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For a really cool relative who passed away, I recommend this yahrzeit candle made out of a beer can. Fact is, any can will do. You need a can of your relative’s favorite beer, an old flannel shirt (to cut strips for the wicks), a scissors (because tearing flannel and beer cans with your bare hands can be a challenge), olive oil, lighter fluid, gasoline sucked from the neighbor’s tank, whatever burns good, and matches.

My dad’s yahrzeit was on Monday. He was a cool guy for sure, but we opted for the traditional candles. Mostly because I only saw this video clip Tuesday morning. I’m thinking next year maybe go with his favorite, beer, Maccabee.


Probably not…

Now, I wrote yahrzeit candles, but this dude is aiming for folks who endure those pesky blackouts in Moscow and need candles. Although I have no idea how one might perform this arts and crafts project in the dark.

Also, the same technique would work for Shabbat and Chanukah candles as well. And for blackouts outside Moscow.



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