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September 21, 2014 / 26 Elul, 5774
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Five Hamas Terrorists Blow Themselves Up in ‘Work Accident’

Five Hamas terrorists were killed Thursday night when an explosive device they were building blew up in northern Gaza, Arab sources reported.

Hamas prepared for the end of the ceasefire and ended up doing the dirty work for the IDF.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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140 Responses to “Five Hamas Terrorists Blow Themselves Up in ‘Work Accident’”

  1. on that happy note, i’ll sign off!!

  2. May their afterlife be a disappointment

  3. Debra Winrow says:

    O’ Happy Day O’ Happy Day

  4. The Five Stooges-somehow Israel will be blamed. If Hamas attacks on Friday, rest assured that “hell will be coming for breakfast”- their breakfast and perhaps their last meal, the scum.

  5. Obi Sunny says:

    aljezerra are you there

  6. Fabulous news :) The world is a safer place without them .

  7. Pastor Ron says:

    Level Gaza, the sooner the better. OH WAIT, that is exactly what Bible Prophecy says will happen to Gaza. Bring it on! Maybe more bombers will do the job?

  8. G-d works in mysterious ways.

  9. Hinda Blas says:

    Work Accident – what insurance company insures them Azizi of Londonstan?

  10. haray ze mishubach. the more the merrier

  11. Leah Joseph says:

    Five proud owners of 360 virgins WOW this jackpot deserves a bonus.. mom is proud of her angels ;))

  12. PH Yogev says:

    they were so excited about the ceasefire ending that they prematurely exploded…think how disappointed all those virgins will be :-(

  13. Sue Milchman says:

    …a “work accident” ….

  14. Couldn’t happen to nicer guys. Keep up the good work HAMAS, blow yourself to Hell.

  15. Moshe Milich says:

    And, the world is going to condemn Israel for this, the results of not agreeing to build a port in Gaza that led to death of these poor Terrorists…

  16. Too bad there is no video

  17. George Riesz says:

    They should patent the method in the Gaza and get blown up on their own.

  18. Geela Gordon says:

    great and wonderful

  19. Couldn’t happen to a better group.

  20. Karen Bryant says:

    If they had honored the temporary truce they would still be alive.

  21. wish terrorist always mistakes to prepare their bomb hehe!cool 5 knock down wish more more till they give up

  22. I support Hamas in their work they’re doing for the IDF.

  23. Hamas and UN, don’t forget to add them to a list of civilian casualties.

  24. SY Faith says:

    May more of Hamas be blown up!!

  25. Madu Iyk says:

    God will fight our enemies.

  26. Dan Larrivee says:

    I would be ashamed to present myself in front of 72 virgins, they would laugh at me.

  27. Hope you have a repeat of this story tomorrow with five more terrorist

  28. Bernard Baum says:

    As one says in Hebrew and most any language ..ha ha ha

  29. Thatza_G OOODD THING..!!!!

  30. Thy get fk# to hell n back.

  31. Freddy Mercury said it best
    ” Another one bites the dust! “

  32. Freddy Mercury said it best
    ” Another one bites the dust! “

  33. Linda Klingbyll this may explain that video we watched the other day

  34. Linda Klingbyll this may explain that video we watched the other day

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