Israeli Lawmakers Launch Gaza Resettlement Caucus

"Only when Jewish children are playing in the Strip will the Nukhba terrorists realize that they have lost," said MK Zvi Sukkot.

Efrat Residents Organize Protest After City Approves Entry of Palestinian Authority Workers

The council's security department pledged to closely monitor all phases of entry and exit from Efrat and conduct inspections throughout the day.

Shots Fired at Efrat

No injuries or damage were reported.

Gallant Set All Time Record for Administrative Detention of Jews

Menachem Begin who founded Gallant's Likud Party attacked the use of administrative detention, comparing it to Nazism.

On Eve of his Retirement, General Fox Continues Aggressive Demolition Campaign Against Jews

“The destruction this morning is a disgrace to Smotrich and the right-wing government."

Israel Cancels Disengagement Law for Northern Samaria

"The State of Israel today corrected in a state and official manner the injustice and folly of the expulsion from northern Samaria."

AOC Backs Ugandan NY Assemblyman’s Anti-Jewish Settlements Bill

The American left has proven once again that it may be walking among us, earthlings, but their consciousness is living on a different planet with its own reality.

Finally! IDF Demolishes Illegal 6-Story Arab Building near Efrat

Monday's demolition indicate a change in trend that was established by the adjunct minister in the defense ministry, Bezalel Smotrich.

Smotrich Slams ‘NYT’ Settlement Hit Piece as ‘Blood Libel’

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said he is proud to fight for control of open areas in Judea and Samaria.

Smotrich Excited as Trump No Longer Supports 2-State for Now

History and vengeance are so fungible when you’re Donald J. trump.

Axe Wielding Terror Attack Foiled at Machoch Farm

They were caught between the houses of the residents by members of the local civil defense squad.

‘Civil Administration Will Continue to Develop Judea and Samaria’

Brig. Gen. Hisham Ibrahim, the administration's new head, said the Jewish state is "fighting one of the most just wars in its history."

Israel to Recognize 68 ‘Young Communities’ in Judea and Samaria

The move is part of the coalition agreements made with Bezalel Smotrich's party.

Biden Admin Sanctions More Jewish Citizens and Charities in Israel

The moves are the latest actions against Israelis that the Biden administration accused of “undermining peace, security and stability in the West Bank.”

Gallant Orders Demolition of Murdered 14-Year-Old’s Community during his Shiva

“It's time for the Prime Minister to consider replacing Minister Gallant,” Ben Gvir concluded.

Judea and Samaria Face New Reality of Aerial Terrorism

Air raid sirens wailed in communities from northern Samaria all the way down to the South Hebron Hills, along with many places in between.

2 Wounded in Terror Attack on Bus and Cars near Karnei Shomron

Two Israelis were injured Sunday morning in a shooting attack on a bus and two vehicles near Karnei Shomron, east of Kfar Saba.

Israel to Establish 234 Housing Units in Kiryat Arba, Hebron

“Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts on the important data, but we should remember that this is only a first step."

Four Israeli Towns Receive Permanent Yishuv Symbol

A Yishuv symbol is the final stamp on a new community in Israel that is accepted by the Ministry of the Interior. The symbol is approved as part of the settlement process.

IDF Places Yitzhar under Curfew after Residents Protested Exposure to Arab Violence

Local Jewish residents pointed out that General Fox was more interested in the Arabs’ freedom of movement than in preserving Jewish lives.

Smotrich: Israel will Fight Until All Sanctions Against ‘Settlers’ Lifted

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich denounced "unprecedented sanctions on Israeli citizens whose entire sin is that they settle in Judea and Samaria."

Biden Cries Uncle as Smotrich Wins War against Sanctions on Settlers

Smotrich stated that “these measures are completely unacceptable,” and vowed, “We will fight to cancel them.” He did and they got canceled.

Otzma MK Tzvika Foghel: Northern Gaza Should be Settled by Jews

Hamas "will pay the price of October 7 in one way only – they will not have land there."

US Sanctions Israeli ‘Settlers,’ But Won’t Reveal its Sources

The United States has blacklisted a total of seven Israelis pursuant to President Joe Biden’s Feb. 1 Executive Order, but will not reveal how it determined that they are "undermining peace, security and stability" in Judea and Samaria.

Shin Bet Agents Try and Fail to Intimidate Yeshiva Dean in Samaria

In 2014, a Border Guard company seized the compound of Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar for about a year.

Smotrich to Take Control Over ‘Illegal’ Construction Away from Central Command

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich wants to appoint his man to the post of Deputy Head of the Civil Administration, with powers over the enforcement...

EU Close to Sanctioning Jewish Judea and Samaria Residents (and Hamas)

“It seems that today all will agree on putting sanctions on both Hamas and the violent settlers who are harassing Palestinians,” Joseph Borrell said.

Settler Women Arm Up

"My husband was conscripted and I needed a tool to save my children," said Esther Sultan from Beit El.

Six Israeli Resettlement Activists Arrested at Gaza Border Released

The six were part of a group that set up camp at the Erez Crossing in a call for a Jewish return to the Gaza Strip


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