Israel Expands the Gaza Fishing Zone

“The implementation of the move is conditional on the fishermen in Gaza honoring the agreements."

Greenblatt’s Trojan Horse

I suspect that all the "deal of the century" talk, with its lingering postponements, is so much camouflage.

IDF Shrinks Gaza Fishing Zone – Again – After Arson Attacks on Israel

This is not the first dance of the fishing zone between COGAT and Hamas, nor the second, third or fourth.

FBI Arrests NJ Man for Giving ‘Hamas’ $100, Threatening to Blow Up Trump Tower

Xie said he wanted to enlist in the US Army so he could "learn how to kill."

Pompeo: We Hope Trump’s Deal Brings Brighter Future for Arabs, But No Guarantees

He promised that President Donald Trump's "deal of the century" would be unveiled this summer.

PA: German Anti-BDS Law Shows How Israel Using Holocaust to Blackmail the Europeans

The resolution was brought by all the centrist parties in the Bundestag, with the right and left parties offering their own versions.

Danon Tells UN Security Council It’s Time to End UNRWA, Palestinian Refugee ‘Problem’

“UNRWA has failed to rehabilitate the Gaza Strip. It has succeeded only in inciting violence against the State of Israel. "

EXCLUSIVE: Top Secret PA Intelligence Document Exposes Ties Between Son of PA Chief Mahmoud...

The allegations leveled against Abbas and the other officials in the internal document include the financing of terrorism, money laundering, illegal money transfers and bribery.

Meet Ashraf Jabari, PA Arabs’ Last Hope

"Twenty-five years ago, the Palestinians were in a terrific situation. Israelis and Palestinians worked together in Hebron. How many people have been killed since 1993?"

Palestinian Authority Financial Crisis is Fake

Israeli Finance Ministry data shows that even after Israeli deductions due to the P.A.'s "pay for slay" program, the P.A. would have still received more money in each of the first two months of 2019 than it did on average per month in 2018.

IDF Safely Returns 2 Children Abandoned by Gazan Parents

The Gazan parents tried to stay in Israel, and abandoned their children at the Erez checkpoint,

Israel Police Intercept Hundreds of Terror-Related Items en Route to Gaza

The confiscated objects included electronic components, military flashlights, lights used for diving, an engraving machine, binoculars, security cameras, routers, a remote-controlled air balloon, a digital microscope, goggles, and biometric equipment.

Fearing a Pending Collapse, Israel Approves the Transfer of Armored Vehicles to PA

The combat vehicles are bulletproof and have already entered use in the Hebron area. Others were stationed in Ramallah and in Shechem (Nablus).

PA Sticks with Tradition of Missing Opportunities in Bahrain Economic Conference

Naturally, the PA's "the moon or nothing" approach continues the catastrophic Arab tradition that began with the wholesale rejection of the 1947 partition plan.

Watch: Hamas Training Children to Kill Jews, Again

The terror group sponsored a school play in which young children were given guns to "kill" other children dressed as Jews.

Mubarak: ‘Deal of the Century’ Will Blow Up the Region

Mubarak challenged President Trump's solution. "Projects, investments and cooperation? But what is the political path?"

IDF Debunks Lie About ‘Gazan Child Who Died Alone’

The girl's parents refused to accompany her to the hospital. The PA falsely blames Israel.

Estimate: Migration from Gaza at 35,000 in 2018, Officials Collect Millions to ‘Expedite’

Suicides have decreased in the Gaza Strip, presumably because Hamas has guaranteed that anyone who is killed by the IDF at border riots would be rewarded with pensions to their families.

Gaza Fence Riots Cancelled on Account of Heat, Ramadan Fast

The Friday riots were supposed to be an extension of the "Nakba Day" commemorations of the defeat of the Arabs in Israel's War of Independence.

IDF Foils Smuggling of Drones, Military Equipment through Gaza Crossing Using Mail Bags

172 suspicious packages were identified as dual-use items by a COGAT officer at the Erez Crossing, who confiscated the suspected equipment ordered online.

Palestinian Authority Prepares for Peace: ‘There’s No Such Thing as Israel’ Arab Children Are...

A PATV children's program recently taught, "All of Palestine will return to us," while pointing to a map of "Palestine" that includes all of Israel.

71-Year-Old ‘Catastrophe’ of Establishment of State of Israel Sparks Annual Arab ‘Nakba’ Riots

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders called for the “liberation of all Palestine” -- as usual.

Aaron David Miller: Rashida Tlaib Should Stop Using the Holocaust for Political Gain

CNN Inside Politics host John King on Monday afternoon questioned the claim made by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) that her ancestors provided a "safe haven" for Jews after the Holocaust.

Lawyers Say Forensic Evidence Shows Minor Accused of Killing Aisha Al-Rabi Is Innocent

The Central District Court on Tuesday ordered the minor to be released to house arrest with electronic cuffing.


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