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October 24, 2014 / 30 Tishri, 5775
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

Kidnapped Boys’ Yeshiva Rabbi: Turn to Father in Heaven and Plead

Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael Steinsaltz, Rosh Yeshiva of Mekor Chaim, where the three missing boys are students.

Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael Steinsaltz, Rosh Yeshiva of Mekor Chaim, where the three missing boys are students.
Photo Credit: YouTube

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the Rosh Yeshiva of Mekor Chaim, the school attended by the three 16 year-olds who have been abducted, spoke of the pain endured by the families, friends and teachers of the boys.

The rabbi expressed gratitude to the Israel Defense Forces, but said, quoting Ecclesiastes 10:18, that all civilians are left with “idle hands.” As a result, the rabbi urged everyone to “turn to our Father in Heaven and plead.”

In times of great despair, Jews must “add more holiness and learn more Torah.”

“This has been the Jewish way from time immemorial,” Rabbi Steinsaltz explained.

The rabbi suggested:

If we can, each of us should take upon ourselves [to learn] something additional, no matter how small, especially and explicitly devoted for the sake and well-being of the missing boys.

Psalms 142 and 143 are especially relevant to the current crisis, the rabbi explained.  And everyone should also pray for the safety of those working towards the rescue of the three boys.

The message of Rabbi Steinsaltz concluded with:

May it be God’s will that in their merit, and for the merit of their suffering, together with our prayers and good deeds, we shall soon see our boys returned to us, God willing, safe and sound.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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32 Responses to “Kidnapped Boys’ Yeshiva Rabbi: Turn to Father in Heaven and Plead”

  1. “In times of great despair, Jews must “add more holiness and learn more Torah.”
    Great advice for ALL!!

  2. …yeah and the long, outstretched hand of Israel’s security organizations shall make dreadful signs by pushing their triggers.

  3. Rachmiel Ben Ariel says:

    "May it be God’s will that in their merit, and for the merit of their suffering, together with our prayers and good deeds, we shall soon see our boys returned to us, God willing, safe and sound." A prayer from the man who opened up the world of serious Talmud study to Jews everywhere–may R. Steinsaltz's request be fulfilled quickly.

  4. and a powerful israeli military.

  5. Prayer and the IDF go hand in hand

  6. Haley Chace says:

    Yes Learning to add what others know to what we know expands knowledge.

  7. Haley Chace says:

    Read to me your 143 and 148.

  8. Haley Chace says:

    Then 142 and I43 as spoken

  9. Karin Moore says:

    Praying for their safe return!

  10. It and a woman reporter when I need to talk serious? Mine Gott what is this woild coming to?

  11. Edinson Mota says:


  12. אלי זולקוס says:


  13. Haley Chace says:

    If you wish to be serious read to me 142 and148… Then 142?and 143?

  14. No turn to the IDF

  15. Yeshiva fellows should join IDF as every other Israeli fellow do. Then pray in spare time… They expect protection from IDF but dodge drafting….

  16. Elyse Dorm says:

    pls dont take verses out of context.

  17. Aldo Mimoun says:

    May the Israeli Army find those kids alive and well. I don't think that God is involved in this matter, for if he was , there wouldn't be any kidnapping

  18. Personally, I’m getting sick & tired of evangelicals shoving their Christianity in the face of this kidnapping. Their condescending hypocrisy does nothing to help the situation. It appears they don’t really care because it’s not really on their agenda…go figure.

  19. Praying that they would be returned safely.

  20. Joyce Myers says:

    do you take your own advice???????????


  22. Whats the problem? A lot people is interesting about Israel and this boys.

  23. So tell people who are praying for the children to be safely returned they should stop praying ??? Tell us how you really feel Sherman Levine .Shalom

  24. He is gealty too/ you don’t allow people get on stranger cars in the night

  25. only in times of great despair? When is Israel going to understand that in all circumstances they should turn to their Father in Heaven, and open their eyes for reality. European, American jews: go on Alijah and strengthen your REAL homeland. Open your eyes for like the Bible prophesied: the world is turning against you, and only the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is going to save you!

  26. May God Bless and Keep Them, Amen.


  28. Judith Dowla says:

    Also, the LORD is here to help!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Your atheism is ludicrous. Hashem controls everything, whether we can see that it's for good, or not.

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