The Texas Edition

Yishai is on the road with the family and having BIG Texas thoughts about the Israeli government's wrong-headed bid to reenter UNESCO and about the authentic Palestine - Palestine Texas, that is! Also the Torah portion of Ekev, where God cuts the Jews down to the right size!

Ben & Jerry’s Gate

On the road, Yishai monologues about the power of the Biblical narrative in the lives of average people - and Israel's lackluster promotion of that narrative - which results in the Ben and Jerry’s edict against Judea. Also, some key verses in the Torah portion of Va'etchanan including an explanation of what Jewish wisdom really is.

Build Back Better the Temple

9 Days and almost 9th of Av, Yishai and Malkah go positive on Israel and mark the progress of the Jewish State even in the current bumpy period. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to inaugurate the Book of Devarim and discuss the simplicity of entering the Land with God.

Arab Reunification Law, Haredi Subsidies, and Surfside Disaster

Yishai and Malkah get into the nitty-gritty and philosophy of an Israeli law to block Arab family reunification and the coalition's efforts to block state subsidies to Ultra-Orthodox families - both of which are core issues that affect where Israel is going. Then, Gabe Groisman, Mayor of Bal Harbour, on the pain and strength behind the Surfside disaster.

Why Singing Hatikva on the Temple Mount is Illegal

Yishai & Malkah talk about the fear of defending a tribal Israel in liberal circles, about getting detained for singing Hatikva on the Temple Mount, and about the rise of next gen Biblical leaders in the Torah portion of Pinchas - including the courageous Daughters of Tzlafchad.

A Rainbow Flag in Jerusalem?

Yishai and Malkah discuss the recent posting of a Gay Pride flag over the Jewish State's Foreign Ministry and the challenge it brings to those Israelis who believe Israel should represent ancestral Jewish values. Then, Rabbi Yishai on the Torah portion of Balak, the evil wizard who came to curse Israel, and whose problematic outlook can teach us something positiv

ConFLAGaration in Jerusalem

Hamas doesn't want Jews marching with flags in Jerusalem - but what's going to be the policy of the new Bennett government? Malkah Fleisher on the end of Corona and the sacrifice of the prophetess Miriam in the Torah portion of Chukat. And then Rav Mike Feuer on beating back the energy of death with the Red Heifer.

Post-Covid & Post-Netanyahu

First, Yishai and Malkah discuss what Israel feels like as Covid restrictions are lifting and as a new and questionable government, replacing "old faithful" Netanyahu, is about to be sworn in. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to wonder what God is telling the Jews as a sinkhole opens in Jerusalem on the Torah portion of Korach and the Biblical story of the iconic sinkhole in the desert.

To America and Back Home

Yishai stands on a street corner in Brooklyn and holds the tension between Diaspora and Israel and between Jewish universalism and Hebrew nationalism. Then, Yishai's talk with the liberal-leaning Jewish students of the Hartman Institute.

A Settler in San Francisco

With crazy sleep deprivation, Yishai posts his first on-the-road show in 16 months! Hear about Kumah, the Quail, and saying 'Lechaim' to the King!

The Long Road to Israeli Victory

A multi-front war has opened against Israel - in Gaza, in mixed cities, in the world opinion, and within Jewish society itself. Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer in a search of advancements that will come as a result of this conflict, and to ask if the ancient Biblical hero Samson can teach us something. Then, Yishai speaks with General Amir Avivi to dig up the roots of Hamas' rocket power and the death of land-giveaway solutions.

The Jewish Right to Rage

Israel is in a three-front war: Gaza rocket fire, Jihadist gangs in the streets of mixed cities, and the Narrative War against the Jewish State. Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to talk about the Jewish right to be aggressive in the face of the Jihad - and what it's like to raise kids in this reality. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the biblical command to get ready for war and being proud of Jewish strength.

Meron, Wokeness, and the Sabbatical Year

Yishai and family were in Meron one hour before tragedy hit. Malkah Fleisher joins to talk about the loss and the lessons, and why some people, like Israel's Supreme Court are "Woker Than Thou". Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai in preparing for the seventh Sabbatical Shemittah year in the Torah portion of Behar/Bechukotai and for Jerusalem Day in Jerusalem.

The Tik Tok Intifada and Shavuot Cheesecake

First, Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to reveal her secret recipe for Shavuot Cheesecake and tell the story of her grandfather's refusal to convert away from his faith during the Shoah. Then, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Arieh King on how to curb the Ramadan riots at the Shechem Gate of the Old City. And finally, Rav Mike Feuer on the secret Torah of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and why blasphemers are losers.

Open Iftar and Israel’s “Seldon Crisis”

Yishai and Malkah go to a Ramadan Iftar dinner in Hebron to break bread with pro-normalization Palestinians. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to deal with Israel's political crisis and to see how the Torah law of Parshat Kedoshim can help heal society.

Celebrate the Miracle

Join Yishai and Malkah Fleisher to celebrate Israeli Independence Day - by giving gratitude to Hashem and honoring the sacrifice of those who fought - for the rebirth of the Jewish Commonwealth in the land of Israel through the advent of the State of Israel.

Strength from the Holocaust

First, Malkah Fleisher on entering the post-Pesach and post-Corona period, and realizing that the Holocaust means living out our ancestors dreams. Then, Yishai lets off Yom HaShoah steam on the problem with Euro-journalists. And finally, Rav Mike Feuer on holy food and why God cares that pig ain't kosher.

Election Direction and Saturday Night Seder Fever

Did Netanyahu and the nationalists win? Or is Israel doomed to governmental deadlock? Yishai speaks with Alex Traiman, Jerusalem bureau chief of JNS, to make sense of Israel's elections. Then, get ready for the after-Shabbat - complex yet fun - Seder Night. Rabbi Shimshon Nadel is on hand to steer us to kosher safety and help us have a meaningful Passover experience.

Judean Jedi and Samurai Seder

Yishai reveals how to make a powerful Passover Seder, talks staying positive in the face of negative conspiracy theories, and on the victory of nationalist thinking in the upcoming election. Also: Czech Republic and Kosovo moving their embassy to Jerusalem, and the majesty of getting muddy in Judea.

Gentrifying Jerusalem and Tackling the Tabernacle

Green Passport Controversy; Visiting the Tombs of Caleb and Joshua; Cruising from Israel; Building the Eternal City; Financial Accounting of Exodus.

Golden Calf, Court Conversion, and Facing China

The Golden Calf, the holy glow of Moses' face, court conversion, and a year in China.

The Source of Simcha – Purim Joy from Judea!!

First, Yishai's daughter Leah Bat Tzion joins in for a young person's perspective on the message of Purim in Israel. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the search for the source of Jewish joy and the ethical questions of Covid restrictions. Then, Rabbi Yishai debates Vision Magazine's Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen on the next stage of Jewish liberation.

Secrets of the Tabernacle, Ester Horgan’s Megilla, & the Gift of Judean Snow

First, Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to talk about the hidden meaning of the Tabernacle's vestments in the Torah portion of Terumah: from mystical cherubs to the enigmatic shape of the Menorah. Then, Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to frolic in Judean snow and to speak with Rabbi Tuly Weisz about the new Megilat Ester dedicated to Ester Horgan, murdered three months ago. Finally, Amit Barak on the new Biblical board game "Way of the Patriarchs"!

Law & Order, Jewish-Style

First, Yishai & Malkah hash out the latest iterations of the narrative attacks on Israel including ICC jurisdiction, Code Pink debate, and WikiWars. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to discuss the concept of "concensus reality" and to download the Big Data of the Law on in the Torah portion of Mispatim.

The Big Ten and Jewish Judea in International Law

Overlooking the beach, Rabbi Yishai and Rav Mike Feuer discuss the Torah portion of Yitro/Jethro - the revelation of the Big Ten Commandments - and living up to the challenge of being "a nation of priests and a holy nation". Then, Yishai and Knesset Member Michal Cotler-Wunch discuss/debate the future of Jewish Judea in international law.

The Exodus Bus and Debating Armenia

Extra-long, but extra good! First, Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to get on the freedom bus - to leave Egypt, to witness the splitting of the Red Sea, to eat some tasty manna, and then to fight with the Bizarro Amalekites. Then, as part of the Great Debate, Yishai goes toe to toe with Malkon, a self-described Palestinian of Armenian and Coptic descent who lives as an Israeli resident in Jerusalem.

Hail to the Chief!!

It's hailing hard in Jerusalem as we learn about the plague of hail in Egypt, and as Hail to Chief is being sung in Washington. Malkah Fleisher preaches staying strong in the new period and planning out Judean Merch! Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the darkness that enveloped Egypt (and the Jews), and the Torah's teaching of teaching.


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