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Tzvi Misinai

A large number of Palestinian Muslims have decided to convert from Islam to Judaism. Many in Hebron and Sh’chem have always been aware of their Jewish ancestry, and since 1967 have been gravitating back. They’re all mortally fearful of their suspicious neighbors, and of the Hamas. But if reaseachers are right, and the majority of the Arabs across the “green line” has Jewish roots – what are we waiting for? Let’s invest in their return at least what we’ve been spending on all kinds of tribes in the jungles of South East Asia and the African Savanna.

Tsvi Misinai is an Israeli researcher, author, historian, computer scientist and entrepreneur, a pioneer of the Israeli software industry, who now spends most of his time researching and documenting the common Hebrew roots shared by world Jewry and the Palestinians including the Arab citizens of Israel.


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  1. If they are looking arab jwish generation, why not to loo spaniards or latino all with the names that end "es", "ez" like Gavilanes, Peres, Gonsalez, Fernandez, Estevez, etc:, names fron spanish cities like Cordova, Valencia, Madrid, Vela, Cobo, etc:, the Spanish King Carlos is also jewish back up.

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