The Kaspersky Lab has revealed that the first quarter of 2013 almost a million network attacks were detected in Israel. In fact, every third Israeli computer is under malware attacks at any given moment.

Kaspersky Lab and its representative in Israel Power Communications presented this data on Wednesday, in Tel Aviv.


Last year, six million accounts were stolen from LinkedIn, more than 8 million Gmail accounts, as well as Dropbox and Twitter accounts.

In a recent survey conducted by the Kaspersky Lab, it turns out that the dissemination of MALWARE malicious software has grown from one virus every minute in 2006, to one every second in 2012, and 2 new viruses appearing every 2 days. Each day, about 35 thousand malicious programs are detected, and more than 90% of the world organizations have suffered in the last year at least one external damage to their IT system.


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