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According to “Jew in the City” founder Allison Josephs, “most non-Orthodox Jews and non-Jews have a very negative perception of Orthodox Jews and Judaism. When they think of Orthodoxy, they think things like backwards, repressed, outdated, sexist, and anti-scientific. Scandals that reinforce these misconceptions hit the papers all too often. Popular movies, books, and TV shows repeat negative stereotypes about religious Jewish people and their lifestyles. (The hole in the sheet, anyone?)”

And so, using YouTube videos, blogs, Q&A’s, and articles in traditional print media, Jew in the City (through Josephs and a group of volunteers) publicizes the message that Orthodox Jews can be funny, approachable, educated, pro-women and open-minded—and that Orthodox Judaism links the Jewish people to a deep and beautiful heritage that is just as relevant today as it ever was.


Here’s how they present the topic of the Mikva Visit:


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