Eden to flow untainted through the Nahar into the Gan – for the spiritual to be powerfully and completely expressed through the physical.

Journey Of The Generations

We are too young to venture into the world on our own. It is precisely the stable, predictable presence of parents in our early years that gives us a basic sense of trust in life.

Prime Property

While the words rechush and mikneh always appear in singular form in the Bible, the word nechasim always appears in the plural.

A Harmonica At The Philharmonic

Out of this unobtrusive instrument, came the sounds of classical music, beautifully played.

Shabbos Joy

All of your income is decreed from the beginning of the year. But what you spend for Shabbos and festivals is not included in the decree (Beitzah 16a). Even a simple family man enjoys Shabbos with his tasty food such as fish and broth.

The Significance Of The Hakehel Year

Although at all times we are commanded to bring up our children in the way of the Torah and mitzvos, the mitzvah of Hakhel, coinciding with this season, impresses upon us our duties towards the children with special force and timeliness.


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