Blow to Erdogan as Turkey’s Opposition CHP Party Wins Again in Rerun Istanbul Mayoral...

Erdogan, who himself was mayor of the city in the 1990s and who today leads the AK Party has said in the past, “Whoever loses Istanbul loses Turkey.”

Turkey Sentences 151 to Life in Prison Over 2016 Coup Attempt

Among those sentenced were Air Force Commander Akin Ozturk and presidential aide Ali Yazici.

Turkey, Russia, Going Ahead with S-400 Deal, US Suspends F-35 Sale

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday confirmed in a speech in the capital Ankara that the deal to buy S-400 missile systems from...

Watch: Israeli Commandos Rescue Ship in Distress

A foreign trade ship sailing from Turkey that was docking off Israel’s northern shore sent a message of distress.

Turkey Complying with US Sanctions on Iranian Oil

On May 1, Iranian oil imports ended with the U.S. decision not to renew the waivers.

Turkey’s President Forces New Mayoral Election in Istanbul Where Ruling Party Lost Vote

Earlier this year, Turkey’s Islamist Justice and Development Party, the AK Party, as it is called (AKP), lost its battle for control over the...

Turkey Complains its Anadolu Agency Office Struck by IDF in Gaza

Despite the complaints there were no injuries or deaths reported.

Turks, Israeli Arabs, PA Slam Netanyahu’s Sovereignty Promise

“Yet another example of how Netanyahu uses electoral politics to justify occupation and undermine the two-state solution.”

Synagogue in Izmir, Turkey, Targeted by Firebomb

A man threw a Molotov cocktail onto the sidewalk outside Beth Israel Synagogue; no damage was reported.

US Cuts Off Turkey’s F-35 Delivery Citing Russian S-400 Missile Purchase

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to move forward with the purchase of the S-400, ignoring his NATO allies' warning that this would threaten the security of the F-35s.

Erdogan Loses Turkey’s Capital in Mayoral Elections

The CHP candidate, 63-year-old attorney Mansur Yavas, won more than 50 percent of the mandates.

Turkey’s Erdogan Snipes at Yair Netanyahu After He Joins Renewed Verbal Attacks

Yair Netanyahu reminds Erdogan Istanbul was the "capital of the Byzantine empire and center of orthodox Christianity for more than a thousand years before Turkish occupation!"

MKs Ask Erdogan to Release 3 Israeli-Arabs from Turkish Prison

Erdogan thanked the Israeli Arab lawmakers "for their service of representing the Palestinian will... against Tel Aviv's oppression in Gaza."

Trump Warns Turkey ‘Not to Hit Kurds’ in Syria, Threatens ‘Economic Devastation’

Erdogan has been threatening and planning for months to send the Turkish army into northern Syria on a mission to annihilate the Kurdish defense forces there.

US Troops Pullout Plan Not Ready, Turks Eager to Massacre Kurds – Ready or...

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday that the thousands of Turkish troops amassed along the Syrian border would attack whether the US is out or not.

Erdogan Refusing to Meet Bolton in Ankara over ‘Dishonorable, Ugly, Vulgar and Defaming’ Comments

"It is impossible to accept the message given by Mr. Bolton in Israel," Erdogan told members of his ruling party.

Trump Troop Pullout Decision Follows Syrian Kurds’ Selling Oil to Iran

I didn’t like the fact that they’re selling the small oil they have, to Iran. And we asked them not to sell it to Iran.... I'm not happy about that at all."

Shaked ‘Hopes Kurds Win Battle Against Turks’

“They are allies and I hope that they will win in their battle against the Turks."

Trump ‘Open’ to Visiting Erdogan in Turkey in 2019

This week, President Trump's other friend in the Middle East, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called President Erdogan an “anti-Semitic dictator.”

Trump & Erdogan Discuss ‘Slow, Highly Coordinated’ Pullout from Syria

The two men agreed to coordinate in order to prevent formation of a power vacuum as U.S. troops are drawn down from Syria.

Netanyahu: Turkey’s Erdogan is Anti-Semite ‘Obsessed with Israel’

"There has been an improvement. Erdogan used to attack me every two hours and now it is every six hours."

US Withdrawal Announcement Continues to Reverberate in the Middle East

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman on Saturday welcomed President Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria, saying the US military presence in the Middle East fuels insecurity in the region.

Mattis and Israel – Not a Love Story

Thank you, General Mattis, you are an honorable man and we're so glad we didn't have to get into a fight with you over the boundaries of our homeland.

Israel Degrading Diplomatic Representation in Turkey

Israel conveyed the message that it has no interest in the Erdoğan-controlled Turkey, and that it is ceasing its efforts to normalize relations.

George Soros’ Foundation Fleeing Turkey

In a speech a week ago, Erdoğan attacked "The famous Hungarian Jew Soros."

Turkey Won’t Fuel Iranian Passenger Planes as Trump Sanctions Take Effect

Mnuchin warned SWIFT, the bloodline of global banking, the US would penalize if should it not cut off financial services to entities doing business with Iran.

Israeli Foreign Ministry Director-General: ‘Condemnations Are Not Enough’ to Deal With Anti-Semitic Violence

"To prevent more attacks against Jews, the battle against all manifestations of antisemitism must be fierce and global."


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