Northern Israel Engravings Offer Glimpse into Ancient Masonry Culture

Hundreds of dolmens have been surveyed in the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights, but to date, the dolmens and the civilization that constructed them have remained a mystery.

Archaeological Evidence Confirms Jerusalem’s Restoration Under Ezra and Nehemiah

Despite the city's dire situation after the destruction, efforts were made to restore the administrative authorities to normal.

How Carmel Cave Rodent Changed Scientists’ Understanding of Human Evolution

The research reveals that the migration from Africa occurred during a period of a global ice age and supports the belief that the adaptations that made humanity the dominant species on Earth appeared early on in our evolution.

Trump’s Deal of the Century Puts Many Israeli Heritage Sites into PA Hands

Hundreds of Israeli and Jewish heritage and archaeology sites in Judea and Samaria would be removed from Israeli control and transferred to the PA.

Hebrew U Archaeologists Map 458 Miles of Great Wall of China

Despite the apparent importance of The Northern Line, its construction is not mentioned in any contemporary documents.

DNA Extracted from Animal Skins Helps Decipher Dead Sea Scrolls Puzzle

"The ancient DNA proves that two copies of Jeremiah, textually different from each other, were brought from outside the Judaean Desert."

1,800-Year-Old Fountain Face Unearthed in Tzipori National Park

It is likely that the partzufa decorated a fountain that received its water from the Tzipori aqueduct that delivered water from the springs in the mountains of Nazareth.

Shared Ancestry? Genomes Provide New Insight into Canaanite Heritage

“The Canaanites, albeit living in different city-states, were culturally and genetically similar."

6-Year-Old Boy Discovers 3,500-Year-Old Tablet

The tablet depicts the scene of a man leading a captive. This is an important person, wearing a skirt, holding a captive man whose hands are tied behind his back.

2nd Temple Subterranean System Discovered Near the Kotel

The complex was used by Jerusalem residents during the Early Roman period, before the destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70.

Sunday at NYU: First-Ever Virtual International Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls

More than three dozen scholars from around the world will gather online to share new research and discoveries on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Lag B’Omer Special: Rare Bar-Kochva Revolt Coin Discovered at the Foot of the Temple...

The revolt lasted about five years, causing heavy casualties among the Roman legions – so much so that they had to deploy large military units from around the Roman Empire to complete their ranks.

Under Cover of Coronavirus Crisis, Palestinian Authority Destroys Hasmonean Fortress in Samaria

Erasing this relic of Jewish history from the landscape is extremely important to the PA, whose official line is that there never was a Jewish presence in the area prior to the Zionist Congress of 1897.

PA Police Arrest Israeli Archaeologists Investigating Arab Robberies in Northern Samaria Site

"This is the inevitable outcome of the fact that armed PA police are walking around in distinctly Israeli areas. We urge the Israeli government to adopt a plan to protect our heritage sites."

Shiloh Valley Archaeological Site Latest to Be Hit by Arab Bandits in Recent Wave...

The damaged site includes archaeological findings from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Early Muslim periods.

Arab Looters Use Pandemic Lull in Law Enforcement to Rob Ancient Treasures

COGAT's enforcement activity was cut to only 30% in the wake of the pandemic, and as a result, grave robbers and treasure hunters have been roaming unmolested throughout the ancient sites of Judea and Samaria.

Inspired by Coronavirus Doom, Repentant Thief Returns Ancient Missile to State Agency

He did it, he said, in light of the coronavirus crisis, and his feeling that “the end of the world is nigh.”

PA ‘Confiscating’ Rare Archaeological Finds from Private Collector

After the PA learned of the rare collection's existence, it has repeatedly confiscated pieces from the collection. PA officials may have privately sold some of them.

Palestinian Authority Converts Ancient Hasmonean (Jewish) Fortress into a ‘Palestinian Tourist Site’

The PA also broke a wall and blocked the water reservoirs at the ancient Jewish site of Tel Aruma.

Hebrew U Archaeologists Reveal a Letter (Samekh) Carved on Biblical Era Jar

"What we found sheds new light on ancient life in the region. It would be hard to overstate the importance of these findings.”

Haifa, San Diego Universities Get $1.3 Million to Explore Man’s Adopting to Climate Change...

Over the past century, Scripps Oceanography has developed cutting-edge research tools to study environmental change involving marine geology and geophysics, coastal processes, paleomagnetism, paleobiology, and climate science.

TAU Dig Outside Jerusalem Unearths a Rival to King Solomon’s Temple

The Moẓa temple's architectural plan and decorations that adorn the ritual vessels are similar to those attributed to Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem in the Book of Kings I chapter 6.

Archaeologists Unearth Crate of Historic Judaica Items Under Synagogue in Poland

Inside were 350 objects, including artifacts from the World War I and 18 cap badges with the initials of Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph, who ruled from 1848 until his death in 1916.

Arab Antiquities Thief Caught with 232 Ancient Coins

Excavating in antiquities sites without a license and destroying such sites constitute severe violations of the law in Israel, for which the law prescribes up to five years in prison.

TAU Algorithm Shows Biblical Samaria Inscriptions Were Written by Just Two Palace Officials

"The two appear to have been working during the same years, received shipments from the same places and handled the same types of goods."

Only in Israel: Boy Went Mushroom Picking, Found Byzantine Marble Slab with Greek Inscription...

"The country's recent rainstorms have uncovered archaeological finds that were buried in the ground."

Watch: The Dead are Swimming in the Water

Arabs turned a millennia old burial cave into a water cistern.

Findings Point to Site of Jerusalem’s Millennia-Old Marketplace on Pilgrimage Road

In addition to the measuring table, tens of stone measuring weights were also discovered in the same vicinity.

1,200-Year Old Cruse Loaded with Gold Coins Found in Yavneh Excavation

The large-scale excavation, carried out southeast of Tell Yavneh, has revealed a massive number of pottery kilns.


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