Photo Credit: Moshe Shai/FLASH90

This is the Gilboa Prison, in northern Israel, home to 800 Palestinian “security prisoners.”

The security prison was inaugurated in 2004, with the mission of making sure no Palestinian inmate would ever escape. Each cell in the prison is nicknamed “a safe,” weighs 66 tons and is constructed of fortified cement. No one can dig their way out of here.


The men who are kept here made headlines for gory murders of Israeli civilians, people who were dining in a restaurant or riding a bus at the wrong time and place.

Unlike other prisons, in Gilboa prisoners are not allowed to communicate and plot terror acts from the inside. They each sit in his individual “safe,” viewed by 72 close-circuit video cameras. The cells can be opened only through a complex computer controlled system. A tall, barbed wire fence surrounds the compound. It is impossible to escape from here.

Unless, of course, the prime minister calls up and says to let everybody go.


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