The Union for Reform Judaism has sold off half of its headquarters in New York and is investing $1 million from the proceeds to overhaul its youth programming.

The sale of one of the union’s two floors at its midtown Manhattan headquarters closed on Wednesday; Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the movement’s president, announced the sale in his speech Thursday at the Reform biennial in San Diego. He said $1 million from the sale would be used to supplement major foundation grants awarded to the union to reshape its youth engagement strategies.


Among the new initiatives Jacobs announced are the expansion of the Reform youth movement, NFTY, the National Federation of Temple Youth, to include sixth through eighth graders; a new partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation to help make Reform institutions more open to people with disabilities; and a deepening of the union’s ties with Hebrew Union College.



  1. Jacobs does not get it. Even if every youth went to NIFTY each week, Reform will evaporate anyway. Why? BECAUSE THE REFORM BIRTHRATE IS ONLY 1/8 THE NUMBERS NEEDED TO REPLACE THE CURRENT FUNDERS OF REFORM.
    Add in 58% intermarriage with a whopping divorce rate and Hebrew illiteracy, Reform is headed for a train wreck that a new dining car on the train can't help.

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