Abbas Warns Gantz: ‘Don’t Disturb Status Quo on Temple Mount’

Jewish visits to the Temple Mount are limited to just a few hours a day, and barred entirely during Islamic holidays.

‘Freedom of Religion Shouldn’t Have Borders’: Knesset Monitoring Discrimination Against Jews on Temple Mount

“There are people there planning terror attacks and the police are busy searching for Jews who mumble or pray. The minimum is having the same conditions,” MK Ben-Gvir demanded.

Waqf Member Assaults Israeli Policeman Who Wished Him a Good Morning

It first began when a Waqf-employed guard, interfered with an arrest on the Temple Mount and threatened police officers even after it was made clear to him that he was interfering with their work.

Court Acquits Jews Who Prayed on Temple Mount Disguised as Muslims

In the Channel 13 report, one of the activists was asked what he would do if he's discovered, and his answer was very practical: "I'd beat a heck of a run out of there…"

Jews Who Prayed on Temple Mount Disguised as Muslims Arraigned Today – Are Israel...

If the court allows this to go on, it should make for a fantastic Supreme Court petition on the nature of prayer and the boundaries the state may impose on it.

More Israelis Visited Temple Mount in Last 3 Months Than in All of Year...

Since the beginning of the current Jewish year, 12,177 Jews have already ascended to pray on the Temple Mount.

UN Adopts Three Resolutions Condemning Israel, Ignores Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

The U.N. General Assembly passed three resolutions this week that targeted Israel, which brings the total to 14 resolutions being adopted in the next month that single out the Jewish state.

Annals of Israel’s Police: Young Arab Attacked a Jew, Was Arrested, Confessed, His Case...

"Closing a case involving such a serious crime is contrary to the position of the legislature regarding the seriousness of these acts, and may harm the security of the citizens."

Jews Chase Away Darkness from Temple Mount on Chanukah

"We came to remind the State of Israel who is our enemy and who our friend."

New Record: 10,000 Jewish Worshipers Visit Temple Mount in 3 Months

Jewish worshippers are enabled only limited access in time and space during their visits to the Temple Mount.

Update: One Dead, Multiple Wounded in Terror Attack Near the Kotel

There are reports of Israeli dead and wounded. The terrorist was neutralized.

Hamas Military Exhibition with Children Simulates ‘Liberation’ of Temple Mount

The event showcased locally made weapons such as the Qassam M-75 rocket, the Al-Ghoul sniper rifle, drones, hand grenades and bombs.

Knesset Education Committee in Historic Statement: Israeli Schoolchildren Must Visit Temple Mount

The committee determined that the Temple Mount should be included in the mandatory sites for Ministry of Education tours.

Exclusive: Jordanian Government Once Removed Graves from Jerusalem Area Currently Being Developed as a...

In recent years, some residents of the Old City have been known to bury their dead sometimes in the Yosefia compound, which has become an illegal cemetery.

Israel Police Remove Spray-Painted Arab Nationalist Graffiti from the Temple Mount

"We still demand to know how many are responsible for the spraying and whether they were caught."

Public Security Minister: No Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount

“In accordance with the [1967] status quo, the Temple Mount will be open for visits by non-Muslims but not for prayer.”

Hamas Celebrates Israeli District Court’s Ruling to ‘Cut Silent Prayers Before They Even Began’

The only way to change this is to convince massive numbers of Israeli Jews to go up to the Temple Mount.

Hamas Calling for Mass Protests Against Court’s Sanctioning of Jewish Silent Prayer on Temple...

It's kind of where Islam meets Mormonism and Scientology and everybody brings lots of weed.

Bombshell: Jerusalem Court Approves Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

Now, this is a fine issue over which Israel should go to another election: Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

WATCH: Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler on the Temple Mount

For many years it was the custom of Rabbi Dr. Moshe Dovid Tendler, famed posek, professor, and son-in-law of the great Rabbi Moshe Feinstein to perform the commandment of "Mora Mikdash" - showing reverence to God at the place of the Holy Temple, by ascending the Temple Mount in strict accordance with halacha - Jewish law.

13% Increase in Jewish Visits to Temple Mount in Past Year

The Temple Mount Administration stated that it “concluded a fruitful year with positive progress” at the Jewish holy site.

Western Wall Authority Begins Work on At-Risk Mughrabi Bridge

Warnings by experts on the tenuous state of the bridge prompt the Western Wall Heritage Foundation to begin partial renovations of the temporary structure.

Say It Ain’t So, Bezalel: Smotrich Blocks IDF Visit to Temple Mount

Does MK Smotrich doubt the ability of IDF soldiers to walk in a straight line?

Dani Dayan’s Daughter Sings Hatikvah (Quietly) on Temple Mount

"Singing the national anthem on the Temple Mount is a right, some would say a duty, for the citizens of Israel."


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