In Israel there may be lots of strife between men of the cloth and the men and women of the pickax and the shovel—usually over disturbing those who died millennia ago, but in India things appear much smoother: according to the AP, Indian archaeologists are digging beneath a 19th century fort on the word of a holy man.

Hindu swami Shobhan Sarkar announced that a long departed king had appeared to him in a dream and told him of a 1,000-ton treasure worth almost $50 billion. The treasure lies beneath King Rao Ram Baksh Singh’s fort in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


Sarkar’s disciple Swami Om Ji says local villagers have already found silver and gold coins in the area, about 50 miles southwest of the state’s capital of Lucknow.

An underground survey has found evidence of heavy metal, which could only be confirmed as gold, silver or precious gems with the digging that started Friday.



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