Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Thirty-two years ago this month, after returning to the faith of our fathers, I was married in the presence of my teacher, family and friends. We carried many dreams in our hearts on that day, including our hopes of building an everlasting home together that would be filled with an appreciation of Torah and Jewish values.

Our son was married a year ago to a beautiful young woman from Monsey. We rejoiced for them. They both take their Jewish observance very seriously, and they are a delight and inspiration to be with, Baruch Hashem. When we heard the good news that a baby was on the way we were filled with gratitude and happiness. But who would have ever guessed that Hashem would unlock the key to the birth on same day as the English anniversary of our wedding.


We strove for so many years to put Hashem and His Torah first in our lives. We longed for our dear children to carry on in our commitment. Hashem not only blessed our family with a precious grandson, He selected out of 365 days of the year, the date of our wedding anniversary, the day we joined together to build a Jewish home, for this joyous occasion!

And to add to this wonderful blessing, the baby’s bris was held on another special day as well; the Hebrew date of our wedding anniversary! To enhance our celebration, our first grandson, named Eliezer ben Aaron, was formally brought into the Jewish nation on the Hebrew anniversary of our wedding over three decades ago. Just as he entered into the covenant, so may he enter into the study of Torah, Chuppah, andMaasim Tovim

On Shabbos we read in Tehillim, “Behold! The heritage of Hashem is children; a reward is the fruit of the womb….and again King David proclaims, May you see children born to your children, peace upon Israel.” I never anticipated that becoming a grandparent could be so meaningful. May The One Above continue to help build and guide our families and uplift us with His blessings.