Photo Credit: Hezbollah Military Media Center

Hezbollah released a new propaganda meme onto the Internet.

This particular photo from the series of memes shows a tank that flipped over. Overlaid onto the photo is the warning “Stop… Hezbollah” and the warning “If you think about it [war with Lebanon], we’ll wipe you [Israel] out.”


The observant viewer will notice though that the photo isn’t from Lebanon or even northern Israel.

The town in the background is Efrat, in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem.

More specifically the neighborhood in the background is the Zayit, in its early days.

Years ago, an IDF tank flipped over while driving on the mountain edge opposite the town, and since then that curve is called, “Ikul HaTank” (Tank Bend).

Hezbollah is really fooling themselves if they think they’ll be able to reach and occupy Efrat. The town’s Kitat Koninut (counter-terrorism unit) will wipe them out, just like they did to that tank.

H/T Nadav