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Jordanian Foreign Minister Forbids Processing of Judea and Samaria Land Deals

Despite seemingly warming ties between Jerusalem and Amman, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has issued a directive against finalizing any land deal involving “Palestinian lands.”

Report: US Weighing 2nd ‘Palestinian Consulate’ in Jerusalem

Does anyone in the Biden White House understand that opening one, never mind two consulates in Jerusalem would constitute a violation of US law?

US, Israeli Diplomat, Dangling Saudi Relations in Return for ‘Palestinian Consulate’

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand pick up a trillion bucks (in promissory notes).

COGAT Expands Entry Quota for Gazans to Enter Israel

Three thousand Gazans will be granted Israeli entry permits, in addition to the 7,000 Gazans who already have them.

Bennett’s Govt. Votes Down Law Protecting Israel’s Sovereignty in Jerusalem

The law would have imposed prison sentences for those working to remove Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem.

PA’s ‘Arab Culture Week’ Honors Terrorists, Prisoners as Cultural Heroes

PA Arab culture is one of terrorism, and at its heart is the killing of Israelis.

Senate Proposes $225 Million in Assistance to PA Arabs, Echoing Bill Passed by House

The bill also includes the annual $3.3 billion in military assistance for Israel as part of the 10-year Memorandum of Understanding signed between the United States and Israel under the Obama administration.

Bennett ‘Surprised’ by US Pressure on Settlements; Biden to Reopen Jerusalem’s ‘Palestinian’ Consulate

"To declare the establishment of such a consulate while the Prime Minister opposes it is simply to turn the State of Israel into a banana republic."

PMW: Palestinian Authority Celebrates ‘Culture’ of Murdering Israelis

The Palestinian Authority often uses Bethlehem as a city to highlight PA support for terror.

Watch: MK Aymen Odeh Physically Assaults MK Itamar Ben-Gvir

Aymen Odeh was visiting a Hamas terrorist in Kaplan hospital.

Ministry of Defense Grants Legal Status to 4,000 Arabs Living in Judea and Samaria

COGAT emphasized that all the approved applications were done due to humanitarian considerations and that each application was subjected to the approval of the relevant security bodies in Israel.

Bereaved Families to Blinken: ‘US Consulate for Palestinians Will Encourage Terrorism’

In a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Israelis who have lost loved ones to terror warn that a consulate in Jerusalem for the Palestinians would be a “complete Trojan horse.”

Expose: PA Intelligence Corruption and Land Theft – This is Why the Civil Administration...

Torture, murder, PA land grabs, forgeries, millions of dollars, real estate transactions...

Report: 89% of Netflix’s ‘Palestinian Films’ Directed by BDS Supporters

“It is unfortunate that Netflix is giving a platform to directors who advocate division and bigotry in the arts of all places."
Hamas public hanging.

Hamas Court Sentences 2 Suspected Collaborators to Death

Two more Gazans were also convicted of collaboration with Israel; both were sentenced to hard labor,

Report: Lapid Misled Bennett and Blinken on US ‘Palestinian Consulate’

"The purpose of opening the consulate is to recognize Palestinian claims on Jerusalem."

Arab ‘Dignitaries’ Visit Hunger Striking Hamas Detainee in Hospital, Ready to Weaponize his Death

The Israeli security apparatus does not doubt that al-Qawasma continues his clan's rich tradition of the murder of innocent Jews.

Gaza Terrorists Arrested After Planting IED on Israel’s Southern Border

Both terrorists were arrested by IDF soldiers and transferred to security personnel for questioning.

Jewish Organizations Join to Urge Supreme Court to Review Terror-Financing Case

The U.S. Treasury Department has previously called Interpal a fundraising organization of Hamas.

Qatar Restarts Cash Payments to Gazans, Using UN Credit Cards

Israel must approve individuals receiving aid to ensure that money goes to the poor and not to Hamas.

Report: Hamas Building Up Military Presence in Lebanon

By adding to its power directly north of the border, it gives Hamas more flexibility on its attack options against Israel.

Exposé: Palestinian Authority Controlling MoD’s Judea & Samaria Civil Administration

The law in the Palestinian Authority prohibits the sale of land to Jews, on penalty of death.

Blinken Warns Iran ‘Time is Running Out’ on Nuclear Deal

Lapid: "Iran has publicly stated it wants to wipe us out. We have no intention of letting that happen."

Lapid in Washington: No Nukes for Iran, ‘Economy for Security’ in Gaza

Lapid says the 'Economy for Security' plan is a way to end the “absurd situation” in which an antisemitic terrorist organization attacks Israeli civilians and Israel is blamed for it."

Hamas Celebrates Israeli District Court’s Ruling to ‘Cut Silent Prayers Before They Even Began’

The only way to change this is to convince massive numbers of Israeli Jews to go up to the Temple Mount.

BDS Movement Irate: PA Participating in Dubai Expo Alongside Israel

Hamas suggested that the Expo "promotes the weapons of the Occupation which it uses to kill the Palestinian nation."

Hamas Calling for Mass Protests Against Court’s Sanctioning of Jewish Silent Prayer on Temple...

It's kind of where Islam meets Mormonism and Scientology and everybody brings lots of weed.

Huge Tenders for Egyptian Companies: the Egyptian Interest in Gaza’s Rehabilitation

There is progress in Egyptian-brokered talks with Hamas on the matter of rehabilitation, but not regarding a prisoner exchange with Israel.

Palestinian Authority Official: ‘China Will Lead the World, and Is On Our Side’

Beijing will accept whatever we accept, but knows we “want to make Israel swallow the poison one drop at a time,” says Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki.

After War: Gazans Rush for Work Permits in Israel

For thousands of lucky Gazans, an Israeli work permit is their ticket to freedom from the Hamas regime.


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