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January 16, 2017 / 18 Tevet, 5777
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Eric Cantor Loses VA Primary

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Former Congressman Eric Cantor is going to Wall Street.

Former Congressman Eric Cantor is going to Wall Street.
Photo Credit: Miriam Alster /Flash90

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, lost the Virginia primary race to economics professor Dave Brat.

Brat is the representative of the Tea Party, and Tea Party voters felt that Cantor wasn’t conservative enough.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. What is the matter with the Jewish population in America? They are stupid liberals who vote for people who hate Israel.

  2. Maybe they voted for the other guy, who is not a liberal?

  3. And just because Eric Cantor is also a Jew doesn’t mean he can’t sell us out. And just because the other guy is not a Jew doesn’t mean he isn’t pro Israel.

  4. “Republican Jew?” How about “Jewish Republican?”

  5. Eric Cantor is a disgrace

  6. His faith has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS LOSS!

  7. It’s not about him being a Jew, and one should NEVER vote just because of race (Example; Obama). Eric Cantor, like other Republicans (RINOS) failed to uphold conservative values,,one of which was to show strong Republican support FOR Israel, AGAINST Israel’s enemies.

  8. He didn’t do much for anybody, just a butt kisser.

  9. America voted and didn’t want him

  10. Beth S Brock says:

    I’m the furthest from liberal you could ever be. I don’t vote based on sex , race , or religion. It’s time to take America back. No incumbents ! We are cleaning house !

  11. Beth S Brock says:

    Yes. A large majority of the Jews here do vote for liberals that hate Israel. It’s shameful. But , that’s not the case here. The Tea Party candidate won. Cantor was useless. It had nothing to do with liberals.

  12. Excuse me Bonnie Hall Leidy all Jews are not Liberals! And Jews are certainly not stupid. Although Jews make up only 0.2 % of the world’s population, astonishingly 22% of the Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. When you label a group of people as stupid, it sounds very Anti-Semetic.

  13. Cantor it’s a RINO!

  14. Gene Strong says:

    Obama is a Muslim and no friend of israel. American jews.support Obama.
    American jews.are traitors to israel.
    Cantor did not lose because he was a jew…He lost because he was a liberal .

  15. That is so untrue.

    “After her death last October, Rep. Eric Cantor pushed the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act through Congress. The bill would redirect millions in taxpayer funds from political conventions to pediatric medical research. The vote was hailed as a rare moment of bipartisanship in the increasingly divided Congress.” http://foxnewsinsider.com/2014/03/30/ten-year-old-gabriella-miller-inspired-congress-pass-cancer-research-bill

  16. Empowering children isn’t what I consider nothing.

    “Cantor touts school choice to fight poverty”

  17. Right Artie. And Gene, not all Jews support Obama. Or Hillary for that matter!

  18. Elyse Dorm says:

    he was actually supporting the demoncrats so good thing he lost

  19. Anybody who is pro hitler and against Israel can leave the USA!!!

  20. Very sad. Another treason of the Jewish American communities. Now they will vote for the anti-Jewish candidate, Hilary Clinton, very sad.

  21. Ira Abramson says:

    As a Jew, I am saddened, as an American, good news.

  22. David Ring says:

    What does it mean to “hate Israel?” I mean, pro-Hitler…really? And what place does ANY religion have in US politics? I want someone in office who’s first thought is always the people of this country, not the people he shares the same imaginary friend with. If the people of Israel love their government then they’re as brainwashed as we are here in the US.

  23. If anyone wants to know why the GOP cannot win national elections anymore, just read how their base acts and talks above. Sad and disgusting. What a shameful time for our county with people talking and thinking like this.

  24. And we wonder why things like The Holocaust occur?

  25. Cantor has his nose up Obama’s butt. I don’t like socialism, communism. I support Israel with all my heart, sometimes you have to consider that good is more than just one or two things, it is a consistency for all the people. He had a few good traits, but he wants to bring our country down even further. Amnesty is not an option here. You want to be an American then do the right things, become naturalized. Why should we give away our country to more socialists. It is important we make our stand for our country, thanks for you comments though, I appreciate the good in everyone.

  26. David Adda says:

    Cantor lost because he is a RINO. Nothing to do with religion, how about our despicable Jewish brothers and sisters who still vote for the Israel hating demotards?

  27. The kiss of death for politicians will be kissing up to Obama. November!

  28. Pride goes before the fall.

  29. Cody Flecker says:

    Edward Lobel Let's face it…your ultra liberal Messiah is losing ground even within his own party. Obama hates Israel and the Jewish People as you do…Count yourself one of those fringe haters. Your Messiah just "dumped" 900 children at various bus tops throughout Southern Arizona in 100 degree plus heat in an attempt to "punish" the State of Arizona. I know you will still support this Messiah of yours, even if thousands of innocent people die in the process. In the meantime there are hundreds of thousands of illegal people draining resources from every State in the Union. and people like yourself simply bow down to whatever your Messiah demands. This drainage is what is causing many hospitals to close, and the over loading of our schools is alarming. Just be like your Messiah and plan another vacation…what is it 20 so far this year?

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