Negev Desert Site Identifies Meeting Point of Humans and Neanderthals

Chronological research at the Boker Tachtit site in Ein Avdat National Park provides the first proof of the two cultures’ coexistence in the Negev.

Agencies Catch 5 Bandits in Archaeological Site in Northern Israel

Khirbet Jahush is located in agricultural land between Kiryat Ata and Highway 70 in northern Israel and was inhabited from the Byzantine period to the Middle Ages.

Tel Ashkelon National Park to Display Remains of Magnificent Roman Basilica

The Roman Basilica complex, the largest of its kind in the country, was unearthed in Israel Antiquities Authority archaeological excavations.

40 Years after Discovery, IAA Receives Ancient Amulet Bearing the Sacred Tetragrammaton

Tova Haviv, the moshav Arbel member who discovered the object passed away recently and his family donated it to the National Treasures Center.

Dr. Eilat Mazar, Famed Archeologist of Jerusalem, Passes Away

Mazar directed excavations in the City of David and the Temple Mount’s southern wall.

Matching Half of Roman-Era Oil Lamp Unearthed in Jerusalem Possibly Found in Budapest

“It is likely that the two halves of the lamps were created in the same artisan house and may even have served as a pair to one complete piece,” says Hungarian archaeologist Gabor Lassanyi.

‘Lucky’ Bronze Oil Lamp Uncovered in City of David’s Pilgrimage Road Excavations

The first discovery of its kind in Jerusalem and one of the few in the world.

4th Century Mosaic Uncovered in Yavne Excavations

During the work, the site will be open to the public, enabling visitors to watch the conservation process and the gradual uncovering of the mosaic floor.

Tel Aviv U Researchers: Contrary to Earlier Views, Stone Age Humans Were Huge Meat...

Comparing humans to the large social predators of today that obtain more than 70% of their energy from animal sources, reinforced the conclusion that humans were hypercarnivores.

Major Repairs Safeguard King Herod’s Tower for Future Generations of Passover Pilgrims

Major cracks in King Herod’s Phasael Tower being repaired to lessen risk of collapse.

Judaean Desert Dig Yields fragments of Biblical Scroll, Millennia-Old Child’s Skeleton, and World’s Oldest...

The scroll, which is written in Greek, includes portions of the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets, including the books of Zechariah and Nahum.

Boy Finds Ancient Figurine, Boy Hands Over Ancient Figurine to Israel Antiquities Authority

"In the absence of advanced medicine, amulets provided hope and an important way of appealing for aid.”

Tel Aviv U Researchers: Our Brain Grew after Large Animals Became Extinct and We...

"We correlate the increase in human brain volume with the need to become smarter hunters," explains Dr. Ben-Dor.

One of the World’s Oldest Megillat Esthers Comes Home

According to experts, there are very few extant Esther scrolls from the medieval period in general, and from the fifteenth century in particular.

Ancient Western Wall Stones Protected by Preservative Injections Ahead of Passover Prayers

“The Western Wall is a unique ecological environment that supports its own life forms.”

Two 1,800-Year-Old Sarcophagi Discovered in Ramat Gan Zoo

The wealthy owners of the sarcophagi, buried with their personal artifacts, had no idea that the coffins would find a place of honor alongside giraffes, elephants, and a bird nursery.

In Clandestine Operation Samaria Settlers Rebuild Joshua’s Altar Destroyed by Palestinian Authority

"As soon as you have crossed the Jordan into the land that the LORD your God is giving you, you shall set up large stones."

PA Damages Site of Yehoshua bin Nun’s Altar on Mount Ebal

The Palestinian Authority took ancients stones from the site and ground them down into gravel to pave a road.

Editor, Author and Attorney Turned Archaeology Expert Hershel Shanks Dies at 90

Hershel Shanks spearheaded the release of the photographs of Dead Sea Scroll fragments that had never before been published.

IDF Soldier Finds, Returns 2nd Century Coin from Mt. Carmel

The find was reported to the National Treasures Department of the Israel Antiquities Authority and the soldier received a certificate of appreciation for good citizenship.

Oldest Evidence of Growing Olives for Food Discovered under Haifa’s Sea

Olives are a key component of the human diet, culinary culture, and economy of the Mediterranean region.

Israeli Archaeologists Offer Glimpse into King David and King Solomon’s Wardrobe

"The color immediately attracted our attention, but it was hard to believe we had found true purple from such an ancient era.”

ID Tags Worn by Children in Sobibor Death Camp in Poland Unearthed

Yoram Haimi, Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist: “I have been excavating this site for ten years, but today I broke down.”

WWI-Era Hand Grenade Found in Central Jerusalem’s Gan Sacher Park

Assaf Peretz, an expert on modern-day weapons at the IAA, identified the grenade as a Mills 23 that was used by the British army in the First World War.

1,500-Year-Old Christian Inscription Discovered in Jezreel Valley

Engraved in stone, the Greek inscription is part of a lintel originally set in the frame of a church entrance from the late Byzantine period.

TAU Researchers Show Early Humans Used Chopping Tools in Breaking Animal Bones to Consume...

The researchers analyzed a sample of 53 chopping tools from Revadim, looking for use-wear traces and organic residues.


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