Photo Credit: 0707 Breaking News
Ambulance for the wounded in the Raanana terror attack on Dec. 19, 2015

An Arab terrorist stabbed 3 people in the central-Israel city of Ra’anana, in 2 separate locations. The attack happened on Shabbat (Saturday) afternoon, around 3:40 PM.

One of the wounded, a man on Anilovitz street were seriously injured, a woman stabbed on the same street was lightly injured, the terrorist then went to Ramchal street and stabbed a young woman who was lightly injured.


The hospital reports that the seriously injured man is no longer in a life-threatening condition.

The terrorist was caught.



  1. Gd said to kill your enemies outright or they will come back four-fold – it seems we didn't do enough to complete the last two conflicts – Israel bowed down to the pressures from the west to stop the wars mid-way and this is the result..

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