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Could it be that the reason Europe’s economy is in tatters is the lack of encouragement for initiative and risk taking, while the reason America’s economy is in the toilet is because of great encouragement for initiative and risk taking?

I know, that’s not a proper introduction for this lavishly illustrated video which offer simple answers to complicated questions.


Do you like simple answers?



  1. Europe and America, one a bit ahead of the other in the depth of depravity, draw from an inferior culture. They both have reached any potential they had and now at the full spectrum of that culture is decay like all cultures before the present one. They often criticize Jewish culture –which has outlasted all of them being relatively consistent. The real danger for us is putting too much stock in these failing cultures. These cultures are an example of letting them freely pursue bad religion, bad ideologies, endless excess, and their unchecked pursuit of self-centered fantasies. (And the “Middle East” will outlast the West.)

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