Photo Credit: Yossi Zeliger/Flash90

Our photojournalism provider Flash90 says this image is of “Ultra orthodox men who wear covers on their faces to avoid seeing woman as they make their way to Uman for the Jewish high holiday. Sep 2 2013.”

As silly as it appears, I have much more respect for these two men, who don’t want to look at women, so they cover their own faces. I’m much more troubled by men who, not wishing to look at women, cover the women’s faces.


Add this one to the picture of the Haredi cohen who wrapped himself in a plastic bag on a plane to avoid the impurity of the dead, and we got ourselves a religion silly enough to teach Monty Python a thing or two.

The only thing is, when they’re drafted into the IDF, they’ll have to switch to olive-green face covers.



  1. LOL. Right. Because the Torah says to wrap yourself in a plastic bag and make an idiot our of yourself. Please show where G-d himself said that, and not some nutty rabbi in the middle ages, long after the Torah was written.

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