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It was fascinating to watch this discussion, between Kuwaiti Scholar Jassem Al-Mutawa, who seems like a sweetie—if you manage to look across the many cultural divides—and another scholar, on the merits of disciplining one’s spouse.

If we can overcome our essential disgust with the discussion of women as objects, it is interesting to see the huge differences between the two men in the discussion. Also – watch the collection of rods the moderator is displaying. It’s like a Golf set, each rod with its purpose.


Interesting comparison, too, between the statistics on wife beating in Muslim countries and in the West.

Originally posted and translated by MEMRI.



  1. Attwa Fagor · Reading any historic document without making an allowance for context, both historic and cultural, is silly. This holds true for Jewish, Christian and Muslim documents.

    However, what we are permitted to judge is the behavior of the followers of these texts in our day. And here there's a yawning gap in the numbers of beheading and suicide bombing on the part of yeshiva scholars learning the Talmud and the followers of the Quran.

    The proof is in the rolling head right next to the pudding.

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