Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
New construction in Gilo, eastern Jerusalem

A Jewish man is praying next to this construction site in the Gilo neighborhood in southern Jerusalem, August 13, 2013. As you can see, the building is nearly complete. It has been standing like this, in a nearly-complete state, for some time, while the Israeli government was contemplating whether or not to approve its completion.

Half an hour or so before 26 killers were released from Israeli prisons as a gesture of good will (it’s always a heart warming thing to let monsters out of jail), Israel gave the green light to the construction of 900 homes in Gilo. It was a huge deal, an act of courage in the face of a hostile U.S. Secretary of State, don’t ask.


But it really wasn’t. These units that were so bravely announced have been there all along, nothing new will be created here, only the red tape that bound this project into complete paralysis was removed—maybe.

No one lies better than a Netanyahu government. They could win the liars’ olympics. They could build huge monuments made out of lies and no one would realize they’re not actually there. They do long distance lying, they do sprint lying, dash lying, marathon lying. They lie so much, their pants have their own separate fire insurance.

It would have been funny, if there weren’t victims in this story, namely 900 Jewish families waiting to get into their new homes.

I think they’re terror victims. And the terrorists aren’t Arab.



  1. Netanyahu and his leckayers is the sama Alibaba ans his 40 diebs, they are corrupt, bigmouth, showman, it is not to understand why they are there, is Israel realy a democracy or autocracy?, wich of both, it looks the same PA, Hamas or Iran goverments, is not big differences.

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