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August 20, 2014 / 24 Av, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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Three Fingered Salute – New Low, Even for ‘Palestinian’ Society

"Palestinian" society reaches new lows as they post photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children.

"Palestinian" society reaches new lows as they post photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children.

"Palestinian" society reaches new lows as they post photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children.

The latest Arab social media campaign is the three-fingered salute, celebrating the kidnapping of three Jewish boys, Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shayar and Naftali Frenkel, by Hamas.

They’re calling it the the “three Shalits” in reference to Gilad Shalit who was captured and kept hostage by Hamas until Israel released 1000 terrorists in exchange.

Now, look what all these proud Palestinian Authority parents have done. They’ve baked cakes. They photographed their little children showing solidarity with Hamas for kidnapping the boys.

They then proudly post the photographs of their children celebrating the kidnapping of Jewish children onto all the social media sites.

What a sick society they have created and are perpetrating onto the next generation.


Update: The blog Israellycool has amassed a very large collection of these photos.

Here are photos of initial Arab celebrations of the kidnapping of the three Jewish boys.


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173 Responses to “Three Fingered Salute – New Low, Even for ‘Palestinian’ Society”

  1. Sick subhuman culture.

  2. Sick subhuman culture.

  3. I disagree; it isn't too low for "Palestinian" society…

  4. Really hope that’s not true x

  5. Steven Na says:

    Such a”charming” people.

  6. DECLARE WAR kick there touckas all the way to mecca

  7. Paul Mofobro says:

    I prefer this one!

  8. How truly horrendous.

  9. NO new low. They are always like this. They are evil; we are good. They have no mercy, we are full of mercy. They do not belong in the Land of Israel, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, because the G-d of Israel GAVE IT TO US!

  10. They all look like rats

  11. Yeah, Jews are the worse. More Nobel peace prizes than any group. A people who are dedicated to education and making the world a better place. Your a douche.

  12. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Disgusting, raising children to hate..they are cursing themselves

  13. While Muslims behead on live TV, rape little girls, execute prisoners en masse,blow themselves up, often killing other Muslims, and who worship,a pedophile, lying, phony prophet who advocated killing infidels. Scum of the earth that produces nothing of any redeeming qualities except death and destruction of their own people-THAT is redeeming.

  14. While Muslims behead on live TV, rape little girls, execute prisoners en masse,blow themselves up, often killing other Muslims, and who worship,a pedophile, lying, phony prophet who advocated killing infidels. Scum of the earth that produces nothing of any redeeming qualities except death and destruction of their own people-THAT is redeeming.

  15. It is impossible peace with this kind of people. It is time for war and expel those monsters and futures monsters to another place or planet.

  16. The Religion of Peace…..

  17. Evil and disturbing!
    Palestinians Are Disgusting

  18. this kids are their future terorrist….

  19. future terrorists..,

  20. Linda Cohen says:

    Pakistan Khan you may be correct if it’s the Muslim Palestinians doing the raping.

  21. Linda Cohen says:

    Pakistan Khan I agree 100% with Marc Mostowsky and if you didn’t get it he means you are the douche.

  22. Kath Stieber says:

    Our Lord told us that (ALL) will reap… what they sow. They torment by taking 3, or whatever their “hatred” dictates at the time; when our Lord calls us home… ALL their little children Will Go… Maranatha

  23. Savages. Tell the IDF to keep rounding up the barbarians.

  24. I have a one fingered salute for them.

  25. Bear Klein says:

    It is not a new low. This has been status quo for a longtime. They do not want compromise to end the conflict but only the destruction of the Jewish State. This has always been the issue and it is not a surprise nor shock. Israel needs to destroy Hamas and its ilk.

  26. Orah Peer says:

    Imach shmam!!!clearly an extremely sick society….

  27. What a sick society. See what happens if their kids are kidnapped

  28. May u guys rot in hell

  29. Let them all be exposed for the humanity they lack. We all see them. Global awareness is in effect to now determine basic cultural ideologies that are no longer relevant or tolerable. Islam Islam Must Be Exterminated From Earth.

  30. Nails in a coffin.

  31. Palistinian teaching hate and evil. When will our evil enemies be gone forever Lord? I anticipate your return and your judgment!!!

  32. As a Canadian, I want to clearly state my disgust at this. Within hours of releasing Abbas' wife from an Israeli hospital who operated on her with care and grace, this is how Israeli kindness is repaid? Not even a word from their leaders to criticized this heartless campaign? Very disgraceful. But the world is watching, and hopefully paying attention. We keep hoping the Palestinian media will want to show the better side of their people, not this. Poor children, they don't even have any idea what they are doing (hopefully…)

  33. Jacques Daniel, What is Israel waiting? Peace !! I is time you drove them out of the Land of Israel Jordan is Their Palestine given to them by the British.

  34. Larry Singleton says:

    It's not a new low. This is Arab standard. Jew hatred is in their DNA as well for everybody else who's not part of their sick twisted religion. Islam is a disease and Muslims are the symptom. You can see this in the genocide being boasted about by the mass murdering scum in Irag. The "Liberated" Muslims in Egypt who burn churches and murder Christians. The wholesale slaughter going on all over Africa not being reported by our media. And the politicians here in the US and Europe opening up our countries for thousands of these inbred animals to immigrate here. It makes me sick. What really makes me sick is 99.9% of Americans are either watching the game or playing Farmville on Facebook. They haven't got a clue. They've sat on their ass while the Islamist have infiltrated and subverted every level of government and our universities for the last thirty years. Read Indoctrination U by Horowitz, Ivory Towers on Sand by Martin Kramer and The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers to get an idea of the Liberal Fascist state of mind that has helped destroy this country and open her up to our enemies.

  35. Start shooting them

  36. bon shabat a tt mes amis du sud ouest de la fr. , je trouve ça très moche ,

  37. Joyce Elais says:

    These kids are fed to hate the Jewish people when they are on their mother’s breast. What chance would peace have ?

  38. Lize Bartsch says:

    The worst of Islam is what they do to their children. Anyone in the world that corrupt children’s innocence and natural love for strangers are pure evil.

  39. Lize Bartsch says:

    I have been listening to the converted Muslim Walid Shoebat on Youtube today. He gives some very interesting information about the ‘monotheistic’ regilion of Islam. Islam is full of lies and deception.

  40. And they wonder why there’s no apparent place for them in this world. Maybe if they tried joining human society….

  41. I had a disagreement with someone that said palestinians weren't fit for the pigs. I said they are.

  42. Why is it a new low? Its the same “low” that aloowed Maalot and hundreds of other horrible events. These people are vile animals.

  43. Sidney Sands says:

    Palestinians the worlds foremost spungers,, kept by countries, except their own kin, with billions of dollars for the last 60 plus years, they can't create anything useful for mankind,,but to teach hate and death to their children, wow they are the best. The world does not understand the true message they spout, in their own language its Hate, Hate,, but in English they use different meaning to their words,and the world falls for this deception.

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