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April 19, 2014 / 19 Nisan, 5774
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Ron Paul Condemned over Speaking to Antisemitic Catholics

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Ron Paul, a former Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate, has been condemned for plans to speak at a conference hosted by the Fatima Center, a Catholic, antisemitic fringe group.

“For Ron Paul to associate himself with such a disreputable, hateful religious movement is simply beyond comprehension,” American Jewish Committee (AJC) Executive Director David Harris said in a statement.

According to AJC, the Fatima Center is a fringe Catholic group led by Father Nicholar Grunner, who was suspended by the Catholic Church in 1996. Grunner rejects Nostra Aetate, a Second Vatican Council ruling that disavowed anti-Semitism and ushered in a new era of positive Jewish-Catholic relations. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, has also accused Grunner of antisemitism.

Paul, who planned to deliver the keynote address at the Fatima Center gala dinner on Sept. 11, is known for his staunch libertarian and isolationist views, including reducing American military aid to Israel. Based on these views and other alleged remarks calling for Israel to be abolished, some have accused Paul of anti-Semitism. But Paul has flatly denied those allegations and says he is pro-Israel.

His son, Rand Paul, is currently a Republican U.S. senator from Kentucky.

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47 Responses to “Ron Paul Condemned over Speaking to Antisemitic Catholics”

  1. Please, stick to your religion and stay out of American politics.

  2. Sadowy Howdy says:

    Wish I could attend Ron Paul's speech at Fatima Centre Gala dinner at sept 11 because Dr, Ron Paul is a MENCH, war vet. with great political domestic and international experience.

  3. Bruce Wilson says:

    In one Fatima Center broadcast from 2011, Fatima Center leaders warned that climate change is really a hoax being perpetrated by a tiny conspiracy of the world's richest individuals who plan to kill 5-6 billion of the world's population, "by starvation or by guns or by gas chambers or by whatever" according to Fatima Center head Father Nicholas Gruner. In other writings and broadcasts, Fatima Center leaders portray feminists and environmentalists as being part of the alleged, vast conspiracy.

    In another 2011 broadcast, Father Nicholas Gruner and his close colleague Father Leonard Kramer outlined an alleged global Freemasonry plot, centered in Israel and headed by "apostate Jews" whom the two described as children of the Devil, to create a satanic New World Order, slaughter the majority of the world's population, and repopulate the Earth with a "master race". The two also claimed Jewish bankers helped fund the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.

    The Fatima Center has, in the past, published writing suggesting that Jews should be stripped of certain civil rights.

    Dr Paul has worked with Fatima Center leaders as early as 1998, when "the John Birch Society produced and marketed a film promoting the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, a bill sponsored in the U. S. Congress by Ron Paul calling for withdrawal from the United Nations". Father Nicholas Gruner appeared in the video, which portrayed a United Nations plot to enslave humanity.

    Also appearing in the video was Cornelia R. Ferreira, who appears often at Fatima Center conferences and in Center broadcasts, and who claims that environmentalism is part of a New Age, occult conspiracy to create a New World Order which would be "The kingdom of Satan on earth". Ferreira has also promoted the claim that Judaism is devil-worship.

    Meanwhile, the case that Ron Paul is a "libertarian" is dodgy.

    Many of his positions (he has denied Evolution, opposes legal abortion, and has stated that "there clearly is no right to privacy nor sodomy found anywhere in the Constitution") do not align well with the official political plank of the Libertarian Party. Paul also has called global warming a "hoax".

    Dr. Paul's positions line up more closely with the theocratic libertarianism espoused by leaders of the Christian Reconstructionism movement, and so it comes as no surprise that Paul has a decades-long history of collaborating with one of the leading Christian Reconstructionist theorists, such as Dr. Gary North – with whom Ron Paul has just launched a Christian fundamentalist homeschooling curriculum.

    Gary North is well known for his advocacy for instituting stoning, as a form of capital punishment, for (among other offenses) adultery, female un-chastity (sex before marriage), homosexuality, witchcraft, idolatry, and teenage rebelliousness.

    IN 1998, the Libertarian magazine Reason covered Gary North's controversial views, in an excellent essay by Libertarian author Walter Olsen titled "Invitation to a Stoning".

    Dr. Paul has also financially supported the political campaigns of one of the world's leading climate change denial activists, Arthur B. Robinson – who has recently been appointed chair of the Oregon Republican Party. Robinson himself is a personal friend to Dr. Gary North and sells his own Christian homeschooling curriculum, which has in the past been enthusiastically endorsed by Dr. North and Christian Reconstructionist leaders as well as by the leading Christian Reconstructionist think tank, the Chalcedon Institute. Ron Paul endorsed Art Robinson's two campaigns for U.S. Congress, in 2010 and 2012.

  4. Edward Lobel says:

    It is obvious that you do not know the meaning of the word MENCH. ron paul might be a lot of things but one thing he is NOT is a MENCH. ron paul's liberterianism is nothing more than if you cannot afford it too damned bad on you.

  5. Evan Rogers says:

    I'm an Atheist, and you Jewish writers just wrote to me!


    … Your attempted hit piece is pure idiocy. Shut up.
    (your audience doesn't matter. What you SAY matters. Did you know that FDR talked with Hitler?)

  6. Evan Rogers says:

    Edward Lobel So, you want free handouts?

    Remember: if government is giving you something, it took it away from someone else (After giving itself a cut of the money).

  7. jgray1 says:

    american politicians will say anything to anybody. there is nothing any longer besides personal ambition, self aggrendizment and slurping money from the trough. sure glad i am on my way out and not in.

  8. Les Le Gear says:

    Fascinating. When didi they talk, and was it in person or over the phone?

  9. James King says:

    Edward Lobel, you obviously haven't listened to Ron Paul much. We can't afford is one point. Morality is the most vital point. A just war is DEFENSIVE.

  10. James King says:

    Ron Paul is not an isolationist. Your wording proves you haven't listened to his viewpoints honestly. You should be proud of Israel who is able to defend itself WITHOUT American help; in fact, Ron Paul openly defends your right to defend yourself. American Military aid and foreign aid should be removed from ALL countries.

  11. but a lot of that is true Bruce.. who do you think the elite bankers are? yes they funded Hitler, it's been proven time and time again.. this stuff has been part of the bankers who invented the Fed's plan from the beginning.. if you don't think 4-5 elite banks who control the worlds currency are doing it for our sake do you? or do you know how to think?

  12. For information on the world movement see the Libertarian International Organization at http://www.libertarianinternational.org…Start reading!

    Paul is an avowed anti-Libertarian, his father is GOP with many anti-libertarian views. So get your facts straight and don't sound like an anti-Libertarian bigot, OK?

  13. Mark Shlemazl says:

    You, on the other hand, should continue sticking to the politics of Germany from 1930s.


  15. Yechiel Baum says:

    Fatima is Arabaic!
    NIcholas Grinner seems to be from the Nazi's Germans offsprings.
    this combination seems normal to the goyinm.

  16. Yeah, Ron Paul is anti-libertarian. Just like the Pope is anti-Catholic. What nonsense.

  17. Edward Lobel You want things you can't afford? You want other people to pay for things for you? So you're admittedly a parasite. Lovely.

    And you judge Ron Paul of not being a Mensch because he wants restrained constitutional government and not the massively in-debt mess we now have because of people like you? Do us a mitzvah and zip it.

  18. Erica Mathis says:

    Gee, jews crying antisemitism, what a shocker.. yawn…

  19. Erica Mathis says:

    Bruce Wilson

    Don't be so naive, Bruce. The Jews control banking. Why has every single FED chairman been a Jew? Why have 95% of all Board of governors chairs been Jewish? Why are the three people in contention to replace Benny, all Jews? Get with the program!

  20. Erica Mathis says:

    Edward Lobel

    You accused Howdy of not knowing what MENCE means, then you go on and rant about Ron Paul when you obviously know nothing about him.

  21. Erica Mathis says:

    Mark Shlemazl

    Ahh shut up.

  22. Repulsive is their "explanation":
    During the 20th century, the world was scourged by genocides as well as wars, just as the Virgin warned if Russia were not consecrated to Her:

    The historical consensus is that Hitler alone killed 11 million people in the territories
    occupied by the Nazi regime, including six million Jews and three million Polish Catholics.

    The historical consensus is that, between them, the Lenin and Stalin regimes killed upwards of 40 million Christians.

    Neither the Fatima Center, nor its head, Father Nicholas Gruner, seeks to deny the historical consensus concerning the death tolls of any of the genocides that occurred in the 20th century.


    Why does that stink? Because the USSR NEVER committed genocide, no matter how many people died as a result of dictatorship. Gulags were NOT death factories. This is precisely what Father Coughlin did shortly after Krystallnacht, except Father Coughlin only claims that 20,000,000 deaths were due to Jewish evil acts!

    To see Father Coughlin's wonderful analysis, shortly after Krystallnacht, watch this:


    Note the fiend says he is against Hitler. Later on, he actually said that his crowd was going to do more to Jews here than Hitler did to them in Germany.

  23. He sure the heck is. That's why the Church defrocked him, among other reasons (he also is a schismatic). The Fatima Center is no more Catholic than the M18 Mexican Drug gang is, although the membership of both entities predominantly comprises Catholics.

    Neither should it ever be said that Traditionalist Catholics, who just want the Mass said in Latin, are responsible. There is not one drop of guilt on the Roman Catholic Church or Traditionalist Catholics in general for this.

  24. Roxanne Roxanadanna actually the roman catholic church is just the Roman empire now under the guise of Christianity with the pope at the head instead of Ceasars, where everyone catholic pays homage to the pope and all moneys flow to Rome. No difference.

  25. Germany was so deeply in debt in the 1930 they owed 22 marks every second, and look at the U.S.A they are following not far behind, with them being trillions in debt. And didnt the Roman catholic church spawn Hitler, as he was a roman catholic.

  26. Evan Rogers says:

    Les Le Gear: Show me again where I said "talk"?

  27. Edward Lobel says:

    Evan Rogers It is obvious that you are an idiot! Nowhere did I say anything about handouts or for free! It is also obvious that you are dumb enough to be taken in by his lies. I pay lots of taxes and I expect services for my taxes. I want my streets cleaned, my garbage picked up, free public schools and a military to protect my country. If you ever listened to randall speak, he is against the military, only wants a small force to protect the homeland and over seas military bases, which he wants to do away with. He is against public funding of schools and wants to do away with social security and medicare. If you get sick and can't afford a doctor, that is your problem not his!

    You need to know what you are talking about before you open your mouth! It is a shame that everyone now knows how ignorant your are!

  28. Edward Lobel says:

    Kevin Kienzle You are an ignorant idiot. I earn enough money to buy and pay for the things I want and enough to pay lots of taxes so you cna continue with social security, medicae, a military to protect you, free public schools for your children and grandchildren to be educated in.

    randal paul is against everything I just mentioned. If you get sick and need medical attention and you cannot afford it, it your tough luck.

    You really need to know what you are talking about before you open your big fat stupid mouth and call people names. You need to know the facts.

    Randal doesn't want restrained government, he wants NO government! He is republican/tea party person who is responsible for the economy being as bad as it is. No matter what lies he tells you!

    You need to know what you are talking about before you open your mouth because now everybody knows just how ignorant you are!

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