Israeli Man Seeking to Sacrifice Goat on Temple Mount Arrested

The man, Yair Hanoch, an activist from the Return to the Mount organization was detained at a light rail station near Jerusalem’s Old City.

Saudi Envoy to Ramallah Cancels Visit to Temple Mount

The decision came in response to objections from Palestinian Authority residents expressed on social media prior to the visit.

Muslims Irate after Jews Blow Shofar on Temple Mount on Rosh Hashanah

All of which stands to show you that the Arabs already know the Jews are coming. Now, someone must tell the Jews.

Beyadenu Petitions High Court Against Garbage Dumping on Temple Mount

This constitutes a serious violation of religious sanctity and the profound emotional connection of Jews to the site of the Holy of Holies.

Beyadenu Files Complaint with Jerusalem Police: Jews Are Banned from Restrooms on Temple Mount

"We cannot live in a country where violating human dignity is so commonplace."

Ben Gvir Ascends Temple Mount on 9 B’Av to Show Who’s in Charge

“It is not a crime to pray, bow, or bring religious texts to our sacred site.”

Report: The Closer We Get to 9 B’Av the Worse Police Treat Ascenders to Temple Mount

Can anyone contact the government minister in charge of the police? I Believe his name is Itamar something.

Yehuda Glick on Trial for Walking Too Slowly on Temple Mount

"The accused ... stopped every few steps, walked slowly, and looked at his mobile phone."

Temple Mount: 15 Arabs Arrested for Hamas Flags & Banners Glorifying Eli Terror Attack

A number of masked individuals began waving the green flags of Hamas and unfurled the terror banner in the Temple Mount plaza.

2 Israelis Arrested for Trying to Offer Animal Sacrifice on Temple Mount

The two, members of “Return to the Mount,” had in their possession a lamb they intended to slaughter at the holy site.

Likud MK Amit Halevi Proposes Plan to Divide Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

"No one needs to examine the stones to know that it is ours ... King David bought the land from the Jebusites."

Israeli Cabinet Boosts Funds for Kotel Infrastructure at the Western Wall Tunnels

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposal will add approximately 60 million shekels ($16.5 million) to the five-year project.

Sunday Ben Gvir Prayed on Temple Mount

Petra reported that “dozens of Jewish extremist settlers, led by Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, on Sunday stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

Report: Systemic Police Harassment of Jews on Temple Mount on Flag Day

"Going up to the Temple Mount should become routine and not anything to get excited about."

Ministers, Knesset Members Visit Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

“It is a great privilege to come here again for the first time as a member of the Knesset,” said Likud MK Dan Illouz.

Beyadenu Wants 5,000 Jews on Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day – as Police/IDF Seek...

The authorities suggest Nisani “will commit acts of provocation which can endanger the security of the Temple Mount and the Old City.”

Jews Arrested on Temple Mount for Unfurling Israeli Flag, Prostrating, Saying Shema Israel

“I call on the Israeli police to not interfere by provoking ascenders to the Temple Mount."

Washington Post ‘Confuses Facts’ Equating Reality of Jewish Temples, Muhammad Ascension

“There is zero debate that two temples stood in that place in scholarly literature,” said New York University professor Lawrence Schiffman. “Mohammed’s ascent ‘happens’ from there only because it is the Temple site.”

Hamas Banner Hangs Unimpeded on Temple Mount’s Dome of the Rock Mosque, Removed After...

“How did we get to a situation in which a Hamas incitement poster is displayed on the Mount uninterrupted on Holocaust Remembrance Day?”

Israeli Police Thwart Jerusalem Terrorist Attack During Passover

The suspect, a cook, planned a stabbing using a knife from his place of work, investigators say.

Israel Closes Temple Mount to Jews Until End of Ramadan

The 10-day closure to Jews, which follows a years-long Israeli policy, came after multiple security assessments on the matter.

Israel Police to Block Jewish Ascents to Temple Mount During Final 10 Days of...

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir strongly opposed the ban, contending that it is a surrender to terrorism, and may even endanger worshipers at the Western Wall.

Netanyahu’s Statement on the Overnight Temple Mount Riot

Islamic extremists refused to allow Muslim worshippers to enter the Mosque, and even threatened the holding of afternoon prayers on Wednesday.

Arabs Riot Overnight in Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount

After 13 relatively calm days during Ramadan, except for a shooting incident on Saturday, Islamic officials in the West Bank (Juda & Samaria) and...

Western Wall Rabbi Blocks Paschal Sacrifice on Temple Mount

The obligation to bring the Korban Pesach is still in place today.

Terrorist Killed at Temple Mount on Friday Night

The terrorist stole a policeman's gun and fired at the police.

Jews Looking for Arabs to Hide their Lambs for Temple Mount Paschal Sacrifice

If you’re Arab and read the Jewish Press, and happen to live in close proximity to the Temple Mount – this could be a nice payday for you.


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