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Yishai Yishai speaks with Antony Lerman, a British writer and former Director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, recently penned a controversial article in the New York Times called “The End of Liberal Zionism” where he argues that the Two-State Solution is dead – so now Liberal Zionists need a new road map to help equality come about.


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Moshe Herman has been actively involved in Israel activism since founding the first pro-Israel student organization at Boise State University in 2007. He has been a member of several panels and discussion groups with topics ranging from interfaith dialogue in the Middle East to Israel’s importance as a Jewish state. Herman joined The Yishai Fleisher Show at the beginning of 2012 and currently resides in Jerusalem after making Aliyah in July 2013.


  1. This is a stupid idea, that the liberal Jewish forget Israel, but if somebody have to remember this writer is that many liberal Jewish, from Europe were killed Because they were Jewish and then were German, French and so and so and so they were killed in the same way then the others, 6 000 000 never egain.
    So first we are Jewish and then but only then we are out so ever the nationality.
    If I forget yerushalaimm…..

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