Exposed: PFLP Diverted Humanitarian Funds from Europe to Finance Terrorism

The PFLP deceived the European aid organizations by reporting fictitious projects, submitting false documents, falsifying and inflating invoices, falsifying documents and stamps of banks, and reporting inflated salaries.

Abbas Losing Grip on PA

Social media users are humiliating the PA and calling its security apparatus “the Zionists’ dogs.”

Fearing Israeli Anti-Terror Law, PA Banks Close 35,000 Accounts of Terrorists

The banks were notified that if they continued to operate these accounts and process payments from the PA to terrorists, it would be a violation of Israeli law, exposing them to civil and criminal liability.

After Losing in Israeli Court, PA to Take Sheikh Jarrah Property Case to International...

The case involves Israel’s eviction of Arab families from properties in Jerusalem after an Israeli court denied the Arab property claims.

Hamas Attempts to Set Region on Fire, Encouraging New Wave of Attacks

A drive-by shooting in the Shomron was likely unorganized, though the terror group that runs Gaza is seeking to leverage recent tensions to pressure both the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Hamas Military Commander Issues ‘Final Warning’ to Israel Over Eastern Jerusalem

The Israel Police and Border Police dispersed rioters in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood after they hurled stones and bottles at them.

Fatah Calls on Residents to Erase Security Camera Evidence from Tapuach Attack

“Resistance is a natural right of the Palestinian people against the Zionist arrogance” says the Nablus branch of P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party.

Arab Sheikh Jarrah Residents Complain: ‘Lawyers Prevented Compromise and Compensation Arrangements’

Arab residents are blaming the PA for using them as pawns in their battle against Israel, when they knew Jews owned the properties.

Arabs Torch Getaway Car Used in Tapuach Junction Terror Attack

The vehicle was found by Israeli security forces in the Arab village of Aqraba, close to the Tapuach Junction.

Hamas ‘Blesses’ Tapuach Junction Terror Attack

"The attack comes as part of the natural response to the crimes of the occupation."

J Street Admonishes Abbas for Postponing Palestinian Authority Elections Set for May

The group, however, says it recognizes “the challenges involved with attempting to integrate Palestinian factions committed to nonviolence and diplomacy with those, like Hamas, that have frequently engaged in violence and terror.”

Palestinian Authority Indefinitely Postpones Elections, Blames Israeli Electoral Woes

"The message we received said that Israel cannot make a decision because there is no government in Israel."

In Historical First, European Parliament Condemns UNRWA for Incitement in Teaching Materials

An IMPACT-se report showed that PA school textbooks have “consistently shown a systematic insertion of violence, martyrdom and jihad across all grades and subjects.”

How the Palestinian Authority Connects Illegal Outposts in Area C to Villages in Area...

"The Palestinian Authority continues to carry out its masterplan for territorial contiguity in the Jordan Valley, and the State of Israel continues to allow it."

Gaza Election Poll: Hamas Leads in Legislature and PA Presidential Vote

“The elections should take place in Jerusalem, our eternal capital. . .Failing to hold the elections in Jerusalem means returning to the ‘Deal of the Century’."

Joint Arab List Chairman: Intifada Will End the Occupation and Hoist Palestinian Flag over...

Odeh declared: "This wonderful and honorable victory belongs to the youth of Jerusalem.

Abbas Cancels Legislative Election Denying Hamas Easy Victory, Pins Blame on Israel

Of course, Israel could call Abass' bluff by designating voting stations for eastern Jerusalem residents who possess PA ID cards.

Hamas: Jerusalem Day will Be Turning Point in Fight Against Israel

“We have no future, or state, or self-determination without Jerusalem,” said Mashaal in an interview to Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV on Sunday.

Gaza Terrorists Bomb South, Israel Shuts Down Gaza Fishing Zone

Four people from Sderot were lightly injured after falling while running for shelter during the attacks.

Arab Water Theft Again Plaguing the Jews of Mt. Hebron

The stolen war was diverted to private reservoirs, repackaged and sold by the thieves.

21 Republican Lawmakers Challenge Biden’s Policy Change on UNRWA

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who was behind President Trump's decision to block the UNRWA, praised the Republican lawmakers.

36 Rockets Shot at Israel Friday Night, IDF Retaliates, Chief of Staff Cancels US...

The IDF intends to reinforce the police in Jerusalem and its environs under police command.

Israeli Envoy to UNSC: Stop Wasting Time on the ‘Palestinian Question’ and Deal with...

“Just like in 2015, the fanatical Ayatollahs will use sanction relief to fund their terrorist activities and continue to secretly develop their military nuclear program."

Facebook Disables PA-Linked Accounts ‘Used for Spying’ on Opponents

The Palestinian Authority’s Preventative Security Service (PSS) spied on political opponents, journalists and human rights activists using Facebook accounts.

Biden to Appoint Former Human Rights Watch Official Sarah Margon to Senior State Dept....

Margon is an outspoken critic of authoritarian allies of the United States, and has had a testy relationship with Netanyahu's government as well.

Iftar Gathering in Hebron Shows Commonalities Between Israelis and PArabs

Palestinian Authority businessman Ashraf Jabari said it was “a subtle celebration of thoughtful conversation, mutual respect and heritage-enhanced relationships. These are the building blocks of the emergent Israeli-Palestinian market.”

IDF Preparing for Escalation as PA Election Set to be Postponed

If Abu Mazen postpones the election, he is expected to face a confrontation with Hamas.


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