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President Obama meeting recently with Jewish Leaders.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Jewish swing voters could make or break President Obama’s bid for reelection.

At least that’s the case that Democratic Party leaders made in a training session that packed one of the larger halls at the convention center here on Monday, the day before the formal start of the Democratic National Convention.


It came with a message delivered to Jewish volunteers at the convention in Charlotte: Some Jewish voters matter more than others. And when it comes to issues, Israel is especially important – but don’t forget domestic policy.

At the session, Jewish public officials such as Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) shouted out the party’s new Jewish tagline: “I’m here because I’m a Jew and I support the president and I support Israel.”

Both parties are aggressively targeting Jewish voters in swing states. Next week, the Republican Jewish Coalition will conduct a voter outreach drive in South Florida, Cleveland and Philadelphia. The blitz, part of an overall $6.5 million RJC effort to sway Jewish voters, will be based on prior polling that will “micro-target” Jewish undecideds.

Despite their relatively small number in America – approximately 2 percent of the population – Jews remain a key electoral demographic.

Ira Forman, the veteran Jewish Democrat who has been running Obama’s Jewish outreach campaign, listed seven states – Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and Michigan – where a 10 percent swing among Jewish voters could change the election.

A drop in support for Obama from the approximate 75 percent of the Jewish vote that he received in 2008 to 65 percent this year would cost him 83,500 votes in Florida, 41,500 in Pennsylvania and 19,000 in Ohio, according to Forman. The figures were based on educated guesses about eligibility and voter turnout.

The most recent Gallup tracking polls of Jewish voters, from June and July, had Obama at 68 percent of the vote – ahead of the 61 percent level at which he was polling in July 2008, when he was facing Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

The speakers at Monday’s event said that swing voters tended to be exercised by concerns about Obama’s Israel policies, though their principal concerns are about the economy, health care and social issues like abortion rights.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the DNC chairwoman and the party’s highest-ranking Jewish member, said Republicans hammer on the Israel issue because the Republican Party has little common ground with Jewish voters on domestic policy.

Republicans cite changing Jewish demographics and voter patterns – including the increasingly large Orthodox community, which is more politically conservative than other Jewish denominations – as evidence that this is no longer necessarily the case.

Based on Monday’s training session – similar to a number that Democrats say the party has held throughout the swing states – it’s clear the campaign waged by Republicans to depict Obama as lacking commitment to Israel has had an impact.

For the Israel argument, Democrats unveiled an eight-minute video titled “Steadfast” that features an array of Israeli leaders, including Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres, extolling what is depicted as an unprecedented level of cooperation on defense and intelligence sharing with the Obama administration.

Also featured in talking points handed out to attendees are the Obama administration’s efforts to isolate Iran in a bid to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program, including intensified sanctions.

Republicans acknowledge the close relationship between the Israeli and U.S. administrations on defense, but say Obama has undercut its benefits by making public his disagreements with Israel over peacemaking with the Palestinians. They also say he has not made it sufficiently clear that Iran could face a military strike from Israel or the United States if it does not cooperate.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has suggested he would not stand in the way of an Israeli strike, while Obama administration officials have spent recent months in intensive talks with Israelis hoping to head off such a strike.

Indeed, Wasserman Schultz, in making the case for Obama’s Iran policy, repeated a talking point that distinguishes the Democratic position, which counsels military force as a last resort: She praised Obama for “making sure that all options are on the table, but making sure that the military option is the last, not the first, one.”



  1. I voted for Obama in 08' his policies are wrong for America and for Israel.

    Don't be ashamed to vote for Romney, the only chance America will improve and Iran will be stopped from nuking Israel.

    When you go to the voting booth in November 6,000,000 souls will be looking at you.

  2. I'm an ex republican who knows her history: It was republicans in the 1920's who instituted stirngent immigration polices to "restrictEastern Europeans (read Jews); in the 1930's-40's, it was a republican Asst sec. of state who threw up all sorts of barriers to bar jews immigration while allowing thousands of English children to find a home from german bombers. One million jewishchildren died in the ovens. Republicans made it impossible for Roosevelt to allow Jews to immigrate or to allow the St. Louis to find safe harbor in the US. Eisnehower reufsed to sell arms to israel in the 1950's, Nixon's arm had to be twisted to re supply Israel during the Yom Kippur war-and the list goess even longer. 6,000,000 souls will be watching a member of the Mormon church whose church refuses to top baptizing Holocaust vicitims and other deceased jews. The only reason the Evangelicals view support of israel as a hastening of the 2nd coming of Christ- the jews will convert or die. regardless of thiss tupid move on the DNC's part, I'll still back the president because I do not want white, Christian males imposing their backward beliefs on my health, my daughter's heath, my pay, my joband my religious belliefs. if money is your only reason for voting for Romney, then sacrifice your future on the altar of dollar bills.

  3. Cheri, you really need to get out and get some fresh air. News flash..THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN! If you 'know your history' you know that only under conservative leadership does the middle class thrive. Oh my how you have been snookered. p.s. the Dems also started the KKK…but then again, I am sure you know this because you know your history.

  4. Sarah, then it's a good thing you do not live and vote here, becuase you do not understan America or American Jews. Obama whole heartly supports Israel and would NEVER let it fail.
    We know he has appointed more cabinet members, supreme court justices and white house insiders who are Jewish than any other president. The current chief of staff (the second most powerful person in the inner circle is an orthodau Jew. Obama is the first president to have a Passover Sedar in the white house,
    Obama and the American Jews have a common goal in social rights in this country, the kind of social things that willard and the other right wing wants ot do away with, social security, medicare, medicaid etc.
    You really need to know what you are talking about before you look to foolish

  5. Jean Pierre Katz, You simply do not have a clue. Willard is bad for America and even Worse for Jews. He has no foreign policy experience and really doesn't care about Israel only that in this country Jews vote.
    While you do not know Obama, he is a strong supporter of Israel and would never let it fail. If iran ever attacked, Obama would simply blow it off the map.
    American Jews like the social benefits that Obama care deeply about (medicare, social security, medicais, low cost student loans etc., ) willard does not and wants to do away with these programs.
    Obama has appointed more Jews to cabinet positions, the supreme court, and white house power roles. The current Chief of Staff (the second most powerful person in the white house) is an orthodox Jew.
    Obama has had the first Passover Sedar of any president ever in the white house. willard has no idea what a passover sedar is.
    You need to know what you are talking about so you do not look so foolish.

  6. Sarah Simmons you continue to be an idiot!
    There is a war on women being waged on American women by the repubs and tea baggers. They want to do away with birth control (some ultra conservatives) want to make using birth control pusnishable by prison terms. The repubs want women to have unnesessary and unneeded invasive ultra sounds which they would ahve to pay for even thought there doctors say it is unnecessary. The right wing nuts have said they do not care how many women die during child birth, if it is choice between the mothers life and the life of the baby save the baby, Anyone know where it says this in the bible. Right wing crazies want to do away with all legal and safe abortions even in the case of rape and incest,
    Repubs and tea baggers (read white males) want to have total control over a women and her body.

    These are just some of the reasons that make any normal sane person think that the repubs and tea baggers have declared war on women.

    It is you who need to step out into the sunshine and get some fresh air. You need to know what you are talking about before you try to give someone advise which is 100% totally incorrect and as I said before, make you look even more foolsih then we already believe you are!

  7. Sarah Simmons, It is stupid Jews like you who cause anti semitism.
    You are too foolish to understand even the most simple issues.
    There is indeed a real war on women in this country. The repubs and tea baggers want women to flollow their rules and regulations about what to do with their bodies. They want to send women to jail for having abortions even when the pregnancy is a result of rape and incest, you want to have a child becasue your father or brother raped you? They would rather see a women die in childbirth than save her to try and have another baby. They insist that where it is legal to have an abortion the demand that you have an invasive ultra sound that they must pay for even if the doctor says there is no meical reason for it. The list goes on and on.

    If you ar too stupid to understand this than nothing is going to help you.

    You do know that everything you have in your sorry life is a direct result of us liberal Jews helping you! repubs and tea baggers do not care a damned thing about you. A Liberal Harry Truman made it possible to have an Israel. Richard ("I am not a crook") Nixon was a viscious anti semite. Barak Obama is the reason there was a controversy yesterday, as it was HE who wanted the g-d and Jerushiliam as Israels capitol put back in the platfoem.

    In the United Staes Jews care very much about social issues, including the right for a women to care about her own body, medicare, social security, medicaid, safe roads and bridges and many other things that governments are responsible for. repubs and tea baggers are against everyone of these issues and continuously vote against them.

    In this coutry Jews want to continue the separation of churh and state and keep the govrnment out of the g-d "business. repubs and tea baggers want their g-d to rule and dominate.

    willard and ryan are wimps who expect me and my children to fight in wars to protect them, when they or their families have not done the same to protect me or anyone else. willard talks a good game but simply would not know what to do.

    Obama will NEVER let Israel fail and would fight to save it should it come to that. There are over 30 U.S democratic JEWISH (not including John Kerry who is very aware about his recent Jewish heritage and the fact that his brother re-converted back to out faith,)congresspeople in the U.S. Sentate and Congress AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS 100% RATING OF HELPING ISRAEL. There is only one Jewish repub congressperson in the U.S. congress and NONE in the senate. Do you think that might have to do with what American Jews want of their elected officials.


  8. BTW, I understand AMERICA completely… no, you are right. I don't understand why a Jew would sell their soul for a cabinet appointment or a Passover Sedar. Anything for a vote. Don't you get it? The Jews also tried to appease Hitler. Why do I bring THAT UP? Because as he was doing little 'niceties' he was getting ready to kill them. If obama likes you so much, why is he supporting the muslim brother that says EVERYDAY many times over the goal is to wipe out every Jew on the face of the earth. No sir, I understand all too much. As the entitlement community will vote for him for their 'piece of the pie' without working, it seems to me way too many jews will also sell out for a crumb from the table. how so very sad.

  9. DNC Platform:
    1) Taxpayer-funded abortions;.
    2) taxpayer-funded condoms for law students;.
    3) demonize capitalism;.
    4) demonize success;.
    5) play the race card;.
    6) pretend we're not the Communist Party;.
    7) feed Israel to Iran;.
    8) toss God into the dumpster;.
    9) blame Bush for everything;.
    10) make Bill Clinton, who was impeached and accused of sexual assault by 6 women, and who is a Serial Adulterer the keynote speaker.

  10. DNC Platform:
    1) Taxpayer-funded abortions;.
    2) taxpayer-funded condoms for law students;.
    3) demonize capitalism;.
    4) demonize success;.
    5) play the race card;.
    6) pretend we're not the Communist Party;.
    7) feed Israel to Iran;.
    8) toss God into the dumpster;.
    9) blame Bush for everything;.
    10) make Bill Clinton, who was impeached and accused of sexual assault by 6 women, and who is a Serial Adulterer the keynote speaker.

  11. I just could not get past the very first paragraph!! No experience? Do you ever read any truth??? Obama HAS NO EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING………AND IT SHOWS!!! Holy Moses..wake up sir!!!

  12. Edward Lobel and there it is. Can't offer truth so you revert to what liberas do best. Name calling. Let me guess. You took the Alinsky course Rules for Radicals. How so sad for you.

  13. Edward Lobel ok… I can't spend to much more time with you… but you are just so, so indoctrinated if you believe for one minute what you say about the war on women. If you want an abortion, get one. What we say PAY FOR IT!!! you want birth control, we say PAY FOR IT!! And what is this garbage about us wanting liberals to 'follow their rules'? Surely you know that Obama, subverting the laws of the land the constitution are holding accountable we, the people for his laws. but i guess that is OK with you because for now, you like them. What happens when you don't like them.. Oh my goodness. wake up man!! Obama will NEVER let Israel fail.are you kidding me! He tells you in his speeches HE WILL!!! Man, wake up.

  14. Sorry Sarah, but you do not understand America at all. It seems you want what you want and everything else is not acceptable. Here everything is not clear cut and when politics is involved it gets even less clear than that. Here politicans play "i will trade yu this if you give me that" It has worked amazingly well since the beginning of this country right up to 2 years ago when the rpubs and tea baggers stopped it in an effort to make the president fail and to get back in power, they did this at the expense of the American people.
    They want what they want and everything else is not acceptable and no compromise is workable, sort of like what happens in Israel.

    You are under the mistaken opinion that the Jews appeased hitler and that is not the truth. Oh there were some who probably said I'm German and he wouldn't do that, that happens a lot when people do not question. In reality a lot of Jews left Germany, those who couldn't for whatever reason had no choice until it was too late. Also remember that it was not only German Jews, but if you lived in a country like France, Jews wouldn't leave because our military would never lose and when they did loose it wss too late, so Jews did not appease hitler..

    Obama is president of the United States and has to be at least cordual to everyone. You do know that the U.S. did have relations with both Russia (before it split up) and China when both countries where communist but hated one another. The russians accussed the U.S. of dealing with China and felt it would hurt them and the Chinese said you ar dealing with Russia and that will hurt us.

    Obama has to deal with Egypt as the "ally" they were. At such a point as they interfere with Israel, the U.S. will continue to deal favorably with them. If willard wins he will do the same. If Obama is president and Egypt breaks the treaty with the U.S. Obama will deal with that, but until now Egypt remains our friend.

    I know you do not understand that and do not accept that, but it is the truth and the reality of the situation.

    Before as well as after the second world war, the U.S. and Russia were not friend, HOWEVER, during the second world war, Russia and the U.S. were forced to be friends. It worked rather well.

    I do not trust willard. he has proven over and over again that he is a LIAR and cannot be counted on anything except that he will try to make money on everything. he is incapable of compromise (very few CEO of business are,) it must be there way or it will not happen.

    I will leave you with these few thoughs (so you can go back to mixing the Kool Aid – LOL) but I believe:
    Palistine is where Jordan is today and they should be given that as a home land to heck wth the jordanians!
    My people were there first (I have the Aaron Gene so some of my ancesters were there a long time ago,) and that they should march up to the top of the dome and throw the muslims out. After all before it was a temple for them, it was a Temple for my people.
    It may not be a good idea to be voal about it, but let the "bad guys" know that if you put us back against the wall, we will bomb you back to the stone age.
    However until then I will stick with the American way. I choose that Obama is the correct choice and accept the fact that American Jews are not wimps and we know what we want and what we are doing.

  15. Sarah Simmons no one ever elected has had experience at being the president of the united states. when Obama ran, John Mccain had no experience, george bush ad no experience, so the fact that you say Obama had no experience at being the president means nothing,
    Unlike willard, Mccain, bush, bush, and reagun, at east Obama went to law school and practiced law! being president is about executing the laws.

    You call me names, threaten my life,clearly do not know anything about America, Americans and out and out foolishness about Alinsky, and calling Obama and me a radical. Perhaps you need to get an English dictionalry and look up that word.

    Sorry Sarah, I indeed know the truth and it is you who do not accept it or understand it. I have answered many if not all you questions and every time I tell you a fact, you simply ignore it and like hitlers big lie, keep repeating nonsense over and over again.

    You say I am indoctrinated but it is you who cannot see the truth and believe the nonsense that someone who doesn't know or understand the truth keeps feeding you



    I will say this oe last time, the truth according to sarah simmons is anything but the truth. you would not accept the truth.

    Mark Twain said t best: "Never argue with stupid people or they will bring you down to their level where you cannot win"

    s. simmons since you are blind to the truth and simply not smart enough to look up any real facts, don't bother to respond because you are to ignorant to understand.

  16. Sarah Simmons "the war on women. If you want an abortion, get one. What we say PAY FOR IT!"

    The Republicans want to take away your right to pay for it. It is in their platform and both Romney and Ryan agree. You may say it, but Romney and Ryan don't.

  17. 1) Obamacare specifically prohibits taxpayer funded abortions under its plans.

    5) Romney has been playing the race card with his welfare lies.

    6) We aren't Communist. If you aren't clear about that, talk to some survivors of Stalin or Mao.

    7) The Democratic platform includes an explicit threat of military force against Iran. The Republican platform is silent on that, probably to appease the Ron Paul supporters.

    8) The US Constitution doesn't mention God. You have a problem with the US Constitution.

    9) Romney wants to return us to the Bush policies that led to the crash and to the massive budget shortfalls.

    10) Clint Eastwood may be an even bigger womanizer than Bill Clinton.

  18. Meanwhile, John Birch Society supporters Charles and David Koch are funding much of the Republican effort this year. The JBS are like the KKK except they wear suits rather than hoods. William Buckley basically threw them out of the conservative movement but now that he is gone the Republicans have welcomed them back. And Romney has shown himself incapable of showing any backbone towards extremists.

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