The United States has announced it possesses evidence the Syrian government is using chemical weapons against its own civilians.

In a statement released Monday at a State Department briefing in Washington, spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “We have evidence of toxic chemical use in the area” of Kfar Zeita, near the city of Hama.


Opposition activists reported last week that Syrian Air Force helicopters dropped barrels of chlorine gas on the area. Video footage of the aftermath, posted by the CNN news network, showed unconscious civilians receiving medical treatment with oxygen masks.

“We are examining the accusations according to which the Syrian government is responsible for [the use of toxic chemicals,],” Psaki went on to say. “It is clear that there is a need to open an investigation into exactly what happened there. We take the reports very seriously and will work to make sure there is no breach of the agreement here.”

The spokesperson told reporters that chlorine gas had not been included among poisons on the list assembled by U.S. and Russian negotiator who last summer identified the chemical weapons to be neutralized.



  1. Our country is too poor to help anybody now!! Sad. All the politician’s and corporations filtered all the money their way because they know what’s ahead!!! The 7 year Great Tribulation!!! They are stealing our tax dollars so they can survive while they throw us to the wolves with our money…..

  2. Will B. Obama draw a red line on the use of deadly chlorine gas onto civilians ? He can't. No-one will believe him. He has put himself into a box. He can't come out. Because he will come out as the community organizer who was dealt a straight flush and lost the hand !

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