Who was the Blasphemer?

Rabbi Yishai on the mysterious roots of the Biblical Blasphemer and why we all need to repent for that sin. Then, a simple question: where is the world heading?

Fire & Redemption – Memorial & Independence Days in Israel

Walk with Yishai Fleisher as he experiences Memorial Day in a Judean cemetery with Josh Hasten. Then Ben Bresky reports on a lost Zionist. Finally, celebrating Israel's rebirth with Caroline Glick, Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz.

Trust the Process: From Holocaust Remembrance Day to Redemption The Land of Israel

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the growth of global antisemitism and the gift of burying Holocaust survivors in the Land of Israel. Then, Rabbi Shlomo Katz on loving the world enough to say no to it - in the Torah portion of Kedoshim.

Pesach Road Trip

Yishai and Malkah are on the road, vacationing in the Land of Israel, a land that is enjoying the Passover pilgrimage holiday but yet is always conscious that it is being fought over. Join the ride!

Why Do We Go Crazy for Passover?

Yishai monologues on the craziness of Passover preparation and on the craziness of Israel - all in God's great plan! Also, on baking Matzah and on touring broadcaster Katie Pavlich and actor Nathan Buzolic in beautiful Hebron.

Remembering Slavery, Living in Freedom

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher start off talking about Passover, and the shakeup in the Israeli government, all while their house is on the midst of cleaning. Then Rav Mike Feuer on the three thoughts that are a must for the First Night of the Year - the Seder!

Beating the Terror

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss the wave of terror that is striking Israel - how do we cope, and how do we strengthen our Jewish country? Then, Gideon Israel on lessons from the Russia Ukraine conflict. And finally, Table Torah: the first Biblical month of Nissan and spiritual psoriasis.

A Convert Wedding and a Biblical Highway

Yishai and Malkah attend an amazing wedding - and bring you along! This was a small but powerful consolation for the heinous terror attack which rocked Israel the day before. Then, Yishai talks about the Route 60 Israel Biblical Highway project on Fox Radio - come for a drive!

PURIM! Living With Hidden Revelation

First Yishai and Malkah are already drinking, reading emails from Alaska, and seeing the hidden revelation in the Esther Scroll and how God prepares the remedy before the ailment. Then, Dr. Moshe Koppel, Director of the Kohelet Policy Forum, Israel's foremost nationalist think tank, and author of the new book 'Judaism Straight Up', joins Yishai to make sense of why Judaism works as an invisible anchor for Jews and for the world!

Historic Visit of VP Pence in Hebron

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher discuss this historic visit of former Vice President Mike Pence, and his wife Karen, in Hebron - and Yishai's guiding of the VP around the ancient city. Then, Dr. Noam Arnon on the 7th of Adar: the birthday and passing day of the great teacher Moses, who is spiritually buried in Hebron! And finally, Table Torah: seeing the light of God through the darkness of Amalek.

Can Israel Learn from Ukrainian Nationalism?

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher ask whether Israel needs to be involved in the Ukraine morass - or should it secure itself first? And can the Jewish State learn something from Ukrainian Nationalism? Then, on Table Torah: the end of the Book of Exodus, and the pride of getting stuff done for God!

Voight in Israel & Ukraine in the Membrane

Yishai and Malkah Fleisher talk about the complexities of the Ukraine situation and pray for the future. Then, master tour guide Rabbi Aaron Shaffier is on the Jon Voight team filming the Story of God. Then, Voight himself joins Yishai for an amazing interview. Finally, Rav Mike Feuer on Holy Half Shekel.

Reading the Broken Tablets

Yishai & Malkah Fleisher ride and demonstrate for greater Israeli liberty and against government overreach - and have fun while doing it! Then, Rabbi Shlomo Katz on the value of the broken tablets and power of seeing Moses' glowing face as he comes down from Mount Sinai. Finally, Yishai discusses his talk with Israeli Arabs about the future of the Jewish State.

Heavenly In-Vestments & Israel’s Freedom Convoy

First, Yishai & Malkah Fleisher discuss finding freedom on the Temple Mount, the movement to unmask in stores, and sending Israeli flags to Honduras. Then, broadcaster Avi Abelow fights the dominant Covid narrative and government overreach. Finally, Table Torah on the Portion of Tetzave: the hidden meaning in the iconic clothing of the High Priest!

Whooping Whoopi and Teaching the Ten

Yishai and Malkah get at what Whoopi Goldberg meant when she said the Holocaust was not about race. Then, Rabbi Shalom Schwartz on how to make the Ten Commandments a central pillar of societal life. Finally, Table Torah on the why God showed Moses a menorah of fire!

Saving a Judean Vineyard and Splitting the Red Sea

Yishai and Malkah talk about the tragic incident of friendly fire in the IDF and the lesson it can teach us. Then, Jeremy and Tehilla Gimpel on saving the Ezra Schwartz Vineyard at the Arugot Farm from destruction and the public and private campaign which delayed the edict. Finally, Table Torah: Who really split the Red Sea and how we can do it again.

Does Israel Occupy the West Bank?

First Yishai and Malkah on getting "Rona", celebrating Tu Bishvat, and debating Palestinian activist Amer Zahr. [00:21:40] Then Professor Eugene Kontorovich on his new PragerU video asking whether Israeli has rights in Judea. [00:46:20] And finally, Rav Mike Feuer on a being a Priestley Nation.

Saving a Judean Vineyard and Splitting the Red Sea

Yishai and Malkah talk about the tragic incident of friendly fire in the IDF and the lesson it can teach us. Then, Jeremy and Tehilla Gimpel on saving the Ezra Schwartz Vineyard at the Arugot Farm from destruction and the public and private campaign which delayed the edict. Finally, Table Torah: Who really split the Red Sea and how we can do it again.

“Bring It On Torah” & The Baba Sali

First, Yisahi and Malkah Fleisher remember stories of the righteous Baba Sali. [32:15] Then, JNS Jerusalem Bureau Chief Alex Traiman on the foreign ideas in Israel's Foreign Ministry. [44:42] And finally, Table Torah for Parshat Bo: Why the land of Israel comes before Torah and the next steps for the Jewish State.

How to Deal with Hard Times in the Holy Land

Yishai & Malkah Fleisher hash out some of the harsh news out of the Holy Land including abuse, suicide, and empowerment of enemies - and try to figure out God's plan for the Jews. Then, Yishai speaks with famous American Jewish broadcaster Nachum Segal about the painful Corona borders that divide. Finally, Rabbi Yishai on the ten promises of Hashem at the onset of the Book of Exodus in the Torah portion of Va'era.

Duty Calls the Reluctant Messiah

On the Israel Podcast: Killing the Egyptian, aiding women at the well, and experiencing the Burning Bush - Rabbi Yishai Fleisher details the steps to the creation of humanity's greatest leader - Moses as we enter the Book of Shemot/Exodus. Then, Malkah Fleisher on making Aliyah despite the challenges and the fight to keep life normal under the new Corona restrictions.

Born Jewish, Raised Catholic, Now Chabad

While on a charter fishing boat Rabbi Yishai interviews Rabbi Matisyahu Devlin who was raised Catholic but today is a Chabad rabbi and teacher - hear his amazing tale! Then, the Forefather Jacob adjures his son, the viceroy Joseph, "Don't bury me in Egypt - take me to Hebron!" in the Torah portion of Vayechi and the dramatic end of the book of Bereshit/Genesis.

Will the Real Judah Please Stand Up

Rabbi Yishai is in Texas and speaks to a big audience of Bible Followers and Hashem lovers about Abraham's first purchase and about the great revelation in the modern rebirth of Israel. But first, the head of the Sons of Jacob, Judah, finally steps into role as he reluctantly rises to face the cloaked Joseph in the climax of the book of Genesis/Bereshit.

Hanukkah Makes Israel Great Again

Rabbi Yishai walks the Negev desert on Hanukkah and thinks about those who were there before like the brothers of Joseph going down to Egypt and the Jewish people camping here on the way to the Land of Israel. He also ponders Pharaoh's dreams and Joseph's explanation about the nature of God and his plan to save the Jews from assimilation.

Chanukah with Malkah, Lone Soldiers Turkey Day, and the Epoch of Dreams

On the Israel Podcast: Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to decorate for Chanukah. Then, Ben Bresky on Thanksgiving at the Lone Soldiers Center. And finally, Rav Mike Feuer on the dark corners of the Messianic line in the Torah portion of Vayeshev.

Esav’s Kiss & The New York Times

At the foot of the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs Rabbi Yishai Fleisher goes through the Torah portion of Vayislach and discusses the wrestling match between Jacob and the angel of Esav, the granting of the name Israel at Beit El, and the tear-jerking burial of the Matriarch Rachel in Bethlehem, and then finally Jacob's long-awaited return to Isaac in Hebron. Also: The darn New York Times is teaming up with Israel-haters to delegitimize Hebron - we must fight it!

Potent Plants, Shrunken Heads, and Heavenly Ladders

In Hebron, Rabbi Yishai Fleisher talks about the Torah portion of Vayeitze and Jacob's beautiful vision of the ladder between heaven and earth and the ensuing mission of the Jewish people. Then, Jacob's hard sojourn into Exile but with the gift of the birth of the tribes of Israel. All this while contending with the flock's fertility and the fertility of feuding wives - the mothers of Israel - Rachel and Leah.

Scintillating Soups & Tricky Truths

Red red soup! Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to discuss the book of Genesis Torah portion of Toldot and the tricky relationship between Esav and Yaakov - where one power rises and other falls - and the even trickier path to getting Isaac's blessings.

Weekend At Sarah’s

Rabbi Yishai walks around the perimeter of the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in #Hebron in preparation for the Big Weekend of Chayei Sarah where thirty thousand people are expected to gather to hear the Torah portion that describes Abraham's first purchase in the land of Israel and burial of his beloved Sarah!

Abraham’s Hardest Decision

The foundational stories of Bereishit-Genesis are the building blocks of civilization! Rabbi Yishai is rejoined by Rav Mike Feuer to discuss Abraham's prayer for Sodom, and the huge test of Isaac's Binding. Then, former Congressman Robert Pittenger on the shocking Jihadist murder of pro-Israel British MP Sir David Amess.


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