Yair Lapid, Hamas, PA and Jordan Call to Prevent Jerusalem Hanukkah March

MK Yair Lapid join the Jordanians, the PA and Hamas in condemning the march.

Gazan Woman Finally Speaks Up Against Hamas, Raising Hopes for a Better Future

Denazification begins with an elderly woman bravely speaking out.

Fooling Hamas, Israel Released 15 Israeli Arab Women Charged with Minor Offenses in Exchange...

Only one Israeli Arab woman on the list had been arrested before October 7.

Biden Conditions Continued Gaza Campaign on Tripling Fuel Supply; Smotrich & Ben-Gvir Vote Against

The White House has determined the price for letting the war in Gaza continue, and Netanyahu’s cabinet agreed to pay.

IDF Reaches Heart of Khan Younis, Surrounds Hamas Chief Sinwar’s House

Khan Younis, the second-largest city in Gaza, is a terrorist stronghold identified as a symbol of the Hamas military and administrative rule.

Is Hezbollah Coordinating Its Rocket Fire with Hamas?

Hezbollah terrorists fired 16 rockets into northern Israeli territory at exactly the same time that Hamas in Gaza launched its massive rocket barrage at southern Israel.

Israel Calls on Global Leaders to Pressure Hamas into Allowing Access to Hostages

“The Israel Defense Forces will do everything in its power to rescue our hostages and bring them home. We call on others to do the same.”

IDF Soldiers Uncover One of Gaza’s Largest Weapons Depots

The weapons were seized by the soldiers. Some were destroyed on-site, and some were sent for further investigation.

More Than a Dozen Chabad Hanukah Menorahs to Dispel Darkness in Gaza

Tzach of Israel will also be distributing personal Menorahs and sufganiot (Hanukah donuts) to more than 10,000 Israeli soldiers currently deployed in Gaza.

New Report Depicts Disturbing Double Standard in University Responses to Oct. 7 and Antisemitism

The report warns that Harvard and UPenn plans to tackle the spiking Antisemitism on campus are likely to fail in the current climate.

Christians Oppose New Hamas Recruiting Drive in Lebanese Refugee Camps

Hamas seeks to establish a new military force in southern Lebanon because the terror group’s leadership feels betrayed by Hezbollah and Iran

Next Cabinet Clash: Allowing 100K PA Arab Day Workers into Israel

The plan is to create a dynamic database with the cooperation of every contractor who receives PA Arab workers.

Israeli Forces Using ‘SPICE’ Bombs in Gaza

The Smart Precise Impact Cost-Effective (SPICE) guidance kit is used to convert heretofore "unguided" bombs into precision-guided munitions.

IDF is Doubling Down in Southern Gaza Near Sinwar’s Home (But He’s Not There)

Israeli forces have been engaged in close combat with Hamas terrorists in the city's central Almahata neighborhood near the Khan Younis town hall and elsewhere around Khan Younis.

Hamas Drugged Hostages Before Releasing Them, Knesset Told

Hamas drugged Israeli hostages before freeing them, “to make them look happy.”

IDF Takes Control of Northern Gaza, Assassinates Hamas Commander of Shati Battalion

IDF and ISA forces conducted a targeted raid on a Hamas Internal Security Forces command and control center in Jabalya, where they found observation and control materials, weapons, and maps.

Did Hamas Use Spies to Plan the October 7 Massacre – or Was It...

All the IDF leadership had to do was take seriously its own intelligence assessments.

It’s Established: State Dept. Doesn’t Like IDF’s Approach to Winning

Mind you, the US military incinerated and otherwise annihilated some 1.5 million Iraqis.

15 AGs Warn NYT, AP, CNN, Reuters that Employing Hamas ‘Journalists’ Supports Terrorism

"Reporting credibly alleges that some of the individuals that your outlets hire have deep and troubling ties to Hamas—and may have participated in the October 7 attack."

WSJ: Israel May Flood Hamas Tunnels to Drive the Terrorists Out

So far, the IDF has identified some 800 tunnels stretching from northern to southern Gaza but believes the network may be much bigger.

US: Palestinian Authority Currently Unfit to Govern Gaza

John Kirby said the administration wants a “reformed and revitalized Palestinian Authority” helping to govern the Str

American Muslim Women Leaders Make Solidarity Visit to Israel

The extraordinary delegation of Muslim women leaders traveled, in extraordinary times, through war-torn southern Israel this weekend, braving renewed Hamas rocket attacks as the cease-fire collapsed and taking cover outside as the projectiles struck nearby.

IDF’s Kfir Brigade Joins the Battle Against Hamas in Gaza

Kfir Brigade forces have located and destroyed more than 30 tunnel shafts in addition to fighting in close quarters with Hamas terrorists.

Report: Traders in the Know Shorted Israeli Stocks Just before the October 7 Hamas...

We recommend that the stock exchange players who got their information from Hamas be tarred and feathered.

MDA CEO Eli Bin Condemns the Red Cross: ‘You Are Not Neutral’

While giving MDA the cold shoulder on the hostages, CRC delegation head Menegon advocated for PA Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons.

Philly Antisemites Mob Jewish Falafel Joint that Gave 100% of Proceeds to United Hatzalah

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro on Sunday night condemned a mob attack on a Falafel restaurant in Center City, Pennsylvania, which is part of the...

Hamas Projects Confidence in Face of Shin Bet Chief’s Vow to Turn on the...

Late last October, Israel announced the formation of a special Mossad and Shin Bet unit to pursue Hamas leaders at home and abroad.

IDF Expands Ground Operation to Include Southern Gaza

"Yesterday, and today, we eliminated brigade commanders, company commanders, many operatives, and yesterday morning we started the same process in the southern Gaza Strip."


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