So Long, Ambassador David Friedman, and Thanks for All the Fish*

"...over the years I have met many ambassadors from many countries, including from the US, our great ally, but I can say that there was never a better ambassador than David Friedman..."

After 16 Years Abbas Declares Elections Risking Hamas Takeover

The only major power on the planet Abbas can rely on to resuscitate the old and tired concept of a Palestinian State is… the Democratic party.

Netanyahu Announces 800 Housing Units Including Town Where Jewish Jogger Was Murdered by Arab

Netanyahu also ordered the construction of more than 200 units in Rehalim and in Nofei Nehemia, pursuant to providing a regular status for the community.

First Delivery of Samaria Goods Shipped to UAE in Wake of Abraham Accords

“This is a historic day for Samaria and the entire State of Israel,” says Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan.

Cop Arrested following Interrogation in Killing of Ahuvya Sandak

"We hope the arrest of the policeman is not mere lip service to a public that demands answers, but the beginning of a real change of attitude in the DIP."

Bennett, Smotrich Preparing to Split as Latest Poll Predicts Only One Survivor

With a little bit of luck, Bennett and Sa'ar could go a long way together.

Thousands in Fierce Rally Against Whitewashing Ahuvia Sandak’s Killing, 25 Arrested, 15 Cops Injured

Ben-Gvir warned that a DIP to let the offending cops go without criminal indictments "would increase the rift and polarization in Israeli society."

Israel Announces Initiative to Combat Illegal Takeover of State Land in Judea and Samaria

"In cooperation with Prime Minister Netanyahu, we are mobilizing in full force to the battle against the hostile takeover of Area C," Hanegbi said.

Police Victim Ahuvia Sandak’s Fiancée Humiliated by Cops

"The police are starting to discredit the late Ahuvia and everyone around him including his fiancée, family, and friends."

Protesters Whitewash Police Victim Ahuvia Sandak’s Image Demanding External Investigation

"A boy is killed by police and the police are just busy whitewashing and hiding this."

Bennett – Smotrich Talks Hit Dead End As Yamina Continues to Sink

At this point, it appears that the two leaders are on the verge of a breakup.

Ambassador Friedman to Family of Terror Murder Victim: Stay and Grow

Benjamin Horgan raised with the ambassador the value of doubling the size of Tal Menashe in response to the murder.

PSR Survey: Two-Thirds of PA Arabs Demand Chairman Abbas’s Resignation

A majority of respondents expressed optimism about President-elect Joe Biden's election and support a dialogue with the new administration.

Police Brutality Against Thousands Protesting Officers’ Killing of Hilltop Youth, 26 Arrested

MK Smotrich demanded the closing down of the "morally corrupt" Judea and Samaria police station which "treats the Jewish youth in Judea and Samaria like terrorists."

Regavim Asking High Court to Repeal Racist Jordanian Law in Judea and Samaria

To this day, individual Jews are not permitted to purchase land in Judea and Samaria.

It’s Official: Products from Judea and Samaria Sold in US Now Labeled ‘Made in...

"Parties that import these goods into the United States are responsible for ensuring compliance with the marking requirements."

Rightwing Ministers Defeat Labor’s Plan to Regulate Illegal Bedouin Outposts

"Netanyahu continues his fire sale of Zionism and right-wing values."

Israel’s ‘Young Settlement’ Regulation Bill Advances in Knesset

"We will have to pass this law in three readings as early as next week."

Today: Lighting Sovereignty over the Jordan Valley

“It is still possible to correct the mistake made by the Israeli government when it did not keep its promise to apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley."

District Courts Rule in Favor of Jewish Owners of 3 Homes in Eastern Jerusalem,...

About two years ago, the Supreme Court rejected a petition that attacked the state's conduct in the Silwan cases.

US: All Settlement Products to be Labeled ‘Made in Israel’

The decision on labeling is part of the US's "reality-based foreign policy approach" under President Trump.

Pompeo Becomes First US Secretary of State to Visit Judea and Samaria

Pompeo visited the Psagot Winery in the Shaar Binyamin Commercial Center and the Qasr al-Yahud baptism site in the Jordan River Valley.

Abbas Returning to Good Boy Tactics in Anticipation of Biden Presidency

This is what the Palestinian Authority can expect from the Biden-Harris administration.

‘Pompeo Wine’ to Be Served to Visiting Secretary of State in Binyamin Winery

"As a show of gratitude and appreciation, we at Psagot Winery produced a limited edition of wine named Pompeo."

15 Year After Disengagement, Israelis Return to Northern Samaria

100 Israelis has returned to the forcefully abandoned community of Sa-Nur on Monday night, stating they were there to stay.

EU Team Touring Givat HaMatos Chased Away by Pro-Israel Activists

"We came to tell the EU that Israel is not a colony – it is an independent country that does not take orders from them."

Report: Pompeo to Make Unprecedented Trip to Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria

It will be part of a 10-day visit by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Europe and the Mideast, starting with France, Turkey and Georgia.

Palestinian Authority Dismayed as Israeli Settlers Visit UAE for Economic Talks

The Israeli delegation is being led by Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan • Abbas adviser Nabil Shaath says the visit is “painful to witness.”

New Housing Permits in Hebron Expected to Bolster Jewish Presence in City

Local Jewish leaders commend the move to permit the first new housing since 2002, which they hope will attract young couples to the city, while an anti-settlement NGO argues that permits are illegal. A court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 31.


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