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October 25, 2016 / 23 Tishri, 5777
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Three Fingered Salute – New Low, Even for ‘Palestinian’ Society

"Palestinian" society reaches new lows as they post photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children.

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"Palestinian" society reaches new lows as they post photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children.

"Palestinian" society reaches new lows as they post photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children.

The latest Arab social media campaign is the three-fingered salute, celebrating the kidnapping of three Jewish boys, Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shayar and Naftali Frenkel, by Hamas.

They’re calling it the the “three Shalits” in reference to Gilad Shalit who was captured and kept hostage by Hamas until Israel released 1000 terrorists in exchange.

Now, look what all these proud Palestinian Authority parents have done. They’ve baked cakes. They photographed their little children showing solidarity with Hamas for kidnapping the boys.

They then proudly post the photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children onto all the social media sites.

What a sick society they have created and are perpetrating onto the next generation.


Update: The blog Israellycool has amassed a very large collection of these photos.

Here are photos of initial Arab celebrations of the kidnapping of the three Jewish boys.


Shalom Bear

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  1. Sick subhuman culture.

  2. Sick subhuman culture.

  3. I disagree; it isn't too low for "Palestinian" society…

  4. Really hope that’s not true x

  5. Steven Na says:

    Such a”charming” people.

  6. DECLARE WAR kick there touckas all the way to mecca

  7. Paul Mofobro says:

    I prefer this one!

  8. How truly horrendous.

  9. NO new low. They are always like this. They are evil; we are good. They have no mercy, we are full of mercy. They do not belong in the Land of Israel, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, because the G-d of Israel GAVE IT TO US!

  10. They all look like rats

  11. Yeah, Jews are the worse. More Nobel peace prizes than any group. A people who are dedicated to education and making the world a better place. Your a douche.

  12. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Disgusting, raising children to hate..they are cursing themselves

  13. While Muslims behead on live TV, rape little girls, execute prisoners en masse,blow themselves up, often killing other Muslims, and who worship,a pedophile, lying, phony prophet who advocated killing infidels. Scum of the earth that produces nothing of any redeeming qualities except death and destruction of their own people-THAT is redeeming.

  14. While Muslims behead on live TV, rape little girls, execute prisoners en masse,blow themselves up, often killing other Muslims, and who worship,a pedophile, lying, phony prophet who advocated killing infidels. Scum of the earth that produces nothing of any redeeming qualities except death and destruction of their own people-THAT is redeeming.

  15. It is impossible peace with this kind of people. It is time for war and expel those monsters and futures monsters to another place or planet.

  16. The Religion of Peace…..

  17. Evil and disturbing!
    Palestinians Are Disgusting

  18. this kids are their future terorrist….

  19. future terrorists..,

  20. Linda Cohen says:

    Pakistan Khan you may be correct if it’s the Muslim Palestinians doing the raping.

  21. Linda Cohen says:

    Pakistan Khan I agree 100% with Marc Mostowsky and if you didn’t get it he means you are the douche.

  22. Kath Stieber says:

    Our Lord told us that (ALL) will reap… what they sow. They torment by taking 3, or whatever their “hatred” dictates at the time; when our Lord calls us home… ALL their little children Will Go… Maranatha

  23. Savages. Tell the IDF to keep rounding up the barbarians.

  24. I have a one fingered salute for them.

  25. Bear Klein says:

    It is not a new low. This has been status quo for a longtime. They do not want compromise to end the conflict but only the destruction of the Jewish State. This has always been the issue and it is not a surprise nor shock. Israel needs to destroy Hamas and its ilk.

  26. Orah Peer says:

    Imach shmam!!!clearly an extremely sick society….

  27. What a sick society. See what happens if their kids are kidnapped

  28. May u guys rot in hell

  29. Let them all be exposed for the humanity they lack. We all see them. Global awareness is in effect to now determine basic cultural ideologies that are no longer relevant or tolerable. Islam Islam Must Be Exterminated From Earth.

  30. Nails in a coffin.

  31. Palistinian teaching hate and evil. When will our evil enemies be gone forever Lord? I anticipate your return and your judgment!!!

  32. As a Canadian, I want to clearly state my disgust at this. Within hours of releasing Abbas' wife from an Israeli hospital who operated on her with care and grace, this is how Israeli kindness is repaid? Not even a word from their leaders to criticized this heartless campaign? Very disgraceful. But the world is watching, and hopefully paying attention. We keep hoping the Palestinian media will want to show the better side of their people, not this. Poor children, they don't even have any idea what they are doing (hopefully…)

  33. Jacques Daniel, What is Israel waiting? Peace !! I is time you drove them out of the Land of Israel Jordan is Their Palestine given to them by the British.

  34. Larry Singleton says:

    It's not a new low. This is Arab standard. Jew hatred is in their DNA as well for everybody else who's not part of their sick twisted religion. Islam is a disease and Muslims are the symptom. You can see this in the genocide being boasted about by the mass murdering scum in Irag. The "Liberated" Muslims in Egypt who burn churches and murder Christians. The wholesale slaughter going on all over Africa not being reported by our media. And the politicians here in the US and Europe opening up our countries for thousands of these inbred animals to immigrate here. It makes me sick. What really makes me sick is 99.9% of Americans are either watching the game or playing Farmville on Facebook. They haven't got a clue. They've sat on their ass while the Islamist have infiltrated and subverted every level of government and our universities for the last thirty years. Read Indoctrination U by Horowitz, Ivory Towers on Sand by Martin Kramer and The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers to get an idea of the Liberal Fascist state of mind that has helped destroy this country and open her up to our enemies.

  35. Start shooting them

  36. bon shabat a tt mes amis du sud ouest de la fr. , je trouve ça très moche ,

  37. Joyce Elais says:

    These kids are fed to hate the Jewish people when they are on their mother’s breast. What chance would peace have ?

  38. Lize Bartsch says:

    The worst of Islam is what they do to their children. Anyone in the world that corrupt children’s innocence and natural love for strangers are pure evil.

  39. Lize Bartsch says:

    I have been listening to the converted Muslim Walid Shoebat on Youtube today. He gives some very interesting information about the ‘monotheistic’ regilion of Islam. Islam is full of lies and deception.

  40. This is why the children grow up to be terrorists. Children live what they learn. I consider it a form of child abuse.

  41. And they wonder why there’s no apparent place for them in this world. Maybe if they tried joining human society….

  42. I had a disagreement with someone that said palestinians weren't fit for the pigs. I said they are.

  43. Why is it a new low? Its the same “low” that aloowed Maalot and hundreds of other horrible events. These people are vile animals.

  44. Sidney Sands says:

    Palestinians the worlds foremost spungers,, kept by countries, except their own kin, with billions of dollars for the last 60 plus years, they can't create anything useful for mankind,,but to teach hate and death to their children, wow they are the best. The world does not understand the true message they spout, in their own language its Hate, Hate,, but in English they use different meaning to their words,and the world falls for this deception.

  45. It’s nothing new the Muslims were in bed with the Nazis long ago.

  46. Tony Mark says:

    Thé future generation of Shahids in the making….
    I sometimes think of all the other populations on this planet that live in misery every day of their lives. With maladies poor living standards , 1$ a day to feed families of 10, Like in Africa , the different sects in India ” the untouchables” and who have In spite of all these tribulations continued to live and make the most of what they have , and then I see these Palestinians who have 100 times more than them, and who are constantly supported by the International Community continue to teach their children to hate, and make fools of themselves , just to get more sympathy from Bigoted Western Hypocrites…is it a wonder why the Pals are still in the starting block seeking Int respect, and sympathy,while the afore mentioned already have achieved it?

  47. I have a one fingered salute for them

  48. Loren Renee says:

    Such a creepy group of people

  49. Take no prisoners, marthyrs are allready dead, send them to paradise on the spot

  50. Chaiya Eitan says:

    This isn't surprising. Unlike Obama who seems to be surprised by everything these days.

  51. again … your knowing what is evil is of value to THE LORD … Stay strong, when things look wrong … 'He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.' Rev 2:11 … this is the test to show that you will keep to what THE LORD has told you … pass and you will not need to take the next test …

  52. Haley Chace says:

    They shouldn’t be allowed to breed….sickening display of Racist propagandizing of Children!

  53. Donny Reich says:

    It is indeed a sick society. It's time to face reality that we will NEVER have peace with them – it is impossible. The only solution is for them to leave our land once and for all.

  54. Bruce Davies says:


  55. Uta Hentsch says:

    This behavior is more than sick and it's an incredible crimes against their own children!
    And the worst part is – no one is really able to stop their crimes – and Western governments are behaving like FAMOUS + dei concerning three monkeys: see no, hear no, speak no – even though they can see all of this!

  56. Karen Bryant says:

    Being nurtured to be next generation of terrorists.

  57. Michael Elofson says:

    And another sick thing is that EU supports this sick “Palestinian” Arab culture through massive “moral” and economic support.

  58. Helen Talkin says:

    Terrible, just terrible!!! They grow up with such hatred in their hearts, it is very sad to see an grasp!

  59. Brenda Rom says:

    Scum of the earth – rotten to the core

  60. Praying for the Jesus freaks. That they find it within themselves to stop warning people of going to a hell only they believe in. That they stop judging people of other religions as sinful and wrong.

  61. Praying they realize that Jesus was a Jew and that he followed Judaism. By his followers credo, he too would be going to their hell.

  62. H Fragman Abramson says:

    Why there isn't peace? How about a one-finger salute for Palestinian Arabs?

  63. Sad! The things people on this planet are doing to children! They WILL spend eternity in Hell & I’m not sorry they deserve it

  64. They must have been drop on their heads at birth because they’re the dumbest bunch of people I’ve ever seen in my born day life..

  65. Gary Gien says:

    Ha ha another Husain Obama supporter .

  66. dont worry the jews are giving the single finger salute right back

  67. Gary Gien says:

    Moreyn kamenir after Husain Obama took selfies at a funeral I say screw him he has no respect for the country and is not fit to run this country he should have stayed in Kenya

  68. אלוהים יעניש אותכם מכה כזו קשה תיתחננו שנציל אותכם!!!

  69. Celestine Ogurkis Ferney says:

    Sick Individuals

  70. Gene Strong says:

    WW3 has begun. Islam.against the civilized.western world.
    Treasonous Obama is on the Muslim side.

  71. Ora Cooper says:

    bombing schools is an Arab thing. are you Arab or just wanting to be ?

  72. Israel needs to get rid of the Palestinian Authority now.

  73. If the Israel kids are murdered then prisoners in Israeli jails sentenced for terrorism offences should be hanged in retribution. Let there be an eye for an eye. In the meantime hostages should be taken.

  74. Ed Vigdor says:

    Ora Cooper No just pissed off and maybe if these parents who teach their children to hate lose enough of them, they will finally stop.

    More like an eye for an eye… if Hamas kills the 3 kids they kidnapped… flatten a school in the Gaza strip! The only thing they understand is violence and strength… so give it to them in spades!

  75. Ed Vigdor says:

    We already know that they are going to ask for a prisoner exchange. Agree, if they ask for 500, execute 1000!

  76. Ora Cooper says:

    so pissed that you react rather than act ! reaction did not create the state of Israel ! Action did ! you use their hateful leadership as your moral custom? and you are telling our young solders to bomb others?

  77. Ora Cooper says:

    All of you "nice" comfortable people that tell others to do bombing killing etc. please keep the shouda coulda woulda to yourself or risk your pot of meat and sit in jail for killing,shooting kids…

  78. If they are going to teach their children, at such a young age, to hate, they had best keep them on their side of the border if they want them to live to adulthood. This is beyond sick.

  79. I hope everyone is not as suprised as they seem that this happened. They have nothing else … These are helpless , uneducated, low-information people that would sacrifice your life to prove their point. What do you think Bibi will do when they ask for all murderers to be set free in Israel jail — or forget the kids ?

  80. Here is a response to the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens… Put a contrack on the lives of all the leaders of Fatah and the Gaza learders — the entire "so called PLO" — 48 hours to set frree unharmed all 3 ,or you are walking dead men". ? ?

  81. Silvia Segui says:

    Salute them with a single finger

  82. cockroaches ! I have a solute for you !

  83. We can give them a one-finger salute…the index finger pressing on the trigger of an UZI and get about 300 of their kids and whatever happen to ours…the same fate will happen to theirs…that is fair (100 to 1 ratio)

  84. Also cut the water and electricity supply to the PA and also jam their internet and cell phones…

  85. That’s because they know Jews won’t kidnap their kids. Nasty

  86. Sorry Moreyn, any Christian worth their salt should know a great deal more about the prophets and the roles that each nation and it’s people play in the end times scenario. The Jews have their role and don’t need to be converted but most Christians are brainwashed into thinking that. I attended an evangelical church for 8 years and there’s a lot of good things about Christians but the bad part is that a notion starts and everybody runs with it without actually reading what it says in black and white using the entire text. I’ve questioned many things and can’t get answers from the ministers or pastors. Believe me, I ask the tough questions. But Jami should continue to pray as should the rest of humanity who believes in the God of Abraham.

  87. End times doesn’t mean end of the world either…just the end of an age or era. Thought I should bring some clarity to my own statement.

  88. Walid helps bring a lot of insight and I for one am glad he’s a FORMER Muslim. Who better to expose their agenda and the lies and deception. No doubt his life is in constant danger.

  89. Allen Miller says:

    “F”ing Arabs!

  90. Franz Lilja says:

    Hahaha! thats a good one Sir! 😉

  91. Hesh Meister says:

    Awww … and here I thought they were all Boy Scouts.

  92. Josef Blaha says:

    עצוב מאד!!

  93. Carol Smith says:

    Awful that these children have no concept of the evil they are celebrating!

  94. Julie Bolsom says:

    This response is just as disgusting as the article above. Don't dehumanise innocent children and sink to their level.

  95. Ben Sung says:


  96. Landsverk Olav Vidar says:

    The Palestinian "High Five"?

  97. May I Give these fools the Middle Finger Salute?

  98. Anonymous says:

    Another Scientific proof: Muslims are sub-human. They are not part of the human race!

  99. Daniel Katz says:

    … Sick Pricks ! Stupid primitive bastards.

    This is another form of child abuse.

  100. Don'you realize that Islam is the reiigion of peace and love. If you claim that Mohammed was a prophet of doom, they will prove you are wrong by killing you.

  101. Sandy Alter says:


  102. Pigs are very sweet, intelligent animals. Please don't insult them by comparing them to those stinking muslims.

  103. Basha Kline says:

    I cannot understand why Israeli doctors are treating the mother-in-law of the hamas leader – in a hospital in Jerusalem, while all the kidnapping and rocket launches, uncivilised gestures and acts of ignorance are still continuing. – Can someone explain?


  105. Ada Said Lewkowicz says:

    You're all wrong what this sign is, is all about the other 2 fingers- the ones making the circle its' the person saying " I am an A– H— " ! 🙂

  106. Absolutely reprehensible, but not surprising!!!

  107. Benzi Saydman says:

    I only have one finger for them.

  108. Joseph Colen says:

    These are the teachings given those children so that they keep believing in the moon-god.

  109. Mel Collins says:

    If any of you have seen my comments you know that I am 100% Israel. With some of the comments seen here we will fall down the same sewer pit Hamas are found. We wouldn't want that would we?

  110. Chesed Yocheved Avraham says:

    If one shut one kill works here, then my index finger would be appropriately use.

  111. Chesed Yocheved Avraham says:

    Yes Michael, we are humanitarian, but I as well believe that each person represents a world itself, wouldn't be appropriate to miss in emergency occasions such as not alleviating her pain.

  112. It is Fattah (PA Authority) leader,s wife not Hamas. I doubt very much Israel would help anyone from Hamas. It's Abbas's wife.

  113. Chesed Yocheved Avraham says:

    Negotiations had been used between these two nations, but revenge as many religious Jews think belongs only to Hashem. In this case I have one finger on my trigger, but would this ever be enough to stop their terror. Some believe that we must do teshuvah, while others, enlist to search for our boys. Who has the right answer for this phenomenon?

  114. Horrible words and thought, Juan. Never.

  115. they are a combination of The Beast and the brain damaged. hopeless.

  116. Rafi Cohen says:

    Daniella Slon just for knowledge – Israel already helped Syrians which is Israel's anemy for many years disregurding the person's view, only for their medical condition. On Israel's tax payers' (me too) expense!

  117. Rafi Cohen says:

    I work with Muslim Arabs and can assure u that ur'e totally wrong and reflect racist opinions

  118. Rafi Cohen says:

    Michael Axelsson I think so too. It's possible for a palestinian to walk the streets and ask for money in Israeli cities. It's impossible for any jew to walk in a Palestinian city freely without risking his life

  119. Rafi Cohen says:


  120. Noy Vegter says:

    I only see 1 solution. NUKE 'EM.

  121. Amazing the insight and genius of Ruth Morales. She must the head of that mysterious intelligence organizaton that nobody has heard about.

  122. Beach Channel High school must be a false flag high school.

  123. Larry Singleton says:

    Sorry, you're wrong there. There isn't a single human being they would bar from their hospitals. If you can show me otherwise….

  124. Larry Singleton says:

    No. She's a fan of electronicintifada. And those lying idiots from LoonWatch. I doubt that's even her real name.

  125. Thanks for linking. I’m glad the message is getting out about what our peace partners really feel about terrorist kidnapping of children.

  126. I hope their sweet children will be unable to throw stones when their three fingers are engaged with so useful activity.

  127. Jennifer Orange Chantrill says:

    The lambs follow the sheep.

  128. Alan Kardon says:

    Anyone send this picture to Barack Hussein and Kerry? They want to deal with these terrorists.

  129. Alan Kardon says:

    Very interesting. Where did you get your information from?

  130. Alan Kardon says:

    Wrong an A–H— serves a useful purpose. They are the product of what it produces.

  131. Alan Kardon says:

    While in the hospital the terrorists wouldn't attempt to blow it up.

  132. Alan Kardon says:

    Rafi Cohen I agree with you. What are your co workers doing to stop this insanity?

  133. Alan Kardon says:

    Will it stop them?

  134. Chaim Szmidt says:

    Good idea! Send them these pictures so they can negotiate with them as true peace partners… I have no doubt that Kerry's convoluted intellect will find them to be true partners…

  135. Shlomo Godick says:

    Daniella Slon In 2013 Hamas leader Haniyeh's granddaughter was treated in an Israeli hospital; ditto with his brother-in-law in 2012. http://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Hamas-PM-Haniyehs-granddaughter-transferred-to-Israeli-hospital-for-treatment-332153

  136. Shlomo Godick says:

    Alan Kardon True, but not after they leave the hospital. Recently a terrorist caught at the border with explosives wrapped around his abdomen was revealed to have undergone surgery at an Israeli hospital a few years earlier.

  137. Daniella Slon:

    Last year, Ismael Haniyeh's brother-in-law was treated in Israel. So much for your assumption.

  138. Alan Kardon :
    What about the girl who was horribly disfigured in a kitchen accident in her home in Gaza, her face and shoulders were reconstructed in Soroka Medical Center, and when she went for a follow-up visit several months afterwards, she was discovered at the checkpoint wearing a bomb belt she planned to detonate in the hospital.

    You can't get much lower than that– thanking those who gave you back your life by trying to kill them.

  139. ''Dead Loke'' Israel is facing the Worst Water Crisis in more than 100 years, Sea of Galilee drops to critical levels and the lake of tiberia to.

  140. They all deserve a one finger salute

  141. Malka Wolf says:

    From your mouth…!

  142. Alan Kardon – If you watch them burning their Qur'ân, they will be trustworthy. If they don't, they sooner or later will stab a knife in Rafi Cohen's back. The wrong teachings of the Qur'ân are the source of their evil deeds ("Kill all the Jews, where ever you find them…" etc. , and more of that bull. Am I right or am I right ?

  143. Alex U Koyfman says:

    Oh please. You wouldn't give 1 tear if these 'crimes' against Palestine were being perpetrated by anybody besides Jews. The Palestinians are low, but you Euros are lower than dirt, and about as sophisticated.

  144. Alex U Koyfman says:

    I hope Nadim sufffered, you worthless genetic dead end.

  145. Benzi Saydman says:

    Another member of the ass hat society….

  146. May Cohen says:

    May I ask, where do you get your facts from? Oh, that's right…BBC, CNN who focus on dishonest reporting and are bias against Israel. Palestinian children tortured and raped every day? Well did you know that Israel's "save a child's heart" foundation provides free medical care for children in need, and guess what, 45% of these kids are Palestinian. Did you know that three hours before the kidnap, Abu Mazens wife received emergency medical care an underwent surgery in an ISRAELI hospital? DID YOU KNOW that the mother in law of HAMAS LEADER also received medical care from an ISRAELI hospital. That's right, HAMAS, the same "militant group" as BBC likes to call them, who are responsible for Kidnaping those three innocent boys. Oh and you know what their motto is? –> "We love death as much as the Jews love life"

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CWIDZ7Jpdqg –> here's your true Palestine. I hope you watch this video and read my comment carefully.

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