Ben Gvir Time: Israel Erases Illegal Bedouin Village near Beer Sheva

WAFA noted that on November 14 Israeli authorities razed the village for the 209th time.

Sovereignty Today: Smotrich Takes Over the IDF Civil Administration

It's a huge win for our side, more important than Itamar Ben Gvir taking over the ministry of national security.

Shin Bet Jewish Section Sacks Shiloh Security Coordinator, ‘Collaborated with Hilltop Youth’ (Updated)

We hope Internal Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir will take steps to eliminate the Jewish Section.

UTJ Chairman Goldknopf: Expanding Jewish Settlements the Only Response to Arab Terrorism

While Shas leader Aryeh Deri is eager to do Bibi’s biddings, UTJ is no one’s errand boys.

If the Establishment Attacks Smotrich So Furiously, He Must Be Doing Something Right

Keep doing what you’re doing, Bezalel and Itamar – we are proud to be your voters.

Hebron Female Soldier’s Father: My Daughter’s Attacker Not from Here

"These are people who come to cause riots. People come here without sleeping bags and with a bottle of vodka."

IDF, Center-Left Pols Orchestrate Massive Attack on Settlers Distorting Hebron Events

Nowhere did the IDF report that it was soldiers, and not “settlers” who attacked the Arab merchants in Hebron.

10,000-Strong Jewish Community Starts Building in the Negev after 2 Decades of Bedouin Lawsuits

The state representative refused to respond to the offer because it’s impolite to call a Supreme Court Justice an idiot.

US Ambassador on War Path Against Israel’s Majority Right: ‘We’ll Fight Any Annexation Attempt’

The White House will decide in due time whether the votes of some half a million Israelis are acceptable to them.

Vindictive: Gantz Imposes Administrative Detention on Samaria Jew Moments After his Court Release

Very par for the course of the Lapid-Bennett-Gantz government that doesn’t place a particularly high value on democracy.

Regavim Calls on Next Defense Minister to Repeal Law Forbidding Land Sale to Jews

Unlike Justice Potter Stewart, in Israel’s Supreme Court they don’t know an obscenity even when they see it.

US Ambassador Friedman Visits Gush Etzion’s Arugot Farms

Friedman told his hosts: “I give you much respect that you are beautifully building the Land of Israel. Keep up this important project. I’m sorry I didn’t visit this place sooner.”

Hundreds of Israeli Local Community Security Chiefs on Strike

Ravshatz is more than a full-time position and it certainly is not a 9-to-5 kind of job.

Shuafat Terrorist Killed in Maale Adumim Terror Attack, Guard Wounded

A security guard has been shot and wounded in a terror attack near the entrance to Maaleh Adumim, located outside of Jerusalem, towards the Dead Sea.

Shin Bet Urging National Religious Rabbis to Quell Jewish Response to Arab Violence

Rabbi Drukman sent out an appeal to yeshiva rabbis asking them to act to prevent independent punitive actions in villages adjacent to Jewish settlements.

Molotov Cocktail Starts Fire at Neve Tzuf – Council Leader Blames Government for the...

Arab rioters were seen on cameras Wednesday afternoon throwing a Molotov cocktail at the town of Neve Tzuf., in Volte-Face, Labels Non-Jews’ Listings as Well

All search results for accommodation in Judea and Samara include a "conflict-afflicted" advisory.

Arab Arsonists Damage Orchards in Gush Etzion

Footprints of five terrorists found at the scene of the attack led to the nearby Arab village of Safa.

IDF Policy Change: ‘Illegal Outpost’ to Receive Equal Protection

“The role of the IDF is to protect wherever the residents and citizens of the State of Israel are."

As Israel Starts 24/7 Passage at Jordan Border Crossing, US Objects to Jewish Communities

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides said, “We do not support settlement growth. I made that position quite clear to the government."

Terrorists Shoot Up Home in Har Bracha

And on Wednesday night, over 60 bullets were shot at the town.

Annual ‘Tefilat Hannah’ Prayer Event Held in Shiloh

Tefilat Hanna is a women’s event with only women participating, who held a group prayer session.

IDF Captures Terrorists Who Shot Up Efrat Home

Three M16 type weapons were also seized which were apparently used in the shooting attack.

2 Shooting Attacks in Samaria; No Injuries

Some 60 bullet casings were found near the Har Bracha shooting.

IDF Bans Soldiers from Praying at Homesh

The IDF has decided to build a separate synagogue for its soldiers for the upcoming High Holy Days to prevent them from praying with civilians at the site.

First Ever Elections for Hebron Jewish Community Leadership Being Held

2 candidates for the head of the administration and 3 lists for the plenum are competing in the elections.

Rabbi Lior Calls on Ben Gvir’s Detractors to Stay Out of Court

“How is it possible for men like you think that justice can come out through the legal system as it is seen today?”


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