Photo Credit: Yaakov Naumi/Flash90

A train on the Dimona-Be’er Sheva line in the Negev killed 14 camels without being derailed and without any injuries to passengers. The engineer stopped the train at the next station, inspected the train to make sure there was no damage, and then continues to Be’er Sheva.

Camels frequently roam on highways and tracks in the Negev, where Bedouin raise herds of camels, causing a danger to motorists.


An Israel Railways official said the incident occurred at night, when darkness prevented the train engineer from seeing the camels.



  1. While I'm sorry about the camels, I can't be too sorry. In Israel, a camel spit at me and tried to dump me as I was lifted onto the camel. Since I was wearing a skirt, mounting was difficult (I was terrified and camels always look so sweet with their enviable eyelashes.

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