Christian Dutch Woman Whose Parents Saved Jews Ascends the Temple Mount

She remembers how during WW2 her parents hid 22 Jews (as well as a few non-Jews).

‘Jihad Tourism’ on the Rise at Temple Mount

Marriage contracts will now be processed at the Al Aqsa Mosque rather than in a Sharia Court office in eastern Jerusalem.

Ra’am’s Mansour Abbas Warns Jewish Prayer at Temple Mount Will ‘Lead to War’

On Monday, prior to the election that he won decisively a day later, Netanyahu said he would “maintain the status quo.”

Veering Further Left, Lapid Bans Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

“The status quo will not be broken,” he concluded resolutely.

Court Rules Against Jerusalem Police, Harassed Beyadenu Activist Gets $562.30 Compensation

"The court has once again ruled that banning Jewish ascenders from the Temple Mount is illegal."

Fourth Beyadenu Guide Arrested on Temple Mount by Israel Police

The guide's arrest followed the detentions of Avi Kugel, Eliassaf Ofan, and Ariel Guggenheim. All were arrested and banned from the site for various periods by police.

Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount on Rosh Hashana; Arabs Riot in Eastern...

Muslims attacked policemen on the Temple Mount with fireworks and also barricaded themselves inside the mosque.

WATCH: Ignoring Court Ruling, Police Again Arrest Shofar Blowers Outside Temple Mount

Among those arrested for blowing a shofar was Robert Weinger. Weinger is considered the best shofar blower in the world.

Court Rules It’s Okay to Blow Shofar Outside Temple Mount Walls

Justice Amir Shaked ruled that "the suspicion is of the lowest degree, as apparent from the investigation materials and videos presented to me, and as I was impressed by the defendants."

Temple Mount in Our Hands? Maybe Not.

Israeli authorities detained three Jewish men for questioning on suspicion of blowing a shofar outside the walls of the Temple Mount, creating a "provocation."

50,000 Jewish Visits: Record Numbers Visit Temple Mount in 5782

Despite the restrictions, harassment, the limited five hours a day and only-on-weekdays limitation, despite it all – a record was broken this year in Jewish visit!

Terror Groups Planning Violence for the Jewish Holidays, According to Israeli Intelligence

Jewish and Muslim activists have been told by Israeli authorities to stay away from the Temple Mount during the holiday period—report.

Jewish Guides & Activists Arrested, Ejected from Temple Mount by Israeli Police

"The Israeli government and the Israeli police have declared war on the Temple Mount ascenders," said Beyadenu CEO Tom Nisani.

Jews Enter Temple Mount Through Gate of the Tribes

This is the gate that IDF Paratroopers entered to liberate the Temple Mount in 1967.

Jordanian Waqf Continues Desecration of Temple Mount

“The sight of waste disposal in the holiest place in the world is a devastating and absurd sight. A shame on the Jewish people.”

Watch: Waqf Truck Unloads Garbage inside the Temple mount

Needless to say, pouring heaps of garbage openly, in broad daylight, is the least of the damage and desecration caused by this inherently antisemitic group.

Thousands of Jews Ascend Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

Hamas previously threatened to attack if Jews went up on Tisha B'Av.

Hamas Warns Jews not to Ascend to Temple Mount on 9 B’Av, Calls on...

The Muslims understand full well the value of the Temple Mount.

New Record Set in Jewish Visits to Temple Mount

The Temple Mount Administration reported that 40,259 Jews went up to pray on the Temple Mount since the beginning of the Jewish year of 5782 in September.

Ben Shapiro Ascends Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Ben Shapiro has visited the Temple Mount during past visits. "You can't come to Israel and not visit the Temple Mount," he said.

Attempted Terror Attack in Old City of Jerusalem, No Injuries

The suspect attempted to stab one of the police officers stationed at the site.

Muslim Rioter Arrested for Urinating on Roof of Al Aqsa Mosque

He will face charges of throwing stones at police on the Temple Mount and desecrating the sanctity of the mosque.


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