An IDF soldier was arrested this week on suspicion he was involved in slashing the tires of an IDF vehicle and spray painting the words “price tag” and “death to the Pope” on an IDF vehicle. The soldier reportedly denied any involvement in the incidents.

According to Honenu, a non-profit legal aid organization, the soldier, who is a graduate of the David’s Tomb Yeshiva and wears a large knitted kiipa, was arrested last Monday and interrogated for two days. The organization said the soldier denied the accusations, but added that interrogators made him write “Death to the Pope” apparently in order to compare the handwriting to the graffiti on the IDF vehicle.


The soldier returned to his unit without charge.



  1. How the police target Jews who attends David's Tomb Yeshiva to defend the Pope's avoada zara and frame him with graffiti. IS it any wonder the police can't arrest Arab attackers of Jews? They're too busy with Jewish graffiti if it was even done by Jews.

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