Meron, Wokeness, and the Sabbatical Year

Yishai and family were in Meron one hour before tragedy hit. Malkah Fleisher joins to talk about the loss and the lessons, and why some people, like Israel's Supreme Court are "Woker Than Thou". Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai in preparing for the seventh Sabbatical Shemittah year in the Torah portion of Behar/Bechukotai and for Jerusalem Day in Jerusalem.

The Tik Tok Intifada and Shavuot Cheesecake

First, Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to reveal her secret recipe for Shavuot Cheesecake and tell the story of her grandfather's refusal to convert away from his faith during the Shoah. Then, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Arieh King on how to curb the Ramadan riots at the Shechem Gate of the Old City. And finally, Rav Mike Feuer on the secret Torah of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and why blasphemers are losers.

Open Iftar and Israel’s “Seldon Crisis”

Yishai and Malkah go to a Ramadan Iftar dinner in Hebron to break bread with pro-normalization Palestinians. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to deal with Israel's political crisis and to see how the Torah law of Parshat Kedoshim can help heal society.

Celebrate the Miracle

Join Yishai and Malkah Fleisher to celebrate Israeli Independence Day - by giving gratitude to Hashem and honoring the sacrifice of those who fought - for the rebirth of the Jewish Commonwealth in the land of Israel through the advent of the State of Israel.

Strength from the Holocaust

First, Malkah Fleisher on entering the post-Pesach and post-Corona period, and realizing that the Holocaust means living out our ancestors dreams. Then, Yishai lets off Yom HaShoah steam on the problem with Euro-journalists. And finally, Rav Mike Feuer on holy food and why God cares that pig ain't kosher.

Election Direction and Saturday Night Seder Fever

Did Netanyahu and the nationalists win? Or is Israel doomed to governmental deadlock? Yishai speaks with Alex Traiman, Jerusalem bureau chief of JNS, to make sense of Israel's elections. Then, get ready for the after-Shabbat - complex yet fun - Seder Night. Rabbi Shimshon Nadel is on hand to steer us to kosher safety and help us have a meaningful Passover experience.

Judean Jedi and Samurai Seder

Yishai reveals how to make a powerful Passover Seder, talks staying positive in the face of negative conspiracy theories, and on the victory of nationalist thinking in the upcoming election. Also: Czech Republic and Kosovo moving their embassy to Jerusalem, and the majesty of getting muddy in Judea.

Gentrifying Jerusalem and Tackling the Tabernacle

Green Passport Controversy; Visiting the Tombs of Caleb and Joshua; Cruising from Israel; Building the Eternal City; Financial Accounting of Exodus.

Golden Calf, Court Conversion, and Facing China

The Golden Calf, the holy glow of Moses' face, court conversion, and a year in China.

The Source of Simcha – Purim Joy from Judea!!

First, Yishai's daughter Leah Bat Tzion joins in for a young person's perspective on the message of Purim in Israel. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the search for the source of Jewish joy and the ethical questions of Covid restrictions. Then, Rabbi Yishai debates Vision Magazine's Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen on the next stage of Jewish liberation.

Secrets of the Tabernacle, Ester Horgan’s Megilla, & the Gift of Judean Snow

First, Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to talk about the hidden meaning of the Tabernacle's vestments in the Torah portion of Terumah: from mystical cherubs to the enigmatic shape of the Menorah. Then, Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to frolic in Judean snow and to speak with Rabbi Tuly Weisz about the new Megilat Ester dedicated to Ester Horgan, murdered three months ago. Finally, Amit Barak on the new Biblical board game "Way of the Patriarchs"!

Law & Order, Jewish-Style

First, Yishai & Malkah hash out the latest iterations of the narrative attacks on Israel including ICC jurisdiction, Code Pink debate, and WikiWars. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to discuss the concept of "concensus reality" and to download the Big Data of the Law on in the Torah portion of Mispatim.

The Big Ten and Jewish Judea in International Law

Overlooking the beach, Rabbi Yishai and Rav Mike Feuer discuss the Torah portion of Yitro/Jethro - the revelation of the Big Ten Commandments - and living up to the challenge of being "a nation of priests and a holy nation". Then, Yishai and Knesset Member Michal Cotler-Wunch discuss/debate the future of Jewish Judea in international law.

The Exodus Bus and Debating Armenia

Extra-long, but extra good! First, Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to get on the freedom bus - to leave Egypt, to witness the splitting of the Red Sea, to eat some tasty manna, and then to fight with the Bizarro Amalekites. Then, as part of the Great Debate, Yishai goes toe to toe with Malkon, a self-described Palestinian of Armenian and Coptic descent who lives as an Israeli resident in Jerusalem.

Hail to the Chief!!

It's hailing hard in Jerusalem as we learn about the plague of hail in Egypt, and as Hail to Chief is being sung in Washington. Malkah Fleisher preaches staying strong in the new period and planning out Judean Merch! Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the darkness that enveloped Egypt (and the Jews), and the Torah's teaching of teaching.

Shalom to Sheldon, Hello Brave New World

First, Malkah Fleisher on the passing of the great philanthropist Sheldon Adelson. Then Yishai and Malkah tackle listener questions, especially on the Trump-Israel axis. Next up, Rabbi Yishai is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to talk Biblical politics as Moses and Aaron face-off with Pharaoh and bring Godly-plagues upon Egypt.

DC Riots and Judean Redemption

The world is wild! Post-riots, Malkah Fleisher joins Rabbi Yishai to reject flushing away four years of pro-Israel and pro-Middle East policy. Also, 7 reasons for the Arab movement away from Jihad and towards prosperity. Then Rav Mike Feuer on the character of Moses and the Godly Eternal Light coming from the Burning Bush.

The End of the Beginning – Vaccines, Pollard, Genesis, and the New Year

It's the end of the secular year, vaccines are here in Israel, it's the last Torah portion in Genesis, and Jonathan Pollard is home!! Malkah Fleisher joins Rabbi Yishai to embrace Pollard and the Abraham Accords. Then, legendary spokesman Noam Arnon on Jacob's vision at the end of his life - at the conclusion of Genesis!

Surviving the Famine and the Lockdown

In the Bible, a famine brings the family of Israel down to Egypt. In our time, Covid lockdowns, Jihadist terror, and a broken Knesset threaten Israel with a kind of famine. However, Yishai's guests bring out the good light! First, Malkah Fleisher on Ishmalites vs. Phillisties and why "settlers" are the most inclined to celebrate the 'Abraham Accords'. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on how the Biblical Joseph overcame his bitterness and accepted that it was who God sent him into Exile - and will bring him and Jacob back to the Promised Land.

In Light of Chanukah

The Chanukah mega-show: first, Malkah Fleisher on the Knesset's Equality bill and the continuing fight against Hellenism. Then, Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen of the Vision Movement on the Post-Zionist discourse. Finally, Josh Reinstein of the Allies Caucus on the future of the 'Nationalist camp" and Gideon Saar bolting the Likud.

Wrestling the Angels Within

Is Israel going to a fourth round of elections? Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to figure it out! Get ready for Hannukkah and a potential lockdown, rejecting Esav's kiss, and reading listener emails! Then, Rabbi Yishai and Rav Mike Feuer tackle the the inner struggle between Jacob and Israel and the tension between Exile and Redemption as they talk about the Torah portion of VaYishlach.

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky

Few images are as iconic as Jacob's dream of a ladder connecting Heaven and Earth in Biblical Beit El. Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to remember their life in the modern Beit El which also called them back to Israel from the Diaspora. Then Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to help Jacob deal with stones: a monument to a Godly promise, and a monument to an Earthly pact with Laban. Plus: A special song from the Torah portion by famous musician Chaim Dovid!

Rumble Over the Red Stuff

The battle over the birthright continues! First Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to see if the Abraham Accords are on the right path - or is the dreaded Two State Solution regaining traction? Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for ringside seats in the epic fight between Jacob and Esav for the blessing in the Torah portion of Toldot.

Ancestral Answers from Hebrew Hebron

While COVID-19 is keeping the crowds away from Hebron on this Shabbat of Chayei Sarah, Rabbi Yishai will get you connected! First with Rav Mike Feuer on the challenges of purchasing the Land of Israel. Then, Brigadier General Amir Avivi on how to really secure Israel. And finally, how does the US election affect Israel - Yishai's talk with the Australian Jewish Association down under!

Take an Election Break with Abraham

The tension of the US elections and their global impact are HUGE. Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to make heads or tails of it, and fight against the divisiveness which benefits only the bad guys. Then, Rav Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to follow the escapades of forefather Abraham from defending Sodom, to Ishmael's eviction, to the Binding on the Temple Mount.

Are “Settlements” an Obstacle to Peace?

The Israeli communities of Judea and Samaria represent the front-lines of Zionism - but some people think we should evacuate them for the sake of peace. Rabbi Yishai Fleisher debates social media influencer Hen Mazzig on the contentious topic. But first, Rav Mike Feuer joins Yishai for a walk on the wild side - as Abraham hears the call to LECH LECHA!

Rainbow Warriors in a Black and White World

The world is like the flood - torn and divided. But Noah's ark radiates hope! Two by two, Malkah Fleisher and Rabbi Yishai help you navigate US elections and the question of PLO's Saeb Erakat in an Israeli hospital. Then, Rav Mike Feuer makes a rainbow meal while Yishai wears a rainbow watch!

The Quirks of Creation and a Spicy Election

The post-holidays Genesis show begins with a bang! First, Malkah Fleisher on the fate of the universe while the internet is down. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the how the imperfections of creation are the key to our relationship with God. And finally, Josh Reinstein of the Knesset Allies Caucus on global support for Israel and these faithful-fateful elections.

Going With the Flow: Sukkot, Lockdown, & the Last Torah Portion

"Lizrom" is Hebrew for 'going with the flow'. So how do we 'flow' and find joy with Sukkot on lockdown? Malkah Fleisher has tips and joins Rabbi Yishai to use newfangled scanners in Israeli supermarkets and to Zoom with top musicians. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on Moses' final blessing in the last Torah portion of the year - Ve'Zot Habracha.


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