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At just after 6 PM on Thursday, Hamas called a special press conference where they said very little.

The Hamas senior official, Salah Bardawil, said that Israel is trying to destroy the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas.


He threatened Israel saying, “all options are open to Hamas,” if Israel escalates and continues the attacks against them. Hamas can start a third intifada.

He claimed that Israel’s rearresting the terrorists released in the Shalit deal is a breach of the Shalit agreement.

Hamas claims they didn’t kidnap the boys, but they praise whoever did.

Simultaneously, Israel ran their own press conference, where they also said very little.

The participants in that conference included Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yaalon and the Chief of Staff.

They said they are making progress, and the primary goal is to bring back the kidnapped boys. They know more about the kidnapping than earlier, and Hamas is responsible.

A secondary goal is neutralizing Hamas, and they again called on Abbas to kick Hamas out of his government.

A lot of TV time on both sides, with nothing new said.



  1. Just playing for time. If Hamas was smart they would just return the Jewish boys and claim that they rescued them from a terrorist splinter group. Then request that more terrorists be released out of reciprocity, one kind deed for another.
    But chances are they are not that smart.

  2. Right Keith, they are not smart enough. They could release the boys (if they have them) in such a way that no one needs to know that they really had them to being with that is if they want to save face. They need to stop pulling a Korach on Israel and the rest of us.

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