Over the weekend, Yesh Atid Minsiter Yair Lapid said, he won’t invest in settlements, because he is worried they they may be evacuated in a future arrangement.

Lapid did not say if we will then be cancelling or reducing taxes, in exchange, for those Israeli citizens who live in settlements not receiving their full government benefits.



  1. Supposing that we don't evacuate the towns & cities(settlements is not the proper term)…We have about 350,000 Jews living in these towns & cities and their birth rates are higher than the Arabs,and we need those areas- it was empty land,uninhabited.By the way that's the definition of settlement..uninhabited land..when we conquered it from the Arabs who attacked us. Our families keep growing and by being there,we protect the rest of the country.Are we allowed to worry about our citizens?

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