Watch: Waqf Truck Unloads Garbage inside the Temple mount

Needless to say, pouring heaps of garbage openly, in broad daylight, is the least of the damage and desecration caused by this inherently antisemitic group.

Thousands of Jews Ascend Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

Hamas previously threatened to attack if Jews went up on Tisha B'Av.

Hamas Warns Jews not to Ascend to Temple Mount on 9 B’Av, Calls on...

The Muslims understand full well the value of the Temple Mount.

New Record Set in Jewish Visits to Temple Mount

The Temple Mount Administration reported that 40,259 Jews went up to pray on the Temple Mount since the beginning of the Jewish year of 5782 in September.

Ben Shapiro Ascends Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Ben Shapiro has visited the Temple Mount during past visits. "You can't come to Israel and not visit the Temple Mount," he said.

Attempted Terror Attack in Old City of Jerusalem, No Injuries

The suspect attempted to stab one of the police officers stationed at the site.

Muslim Rioter Arrested for Urinating on Roof of Al Aqsa Mosque

He will face charges of throwing stones at police on the Temple Mount and desecrating the sanctity of the mosque.

Not Again: Police Harass Jews on Temple Mount (Watch)

Police officers decided to expel the group through the Iron Gate, in the middle of their visit.

Watch: Temple Mount Liberation in 2 Minutes

At 10:00 AM, Mota Gur announced on the radio network the famous sentence: "The Temple Mount is in our hands."

Liberation Day: Temple Mount Closed to Jews 20 Minutes Early as Israeli Flags Were...

A senior Islamic Jihad official issued a statement saying: "Follow the events in Jerusalem – surprises are expected in the coming hours."

MK Ben Gvir, Not PM Bennett, Ascends Temple Mount on Jerusalem Liberation Day

Late Prime Minister and former commander of the Lehi underground Yitzhak Shamir’s favorite saying was, “The dogs bark, and the caravan moves on.”

Israel Rejects US Request to Change Flag March Route

The route of the march does not approach the Al Aqsa Mosque or the Temple Mount Compound, where it is located, and never has.

Israel Police Appeal Court Decision on Temple Mount

Police claim the lower court erred in “drawing conclusions about government policy regarding the rules of conduct on the Temple Mount based on an online news report.”

Honenu Challenges Court President to Defend Judge Sahrai (Shema Ruling)

"...your silence in the face of the current defiance may be interpreted as a biased policy, not to mention hypocrisy."

Police Ignore Court Ruling, Detain Jew Who Bowed on Temple Mount

One wonders what else Israel could liberate in the face of the next Arab rage.

Israeli Government Refutes Court Ruling on Temple Mount Prayer

The government said the ruling doesn't change the status quo, and the state would be filing an appeal in the case.

Jerusalem Court Rules Jews Can Recite ‘Shema Yisrael’ and Bow on Temple Mount

Justice Tzion Sharai: "It is not possible to say that bowing and reciting Shema constitutes a reasonable suspicion of conduct that might lead to a breach of peace."

New Record Set in Jewish Visits to Temple Mount

A historic record was set on the Temple Mount on Thursday with 29,215 Jewish to the Temple Mount since the beginning of the year.

Jordan to MK Abbas: New Control Agreement for Temple Mount Must Be Condition for...

Jordan is interested in the continued survival of the Bennett-Lapid government, with the understanding that a new status quo agreement regarding Jordan’s augmented control of the Temple Mount can be extracted from it.

White House Supports Jordan’s Position on the Temple Mount

President Biden stressed America’s support for a two-state solution to the current conflict.

Temple Mount Rioter Succumbs to Injuries

Police said the rioter fell and hit his head while hurling rocks, resulting in a serious head injury.

Knesset: 781 Muslims Arrested for Riots on Temple Mount During Ramadan

The Knesset Public Security Committee convened Monday to discuss the measures taken by the police to contend with Muslim disturbances at the Temple Mount...

PM Bennett Denies Reports Israel Agreed to Waqf Demands on Temple Mount

Six Hamas-backed Waqf guards were removed from the Temple Mount, and 12 new Waqf positions were manned, “all within the existing standards, without any increase,” the Prime Minister’s Office stated.

Report: Israel Caves to Jordan’s Demands to Increase Waqf Authority on Temple Mount

Islamic Ra’am party chairman Mansour Abbas conditioned his support for the government upon acceptance of Jordan’s demands over the Temple Mount.

Bennett: Israel Rejects Foreign (Jordanian) Interference on Temple Mount

“All decisions regarding the Temple Mount and Jerusalem will be made by the Government of Israel, which is the sovereign of the city."

Jews Return to the Mountain, Muslim Violence Begins

For the first time in nearly two weeks, Jews have been allowed to go up to the Temple Mount on Yom Haatzmaut, Israel's Independence Day.


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