Temple Mount to be Closed to Jews on Jerusalem Day?

Israel Police said there will “soon be a final decision” on the matter.

Temple Mount Restricts Visiting Hours for Jews Beginning Next Week

Visiting hours for Jews at the Temple Mount are to be held from 7:30 am to 11:00 am.

Come and Sift It – Temple Mount Sifting Project Resuming Activity This Summer

The project enables volunteers to take an active role in the salvage of artifacts buried in the soil.

Court Orders Waqf Man to Pay $2,205.56 to Jewish Visitor He Kicked on Temple...

"The Waqf has no authority over Jews who go up to the mountain, and the Waqf guards who choose to act against Jews improperly must be removed from the mountain."

Jordanian Lawmakers Call for Expelling Israeli Ambassador over Temple Mount Dispute

Along with Egypt, Jordan is the only Arab nation to have a peace accord with Israel.

Court Orders Temporary Closure of Golden Gate on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The most violent and serious attack took place last Thursday when a terrorist set the Israel Police station afire by throwing a firebomb at a police officer.

Islamic Waqf, Palestinian Authority Responsible for Attack on Police at Temple Mount, Says Erdan

“We will do whatever is required to maintain our sovereignty on the Temple Mount, and not that of terrorist organizations who operated there."

Temple Mount to Reopen Wednesday Morning Following Completion of Search for Weapons

Two Arab youths were arrested and linked to Tuesday’s firebombing attack on the Israel Police station in the central part of the Temple Mount compound.

Palestinian Authority: ‘Israel Police Started Fire Themselves to Force Closing of Prayer Area’

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas's office says he has been in touch with “relevant parties, including Jordan” to “pressure the occupation’s government to halt this dangerous escalation.”

Search of Temple Mount Reveals Flammables Ready for Use

This is not the first time terrorist weapons have been stockpiled in the mosque for use on the Temple Mount against police and Jews visiting the holy site.

Riots Again on Temple Mount, Israel Police Attacked by Muslim ‘Worshiper’

An Arab attacker hurled a flaming firebomb (Molotov cocktail) at a police station in the compound, injuring one police officer and damaging the police station.

Islamic Waqf Issues Directive to Faithful: No One Enters Temple Mount for Prayers This...

The announcement came after restraining orders were delivered by Jerusalem Police to senior Waqf officials, distancing them from the Temple Mount.

Israeli Activists Call for Establishment of Synagogue on Temple Mount

Jewish activists met on Sunday evening to discuss the Muslim Waqf’s recent illegal takeover of the Temple Munt's Sha’ar HaRachamim (Golden Gate) compound and the required Israeli response.

Netanyahu: ‘Won’t be Another Mosque on the Temple Mount’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders removal of recently installed equipment from the “Gate of Mercy” site on the Temple Mount • Arab officials: Israeli government efforts “to Judaize Jerusalem and erode the status quo at Al-Aqsa will be met with strong resistance.”

Israeli Police Arrest PA Officials Over Latest Temple Mount Violations

Islamist broke into the Gate of Mercy section and are turning it into yet another mosque.

Otzma Yehudit Platform Radical on Jewish Values, Hazy on Practical Implementation

I'd like to see a better reasoned and less combative platform – with no need to change or moderate the party's beliefs.

Jerusalem Rabbis Issue Appeal to Public: Avoid the Temple Mount

“There is no permission for foreigners or for Jews to enter there, even if we cannot at present prevent foreigners' entry."

Islamic Waqf Officials Arrested After Weekend Violence at Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Both men were involved in leading the mob of Arabs who this weekend broke down the locked Gate of Mercy, or Golden Gate.

Islamists Breach Temple Mount’s Gate of Mercy Compound

The Islamists screamed Allahu Ahkbar and that with spirit and blood they will redeem Al-Aqsa.

Day 2 of Temple Mount Violence in Jerusalem

Earlier this week, Jerusalem Police chained the gate to the compound following an incident in which worshipers led by Islamic Waqf officials broke through the gate and held prayers at the site.

Jordan Adds PA, PLO Members to Islamic Waqf, Fuel to Fire on Temple Mount

The small compound under discussion is located on the eastern part of the Temple Mount, and is called the Bab a-Rahema.

Palestinian Authority Vows to Defend ‘Precious and Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque’

The incident was used by the Palestinian Authority and Jordan to launch a new campaign of feigned outrage over false claims that Israel is planning to turn the area adjacent to the gate into a prayer site for Jews.

Arab Rioters Arrested on Temple Mount

The arrests took place after a crowd of of Muslim worshipers tried to force their way into the Golden Gate area.

Western Wall Rabbi’s Open Letter to Amnesty International: Without Truth, There Can Be No...

"I call upon you to immediately renounce this superfluous and harmful report, and join me and many others like me, Jews, Muslims, and Christians, who live side by side, respecting each other’s heritage..."

Islamists Barricade Dome of the Rock, Blocking Israeli Police from Entry

Israeli police were blocked from entry by Islamist Waqf personnel at the shrine.


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