Radiocarbon Study Determines Dates of City of David Buildings, Matching Them to Biblical Events

The researchers accurately dated the walls built in Jerusalem during the First Temple period and identified areas of extensive construction during the reign of the kings of Judah.

6,000-Years-Old Ivory Vessel Discovered in Southern Israel

Further biomolecular analyses will establish where the ivory originated, based on the elephant's diet.

High School Student from Hod HaSharon Discovers 1600-Year-Old Oil Lamp

The oil lamp was likely produced in Petra, in Jordan, between the fourth and fifth centuries CE.

Hiding Complex that May Have Been Used in the Bar Kochba Revolt Unearthed near...

It is the most extensive hiding complex discovered to date in Galilee.

Coin Inscribed ‘Elazar the Priest’ Dated to Bar Kokhva’s Revolt Discovered in Judean Desert

The excavation will begin on March 11, 2024, and will last ten days. Registration and details on the Israel Antiquities Authority Website.

Rare First Temple Clay Seal Unearthed in Jerusalem

"The seal supports the biblical record of there being a governor of Jerusalem during the period."

Second Temple Era Mysterious Stone Box Going on Display at Israel Museum

Archaeologist Nachman Avigad jokingly called the object 50 years ago a "nuts and seeds bowl," and the name stuck.

1,800-Year-Old Roman Legion Base Exposed at the Foot of Tel Megiddo

“A unique opportunity to uncover part of the full-scale Roman legionary base.”

Hiker Discovers Ancient Assyrian Scarab Amulet in Lower Galilee

The beautiful scarab was found at the foot of Tel Reches, one of the most important tels (hills) in the north of the country.

Rare 2,550-Year-Old Silver Sheqel Discovered in the Judean Hills

The coin was discovered during road works of the Netivei Israel National Transport Infrastructure Company.

IDF Reservists Discover Ancient Wheat Mortar in Gaza

“We were excited to suddenly receive a greeting from the past and deal with good news for a change.”

Arabs Vandalize Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal

"Only the fixed Jewish presence of a farm or town will prevent further damage or destruction," activist group says.

Israeli Researchers Use Earth’s Magnetic Field to Verify Biblical Battle of Gath

New technology interprets archaeological findings from biblical times.

Soldiers Discover 1,500-Year-Old Candle in Gaza Envelope Troops Staging Area

"The war creates extraordinary situations on the archaeological front as well."

Ancient Roof Tiles Associated with King Antiochus’s Rule Discovered in City of David

During a military expedition to Jerusalem in 168 BCE, Antiochus IV erected the Acra fortress either on or just outside the Temple Mount.

Archaeologists Uncover Earliest Evidence of Organized Warfare in Israel and the Levant

The research revealed that the hundreds of sling stones were almost identical.

Archaeologists Help IDF Identify Burnt Remains in Gaza Envelope

Since the beginning of the scans, the archaeologists’ labor has led to the certain identification of at least ten perished individuals who were considered missing.

Archaeologists Discover 2,300 Years Old Tomb of a Courtesan in Jerusalem

The absence of a settlement near the burial cave suggests that this tomb likely belongs to a woman who accompanied a senior official and was buried on the roadside.

Palestinian Authority Uses Illegal Construction, UNESCO, to Wage War on Israeli Heritage Sites

“The main goal of the Palestinian Authority is forcing [people] to forget the heritage."

Civil Administration Archeologists Uncover Ancient Stone Workshop on Rt. 437

“2,000 years later, we are privileged to continue the work of our ancestors here and widen the road from the Binyamin communities to Jerusalem.”

Magical Artifacts Unearthed in Eilat Mountains

On the road to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, one could stop to consult a professional sorcerer.

Judean Desert Sensation: Cache of Weapons from Roman Period Stashed in a Cave

"This time, thanks to the national project initiated by the IAA, we managed to beat the looters and preserve these fascinating finds."

Knesset Members Join Emergency Field Tour of Threatened Archaeological Sites in Liberated Territories

"The story of the Jewish People and Jericho has remained immutable and embedded in Jewish historical consciousness for millennia and anyone who attempts to . . . erase the history of the Jewish People will fail."

More Insanity, UNESCO Prepares to Label Biblical Jericho Sites as ‘Palestinian’

Among the Jewish heritage sites near biblical Jericho are the Hasmonean Winter Palaces, King Herod’s Third Palace, a Byzantine-era synagogue dating back to the 6th or 7th Century CE, ritual baths, and nearby burial caves used by priests of the Second Temple.

Archaeologists Stymied by King Jehoash and Amaziah’s Mysterious Jerusalem Canals

"The mystery only thickened when we found the second facility to the south."

Longest Section of Jerusalem’s Upper Aqueduct Revealed at Givat HaMatos

The length of the section is about 300 meters, and it was uncovered in the excavations ahead of the neighborhood’s expansion.

Intact 3,800-Year-Old Mudbrick Passageway with Supported Vault Discovered in Jezreel Valley

“Tel Shimron National Park is a time capsule capturing 5,000 years of captivating history in the heart of the Jezreel Valley."

2,000-Year-Old Phanagoria Synagogue Discovered by Archaeologists in Southern Russia

The Phanagoria Synagogue was destroyed around the middle of the 6th century CE when the city was plundered during an attack by the Huns.

5,500-Year-Old Gate Uncovered in Kiryat Gat

The earliest gate that was known to date was found in Tel Arad, an estimated 300 years later than the Tel Erani gate.


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