IDF Smuggles Hamas Naval Commando’s Chief on Boat from Gaza

Sources said that Hamas reacted "hysterically" to the discovery, and the terrorist organization launched a wave of arrests, picking up dozens of suspects.

Nonstop Fireworks in the Palestinian Authority

Students in the Palestinian Authority celebrated the completion of their matriculation exams.

US House Subcommittee Passes $250 Million in Funding for Palestinian Authority Arabs

The bill seeks “to restore humanitarian and development assistance to the Palestinians,” despite the Trump administration having defunded or slashed such funding to virtually zero.

State Department’s Biased Report Against Israel

Dear President Trump, as a true ally of the Jewish State I am asking you to withdraw the State Department's latest human rights biased report against Israel.

IDF Arrests 2 Hamas Commanders in Samaria

“Despite the arrest of our West Bank leaders Hamas will continue its struggle against the occupation and its projects.”

Boomerang: In 2019 Report, State Dept. Erased 95% of Arab Terror Attacks on Jews

"Instead of admitting the truth and apologizing ... the State Department continues to claim innocence, insisting it is being objective."

Hamas Terrorist with Cancer Dies in Israeli Hospital

Al-Ghrabli, 74 and the father of 10 from the Gaza Strip, was serving a life term for the brutal murder of David Mashali in 1994.

Suicide Rate in Gaza Spikes Under Hamas’ Rule

In April this year, eight such cases occurred; in March there were 35 cases and in February, 11 cases occurred.

Netanyahu Government Turns Blind Eye as Trump’s Deal Spurs Arab Race to Build in...

The residents of Kfar Nahlin, located in Area B and bounded by a natural river channel, a few months ago began to seize land outside the village – in Area C

Palestinian Authority Banks Refuse to Accept Salaries for Terrorists

New anti-terror legislation ... made performance of any bank transaction connected to the payment of rewards for acts of terrorism, a criminal offense.

Rachelle Fraenkel: Hamas Sought to Curse Israel But Blessed Us Instead

“In a problematic situation, when it is possible to be so critical, it is important to find the good, to connect with it, to love it, to increase it and then let it grow and look at reality,” Fraenkel said.

Worldometer Recognizes ‘State of Palestine,’ Pop. 5.1 Million, 3,835 Coronavirus Patients

The State of Palestine has its own virtual page on Worldometer's regularly updated coronavirus report, which on Sunday morning showed it to have 3,835 cases, 15 deaths and 463 recorded recoveries.

After Freezing Ties with Israel, PA Fears Facing COVID-19 Pandemic Alone

Following the sharp rise in the number of cases in the PA, the PA announced the return to a total lockdown throughout the areas under its control .

AOC, Leftycrats to Pompeo: If Israel Annexes – Off with their Aid

One sour note: the AOC letter was also signed by Rep Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) who represents the Lower East Side of NY.

PA Ready to Negotiate Peace Provided Israel Cancels Sovereignty Plan, So Not Really

Shaath said that the PLO would not revoke its recognition of the state of Israel as long as the PA leadership is not convinced that all hope for a two-state solution is lost.

Lawmaker: ‘Israel Doing More for Palestinians Than PA’

Israel is not turning its back on the residents of the Palestinian Authority and continues to provide them with medical treatment in life-saving cases.

PA Deepens Grip on Jordan Valley Ahead of Possible Israeli Sovereignty Declaration

Suddenly the Palestinian Authority remembered there are Arabs living in the Jordan Valley.

Hamas Fires Missiles at Sea to Prepare for War on Israeli Sovereignty

While Hamas was firing its rockets into the sea, however, Israel had already decided not to go ahead with its scheduled sovereignty plan.

Gantz to Trump’s Envoy Berkowitz: July 1 Not a Sacred Date

Gantz added in the same meeting that before promoting political moves, Israeli citizens should be able to return to work and earn a living again.

‘Blood’ Fountains in Petah Tikva’s Trump Square

It was a protest exhibit against the coming application of Israeli law in the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria.

‘Chaos is Name of the Game’: PA Moves Toward Declaration of Independence

The PA official believes Israel will find it difficult in the near future to cooperate with local institutions managing civilian life in PA areas.

IAF Strikes Gaza After Friday Night Rocket Attack

"We hold Hamas responsible for all acts of terror emanating from Gaza."

PA: If Israel Annexes Settlements We’ll Hand our Weapons to the IDF, Let Them...

And so the Arabs have not lost yet another opportunity to lose an opportunity.

Rabbi Waldman: We Cannot Accept The Trump Plan

Chassidim said that the way to shun evil is through doing good; however, there is value in doing good for its own sake, said Rabbi Waldman.

Hamas: Israeli Sovereignty Move Will Be Declaration of War

"We will make the enemy bite his fingers in remorse for this sinful decision.”

WATCH: Undercover Reporter Poses Questions to ‘Palestinians’ on Sovereignty, Citizenship

Q: "If elections were held today between Bibi and Abu Mazen, who would win?" A: "Bibi"

Bereaved Families Demand High Court Force Government’s Hand on ‘Pay for Slay’ Law

"The citizens of Israel will not stand for the disgraceful transfer of money that is going toward paying terrorists."

Survey: Most ‘Palestinians’ Anticipate Israeli Sovereignty, No Retaliation by Arab States

A large majority of 73% expects the new Israeli government to deepen the normalization steps with some of the Arab Gulf countries


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