Hundreds of Arabs Riot on Temple Mount on Hamas, Fatah Orders

Friday's mass prayer at the Al-Aqsa Mosque was conducted as part of separate calls from Hamas and Fatah to turn Friday's morning prayer into a protest prayer.

Hamas Calls for Mass Prayer Rallies on the Temple Mount and Cave of the...

Jordan’s news agency reported that Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount had “performed Talmudic rituals.”

Number of Jewish Worshipers Visiting Temple Mount Passed 30,000 in 2019

Temple Mount activists noted that these numbers include only Jews who came to pray or show a Jewish presence at the holy site and not groups of Israeli tourists.

Appalling: The Jewish State Vs. Shema Yisrael on Temple Mount in Court this Week

In 2004, Israel's High Court of Justice ruled that every Jew has the right to go up and pray on the Temple Mount.

Apartheid on Temple Mount: Police Block Jews from Using Drinking Fountains

Zionist watchdog group Im Tirtzu on Wednesday released a video showing Israeli police officers physically blocking Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount from using...

Protesters Demand Harsher Sentence for Accomplice in Temple Mount Attack

Jabareen was sentenced by the Haifa court to 16 years in prison for serving as an accomplice to the cop killers.

Watch: 5 Jews Arrested for Praying on Temple Mount

Five Jewish visitors were detained Wednesday morning on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem after stopping to pray during their tour. Those pesky Jews even...

Israel Blocks Departure of 4 Temple Mount Rioters

According to the information presented to Minister Deri, the rioters' departure from the country could pose a risk to state security.

Stabbing Terror Attack Near Temple Mount in Old City of Jerusalem

The terrorist was arrested by other police officers at the scene. The injured police officer sustained wounds to her hand.

Stone-Throwing Muslims Attack Visitors to Archaeological Garden after Prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Stone-throwing is one of the preferred methods of attack by rioting Arab mobs, especially at the Temple Mount.

Amman Parliament Urges Government to Reconsider Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty

Arab leaders have longed turned to violence at the Temple Mount for a convenient excuse to justify totally outrageous -- and unjustifiable -- actions.

Jordanian Foreign Ministry Summons Israeli Ambassador over Temple Mount ‘Violations’

Jordan demanded “an immediate stop to Israel’s violations and all its attempts to change the historic and legal status quo.”

Old City Policeman Released from Hospital

The policeman had been stabbed by two teenage Muslim terrorists.

Israeli Officials Prepare for Possible Visit by Omar, Tlaib to Temple Mount

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) will most likely visit Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Islamic Countries Blast Israel for Tisha B’Av Clashes – Ignoring that Muslim Instigated It

Condemnation poured in from across the Arab and Islamic world after violence erupted at the sensitive site during overlapping Muslim, Jewish holidays.

As Muslims Riot, Jews Initially Banned from Entering Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

Muslim leaders over the weekend called on Jerusalem’s Muslims to ensure that Jews could not visit the site during their day of national mourning.

Muslim Detained for Assaulting Cops on Temple Mount

The Muslim started off by assailing Jews on the Temple Mount, and then graduated to assaulting police.

Temple Institute Video Urges Jews to Wake Up and Smell the Incense

The video is the seventh in a series which began with "The Children are Ready," which received more than a million views.

WATCH: Arab Violence Against Saudi Journalist on Temple Mount

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz are slated to meet Tuesday with the visiting members of the delegation of Arab journalists and bloggers.

Police Arrest 4 Arabs for Illegal Activities on the Temple Mount

The Waqf is continuing its illegal takeover of Sha’ar HaRachamim on the Temple Mount.

Chilean President Causes Earthquake After All – On Temple Mount

Well, President Piñera did cause an earthquake, but not at the Kotel. He did it a few yards up, at the Temple Mount.

Israel All But Admits Waqf Added Mosque on Temple Mount, Disobeys Court Shutdown Order

Jews believe the gate was sealed by the Muslims because of the tradition that this is the gate through which the Anointed One will enter Jerusalem.

Islamic Wakf Inaugurates New Mosque at the Temple Mount’s Mercy Gate

Illegal construction work on the “Gate of Mercy” structure is causing permanent harm to the ancient Jewish structure.

Holy Sites on Jerusalem Day [+ Video from Temple Mount Riots]

Hundred have already visited the Temple Mount and thousands are praying at the Kotel on Jerusalem Liberation Day.

Regavim Warns Islamic Waqf Inaugurates New Mosque on Temple Mount

The move comes in violation of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s instructions to enforce the closure of the building.

Muslims Riot on Temple Mount During Jerusalem Day

Five Jihadists have been arrested and one Waqf guard was injured after police took control over the situation.

Recounting the Liberation of the Temple Mount

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who was one of the soldiers who liberated the Temple Mount in the Six Day War, recounts the story to Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount, on Jerusalem Liberation Day.

Temple Mount Set to Open to Jews on Jerusalem Day

Muslims have built two mosques on the site where once stood the First and Second Jewish Holy Temples of Jerusalem.

On Jerusalem Liberation Day Remember: We Gave Away Temple Mount to the Muslims

On Sunday morning, we expect Jews will not be allowed entry to the Temple Mount to celebrate the liberation of the Temple Mount.

Temple Mount to be Closed to Jews on Jerusalem Day?

Israel Police said there will “soon be a final decision” on the matter.


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