Turkey Changes Its Name to Turkiye, Ends Confusion Involving a Certain Delicious Bird

The real reason is the prevalence of very insulting synonyms for Turkey in the English language.

Israeli & Turkish Scientists Discover Victim Remains from Bronze Age Tsunami 3,500 Years Ago

International research collaboration co-led with University of Haifa’s Dr. Beverly Goodman-Tchernov unearths remarkable discovery within tsunami debris.

Erdogan to Rabbis from Islamic States: Antisemitism Is a Crime Against Humanity

It's the nicest Erdogan has been in years to the Jewish State, but, clearly, his essential demands remain the same.

Hamas Old City Terrorist Reportedly Traveled to Turkey Multiple Times for Instructions

Fadi Abu Skhaydam reportedly met with senior Hamas operatives on Turkish soil and received instructions from them.

Israeli Couple Freed from Turkish Captivity, Return Home

The couple were arrested by Turkey for taking a picture during their vacation.

Israel’s NSC Warns Against Travel to Turkey

The remand of Israeli tourists Mordy and Natali Oaknin in Turkish custody has been extended 20 days.

Israel Dispatches Senior Diplomat to Help In Release of Couple Held Captive in Turkey

Israel has not out ruled at this stage the possibility that the arrest has a political background to it, with Turkey trying to leverage the incident for its diplomatic purposes.

PM Bennett: Israeli Couple Arrested in Turkey ‘Not Working on Behalf of Any Israeli...

The two were arrested a week ago after taking photos of Erdogan’s residence from the Çamlıca Tower in Istanbul.

As Fizuli International Airport Opens in War-Torn Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Share Dream of Asian...

Close to one million Azerbaijanis were displaced from Karabakh during the First Karabakh War (1988-1994).

Turkish Media: 15 Mossad Agents Arrested, All Arabs

The interrogations of the captured spies are currently ongoing, and when those are over they will be referred to the prosecutor's office.

Former Netanyahu Minister Hails Jordan’s Opening Its Syrian Border

According to Kara, “Jordan can now help the Druze refugees on humanitarian grounds."

Cyprus Asking EU, Greece, Israel for Help in Combating Huge Oil Spill from Syrian...

Israel and Greece have been informed and are on standby to help in keeping with the trilateral agreement they signed with Cyprus.

Israel Offers to Send Assistance, Delegation to Flood-Struck Turkey

If Turkey accepts, "The delegation would provide search and rescue assistance," said Defense Minister Gantz.

Israel ‘Recognizes the Terrible Suffering and Tragedy of the Armenian People’

The State of Israel has yet to officially recognize the mass killing of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 during World War I as genocide.

Turkey Ready to Resume Exchange of Ambassadors with Israel, says Ankara Official

The main point of contention between the two former allies remains the presence of senior Hamas officials on Turkish soil.

Report: In Turkish Schoolbooks ‘Jihad War is New Normal, Martyrdom in Battle Glorified’

"Some anti-Christian and anti-Jewish sentiment has been introduced; in both cases the pejorative "infidels" is used.

Daily Sabah: Turkey to Build Industrial Zone in Palestinian Authority’s City of Jenin

In addition to Turkey’s financial investment of $10 million . . . there is also “a plan for Turkish factories to operate in the [industrial] zone.”

Turkey Faces Worst Drought in a Decade; Cities Could Run Dry in 45 Days

Turkey has just 1,346 cubic meters of water available per person per year, with severe droughts plaguing the country since the 1980s.

Pompeo Warns Turkey Against Deploying Russian Missiles, Turks Expect Better Relations with Biden

Pompeo cited the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) as the basis for the sanctions against Turkey.

Erdoğan Confidant Proposes Israel-Turkey Maritime Deal that Cuts out Cyprus

Former Turkish Admiral Cihat Yayci is proposing a bilateral agreement on the countries' shared exclusive economic zones which would leave Israeli ally Cyprus in the lurch • Israeli official: Any proposal that comes at the expense of Cyprus is a non-starter.

30 Dead, Hundreds Hurt in Powerful Earthquake Between Greece & Turkey

Both Izmir and Samos were flooded in the mini-tsunami that resulted from the quake, which was felt as far away as Athens, Crete and Istanbul.

Trump Administration Sells Greece Six F-35 Fighter Jets Originally Destined for Turkey

“It seems that the purchase and recent activation of the S-400 for Ankara has turned the tables to favor Greece,”

Israel Slams Erdogan’s ‘Disgusting Comparison’ of Muslims in Europe to Jews in Holocaust

Erdogan focused much of his anger on France and French President Emmanuel Macron. The two are already in conflict over French policy against the separatism of Muslim communities across the country.

Turkey Arrests 3 for Selling Antique Bible Stolen from Aleppo Museum

The manuscript was handed over to the Museums Directorate in Gaziantep, while local police arrested three people whose nationalities have not been reported.

France Recalls Ambassador to Turkey After Insults from Erdogan

“Excess and rudeness are not a method. We demand that Erdogan change the course of his policy because it is dangerous in every respect.”

Turkey Extends Gas Exploration in Disputed Greek, Cypriot Waters

After the “Oruç Reis” survey vessel returned to the eastern Mediterranean, countries criticized the move.

Burgeoning Saudi Boycott Driving Turks Crazy – Penalty for Opposing the Peace Agreements?

There has been an ongoing fierce conflict between the Saudis and the Turks due to the latter’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and following the struggle for hegemony over the Sunni camp in the Middle East.

UAE Official: Turkish Base in Qatar an ‘Emergency’ that Destabilizes the Region

The UAE and other Arab Gulf states have boycotted Qatar since 2017 and have demanded that it close the base.

Report: Qatar, Turkey Push for Fatah-Hamas Coalition

Doha, with Ankara's support, has proposed to P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas that he form a joint list in the Palestinian Legislative Council with the Gaza-based terror group, and then a national-unity coalition.


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