Israel’s Rabbinic, Political Leaders Condemn Attacks on Christian Pilgrims

"An act of taunting nations using the name of religion and the name of heaven is a desecration of the name of heaven."

Pompeo Tops List of Israel’s Christian Allies

The Washington-based advocacy group Israel Allies Foundation releases the list annually.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls for an Action Plan Against Hate at Jerusalem Interfaith...

Adams met a group of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders representing a diverse range of communities that comprise Israel's vibrant social fabric.

Jews and Muslims Unite at Rally to Denounce Desecration of Sacred Texts

Attitudes in Europe, and in Sweden and Denmark in particular, have challenged basic respect for the religious beliefs of other and common decency in general.

Report: Sweden’s Muslim-Jewish Alliance Helped Prevent Planned Torah Burning Protest in Stockholm

Rabbi Moshe David HaCohen said he does not believe the Israeli government had anything to do with stopping the Egyptian writer from carrying out his threat to burn a Torah outside the embassy.

182,000 Christians Live in Israel and Doing Quite Well, Thank You Very Much

83.8% of Christian 12th-grade students were eligible for a matriculation certificate. The national average is at 48.3%.

Pope Meets Families of Israelis Held Captive by Hamas in Gaza

‘It is so difficult to comfort a mother’s tears,’ Francis tells the delegation at the Vatican.

‘Non-Jewish Nanny’ to Orthodox Children Becomes a Social Media Sensation

Adriana Fernandez can pronounce Pesach perfectly, and is well-versed in the rules of “shomer negiah” and “tznius.”

New Partnership Invites American Christian Tourists to Participate in Archaeological Digs in Israel

“Unearth the Land of the Bible” is a 10-day tour starting in April 2023, of archaeological digs at heritage and nature sites of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

Report (Updated): Jewish Convert to Christianity to Lead March of the Living

Evans is the son of a Jewish mother whose parents had emigrated from the Soviet Union, and an abusive, antisemitic alcoholic Christian father.

Participants at Interfaith Iftar Condemn Terrorist Attacks in Israel

The event brought together a diverse group of religious leaders, as well as politicians and civil rights activists, to break bread and show interfaith solidarity during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

On Ramadan Eve, Muslim and Jewish Leaders Launch Interfaith Initiative

“We will no longer silently tolerate incitement under the guise of political differences, or the celebration of hateful extremists as supposed civil rights heroes.

Israel-UAE-US Religious Coexistence Working Group to Advance Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue

The new forum is a direct outcome of the historic Abraham Accords and was announced last October at the first trilateral meeting of the Foreign Ministers of all three countries.

Jewish Students Walk Out on West Virginia Public High School Evangelical Event

A district spokesperson explained that the event was meant to be voluntary, but two teachers “made a mistake and took the entire class to the assembly.”

Presbyterian Leader’s Attack on Israel, American Jewish Community Shocks Fellow Worshippers

“[Dr. J. Herbert] Nelson’s remarks were so offensive and inflammatory that people who would normally just sit on the sidelines and throw up their hands, even they have been moved to say, ‘We can’t allow this,’ ” said Rev. Todd Stavrakos, a co-convener of Presbyterians for Middle East Peace.

Exclusive Interview with UAE Senior Rabbi

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal met with representatives of the UAE Jewish community on the first evening of their two-day visit to the Gulf State.

Top Presbyterian Reverend in MLK Day Sermon: Israel Enslaves ‘Palestinians’

U.S. Jewish organizations outraged at Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II’s “unacceptable,” “dangerous” remarks.

Christian Population in Israel Grew by 1.4% in 2020

The Christian population in Israel and one of a few in the Middle East that is flourishing and not shrinking.

Researcher: Close to 100,000 Mixed Marriages with One Jewish Spouse in Israel

The CBS data show that the phenomenon of Jewish women marrying Arab men is marginal.

Jazz Musicians Call for Cultural Collaboration Against Anti-Semitism and Racism

Wynton Marsalis said: “We are many, let us also be one, unified in our embrace of humanism, cultural excellence and democracy. Let us not be tribal.”

Russian-Tatar Albany Democrat Running for Congress Praises Chassidic Yeshivas

"What I saw in South Williamsburg is a community where people do trust one another."

Hillel Director Engaged to Ordained Christian Minister, If We Don’t Like It We Must...

By a show of hands, how many of our readers believe a Christmas tree belongs in a Hillel house?

Dramatic Drop in Young Evangelicals Support for Israel, Study Finds

The study did not discuss the reasons for the sharp decline in support for Israel.

Interfaith Abrahamic Family House in UAE to Open in 2022

The Abrahamic Family House, the project inspired by the Document on Human Fraternity and constructed on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi and will house a mosque, church, and synagogue, will open in 2020.

German Military to Get Chief Rabbi for First Time in 100 Years

Conference of European Rabbis president hails move for sending “a clear message of tolerance and pluralism.” Germany last had a chief military rabbi in World War I.

Israel to Deport 45 Dimona Black Hebrews

"Maybe they think that anyone who violates the laws of the State of Israel can raise their hand and say, 'Hello, I'm here, so give me citizenship.'"

Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Zoroastrian Leaders at National Interfaith Iftar Urge Fighting Hatred

The event also featured musical performances and a poetry recital, centered on the theme of interfaith relations.

Regavim: Jerusalem Municipality Concealed Illegal Secret Tunnel Dug by the Abbey of the Dormition

The abbey later erected a massive gate that prevents access to the area above ground between the abbey and Beit Yosef, even though it is zoned as a public use area.


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