Immigration police, backed up by Border Police, broke up an unauthorized protest by illegal African infiltrators in front of the office of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Tuesday and put them on buses that took them back to a new administrative detention facility near Be’er Sheva.

The infiltrators were demonstrating against last week’s law passed by the Knesset that allows holding them for one year without trial. The Supreme Court earlier this year struck down a Knesset law that provided for their detention for up to three years, but the judges said they might consider permitting a shorter time period.


If investigations determine that the infiltrators are not refugees and simply entered Israel to seek a better life, they can be deported.

Left-wing volunteers have been assisting the Africans to claim to win international sympathy based on the claim that they are refugees. Most of the infiltrators are from Sudan and Eritrea.



  1. In no way can Israel afford to take in any illegal immigrants or phony asylum seekers. The Israel haters will just find ways to condemn Israel no matter what! Especially, Israel must never allow any muslim immigration, ever!! Let the arab world absorb these Africans!

  2. Israel is an apartheid and murderous state which kills innocent people including babies, children and women!!! You're clearly showing your racist attitude, it doesn't surprise me because you are a Zionist Jew-sympathizer and a supporter of terrorist racist apartheid state IsraHell!!! Shame on you!

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