The Chaftetz Chaim’s Erev Yom Kippur Shmuz

At some point in the last half a year, everyone has had something in their lives changed. The most important thing to know about these changes is that they were orchestrated by Hashem personally.

The Arc Of The Moral Universe

This is a doctrine fundamental to Judaism and its understanding of evil and suffering in the world: G-d is just.

The Power To Hold Back

In Cheshek Shlomo, Rabbi Pappenheim connects “eitan” to the biliteral root aleph-tav, which he further reduces to the monoliteral root tav. He explains that this root means connections and linking.

Shofar Blowing In India

We loved hearing from our son by phone, and sometimes there was good enough reception to see him on WhatsApp. He was really having a wonderful time. He would plan his hiking itinerary around the goal of being in a Chabad House for Shabbatot.

The Current Events Of Lashon Hara

There is no reason why we should have a monopoly on kind speech, and Telushkin has gone so far as to initiate a bipartisan group of senators to introduce Senate Resolution 264 calling for a national “Speak No Evil Day” in America.

The Strong Ones (Part II)

Another verse in Psalms (68:35) exhorts the reader to give “oz” to G-d. Obviously we can’t actually strengthen G-d.

Leaving It Up To The Almighty

It follows therefore that if vengeance is wrong, it could not have been commanded by G-d – not to Christians, and not to Jews. If it was commanded, we must be able to make some moral sense of it, whether we are Jews or Christians.

My Answer From The Lubavitcher Rebbe

I did not ask for parnassah or to find a new job. I asked The Rebbe that there should be a shul (synagogue) within 2 or 3 blocks from the place where I will eventually find work.

Mother Is Always Right!

Time has not lessened my longing for her however, comfort did come to me in a very unexpected manner.

In Preparation For The Great Day

We truly are a generation that loves the Torah. The level of the average person in Klal Yisrael today is greater that it has been in a very long time.

How To Renew A Nation

Note the inclusivity of the event. It would be anachronistic to say that the Torah was egalitarian in the contemporary sense.

The Strong Ones (Part I)

Rabbi Wertheimer explains that the greater Torah scholar a person becomes, the more effort he must exert on performing good deeds and not lose himself in the more theoretical world of study.

When The Phone Rings

We called his phone, but there was no ring in the car. I knew Dovid had been fooling around with it in the car on the way over, so it wasn’t at home.

Be Silent And Listen

For me, one of the gifts of this strange, difficult time has been the ability to slow down the prayers so that I am able to listen to them speaking to me. Praying is as much about listening as speaking. And faith itself is the ability to hear the music beneath the noise.

The Odessa File

Oren pleaded with the department head to allow him to take this final exam either on Friday or on Sunday. His laconic reply was that this had never been allowed before and therefore could not be allowed now.

Does Love Conquer All?

Says the Torah: When love is likely to be the cause of conflict, it must take second place to justice.

An Extra Bris Outfit

But they didn’t return it. I didn’t even know who the parents of the baby were and in any case I wouldn’t have felt comfortable bothering a new mother.

Harnessing Information

This precise question does not arise in the Talmud. But young Reb Shlomo Zalman was able to marshal his breadth of knowledge and genius of application to render a most innovative ruling.

A Sage Is Greater Than A Prophet

What for the prophets was a dazzling vision of a distant future of peace was, for the Sages, a practical program of good community relations.

Saved By The Shechinah

We came to Israel for ruchniyus, for spiritual nourishment; physical comforts were irrelevant in our search for meaning.

Peace And Quiet

“Shalom” implies the cessation of hostilities, while “sheket” implies the cessation of any rush or toiling that force people to be constantly moving about.

The Morality Of “We, The people.”

The test of a society is not military, political, economic or demographic. It is moral and spiritual.

Driving On Cloud Nine

True, they agreed that the other was nice looking and the correct age and observance level. But a shidduch redt by a driving instructor who hardly knew either of them? Seriously???

Remembering The Wall (Part II)

Other words derived from this root include “chatzi” (half), “chazot” (midday or midnight), “chutz” (outside/exterior), and “cheitz” (arrow).

More Than We Deserve

Chessed has no if-then quality. It is given out of the goodness of the giver, regardless of the worth of the recipient.

Corona Gifts

The day after a wedding is not the best day to get a new air conditioning unit as we were still recovering from all of the wedding expenses, predictable and otherwise.

The Infiniti Game

Finite games are played to win. Infinite games are played for their own sake. Finite games are usually performed in front of an audience of some kind. Infinite games are participative.

Rabbi Sacks’ Message for Tisha B’Av During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here is a short message as we head towards Tisha B'Av and will be marked in strange and difficult circumstances because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Why Are There Riots?

The organizers of these protests, which quickly turn to violent riots, undoubtably seek anarchy, as they openly state.

Remembering The Wall (Part I)

Rabbi Pappenheim suggests that “chomah” is related to “milchamah,” as the main purpose of building a city wall is to protect its inhabitants from enemy warfare.


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