Photo Credit: Gershon Elinson/FLASH90

Meet Yossi and Sari Tal and their baby. They live in Bat Ayin. On Tuesday, a large Israeli security force arrived in their small town and did this.

Today, the same force is in Maoz Esther nearby, doing this.

Photo credit: Hakol Hayehudi

They’re able to do this without any legal recourse to their victims—tax payers like you and me—because Israeli law has not been imposed on Israeli enclaves east of the “green line” since Israel acquired the area 46 years ago. As a result, these Israeli citizens are subjects of a military occupation, where generals decide their fate.

They’re being made homeless refugees not by some evil, left wing government, but by the Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett right wing government.

The left is just clapping.


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