Israel Downgrades Travel Warning for Istanbul to Level 3 – Still Dangerous

"The NSC recommends the urgency of travel to Turkey be evaluated in light of the possibility of continued Iranian efforts to carry out attacks there in future as well."

Lapid in Ankara: ‘Confident Turkey Knows How to Respond to Iranians’ on Terror Attempts

"Iran is behind the attempted terror attacks. The intelligence leaves no doubt about it. Israel won't sit idly by when there are attempts to harm its citizens in Israel and around the world."

Turkey Thwarts Attempt to Kidnap Former Israeli Ambassador

The June 17 arrests were behind the Israeli foreign ministry’s unusual announcement last Thursday evening.

Jordan & Saudi Arabia Cozy Up as MBS Continues Regional Tour

The regional tour by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince comes just a few weeks ahead of a visit to the region by President Joe Biden, intent on reviving the so-called "two state solution."

Lapid to Visit Turkey After Herzog Thanks Erdoğan for Protecting Israelis

The news of Lapid’s visit follows by a few hours a telephone conversation between Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Israel Vows Response if Iran Attacks Israelis in Turkey

“There are Israelis who were minutes from death and do not know it. Another day where we let out a sigh of relief that the attack did not happen.”

Unprecedented Security for Israelis in Istanbul for Fear of Iranian Revenge

"Israelis need to be a little quieter in Istanbul, be less Israeli."

Israel Raises Travel Warning to Istanbul to Highest Level

“If you've planned a flight to Istanbul - cancel it. No vacation is worth your lives and the lives of your loved ones.”

Israel’s National Security Council Warns Citizens Against Travel to Turkey

Thousands of Israelis have set out to spend a holiday vacation recently in Turkey, which once was a favored destination for Israeli tourists.

After 15 Years, Turkish Foreign Minister Visits Israel

The relations between Israel and Turkey have been sour for years as Erdoğan and his Islamist ruling party have drawn the country toward the Muslim Brotherhood and have espoused anti-Israel Islamic ideas, and even anti-Semitic notions.

Mossad Foils Iranian Attempt to Kill Israeli Diplomat in Turkey

The assassin is reportedly a member of the secret Quds Force Unit 840, which oversees planning and executing international operations.

Turkey Says Gas Pipeline with Israel Not Likely Any Time Soon

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that he was “very, very hopeful” about energy cooperation with Israel.

Not So Fast: Turkey Denies Deal to Return Siloam Inscription to Israel

Turkish diplomatic sources said the tablet is “currently a part of Palestinian territories; thus, it was out of the question to return it to Israel, a third country in Turkey’s view."

President Herzog, First Lady, Meet Turkish Jewish Community in Istanbul

“Both my father and my grandfather recalled, during their historic visits, how Turkey opened its gates and its heart to the daughters and sons of the Jewish People."

Herzog in Ankara: ‘Our Relationship Will Be Judged By Deeds Reflecting Mutual Respect’

Herzog: "I expect us to work together to strengthen the stability, prosperity, peace, and security of our region, for the sake of all nations of this region."

Israel’s President Herzog Takes Off for Historic Visit to Turkey

“Certainly at a time when the international order is being shaken, it is good and proper that stability and partnership be maintained in our region,” says Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Herzog to Make Official Visit to Turkey Next Week

Herzog will be the first Israeli leader to visit Turkey since 2008.

Turkish Delegation in Israel to Arrange Presidential Visit

In December 2020, President Erdoğan said: "Israeli policy is unacceptable, but we are interested in strengthening relations."

Turkey to Expel Members of Hamas’ Military Wing – Report

Hamas will be able continue their "political" activities in Turkey.

Turkey and Mossad Thwart Iran’s Assassination of Israeli Businessman

Turkish Intelligence decided to share the information with Mossad and convened a high-level secret meeting of the two intelligence agencies in Ankara.

Turkey Changes Its Name to Turkiye, Ends Confusion Involving a Certain Delicious Bird

The real reason is the prevalence of very insulting synonyms for Turkey in the English language.

Israeli & Turkish Scientists Discover Victim Remains from Bronze Age Tsunami 3,500 Years Ago

International research collaboration co-led with University of Haifa’s Dr. Beverly Goodman-Tchernov unearths remarkable discovery within tsunami debris.

Erdogan to Rabbis from Islamic States: Antisemitism Is a Crime Against Humanity

It's the nicest Erdogan has been in years to the Jewish State, but, clearly, his essential demands remain the same.

Hamas Old City Terrorist Reportedly Traveled to Turkey Multiple Times for Instructions

Fadi Abu Skhaydam reportedly met with senior Hamas operatives on Turkish soil and received instructions from them.

Israeli Couple Freed from Turkish Captivity, Return Home

The couple were arrested by Turkey for taking a picture during their vacation.

Israel’s NSC Warns Against Travel to Turkey

The remand of Israeli tourists Mordy and Natali Oaknin in Turkish custody has been extended 20 days.

Israel Dispatches Senior Diplomat to Help In Release of Couple Held Captive in Turkey

Israel has not out ruled at this stage the possibility that the arrest has a political background to it, with Turkey trying to leverage the incident for its diplomatic purposes.

PM Bennett: Israeli Couple Arrested in Turkey ‘Not Working on Behalf of Any Israeli...

The two were arrested a week ago after taking photos of Erdogan’s residence from the Çamlıca Tower in Istanbul.

As Fizuli International Airport Opens in War-Torn Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Share Dream of Asian...

Close to one million Azerbaijanis were displaced from Karabakh during the First Karabakh War (1988-1994).

Turkish Media: 15 Mossad Agents Arrested, All Arabs

The interrogations of the captured spies are currently ongoing, and when those are over they will be referred to the prosecutor's office.


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