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July 26, 2014 / 28 Tammuz, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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Student Union opens ‘hasbara’ room in effort to fill public diplomacy vacuum.

New Game Around Boston: ‘Jail the Jew’

The anti-Semitic graffiti appeared in elementary schools and high schools, but a game called "Jail the Jew" was played by students at an elementary school.
Bedford, Massachusetts is the setting for explicit acts of anti-Semitism, but the community is working together to respond.

Bedford, Massachusetts is the setting for explicit acts of anti-Semitism, but the community is working together to respond.

There is an alarming report coming out of Boston. It details a series of jaw-droppingly offensive acts of anti-Semitic acts perpetrated on Jewish children in a Boston suburb, Bedford, Massachusetts.

The really horrifying part is that some of the worst of the anti-Semitic acts were committed by elementary school students.

There were the sadly standard drawings of swastikas in the high school boys bathrooms and one etched onto a playground slide. But there were also ominous graffiti messages, such as “Jews kill them all.” That one was at an elementary school.

The incidents went beyond passive drawings and written messages.

One child said that a classmate told her they were going to destroy her country because she is Jewish.

Another Jewish child was told by a peer that she could not have a cracker because Jews didn’t believe in Jesus Christ.

All of those incidents took place during the fall.

During the winter holiday season, when students were discussing the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah, one of the comments made was that Jews were responsible for killing Jesus.

The incidents were brought to the attention of the entire Bedford community in a letter written to them by Jon Sills, the commissioner of the Bedford School District, according to WBZ, a Boston CBS affiliate station.

The anti-Semitic graffiti appeared in elementary schools and high schools, but a game called “Jail the Jew” was played by students at an elementary school, according to Sills.

Sills says the school has responded by informing parents in an effort to raise awareness. He has also arranged to bring in school, clergy and community leaders to figure out how best to deal with the situation.

“I believe that the broader the response, the less likely the perpetrators of hate speech will feel that their behavior is permissible, and that Bedford’s proud claim of being a community that refuses to tolerate hate will be imbued with renewed meaning,” Sills said in the email.

The Bedford Police Chief Robert Bongiorno released the following statement last Thursday: “The Bedford Police Department, in partnership with the Bedford Public Schools, is committed to ending and preventing any further acts of antisemitism in our community. Hateful words and actions have no place in Bedford, and we will work with our partners in town government, the schools, and community groups to help rid our town of hate.”

A community meeting is scheduled for tonight, March 20, at 7 p.m., at the John Glenn Middle School in Bedford.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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84 Responses to “New Game Around Boston: ‘Jail the Jew’”

  1. Lord, help us! Bedford—wasn’t that where “witches” were killed? Seems Massachusetts still has the same mindset.

  2. Elise Ronan says:

    What do you expect from the average people in the area when the Jews themselves support an antisemitic curriculum as in Newton, Mass.

  3. In a proud liberal,democrat city…who could be doing this?-sarcasm-.

  4. no – that was

  5. no – that was

  6. Eduardo Mazo says:

    remnant of Nazi shadow of Islamic faith.

  7. Terrible, get this Muslim Nazi scum out of this country

  8. That is just plain sick!! They need to be taught better.

  9. Laila Cohen says:

    Beford, you don’t like Jews,,,Don’t use JEWISH medical breakthroughs, give back your cell phone, don’t go to movies or watch TV and PISS OFF SCUM

  10. Cary Cowell says:

    Is that place full of Musilims and communist ?

  11. Laila Cohen says:

    so, in the part of USA where there are the most educated people, these MAGGOTS are still talking about the same anti-Semitic crap as 100 years ago…..listen, BEDFORD little brats, give back your cellphone, DO NOT USE ANY Jewish medical findings or medicines, do not watch TV or movies…and go piss off…..I think you are SCUM.

  12. I’m torn. I’ve had my own anti-Jewish attacks and I fight back literally. But at the same time I think how a few uneducated goyim can turn our world upside down with some chicken scratches because of a German pervert.

  13. JoAnn Morris says:

    Young children are saying what they here from their parents at home.

  14. So much hate. Not enough love.

  15. Erika Felt says:

    Muslim Nazis? Da Fugg are you talking about?
    Responding to hate with more misdirected hate smdh

  16. Oh that is just seriously messed up. The town needs clear re-education

  17. That is unbelievably sick. If the same thing was done to Muslims there would be a massive outcry every where. Haddad obviously you don’t care that Israel has put army hospitals on the border with Syria to help wounded from the Syrian civil war. Or that they treat Palestinians in their hospitals it is time to stop the hate of Israel and accept them as brothers

  18. WTF! I’m so sick of these hateful as people! Yes, I’m a Jew, but it’s not even about that, it’s about humanity! I know me, let 1 MF in Boston say something to me antis emetic, WOULD BE THEIR LAST WORDS!! PERIOD

  19. I think it’s a blue-collar East Coast redneck thing.

  20. So many Arab children have been helped at Israeli hospitals and by Israeli doctors. If the governments in Gaza and the West Bank choose to spend the billions they receive from the West and from Muslim nations NOT on the health of their people, that has nothing to do with apartheid or Israel. It is the result of corrupt government officials who pocket the money themselves.

  21. No sick person is turned away from the hospitals in Israel. The staff has Arab nurses, doctors, lab scientists who all work together ,they even try to help those who hurt themselves when they try to blow up , busses cars and malls or themselves

  22. Sickening and sad!!!!

  23. Gary Gien says:

    Start to fight back

  24. Nikki Hoffman says:

    So disturbing & surprising for that area..I am saddened.

  25. Joyce K. Singer says:

    This is reminiscent of my childhood – 55 years ago in a horribly anti-Semitic Connecticut town. Anti-Semitism has been recycled for 2,000 years.

  26. What is being done by law enforcement and the religious community?

  27. That’s what happens when you put a muzzie in the White House. G-D bless America because you’ll need all his help to beat this muzzie :poop: scourge infecting your land.
    BTW stop feeding the muzzie trolls on this posting.

  28. The muzzie trolls are out, hold your nose! :poop:

  29. Sick people. Hope that they will get what they deserve

  30. Why what have they ever done to you. ? Its just plain disciminatory actions . Hatred is all we see . Whrres the love jesus taught.

  31. What a sick world, with youth who is rotten to the bone.discusting

  32. Shame shame! Sick people! A slap in the face for the survivors of the Shoa!

  33. Time to kick some nazi ass

  34. Yidden COME HOME before it’s too late!!

  35. And friends wonder why I dont feel comfortable here anymore

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