Shin Bet Busts Hamas Students Terror Ring Run Out of Turkey

Four students from the PA arrested for planning terrorist attacks against Israel.

1 Dead as Another Serious Earthquake Rocks Southeastern Turkey

AFAD: There have been four fresh earthquakes in the region in the past three weeks, as well as 45 aftershocks with magnitudes between five and six.

6.4-Magnitude Earthquake in Turkey Rocks Northern and Central Israel

More than 45,000 people were killed in that quake and a second, 7.7-magnitude quake that followed hours later on February 6.

Israel to Consider Using Turkish Pipeline to Sell Its Gas to Europe

It would almost certainly raise angry objections from Israel’s traditional allies, Greece and Cyprus, Turkey’s historic enemies.

Syrian Refugees in Turkish Earthquake Shocked to Be Treated by Israelis

There were many Syrian refugees in Turkey that needed medical aid, which Israel provided.

United Hatzalah Turkey Rescue Mission Cut Short over Verified Security Threat

German and Austrian rescue units are now sheltering in place due to the worsening security situation in Turkey, which includes gunfire.

Earthquake Death Toll Tops 25,000; Israelis Continue Rescue Operations, Save 9-Year-Old Boy in Turkey

On Friday, IDF medical staff began providing medical care at a local hospital in the city of Kahramanmaraş. The hospital was restored by Israeli forces after being abandoned during the earthquake.

Israel Has 2nd Largest Rescue Team in Turkey

Israel has brought the 2nd largest rescue team to Turkey from all the countries in the world.

Azerbaijan Assisting Turkey in Dealing with Massive Earthquake

A team of 370 Azerbaijanis reached the earthquake area to assist in the rescue operations.

Watch: IDF, United Hatzalah, Rescue 7-Year-Old Girl from the Rubble in Kharmanmaras, Turkey

United Hatzalah physicians Keren Moss and Itai Basel treated the girl while she was still trapped under the rubble.

Israeli Physician Recalls Dramatic Rescue of Young Woman in Kahrmanmaras, Turkey

“Our job was to make sure she stayed alive after having suffered so much."

Sad Ending: Bodies of Antakya Jewish Community Leaders Located by Turkey Earthquake Rescuers

The couple was unaccounted for after the earthquakes that devastated 10 provinces in southeastern Turkey and in at least five governorates in Syria.

Rabbi Mendy Chitrik in Turkey: ‘We’re Hoping for Miracles’

"Whatever is left in the city will have to be rebuilt and it will take time. It’s a very sad situation – so many casualties, so much destruction."

’72 Hour’ Earthquake Rescue Window Passes in Turkey

Hundreds of Israelis are on the ground at various earthquake sites in Turkey, working to save as many victims as possible before they succumb to their injuries and from exposure to the elements.

Death Toll Reaches 16,000 in Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Fresh snowfall in the area has further exacerbated the difficulty faced by rescuers.

Israeli Rescue Team Using New Technique to Rescue Turkish Earthquake Survivor

The team is now digging underneath the building with the plan to reach the man by drilling upwards.

Report: 68 PA Arabs Killed in Turkey, Syria Earthquakes

Twenty bodies of PA Arabs were recovered in Turkey, and 48 in Syria.

Death Toll Tops 6,300 as Rescuers Race to Reach Survivors After Turkey Earthquakes

A fourth, 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck the same area about 24 hours later, followed by an aftershock nearly as strong.

Another Israeli Emergency Response Team Heads to Turkey Earthquake Site

The delegation includes doctors, paramedics, EMTs, and members of United Hatzalah's Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit, together with members of the Israeli Search and Rescue units.

Head of Local Jewish Community and Wife Feared Dead in Turkey Earthquake

Antakya, also known as Antioch, was home to a 2,300-year-old Jewish community that once was thriving but by the time the earthquake struck, had just 14 members remaining.

3,380 Reported Deaths in Turkey’s String of Earthquakes, 1,597 in Syria

A delegation of the IDF, Defense Ministry, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs landed in Turkey at 6 AM Tuesday.

In Turkey, 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Göksun Followed by Multiple Strong Aftershocks

It was the third earthquake to strike the country in less than 12 hours. The same area, Göksun, was struck again and again by a series of aftershocks in the hours that followed.

150-Member Israeli Search & Rescue Team Prepares to Leave for Turkey

An IDF Medical Corps team is preparing for the possibility that it, too, may be sent to establish a field hospital in the affected area.

Turkey Says Energy Structure Damaged in Earthquakes

The Mediterranean Limak International Port in the coastal city of Iskenderun was damaged, as were many electricity and natural gas transmission and distribution lines.

More Than 3,000 Dead as Second Massive 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Turkey, Syria

Israel's PM Netanyahu: "Since a request was also received to do this – for the many who were injured in the earthquake in Syria, I have instructed that this be done as well."

Israel Rescue Teams Ready to Go After 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 1300 in Turkey...

A rescue mission of Israel's Home Front Command is preparing to leave for Turkey to provide aid in the disaster area.

Turkey Foils ISIS Plot to Bomb Embassies, Attack Synagogues and Churches

Authorities busted a cell of 15 terrorists who may have received instructions from ISIS-K.

Lone Wolf Arab Terrorists Inspired by Islamist Incitement

Who's who of the Islamic inciters, inspirers, funders and terror-supporters.

US Warns of Terror Threats to Religious Sites in Turkey

There are imminent threats by terrorists against churches, synagogues and diplomatic missions in Istanbul and locations in Turkey.

Turkish Charity Group Vows to Prevent Israel’s ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem

The Turkish Heritage Association, “Miratna” is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and is one of several Turkish charity groups working to undermine Israeli sovereignty in eastern Jerusalem.


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