Worldwide fears and violence over foreign workers have reached Saudi Arabia, where police in Riyadh killed two people, wounded another 68 and arrested more than 550 in an unprecedented crackdown on illegal migrants. Approximately 7 million foreign workers, more than 20 percent of the Saudi population, are in the country.

One of the casualties was a Saudi and the other was unidentified.


An official police statement said that “instigators” threw stones at Saudi residents and threatened others with knives. A video showed people, apparently Saudis, clubbing dark-skinned men.



  1. saudi security killed 15 ethiopians dozen raped including a boy thousands rounded up held in secret location womens childrens pregnant womens families with document they targeted ethiopians we protest worldwide saudi youths also participate see the video arab are liers saudi is a land of torture the west should speak oil shuldnt close our mouth we buy

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