Photo Credit: Gershon Elinson / Flash 90
Efrat's emergency rapid-response counter-terrorism unit.

The Israel Defense Forces began a major military drill on Sunday, led by the IDF General Staff, in order to enhance its ability to respond to emergencies.

On Tuesday, Marc h13, as part of the drill the Red Alert incoming rocket alert sirens will be activate – twice – nationwide, as part of the National Home Front Command Drill, “Solid Stand.”


The sirens will activate at 11:05 am, and again at 7:05 pm on Tuesday. In the case of an actual emergency, the siren will immediately be repeated a second time.

“The objective of the general staff exercise is to enhance the headquarters’ response to a variety of emergency and warfare scenarios and to improve the readiness and operational communication between the commands,” the IDF Spokesperson said in a tweet.

This exercise was scheduled well in advance, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stressed, and is not related to any current security situation. Nor is it related to the Juniper Cobra 2018 joint military exercise taking place, either.