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Corporate Social Responsibility

On Wednesday and Thursday, November 29-30, the second annual Maala International Con(fair)ence, Israel’s leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) meetup, will be held in Tel Aviv’s old harbor’s Hangar 11. This year’s theme is “Innovation for a Good Life.”

Founded in 1998, Maala is considered Israel’s non-profit CSR standards-setter. It publishes the annual Israeli CSR Index on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, serving the needs of some 120 of Israel’s large and mid-size companies, who are committed to excellence in corporate citizenship.


The conference’s speakers represent some of the world’s largest enterprises, and will be turning ideas into action with a focus on processing innovation and sustainability within the global business community. Over the course of two days, attendees will be able to participate in immersive field tours, brainstorming sessions, and talks with insights into Israeli strategies on corporate social responsibility.

“CSR is quickly becoming a cornerstone of every major business’s investment strategy,” said Maala CEO Momo Mahadav. “Maala’s conference is helping expose the world’s corporate community to this dramatic change, while giving them the tools to embrace it with ease,” of. “In an ever-changing world of corporate social responsibility, it is vital companies are in tune with the demands of their customers.”

The first day of the conference will revolve around six different themes, including Israel’s natural gas discoveries and its transportation sector; longevity in the workplace; and the innovative business of social offering.

On the second day, a variety of tours will be offered to local market-leaders in different sectors, providing intimate insights into Israeli business pioneering practices, including visits to Arab and Haredi employment centers.

This year’s conference is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, alongside some the Israeli market’s biggest corporate names.