Photo Credit: Youtube
Syrian gassed with chlorine being treated in Israel

The European Union has frozen the assets of two ministers in the government of Syria, preventing them from traveling on the continent.

The Syrian Ministers of Industry and Information – both appointed only last month – were struck Monday with the sanctions. Neither will be able to travel within the European Union’s 28-nation bloc.


At present, a total of 67 Syrian organizations, associations and companies have been sanctioned, along with 257 Syrian individuals, “for being responsible for the violent repression against the civilian population in Syria, benefitting from or supporting the regime, and/or being associated with such persons.”

One day earlier, at least one child died and numerous others suffered symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine gas used in chemical warfare after an attack Sunday by regime forces on the rebel-held eastern Ghouta district near Damascus.

Victims, ambulance drivers and others smelled the chlorine after “an enormous explosion” in the eastern Ghouta area of al-Shayfouniya, said a statement issued by the local branch of the opposition Syrian Interim government Health Ministry quoted by Reuters.

“At least 18 victims were treated with oxygen nebulizing sessions,” the statement said. The Syrian army could not be reached for comment.

Despite a United Nations cease-fire resolution, dozens have been killed by air strikes and bombing on rebel-held areas since the weekend, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.