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January 18, 2017 / 20 Tevet, 5777
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Someone is lying

State Dept Calls Palestinian Authority Official a Liar

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Jen Psaki, smiling while parroting the Obama administration's "ridiculous"reaction to the acquittal of Mubarak on charges of murder.

Jen Psaki, smiling while parroting the Obama administration's "ridiculous"reaction to the acquittal of Mubarak on charges of murder.
Photo Credit: U.S. State Department

Last week, an unnamed Palestinian Authority official claimed that Rami Hamdallah received an official invitation to visit the US. Rami Hamdalla will be the Prime Minister of the Hamas-Fatah Palestinian Authority unity government.

At Friday’s press briefing, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki called the Palestinian Authority official a liar.

QUESTION: The Palestinians claim that the United States issued an invitation to Rami Hamdallah, who is the prime minister of the Palestinians, past and present. He’s been asked to form a government – a national unity government. Is that true? Could you confirm that he’s been issued an invitation? And if that is true, then does that mean that he will work with a national unity government that includes Hamas?

MS. PSAKI: Well, there has been no invitation issued to Prime Minister Hamdallah. As we’ve said all along, we’ll not make decisions until we see the final formation of the interim government and have the opportunity to assess and make a determination about whether this is a government we can work with. And we will base that assessment on the government’s composition, policies, and actions. So we’ll have to take a look when any official announcement is made.

QUESTION: So the claim made by this Palestinian official is just plain false?

MS. PSAKI: Correct.

The Hamas-Fatah unity government is expected to be announced on Monday.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Guy Peters says:

    They are Liars all !!

  2. Lying is the least of their faults.

  3. David Green says:

    State dept discovers taqiyya

  4. Tony Mark says:

    Well what do know, yet another pal LIE to add to a list that is very very long… They just can’t resist the temptation .


  6. Janek El says:

    what’s one lie for this administration?

  7. This poor dame has become the spokesperson for the US lies.

  8. What did they expect ? Palestinians aren’t exactly to be trusted now , are they ? Hamas has joined !

  9. As if the U.S. state dept has ethics

  10. Imagine what they say about Israel

  11. Evelyn Ball says:

    Ms. Psaki can not be trusted. She will defend President Obama at any cost.

  12. Omar A. Omar says:

    USA and UK are responsible and must pay for their mistake, they inserted an illegal state in the ME which is Israel making the ME unstable and full of terror and violence and it will keep so as long as ISRAEL exist, Palestine must be freed and occupation ended as a first step to create peace environment in the ME . USA and UK are responsible for all Israeli crimes as much as Israel is since they always support Israeli Aggressions.

  13. There is no Palestine except the one in Texas Omar. look it up!!

  14. Leo Roys says:

    what dose he want more concessions and more Jewish land for a phony peace

  15. Leo Roys says:

    to give away more of their land is a sing to the Arabs of weakness no more Holocausts

  16. Leo Roys says:

    one day those Muslims will learn just who gave the children of Israel that land a bitter lesson indeed!!!!!


  18. Judith Ross says:

    Another lie from those terrorists. Truth is an unknown commodity to them.

  19. Sally Penso says:

    Yeah the Palestinian leadership is exposed as the liars the are

  20. Eden Calhoun says:

    that’s the pot calling the kettle black

  21. Josh Morgan says:

    Omar A. Omar: How dare you say that my people were resettled in Israel illegally. My people were being slaughtered in the death camps in Europe along with countless others and you make the horrendous claim that my people are living there illegally? Let me give you a history lesson:
    1. There is NO Palestine. Israel was renamed Syria Palaestina after the Bar Kokhba Revolt in 135. The myth that “Palestine is a state” is also false for another reason.
    2. It was the Arab governments that surround Israel that attacked after Israel became a state.
    3. The Arab leaders don’t want to create a Palestinian state, they don’t want to solve the refugee crisis, and they mistreat the Palestinians.
    4. The Israeli Defense Forces does its best to NOT cause civilian casualties where as the Islamic extremists will gladly cause civilian casualties in order to please their god.
    5. The Arabs DO NOT want peace with my people and that is because of their anti-Jewish rhetoric.
    If you want to learn more, watch this video:

  22. Liar is the right word

  23. @ Omar A. Omar :
    Your opinion is totally irrelevant, Gaza as well as Shomron and Judea must be annexed once and for all.
    Next ship all pally back to Jordan and never let them come back….

  24. And return ALL terrorist rats in black bags to the filthy boondocks where their kin belong

  25. Judith Dowla says:

    Yes, the meeting with Pope Francis and President Abbas and President Peres will take place at The Vatican in Rome, Italy on June 8, 2014 and not in September. That is good to have it sooner then later. They will be praying together and there will be a rabbi and a muslim priest with them too. Let us pray that all goes well. When 3 or more pray together the power of prayer increases. So perhaps the rest of us should join in too. What do you say? Are you with me or against me? In I hope. Thank you. Bless each one of you!

  26. Then, of course, Hamas and Fatah will start killing each other, and perhaps leave us in peace for a while.

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