Surprising Source Sheds Light on Ancient Nabataean–Roman Trade Across the Negev

Spices were not the only commodity traded over the ancient “Incense Route” that linked the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea and ran through the Land of Israel.

Ancient Samaritan Clay Candle Found near Stone Bath at Mount Gerizim Site

According to II Kings 17, The king of Assyria brought people from faraway lands and settled them in the towns of Samaria in place of the exiled Israelites.

Hamas Government Discovers 4,500-Years-Old Canaanite Statue

A Hamas official stated that the discovery of the archaeological artifact “proves the historical eligibility of the Palestinian people in their land."

Tablet with God’s Name, Biblical Curse, Discovered on ‘Curse Mount’ Ebal in Samaria

The correlation between the 3,200-year-old lead tablet and the event described in Deuteronomy 27 is obvious.

Not So Fast: Turkey Denies Deal to Return Siloam Inscription to Israel

Turkish diplomatic sources said the tablet is “currently a part of Palestinian territories; thus, it was out of the question to return it to Israel, a third country in Turkey’s view."

TAU Study Unravels Prehistoric Humans’ Recycling Practices

Collectors in the prehistoric world recycled old stone tools to preserve the memory of their ancestors.

Stolen Ancient Coins, Magical Artifacts, and Weapons Seized in Raid on Jerusalem Home

Hundreds of ancient finds, including rare bone and ivory artifacts from the biblical period, were seized.

Ashdod Police Find 1,500-Year-Old Byzantine Pillar on the Beach

Officers Itai Dabush and Sagiv Ben Gigi were patrolling the Ashdod beach and ran into the pillar that was sticking out of the dunes.

Shipwrecked Cargo Dating Back 3,200 Years Proves Bronze Age Mediterranean Basin Trade

Lead ingots found along Israel’s coast highlight contacts between Cyprus and Sardinia in the Late Bronze Age.

IDF Arrests Shechem Arab Suspected of Pillaging Thousands of Rare Archaeological Artifacts

"This was a significant operation to cut off the chain of trade in antiquities in the area."

Arab Caught with Treasure Trove of Archeological Artifacts

Police were looking for illegal weapons, instead they found an archaeological treasure trove.

TAU Archaeologists Show Early Humans Understood Space Heating, Smoke Control

Findings indicate that early humans controlled fire and placed their hearth at the optimal location in the cave.

Next to Efrat, Arabs Destroy 2 Kilometers of Second Temple Era Aqueduct

An illegal factory in Beit Fajar in Gush Etzion took about two kilometers from a Second Temple period aqueduct and ground it into gravel for construction.

‘Shema Yisrael’ Pendants Discovered During Excavations in Sobibor Death Camp

Over the past year, researchers have identified their origin in Eastern Europe: from Lviv in Ukraine, and from Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Ancient Hebrew Amulet Discovered at Joshua’s Altar in Samaria

Joshua's altar is the only currently known remnant from the period of the Israelite conquest of Canaan.

Arabs Again Damage Joshua’s Altar on Mount Eival

According to PA officials, identifying the site as a Jewish altar is a “falsification of the Palestinian history of the place.”

Arava Desert Was the Startup Hub of Ancient Canaan

Thanks to advanced management skills, the Arava became the copper power of the ancient world.

Kingdom of Judah’s Temple and Royal Treasuries Revealed

Archaeologists have successfully identified evidence of both the Temple Treasury and the Royal Treasury of the Kingdom of Judah. 

Study: Jerusalem Nobility Suffered from Infectious Diseases due to Poor Sanitary Conditions

The 2,700-year-old remains of intestinal parasite eggs were discovered in a cesspit beneath the toilet in the garden of a luxury estate uncovered at the Armon Hanatziv Promenade in Jerusalem.

British Shell From Israel’s Independence War Found in Forest Near Jerusalem

The 1948 bomb was located in a wooded area near Ma’aleh Hahamisha, north of Jerusalem, by a father his children who walked around the area on Saturday afternoon.

Israeli & Turkish Scientists Discover Victim Remains from Bronze Age Tsunami 3,500 Years Ago

International research collaboration co-led with University of Haifa’s Dr. Beverly Goodman-Tchernov unearths remarkable discovery within tsunami debris.

Spectacular Ancient Treasure Discovered in Shipwrecks off the Coast of Caesarea

The underwater remains also include rare personal effects of the shipwreck victims.

1,900-Year-Old Sarcophagus Lid Rescued from Ashkelon Garbage Dump

The marble artifact from Roman times, which weighs some two tons, is believed to have been stolen from a construction site and discarded on an illegal trash heap.

Hebrew U Study Credits Pontius Pilate with Building the Sophisticated Biar Aqueduct in Jerusalem

The carbon dating matches the description by historian Flavius Josephus who wrote that Pilate used the Temple treasury to build an aqueduct.

Antiquities Seized from Arab Bandits Believed to be Loot Taken by Bar Kochba Rebels...

Police on patrol noticed during routine activity a car driving illegally. To their amazement, they found a crate in the trunk, containing impressive and unusual archaeological finds.

Second Synagogue from Temple Era Excavated in Migdal near the Kinneret

This is the first time that two synagogues have been found in a single settlement from the Second Temple period.

3 Arabs Arrested for Theft of Ancient Archaeological Artifacts

Some of the artifacts were from the period of the Bar-Kochba revolt in 130 CE.

On Last Day of Hanukkah, Arab Caught With Ancient Hasmonean-Era Artifacts

Among the items seized were a Hasmonean coin dating from the time of Matityahu Antigonus in the first century BCE with an embossment of the Temple Menorah.


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