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On Saturday night, two Jews, brothers, ages 16 and 22 were attacked in Creteil, France as they exited the city’s synagogue.

They required hospitalization.


The two brothers are the sons of the synagogue’s treasurer.

The attackers were Arabs.

The attack follows on the tail of the killing of three people in the Brussels Jewish Museum on Saturday.

Correction: The original report stated that the father was also attacked.






  1. What’s happening Jews are being attacked in their synagogues and Jewish community centers. I believe this is the third attack in one month. First in a Jewish Community Center in Kansas, then Brussels and now France. How terrible. Jewish synagogues and community centers need more protection throughout the world.

  2. France is and always has been a center of anti-semitism. Did not the French police round up the Jews in France to mollify their Nazi pals so they could be sent off to the death camps? The French cannot and never will be trusted to show any backbone in the face of adversity. And they are in NATO as well. As many Jews as possible should try to get out of that sh–hole before the Muslims take over. The French suck big time and are cowards.

  3. Genesis 49:28 All these are the twelve tribes of Israel and this is that their father spoke unto them and blessed them, every one according to his blessing he blessed them.

    Isaiah 63:17 O Lord, why do You make us to err from Your ways and harden our heart from Your fear? Return for Your servants sake, the tribes of Your inheritance.

    2 Chronicles 6:25 then hear You from heaven and forgive the sin of Your people Israel and bring them back unto the land which You gave to them and to their fathers.

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