Erdogan Ally Ilhan Omar Abstains on Armenian Genocide Resolution

Remember Omar's notorious "Benjamins" tweet, and her other tweet, about the dual loyalties of American Jews?

Israeli Ambassador Slams UN, Says Erdogan ‘Has Turned Turkey Into a Safe Haven for...

Danny Danon criticized the UNSC for focusing on Israel while Turkey was attacking the Kurdish people and hosting the Hamas terror organization in Turkey's capital.

Israel Blocks Exit of Terror Operatives Ties to Hamas HQ in Turkey

Hamas’ HQ for its terror operations in Judea and Samaria and their financing operation works out of Turkey.

Russian Troops Receive Armored Vehicles to Help Patrol Turkish-Syrian Border

A unit of the Russian military police has arrived in the Syrian town of Kobani to patrol the territory in cooperation with Turkey.

Fox News Reporter Hounding Trump on Syria, Kurds

Griffin has not been invited in recent weeks to appear on any Fox News opinion shows.

Russia Deploys Troops to Syria-Turkey Border with Goal of Removing Kurdish Fighters

“What [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wants is a resolution to the Syria crisis on his terms,” said Anna Borshchevskaya of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “And he is closer to that resolution.”

Pompeo: Trump ‘Fully Prepared’ to Use Military Action Against Turkey

While America prefers “peace to war,” says U.S. secretary of state, “kinetic or military action” against NATO ally Turkey is on the table in connection with the crisis in northern Syria.

Kurds Withdraw from Syria-Turkey Border Region Amid Tentative Ceasefire

Erdoğan: Turkey will resume its assault in northern Syria “with determination” when the U.S.-brokered ceasefire expires on Tuesday if all Kurdish forces have not withdrawn from the Syria-Turkey border region.

Pence, Erdogan, Give Kurds 120 Hours to Vacate War Zone; Pompeo: Won’t Happen to...

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz: "Of course, what is happening in Syria should remind us of one principle - that we must maintain our ability to defend ourselves."

Turkish Sources: Erdogan ‘Threw Trump’s Syria Letter in the Trash Bin’

Erdogan was very upset by "Trump's mixture of threats and locker-room banter," so much so that he ordered his troops into Syria that very day.

Analysis: VP Pence Visit to Center on US Thermonuclear Bombs Stored in Turkey

“We have Israel nearby, as almost neighbors," Erdogan said. "They scare [other countries] by possessing [nuclear weapons]. No one can touch them.”

EU Members Suspend Arms Sales to Turkey After Air Strike Kills Journalists in...

One journalist was killed immediately in the strike. Three were injured, including one who died the next day. A total of 15 civilians died.

Turkey Boasts ‘Neutralizing’ 595 Kurds in Syria Operation; Kurds, Assad, Forge Coalition

With American support and training, the Kurdish-led SDF has become a professional army with close to 60,000 recruits.

Report: Trump Pullout Draws Anti-Israel Forces Away from Golan Border

Trump is actually restoring the religious balance in the region and weakening Iran's hold on the areas alongside Israel's border.

Israelis Protest in Solidarity with Kurds of Northern Syria

The demonstrators held picket signs that referred to the Holocaust, with some of the signs reading, “Never Again.”

Report: Turkish Forces Attack US Troops in Northern Syria by ‘Mistake’

It’s not clear how many American forces remain in Syria; Newsweek estimated the number to be “between 15 and 100 troops.”

Nasrallah: Anyone Who Counts on America Will End Up Like the Kurds

"“It is a message for all the region’s people and all those who bet on the Americans."

Senators Across the Aisle Draft Anti-Turkey Sanctions

Graham believes there would be more than enough votes to override a presidential veto: "Who the hell supports Erdogan over the Kurds?"

UN Security Council to Meet in Closed-Door Emergency Session on Syria

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, meanwhile, has urged Turkey to “halt its military operation.”

Turkey Launches Military Offensive Against Kurds in Syria

The Kurdish civilian administration in northeastern Syria issued a “general mobilization” call on Wednesday, in preparation for a full-blown Turkish invasion.

Turkey Started Bombing Syrian Kurds, Turkish Troops Deployed Across Border

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Monday denounced Trump's decision to pull US troops out of northeastern Syria, calling it a "stain on America's honor."

Israel Following Turkey’s Actions in Cypriot Waters ‘Closely and With Concern’

Turkey has already drilled in Cypriot waters, triggering protests from Nicosia and the European Union, including sanctions.

US Abandons Kurdish Allies to Turkish Invasion of Northern Syria

"Turkey will soon be moving forward ... into Northern Syria. The US Armed Forces … will no longer be in the immediate area.”

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Istanbul

“Eight people were slightly injured in the earthquake,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

Netanyahu: Erdogan is a Liar & Iran Attacked Saudi Arabia, ‘From A to...

The prime minister also commented Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks at the United Nations General Assembly.

Trump, Erdogan, Agree on Continued Cooperation in Syria

Erdogan congratulated Trump on the steps he has taken at the recent G7 summit regarding Iran.

Putin, Erdogan, Meet on Deterioration of Syria Understandings

"The situation in Idlib, which continues to be Turkey’s area of responsibility in accordance with the Sochi agreements, remains rather complex."

US Warns Turkey Against Incursion into Syria

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper: Any unilateral action against Syria by Turkey is “unacceptable” and would be stopped.

Rivlin Holds Working Meeting with New Greek FM Who Offered Olive Branch to Turks

Dendias said there are no meetings with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu “for now.”

Turkey, Russia, Laying Claim to Mediterranean Off-Shore Gas

Since 2009, offshore oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean have been the subject of territorial disputes between Turkey on one side and Greece, Cyprus and Israel on the other.


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