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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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Erdoğan Wins, Turkey Loses

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

Erdoğan is now Turkey’s first-ever elected president. It’s expected Erdoğan will use the position to consolidate power, and further promote his Islamic and anti-Israel agenda.

He received 51.8% of the votes.

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  1. Ellis Isaac says:

    This guy is full of Instan bul

  2. Exactly. Turkey has taken a huge leap backwards…

  3. is a tyran and he’s beca me un a “dictador”

  4. Tim Donahue says:

    Plenty of bulldogs are more handsome & loving….

  5. Tim Donahue says:

    Zionist crimes?!? What planet are you from?

  6. condolence to Turkey who wishes to be a European country. now its definite, there’s no more chance.

  7. Say goodbye to all the Christians… Turkey Will be ISIS infested in no time!

  8. Eva Perl says:

    people get what they deserve

  9. Andrea Okon says:

    Nooooo what about Mustamfa Kemal Ataturk? He was the first Constitutional president , Jews and other minorities were Ok during his presidnecy. Endorgan always wanted to dissapear how prosperous Turkey was with him

  10. Turkey is past becoming like ISIS or IS

  11. Morons voted for Obama twice. There are idiots in all countries.

  12. Fools elect a fool. They will get what they deserve. Kiss Turkey goodbye as a rational regional player.

  13. No good – this man called Israel few days ago as “nazis”. Highly antisemitistic and islamistic person. No good at all.

  14. Goodbye, as a friend of mine wittily commented, is this a Turkey voting for Xmas!!

  15. Another president who will destroy his country and its future.

  16. Return of the empire… and central location to relocate the Caliphate

  17. Turkey is the gate to hell

  18. Skid Marks says:


  19. Kick those useless suckers out of NATO! They will never fight on our side so who the fuc needs them?

  20. Moshe Hen says:

    If you are so sure that ” Palestine , the country, goes back through most of recorded history,” I expect you to be able to answer a few basic questions about that country of Palestine :

    When was it founded and by whom?
    What were its borders?
    What was its capital?
    What were its major cities?
    What constituted the basis of its economy?
    What was its form of government?
    Can you name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat?
    Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation?
    What was the language of the country of Palestine ?
    What was the prevalent religion of the country of Palestine ?
    What was the name of its currency? Choose any date in history and tell what was the approximate exchange rate of the Palestinian monetary unit against the US dollar, German mark, GB pound, Japanese yen, or Chinese yuan on that date.
    And, finally, since there is no such country today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?

  21. Gal Tamir says:

    It´s time for ISRAEL to officially recognize the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE PERPETRATED BY THE TURKS IN 1915-1923.

  22. It is time to get scared…

  23. Everyone please boycott Turkey !! The hero of Turkey , Ataturk , wanted Turkey to remain a secular country ! .

  24. FE – too bad for Turkey

  25. Kashif you are a moron!!!

  26. Kashif you are a moron!!!

  27. Kashif you are a moron!!!

  28. Poor Turkey. They now have Adolf Hitler’s twin running the country.

  29. Poor Turkey. They now have Adolf Hitler’s twin running the country.

  30. Poor Turkey. They now have Adolf Hitler’s twin running the country.

  31. Dean Hulsey says:

    Maybe fraud election cause him to win in a stupidest way to do.

  32. Dean Hulsey says:

    Maybe fraud election cause him to win in a stupidest way to do.

  33. Gary Myers says:

    he is weak. . Native.Turkey country people be strong. .

  34. Gary Myers says:

    he is weak. . Native.Turkey country people be strong. .

  35. Gary Myers says:

    he is weak. . Native.Turkey country people be strong. .

  36. sad day for turkey and the world

  37. David Elliot says:

    Well say hello to Hitler Erdogan.

  38. Erdogan is a dangerous fundamentalist ! He is another backward Muslim vermin !

  39. oh dear me more Islamic e

  40. What a LOSER he is!!

  41. What a LOSER he is!!

  42. G_d save us all with this Anti-Ataturk and Jew-hater…

  43. G_d save us all with this Anti-Ataturk and Jew-hater…

  44. Stella Webby says:

    Caliphate in no time!

  45. The first elected monkey

  46. YOU think Turkey loses. And guess what Turkey thinks of YOUR opinions? NOTHING. So don’t talk about any losses for Turkey.

  47. Well Hamas was voted in too

  48. Exactly. I never knew that the Turkish people were so stupid as to elect a “dictator” who will take any rights they have away from them!

  49. ISIS kills everyone. This is not about Christians. This is about everyone who is not just like them. If you were I formed enough, you would have noticed that from the start.

  50. Yes, fools elect a fool. Egyptians were foolish enough to elect your zionist friend Sisi. Fools, fools, everywhere.

  51. While you’re responsible for one of the worst genocides in the Middle East? While you’ve broken 65 UN resolutions? People won’t care what Israel thinks. You can start officially recognizing things to look moral in front of the world when your hands are clean.

  52. This guy is satan’s jock strap!

  53. Karl Starke says:

    but now obama is really not comparable to erdogan. that would be comparing apples pears. the only thing they have in common that they are fruits = politician.

  54. Tony Mark says:

    Yet another Hitler reincarnation.,,,,,

  55. In 1915 Turkish massacre 2,000.000 Armenians.
    Turkish governments adopted a sustained genocide program against Kurds 100,000 Kurds are estimated to have been killed.
    Turkey’s brutal invasion of the Republic of Cyprushttp://ahiworld.org/media-center/press-releases/2013/1779-ahi-statement-on-39thnanniversary-of-turkish-invasion-of-cyprus.html

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