Top Israeli Security Expert Releases New Gaza Victory Plan

The author attempts for the first time to examine and challenge the assumptions behind accepting an Islamist statelet committed to its destruction on its southern border.

Watch: IDF Destroys Home of Ramallah Terrorist Who Murdered Two in Jerusalem

In an unusual move, the IDF entered the city of Ramallah overnight to destroy the home of the terrorist Islam Perok who carried out...

Israeli Citizen Receiving PA’s Pay for Slay Terror Stipend Arrested in Money-Laundering Sting

The network of companies distributed and offset fictitious invoices amounting to tens of millions of shekels for money-laundering and tax offenses.

Blinken at AIPAC: Settlement Expansion an Obstacle to the ‘Horizon of Hope’

If you expected a decisive answer from the Secretary of State on Iran, turns out he offered three.

Egypt Working on ‘Long-Term’ Plan for Gaza Strip

Cairo would take a broader role in the economy and Israel would get "quiet."

Israel Releases Brother of Commander Whose Terror Squad Snatched Hadar Goldin’s Body

Yosef Masoud is a member of the Izz a-Din Al-Qassam battalion -- the military wing of Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization.

IDF Female Soldier Sent to Jail for Burning PLO Flag

The two female soldiers serve in the Lavi Battalion in Jordan Valley.

Israel Suspends Qatari Payments to Gaza Families

Israel is reportedly suspending the payments to keep the money from reaching the hands of Hamas, which is backed by Iran.

Security Forces Kill 3, Arrest 13, Destroy Explosives Lab in Shechem Refugee Camp, Jenin

According to Al-Quds, before their withdrawal from the Balata camp, the Israeli forces blew up several homes in the camp.

Qatari Envoy Arrives in Gaza via Erez Crossing

For years, Qatar has been providing local Gaza families with stipends of $100 per month.

Antisemitism Envoy Lipstadt Condemns Abbas for Comparing Israel to the Nazis

Abbas's doctoral thesis was titled: "The Connections between Nazism and Zionism between the years 1933 – 1945."

Arabs Issue ‘Great Dawn’ Call, Hoping to Stop Jerusalem Day Flag Parade

"Just as the sun rises every morning, so the parade will continue as planned, as usual, on its regular route.”

EU Officials Squabble Over Conditions for Aid to Palestinian Authority

The commissioner for neighborhood and enlargement says P.A. schools should support peace and coexistence.

Iranian Pressure Mounts on Hamas and Hezbollah for ‘Joint Operational Mechanism’ Against Israel

In an Iranian bid to consolidate power against Israel, Tehran is placing heavy pressure on Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to establish a...

Lifeless PA Arab Revived by Security Guards and EMTs at Border Crossing

“I’m glad I was at the right place at the right time and received the information promptly."

More than 45 Countries Boycott UN ‘Nakba’ Day

“Palestinian ‘Nakba’ Day pushes an odious narrative that promotes more conflict, not peace,” according to B’nai B’rith International.

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Dies in Shechem Raid to Map Terrorist’s Home

IDF soldiers were attacked at the home of one of the men responsible for killing the Yaniv brothers in Huwara.

PA Calls on ICC to Issue Arrest Warrant for Ben-Gvir

The Israeli minister praised the targeted killing of Islamic Jihad leaders, called for offensive against terrorists in Judea and Samaria.

Watch Out: Islamic Jihad Hacks Israeli Social Networks

Always be suspicious of links from strangers, even if they list 100 mutual friends.

How the Gaza Ceasefire Unfolded With Iran’s Consent

No one came to Islamic Jihad's aid, so they were forced to concede.

8-Months’ Intelligence Project Behind the Executions of 6 Senior Jihad Commanders

No matter how mind-boggling Israel’s intelligence capabilities are, they cannot be used to influence change inside the Gaza Strip.

European Parliament Condemns PA Anti-Semitic Textbooks

FM Cohen called on the EU to immediately adopt the Parliament’s decision and immediately stop funding textbooks full of anti-Semitism and incitement.

5 Days Later, It’s Back to Normal on Gaza’s Border

The lifting of restrictions came less than a day after the ceasefire signed Saturday night between Israel and the Islamic Jihad.

Israel on [Broken] Ceasefire: ‘Quiet Will be Answered with Quiet’

Islamic Jihad fired particularly heavy barrages of rocket fire about 15 minutes before the start of the alleged ceasefire, took a break and then launched two more. Another salvo was fired an hour later.

Taking Down the House

A collection of videos from Gaza of the IDF destroying the homes of Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Islamic Jihad Denies Report of Ceasefire Planned for 10 PM

By 9 pm Saturday night, PIJ terrorists fired more than 1,200 rockets at Israel since the start of Operation Shield and Arrow on Tuesday.

Islamic Jihad Rocket Kills Gazan Man Working in Israel

Abdullah Gava, 34, is the second person in Israel to die in rocket fire aimed at Israel from Gaza.

IDF Eliminates 6th Islamic Jihad Commander

As of Saturday evening, more than 1,200 rockets were fired at Israel by PIJ since the start of Operation Shield and Arrow this past Tuesday.


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