Israel Requests Another 4 Month Postponement on Removing Khan al-Ahmar

For the ninth time: the State of Israel asks the High Court to allow another postponement of its response to Regavim’s petition for the evacuation of the Palestinian Authority’s flagship outpost, Khan al-Ahmar.

Netanyahu to CNN: Israel Taking Action Against ‘Certain Weapons Development’ in Iran

Netanyahu said people can get “hung up” on peace negotiations with the PA Arabs.

TAU Arab Students Rally: ‘With Spirit and Blood We’ll Redeem Palestine!’

The demonstrators, Israeli Arabs, enjoy all the benefits of Israeli citizenship and wouldn’t dream of uniting with their brothers and sisters in Jenin.

Jerusalem Arab Protest Organizers: Strike Breakers Will Be Treated Firmly and Forcefully

Arab construction workers and bus drivers are staying home on Tuesday.

Lone Wolf Arab Terrorists Inspired by Islamist Incitement

Who's who of the Islamic inciters, inspirers, funders and terror-supporters.

US Visa Waiver Guarantees ‘Palestinian-Americans’ Entry into Israel

The Americans are concerned the program is a loophole for Israelis who recently made Aliya from Russia to enter the US.

Diaspora Affairs Minister: Palestinian Authority is a ‘Neo-Nazi Entity’

“It is an enemy that is antisemitic to its core, and we need to examine alternatives,” says Amichai Chikli.

13-Year-Old Terrorist Left ‘Martyrdom’ Message in School Notebook

“God, or victory, or martyrdom. Forgive me, mother, you're going to be proud of me,” wrote the 13-year-old terrorist who shot 2 people on Saturday.

Security Cabinet Declares 6 Steps to Shut the Barn Doors before the Next Horses

Ben Gvir promised to confiscate illegal guns - not run daily clashes with the AG.

Palestinian Authority, Gaza Arabs Celebrate Jerusalem Terror Attacks

Crowds of Arabs danced and clapped and cheered in Gaza and in the Palestinian Authority cities of Jenin, Shechem and Bethlehem, as well as in eastern Jerusalem.

Palestinian Authority Marketing Homes on Jewish Archaeological Site

"Joshua's Altar is a site with historical significance, one of the sole remains dating all the way back to the period when the Children of Israel first settled the Land," said Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan.

Palestinian Authority Blames Israel for ‘Escalation,’ Ignores Deadly Jerusalem Terror Attacks

“The Palestinian leadership holds the Israeli government fully responsible for the dangerous escalation due to its crimes."

Bipartisan Congress Members Urge the UN to Sack Antisemite Francesca Albanese

Albanese has asserted that the “Jewish lobby” controlled the U.S. and has likened Israelis to Nazis.

Watch: IDF Blows Up Underground Hamas Rocket Factory

The terror factory was located just dozens of meters away from residential buildings and a hotel.

Iron Dome Shoots Down Rockets from Gaza

Multiple rockets were launched from Gaza, just before midnight on Thursday.

Palestinian Authority Workers Strike over UNRWA Funding Squeeze

The agency issued an appeal on Tuesday for donations to close its $1.6 billion funding shortfall.

At Least 8 PA Arabs Killed in Jenin Shootout with Terrorists

Israeli forces were reportedly attempting to arrest a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist planning a major attack.

Mahmoud Abbas: 40 Years of Holocaust Revisionism

Mahmoud Abbas is not expected to participate in somber International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorations on Friday.

Israel Revokes Entry Permits of 230 Gazans for Terrorist Activity

The Gazans were recruiting PA Arabs in Judea and Samaria to facilitate attacks on behalf of Hamas.

PA Arabs Threatening to Join Israeli Cellular Networks

PA Arabs are protesting the PA plan to tax their cellular phone subscriptions and transfer the money to eastern Jerusalem.

An Illegal PA City Being Built Under Everyone’s Nose in Gush Etzion

In addition to the building of the road, construction work was being done to essentially and illegally create a new town in Gush Etzion.

Blinken to Arrive Next Week in Israel

Last week White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also visited the Jewish State for talks with the newly installed *Netanyahu government and with leaders of the Palestinian Authority.

Gallant Pledges to Protect Joshua’s Altar Archaeological Site at Mount Ebal from PA Damage

The site in Samaria, near Nablus, is identified with that of Joshua’s altar.

South Korea Helping Restore Sebastia Antiquities Site… as a ‘Palestinian’ Heritage Site

This is part of the Palestinian Authority's steps to erase all vestiges of Jewish history from Judea and Samaria.

Balancing Act: Civil Administration Demolishes Illegal Arab Structures

Thousands of new illegal Arab buildings were built during Defense Minister Benny Gantz's tenure.

Karim and Maher Younis the Highest-Paid Israeli-Arab Terrorists, says NGO

The cousins, who were both released from prison this month, have each collected nearly $100,000 from the Palestinian Authority for the murder of Israel Defense Forces Cpl. Avraham Bromberg in 1980, according to Palestinian Media Watch.

Two PA Arabs, Including PIJ Terror Commander, Killed in Firefight with IDF in Jenin

Israeli forces came under heavy fire during a counter-terror operation in the city, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

PA Arabs Clash With Soldiers at Joseph’s Tomb

Terrorists blocked the road leading to the Jewish holy site.


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