Miracle On The Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway

The soldiers milling around were silent, staring into the distance as if willing the ambulance to arrive faster.

For The Write Price

David was surprised at the downright refusal, but he didn’t lose hope. He set out to another vendor and another vendor and another…

Who’s Really Feeding Omar?

Since Omar was not censured, she has doubled down and continued her diatribe.


The contemporary world continues to be scarred by violence and terror. Sadly, the ban against blood sacrifice is still relevant. The instinct against which it is a protest – sacrificing life to exorcise fear – still lives on.

Sticker Shikker

“C’mon, Abba, do me a favor and stop saying, ‘That’s all I need...’ Look at me: I’m healthy and happy. It’s a mitzvah to be happy. Be happy, Abba.”

Killing Amalek

Shmuel Hanavi had the king of Amalek brought before him, and said, “Just as your sword made women childless, so shall your mother be childless among women.” Shmuel Hanavi then executed Agag.

The Pursuit Of Meaning

From the perspective of eternity we may sometimes be overwhelmed by a sense of our own insignificance. We are no more than a speck of dust on the surface of infinity. Yet we are here because G-d wanted us to be, because there is a task He wants us to perform. The search for meaning is the quest for this task.

Not For Sale

As it turned out, the apartment had been a bit neglected and needed some work to clean it out and spruce it up. That had been the reason for its vacancy.

Mishkan Takeaways

These stones are referred to in the Torah as avnei miluim – literally filler stones. This term used to identify these precious stones is extremely peculiar. If one had a D flawless stone set on an ornament, would it be referred to as the filler stone?

On Jewish Character

There is a fascinating feature of the geography of the land of Israel. It contains two seas: the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The Sea of Galilee is full of life. The Dead Sea, as its name implies, is not. Yet they are fed by the same river, the Jordan. The difference is that the Sea of Galilee receives water and gives water. The Dead Sea receives but does not give. To receive but not to give is, in Jewish geography as well as Jewish psychology, simply not life.

Lights In The Corridor

If I had had the chutzpah which I now possess, I would have loudly protested and demanded equal rights. Since I was a 15-year-old, well behaved student I obeyed him.

Murder Is Now Legal in America

Aren’t these basic common-sense laws that every civilization abides by? Why would anyone not accept the rule of law that banned such evil practices?

Beauty In The Service Of God

The idea that one might worship “the work of men’s hands” was anathema to biblical faith. More generally, Judaism is a culture of the ear, not the eye. As a religion of the invisible God, it attaches sanctity to words heard, rather than objects seen. Religious art is never “art for art’s sake.” Unlike secular art, it points to something beyond itself.

Always Forever

When I worked in a community organization many years ago and the folks that I was attempting to assist were rude, I could hear Mommie saying: “There is no excuse for bad manners!”

Soul To Soul

To my surprise, she thanked me again for the chizuk that I had given to her. Her comment somewhat assuaged the feeling of disappointment that I felt for having lost touch with her for so long.

What is Shomer Shabbos?

The Gemara tells us that if one’s life is in danger anyone can desecrate Shabbos in order to save his life, because it is better to desecrate one Shabbos in order to be shomer many more.

A Stiff-Necked People

How can Moses invoke the people’s obstinacy as the very reason for G-d to maintain His presence among them? What is the meaning of Moses’ “because” – “may my Lord go among us, because it is a stiff- necked people”?

The Exposed Heart

Deep in his heart he felt completely delighted for his brother that he would take his place and redeem Bnei Yisrael and lead them.

A Minyan For My Mother: Rena’s Story

Here and there, we saw a few men and boys. I still had my heart set on having a minyan. But how?

Brothers: A Drama In Five Acts

For once Moses, the hero, the leader, the liberator, the lawgiver, is off-stage in the only instance where the name of Moses is not mentioned at all in any parsha since the first parsha of the book of Shemot. Instead our focus is on his elder brother Aaron. The story of Aaron and Moses, the fifth act in the biblical drama of brotherhood, is where, finally, fraternity reaches the heights

Flying High

We all said our goodbyes and exchanged lots of hugs and best wishes before heading to bed the night before her flight, just in case we would not wake up in time to see her off. Better too many hugs than too few…

Building The Mishkan Today

Moshe Rabbenu wanted to build the vessels for the Mishkan before the actual Mishkan. Betzallel countered, that the derech haolam – way of the world – is to first build a house and then build the furniture.

A Portable Home

The very concept of making a home in finite space for an infinite presence seems a contradiction in terms. The answer, still astonishing in its profundity, is contained at the beginning of this week’s parsha: “They shall make a Sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell in them [betokham]” (Exodus 25:8).

The Auschwitz Protocols

A great story told by a master storyteller--better still--it's TRUE!


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