Archaeologists Identify Location of Roman Ballista that Penetrated Jerusalem’s Wall in 70 CE

The exposed Roman arsenal includes hundreds of ballista stones that were launched using sophisticated machines to a distance of 100–400 yards.

PA Declares Hasmonean-Era Fortress in Samaria a National Archaeological Park

The PA is continuing to destroy Tel Aroma, a Hasmonean-era fortress in Samaria which it seized in February 2020 and converted it into “a Palestinian tourist site.”

Rare Discovery in Ancient Shiloh – 5 Intact 2,000-Year-Old Giant Jugs

During the excavation, additional finds were found such as coins, a key that was probably used to open a box, and a wooden game cube.

IDF Soldiers Uncover 1500-Year-Old Convent with Mosaic Floor in Military Fire Zone

The Byzantine convent was first excavated twenty years ago and was later covered up to protect it.

Arabs Vandalize Archeological Site of Samaria’s Ancient Capital

The arson and vandalism at the site were revealed by a patrol of the Samaria Regional Council and Shomrim Al Hanetzach (Preserving Eternity), a watchdog group dedicated to protecting Israel’s archaeological treasures.

Spectacular Moon Goddess Coin Discovered off Carmel Coast

Emperor Antoninus Pius' rule was the most peaceful in Roman history.

PA Appropriates Another Israeli Heritage Site in Samaria, Causing Mass Damage to Archaeology

The archaeological site of Sheikh Sha’ala, located in Area A under full PA control in Samaria, has recently been redecorated with a huge mast flying a PLO flag.

Tel Gezer Archaeological Site Caught in Blaze, No Major Damage Reported

Tel Gezer is situated close to the ancient road that led from Jaffa to Jerusalem, making it a strategic asset.

Stunning 1700-Year-Old Mosaic Opens in Lod at Shelby White and Leon Levy Mosaic Archaeological...

The Lod Mosaic features, in detail, mammals, birds, fish, plant species and even vessels. Its design is influenced by the mosaics of North Africa.

9th Century Luxurious Estate and Mosque Uncovered in Bedouin City of Rahat

The findings shed light on the beginnings of the historical process that took place in the northern Negev with the introduction of Islam.

TAU & HU Researchers: Olive Trees Domesticated in Israel 7 Millennia Ago

The researchers were not surprised to discover that the inhabitants of Tel Zaf were the first in the world to intentionally grow olive and fig groves.

Israeli Scientists Uncover Traces of Fire Dating Back At Least 800 Millenia

The scientists used AI tools to search for molecular signals from the stone tools.

Inscription in Beit Shearim Burial Cave Reveals the Deceased: Yaakov the Convert Who Warned...

This is not only the first inscription revealed in Beit Shearim in the last 65 years, but it is also the first that explicitly mentions that the deceased is a convert.

Ancient Mikveh Discovered While Excavating Foundation for Western Wall Elevator

Visitors taking the elevator to the Kotel will be able to see the ancient Jewish ritual bath.

Segment of Roman Aqueduct Excavated in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv Neighborhood

The aqueduct remained the main source of water for Jerusalem until 1917.

Raid of Modiin Antiquities Dealer Recovers 1000s of Looted Coins and Rings

The IAA inspectors identified fresh soil on some of the coins and other objects, suggesting they had recently been removed from illegal excavations.

Bar-Ilan U Study Proves Origin of Herod’s Alabaster Bathtubs

Where were Herod the Great's royal alabaster bathtubs quarried?

Surprising Source Sheds Light on Ancient Nabataean–Roman Trade Across the Negev

Spices were not the only commodity traded over the ancient “Incense Route” that linked the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea and ran through the Land of Israel.

Ancient Samaritan Clay Candle Found near Stone Bath at Mount Gerizim Site

According to II Kings 17, The king of Assyria brought people from faraway lands and settled them in the towns of Samaria in place of the exiled Israelites.

Hamas Government Discovers 4,500-Years-Old Canaanite Statue

A Hamas official stated that the discovery of the archaeological artifact “proves the historical eligibility of the Palestinian people in their land."

Tablet with God’s Name, Biblical Curse, Discovered on ‘Curse Mount’ Ebal in Samaria

The correlation between the 3,200-year-old lead tablet and the event described in Deuteronomy 27 is obvious.

Not So Fast: Turkey Denies Deal to Return Siloam Inscription to Israel

Turkish diplomatic sources said the tablet is “currently a part of Palestinian territories; thus, it was out of the question to return it to Israel, a third country in Turkey’s view."

TAU Study Unravels Prehistoric Humans’ Recycling Practices

Collectors in the prehistoric world recycled old stone tools to preserve the memory of their ancestors.

Stolen Ancient Coins, Magical Artifacts, and Weapons Seized in Raid on Jerusalem Home

Hundreds of ancient finds, including rare bone and ivory artifacts from the biblical period, were seized.

Ashdod Police Find 1,500-Year-Old Byzantine Pillar on the Beach

Officers Itai Dabush and Sagiv Ben Gigi were patrolling the Ashdod beach and ran into the pillar that was sticking out of the dunes.

Shipwrecked Cargo Dating Back 3,200 Years Proves Bronze Age Mediterranean Basin Trade

Lead ingots found along Israel’s coast highlight contacts between Cyprus and Sardinia in the Late Bronze Age.

IDF Arrests Shechem Arab Suspected of Pillaging Thousands of Rare Archaeological Artifacts

"This was a significant operation to cut off the chain of trade in antiquities in the area."

Arab Caught with Treasure Trove of Archeological Artifacts

Police were looking for illegal weapons, instead they found an archaeological treasure trove.


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