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April 21, 2015 / 2 Iyar, 5775
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Jewish Visits to Temple Mount on the Rise

Jews are watched by guards on the Temple Mount, to make sure they don't pray.

Jews are watched by guards on the Temple Mount, to make sure they don't pray.
Photo Credit: Lucie March/Flash 90

Between January to April, the number of Jews going up to the Temple Mount has increased by 27%, according to a report in Bamachane. 2,635 Jews went up in those 4 months, as well as 650 soldiers. Non-Jewish visitors, excluding Muslims, dropped 6% for the past year to 98,000.

Arab violence and rioting on the Temple Mount is also up.

Police actions on the Temple Mount to quell Muslim violence is up 300% from last year for the same period.

Due to Arab rioting and violence, the Israeli police had to go up to the Temple Mount 6 times in the past 4 months, and had to limit the number of Muslim visitors by age 9 times, compared to just 4 times in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, MK Miri Regev (Likud) is working to pass a law that will allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

Currently the police prohibit Jewish prayer as they are afraid it will incite further Moslem riots on the Temple Mount.

But if Muslim violence on the Temple Mount is up anyway, by those trying to change its status quo, there is no reason to blame it on praying Jews.

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27 Responses to “Jewish Visits to Temple Mount on the Rise”

  1. John DeLancy says:

    May they go and pray, and may Ha’Shem hear them and bless them!

  2. Masada for Israel… We would die for you…

  3. It’s about time. Don’t be afraid of the holiest of the holiest for it is yours. The temple must be rebuilt but without war or violence.

  4. Gene Strong says:

    Israel must remove all Muslims from Jerusalem and Gaza. Shut down all liberal news media in Israel.

  5. The temple mount is Israel’s not the Arabs. Arabs are controlling parts but the ownership is Israel.

  6. Mark Gregg says:


  7. Lize Bartsch says:

    I don’t know how you can pray there with that monstrosity of a false temple to a false god there. alla is not Gd, and Mohammad was not only a false prophet, he was a terrible bad example to all of humanity which is why all his followers have zero respect for others and are so violent and spread lies and continue the legacy of falsehood. Tear it down, build the real temple to YHVH Elohim and allow Muslims to convert and worship there to the true Gd and heavenly Father. Note: the pope is not the father, only Gd in heaven is the Father.

  8. How long before God sends someone to tell the “stick necked” Pharaoh to let my people go, to worship Him.” It is their temple, and they are being kept from it.


  10. Marc Guerin says:

    Prophecy is Being Fulfilled We are almost ready to Start Daniels 70 week Prophecy And world wide worship, and Blood Sacrifices …

  11. Marc Guerin says:

    All Pieces of the temple have been rebuilt and are ready to put together Quickly, Just like in days of Old, .. All Noise and Hammering and pounding cannot be done , “On the holy Site” But all parts to Temple have been made Pre fabricated, out in the surrounding countryside…This keeps in line with The Law..The Temple will be ressurrected in Months Fast when its time…

  12. The ones with no rights to be in Har HaBayit are the Arabs. Tear down the Mosque and wait for the Temple to be rebuilt. End of story. These people burn churches, tear down synagogues, exile and kills Christians, meanwhile, Jews praying in their own holy places makes the world rise in uproar. Who cares what the Arabs and the Christians want, the only reason they have their religion is because of Jews, they should honor that and let Jews worship as Jews let both of them worship as they please in Jewish land.

  13. Us Christians have no problem with Jews intact we love them because God told us that if we bless Israel he will bless us and if we curse Israel well then God will curse us, we are praying for the peace of Israel in Christ Jews and Gentiles are same their time will come when they are directed by God and jesus will reveal to them that Jesus is the true Messiah God bless u and God bless Israel

  14. Peter Maxx says:

    Shabbat Shalom from Antrim…

  15. It has been, is, and always will be Israeli!

  16. Henayia, we don’t need Jesus to rescue us from anything. We have G-d on our side, so while your sentiment is appreciated, please stop the Jesus propaganda on the Jewish site.

  17. Adam Green says:

    Keep going and visiting- it is Israel and it is allowed

  18. Adam Green says:

    Eugenio – Amen!

  19. No, Sheba, Jesus is just a dead Jew, period. He wasn’t the Messiah, we are kind of still waiting. If you haven’t noticed, no miracles associated with him became true, therefore, no Messiah to see here, carry on.

  20. I believe Jews have every right, to pray on temple mount!

  21. Raymond Morrison says:

    muslims have no right to walk in Israel,,neither do those who do not keep the 613

  22. I'm all for it. Go ahead!

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