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August 30, 2014 / 4 Elul, 5774
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White House Says ‘No’ to Ground Invasion

Channel 2 reported Tuesday that US President Barack Obama supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas missile attacks, but added that Washington is opposed to a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip by IDF forces.

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321 Responses to “White House Says ‘No’ to Ground Invasion”

  1. Tell POTUS to **** off

  2. Can’t have it both ways, how Islam of him

  3. Sekove Waqa says:

    Dont listen go ahead invade

  4. what about rockets from paedophile followers AHMED,ayisha harshband?

  5. I don’t think Israel cares what BHO has to say about how they defend their country. I am so embarrassed he represents our country!

  6. Obama couldn’t run a birthday party. who cares what he says….bebe is a real president unlike the phony we have.

  7. It’s not Obama’s decision. Israel has to do whatever Israel needs to do for its own good–nobody else cares about Jews and the Israeli state the way we do !!

  8. Israel should defend itself by any means necessary to get the job done.

  9. Tough s**t Obamanation.

  10. Who cares what Obama says

  11. Obama, get Hamas out of Gaza, then there will be peace

  12. Would Obama like if, instead of ground operation, Israel leveled Gaza from the air to make it a big parking lot? I also like that better!

  13. Obama has nothing to say in the matter.Let him take it up with his Muslim buddies.

  14. Gary Gien says:

    Ground invasion is safer for both sides . The great IDF can go into their holes that they live and not kill their human shields on the roof .

  15. Charlie Hall says:

    I never believe unconfirmed anonymous sources. They are as wrong as they are correct.

  16. Who cares what Washington wants??

  17. Judi Fradkin says:

    Who cares what he has to say.

  18. Michael Hart says:

    Before you open your mouth learn the facts …

  19. Bridj says:

    Obama is on his fund-raising trail. No cum laude in strategy.

  20. Charlie Hall says:

    And I am sick and tired of Obamahaters attacking our President. Just last night he brought a bunch of Muslims to the White House and told them that Israel has the right to defend itself. Not a word of credit from you Obamahating commenters.

  21. No way obama supports Israel!!! Do not listen to his lies!! Protect Israel, God’s chosen!!!

  22. The US needs to stfu on this one! For once, they have to keep quiet….besides, no one gives a **** what our Muslim in chief has to say

  23. It is not Washington’s call and especially not Obama’s. He is allowing our southern borders to be invaded.

  24. Andy Rossell says:

    Israel must take whatever action is needed to protect it’s sovernty.

  25. who cares what the white house days. They don’t live in Israel.

  26. Obama wants Israel safety. Whatever you hear from unreliable sources it’s just that. The US and whom ever may be President at the time will always back Israel. It’s as simple as that. Get yourselves an education. Stop your hate of this or any administration or your no better that Hamas.

  27. The White House has no say in this. One day, it will get the message. I hope I live that long, and I’m going to be around awhile :)

  28. Marcus Dean says:

    This American supports Israel 100%

  29. Orah Peer says:

    Who cares! !we will do as neede

  30. Who cares what our Muslim Obamanation thinks? Worst president in history.

  31. Marcus Dean says:

    Sorry Israel but our ( USA ) president and his admin. are a bunch of morons

  32. Even Putin of Russia supports Israel. Come on, Putin.

  33. You are listening to the White House …why? Take back Gaza. That land for peace hasn’t been honored so you get your land back.

  34. Not white it’s black lol, please forget about such a stupid statement and fight terrorists. So it means white house support terrorism? Then can Hamas try such a things with the white house? Rubbish.

  35. Aha, we will be raptured already into heaven, Dont live to see that day It’s atime of tribulaton

  36. Who is Obama to tell you want to do

  37. He doesn’t speak for those of us who stand by Israel

  38. True, let Israel fight off the enemy, dont listen to obama

  39. Obama take a hike!

  40. JoAnn Morris says:

    Stand Strong Bibi…..you know what is best for Israel.

  41. Hahahaha, a matter of fact indeed, add me

  42. Don’t listen to Obama. He doesn’t know anything about war

  43. I don’t think it matters a wee tittle what Washington thinks!

  44. Who cares what the president wants.Stay out of it.Let Israel do what needs to be done to stop these terrorists.

  45. James Gaus says:

    I’ll bet If rockets were raining down on our country Obama be singing a different tune – but I doubt it. In any event OBAMA DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ISRAEL!!!

  46. Israel was a nation for Jews, The first human beings created were placed by God in Israel, Abraham founder of Israel

  47. Obama has done so little to support Israel since he’s taken office. Bow out, Washinton! Obama, quit funding the enemy!

  48. It is not his decision nor his business. He is SUPPOSE to be running this country. How about talking care of the mess you have caused? Israel is taking care of her business just fine. Thank you very much. God Bless Israel.

  49. Bill Thomas says:

    Who cares what obama says?

  50. forget the white house that’s turned dark, do what needs to be done to protect Israel.

  51. Brett James says:

    … because his strategies are working so well in Syria and Iraq at them moment…

  52. Dan Masri says:

    I say Israel is not the business of USA.

  53. You come to a place start living there say its urs than kill those who were living before you … Go2Hell Israel …

  54. Let Israel accomplish it’s mission in victory, Islam is like a thorn in the flesh

  55. John Kiguru says:

    do it so that he talks aftr aftermath

  56. HB Cy says:

    From who or from what is he affraid of ? What did you expect from such a president ???!

  57. By the same logic Jews are the chosen people and so they have a right to get the earth vacated. Ms. Luke please do some sensible reading and not the lies and logic spread by the mischievous people.

  58. Harold Kay says:

    Obama needs to but out of it ……he had already screwed up enough things

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