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January 16, 2017 / 18 Tevet, 5777
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Two Jews Attacked in France Outside Synagogue

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Shul in Creteil France

Photo Credit: Yedidya Cohen/News0404

On Saturday night, two Jews, brothers, ages 16 and 22 were attacked in Creteil, France as they exited the city’s synagogue.

They required hospitalization.

The two brothers are the sons of the synagogue’s treasurer.

The attackers were Arabs.

The attack follows on the tail of the killing of three people in the Brussels Jewish Museum on Saturday.

Correction: The original report stated that the father was also attacked.




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  1. Jews in Eorope must be in total alert! What is happening is a warnning to us all! Europe didn’ learn from tehe lesons of the past!

  2. Gary Gien says:

    Why can’t they attack back?

  3. What’s happening Jews are being attacked in their synagogues and Jewish community centers. I believe this is the third attack in one month. First in a Jewish Community Center in Kansas, then Brussels and now France. How terrible. Jewish synagogues and community centers need more protection throughout the world.

  4. We all need to be on alert.

  5. Slowly slowly this is creeping up on the Jewish people in Europe, ? ? Maybe all over again

  6. come Home to Israel …

  7. The world does not change because human nature does not change.

  8. This is disgusting.

  9. I’ve seen this Marica , thanx

  10. Karen Bryant says:

    What are the nationalities of those doing the attacking? French by birth or immigrants? Are people being brought into to cause these attacks? Everyone should know who the enemy is down to the last detail.

  11. Aliyah!! Allez-vous!

  12. France is and always has been a center of anti-semitism. Did not the French police round up the Jews in France to mollify their Nazi pals so they could be sent off to the death camps? The French cannot and never will be trusted to show any backbone in the face of adversity. And they are in NATO as well. As many Jews as possible should try to get out of that sh–hole before the Muslims take over. The French suck big time and are cowards.

  13. Jews need to start carrying concealed weapons to DEFEND themselves…

  14. For what possible reason?

  15. This why i am never going back to France, they need to keep their 6 Million Muslims in line…

  16. Joyce Myers says:

    What is going on…whatever..it needs to STOP…now

  17. So sad I pray for them to get better soon. Terrible act???

  18. So sad. Praying for them better soon.

  19. It’s time to bring them home!!!

  20. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Who is the invader?

  21. time to have a Jewish brigade to defend the Jews in Europe

  22. Praying isn’t going to help. The Jewish people and all of descent humanity must stand up to this and not tolerate this. The governments do nothing!!’n

  23. Enda Gilmore says:


  24. Genesis 49:28 All these are the twelve tribes of Israel and this is that their father spoke unto them and blessed them, every one according to his blessing he blessed them.

    Isaiah 63:17 O Lord, why do You make us to err from Your ways and harden our heart from Your fear? Return for Your servants sake, the tribes of Your inheritance.

    2 Chronicles 6:25 then hear You from heaven and forgive the sin of Your people Israel and bring them back unto the land which You gave to them and to their fathers.

  25. Roman Druker says:

    European illness: antisemitism

  26. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Most are immigrants they are Islamic exstreamist they are spreading like a cancer throughout the world including the USA since OBAMaA and the world is doing nothing .

  27. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Most are immigrants they are Islamic exstreamist they are spreading like a cancer throughout the world including the USA since OBAMaA and the world is doing nothing .

  28. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Most are immigrants they are Islamic exstreamist they are spreading like a cancer throughout the world including the USA since OBAMaA and the world is doing nothing .

  29. Better yet send all the wrong doers back to where they came from!!

  30. Gene Strong says:

    France is famous for being afraid to defend anything or anyone including itself. A nation of.cowards.

  31. Becoming all too common nowadays…head to Israel where it’s safer!

  32. David Pigott says:

    All this and our President not being much on helping the Jews sure has the look of the return of the third Riche!

  33. Alliyah, before is too late !!!

  34. Susan Allard says:

    I think this is terrible no one should be bothered harassed or beaten for what they believe in. I’m sorry for the people they hurt.

  35. This stupidity and jealousy has to stop!

  36. Beth Wright says:

    Muslims have France now…

  37. This is not OK….what is the French Government doing…??

  38. It’s about time the French police did some thing about the attacks on the Jewish people that live there

  39. Why cant people just leave the Jews alone. They are good people.

  40. Mandy Jacobs says:

    I'd like to no what news paper is owned by
    Jews except the JC ????????

  41. Cecilia Espinoza says:


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