Photo Credit: IDF
Flying with obscured vision is just one of the many skills that a recruit must master to become an IAF pilot.

The picture above and the following five are incredible shots of IDF helicopters used in a variety of missions. These warplanes are ready to act on a moment’s notice to defend the State of Israel.

This helicopter took off after a visit from Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz to the snowy region. Mt. Hermon borders Syria and plays a strategic role in guarding Israel’s northern border.
A helicopter is waiting for takeoff during an aerial evacuation drill for the IDF’s Desert Reconnaissance Battalion, which is entirely comprised of Bedouin soldiers who volunteer for service in the IDF.
IDF and Hellenic Air Force both in the role of ally and enemy. The exercise also gave the IAF the chance to practice rescue missions while dealing with mountainous terrain and rapidly-changing weather.
These five helicopters display the principles of cooperation and coordination.
The soldiers practiced storming an area, and operating under bio-chemical attack and protecting a helicopter that was to land in an open field.









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