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Following a Melave Malka (post-Shabbat meal) near David’s Tomb, a large group of police arrived to disperse the crowd, so the area would be clear for the Pope’s upcoming visit to the building, according to a HaKol HaYehudi report.

An estimated 200 people were outside the building when police arrived, leading to riots in response to the attempt to disperse them.


Witnesses told HaKol HaYehudi that the police were particularly violent. Talkbackists on the site are claiming that 2000 people were outside the building at the time. Police claim rioters threw stones and bottles at them.

Dozens of youths forced their way into the building, with 15 people blockading and chaining themselves together near the cenotaph inside the building.

Youths chain themselves together in David’s Tomb, in protest.
Photo by: Tazpit News Agency

The youths are protesting both the Pope’s visit to the site, which Jews consider holy, and the reports that Israel is transferring ownership of the building to the Vatican.

Police forced their way into the building, arresting 26 people. Police claim a police car was damaged and some policemen were lightly injured when they tried to disperse the crowd. 5 protesters were lightly injured.

Last week, police arrested 2 people with anti-Pope posters, and place restraining orders on others they thought would disrupt the Pope’s visit.

Itamar Ben-Gvir who is representing some of the arrested said the police acted with brutal violence.

On Friday, a court decided that protesters may protest the Pope’s visit, but no closer than 150 meters from the Pope. Ben-Gvir says it appears that the police are trying to squelch all protests completely.

Activist Barush Marzel said, “We won’t be silences by the Pope’s visit to Israel. He is an unwanted guest who represents those who murdered, burned, and slaughtered millions of Jews. The police are trying to silence the protests, but it won’t help.”



  1. Rioting at a site purportedly held sacred isn’t particularly respectful, this is no better/worse behaviour than mussies rioting on Temple Mount which is equally disrespectful to the idea of it being a sacred site, all you people need to get a grip on your holiness

  2. You don’t get it:
    the Pope’s visit to Israel. He is an unwanted guest who represents those who murdered, burned, and slaughtered millions of Jews. The police are trying to silence the protests, but it won’t help.
    That is it, Jewish people protest.
    Walk to a Muslim mejia with the head of a pig in your hands.

  3. As I recall the Catholics help save thousands of Jews by falsely writing baptisimal certificates for them making them Catholic for protection. Also priests hid and helped many to escape. They need to learn more history on the cztholics and not just one pope.

  4. As I recall many Catholic priests help hide and helped many J ews escape, They even wrote false baptisima documents for some to show they were Catholic not Jews. Im Italian and my two uncles, my moms two younger brothers were mutilated and killed in the streets of Italy for not joining the German army. A reminder to other young men. Italy was forced by an evil ruler whom the Italians themselves killed and hung his body and his wifes body in the streets of Italy. These Jews nees to get their history straight. Many other people died for them and with them. My father fought the Hitler all over Europe and many men died to get rid of the Nazi. My husband name is Glatt, a jewish name. But we are Catholics, its believed thentransforming ofmbaptisimal documents ismthemreason why…this is so disgraceful to me as a Catholic, as am Italian who had two uncles I never got to meet slaughtered in the streets in Italy that it has brought me great pain that this is happening..

  5. The Pope is the symbol of the most repressive religion in the world next to Islam. The Catholic history of the terror and death brought to people around the world, its greed and savagery is remembered by many, especially Native Americans. These people have a right to protest, and it is perhaps you, Donna, who should talk a walk through History.. but be sure you take the truthful path, not the whitewashed one.

  6. Concern that control of King David's Tomb may be given to the Vatican is understandable. But protests against the Pope visiting the site at all, it being significant to Christians, too, makes these Jews as intolerant as Muslims who keep us from praying on the Temple Mount. These people chose a stupid, and ineffective, way to voice their concerns. Given the global popularity of this Pope, this protest was especially ill-conceived. There are plenty of legitimate issues with which this Pope should be confronted, but preventing this visit and holding him responsible for "the millions," are not among them. This little sideshow is nothing but useful fodder for the anti-Israel media.

  7. how come the Jewish police can come in time to protect the pope but never on time to protect the Jews on the Temple mount?
    The pope has swiss guards to allegedly protect him and since the swiss were good in keeping out the Jews from Switzerland, are they incapable of protecting the pope from the moslems?

    Is the visit by the pope today, being Yom Yerushalyim to celebrate jeruslaem's re-unification?

  8. I agree to some of these comments,but isn't it big chutzpah of the Pope to mix int our political dealings and become an unnecessary entity that sides with the Arabs and teklls us to make peace.He should not,and he promised not to be political,but he couldn't hide which side he favours openly…..with which other country,especially a democracy,could he get away with this

  9. Donna, this is a tiny minority of misguided people, not representing the majority of Israelis nor Jews. I, a Jewish woman, am overjoyed the Pope is in the Holy Land. I believe he is a sincere, peace-loving, humble man whose leadership may, G-d willing, produce positive change in this world. G-d bless him, and keep him.

  10. Would that be based on the saying that I once read in the Catholic Bible being, 'on you Peter (the rock) I will build my church. Peter"s name in Hebrew is Kefa which means the rock. Did Jesus anoint Peter as the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church (Empire). That is interesting. I wonder how many Christians in this world are aware of that information. And the word catholic I heard means universal. Life is full of interesting surprises isn't it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Do Catholics worship Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus. Do they pray to Mary and Joseph as well. We hear a lot but never from a real catholic but we can read as much as we want to online. We heard you have amulets and statues and that Mary, the Mother of GOD is on the ceilings of your churches. Who intercedes for you when you pray? Mary, Joseph or Jesus. I am starting to realize that some of the Catholics I speak with may not know as much as they should know as Catholics. Is that possible.

  12. The catholic church has its altar built on the grzve of a Jerusalem Jew known as the first pope. As I said, the Catholic Church and the Orthodox church were the onlyl Christian churchesnar one time. They were started by Jews in Jerusalem who worshipped at the temple. Early Christians worshipped in the Jewish temple until, they were kicked out. The Jews carried the new church to build churches all over the middle east. It was a Jew named Paul, a very jealot Jew who converted to Christianity who took it to Europe and among the pagans. Christians are Jews of a sect that believes Jesus Christ was the one true Messiah. There are now Messianic Jews who are like Christians but keep all the Jewish holy days. So if Catholics worship Satan and by the way there is no such thing as the Roman Empire anymore. Who is that uneducated? Then again if Christian Catholics worship Satan then you are saying that your people, the Jews have deceived many in the world . To condemn Christianity under any name and Catholics are very deeply Christians is condemning your own people of Jewish blood.

  13. Who has never sinned, please cast the first stone on the victim. What is the difference between a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim. And so I have noted that not all Christians are Roman Catholics. So we have variations of Christians based on their rituals and liturgy. So if I am a Jew which Christian faction should I join. It is all so confusing between Mormans, Jehovah Witnesses, Baptist and so on and so on and so on. How does one get it right.

  14. One thing for sure is we are sure finding out a lot about what went on under the Popes of Rome. Seems to me they were trying to Lord it over the people. When I read the Complete Jewish Bible, such popes and church leaders were mentioned and warned in The Revelation. Believe the warning went to the 7 Churches(communities). Of course I came to know there were more than 7 churches with 7 menorahs with 7 angels in those days. Where are all those churches now. I heard the Christians hid among the Jews to escape their own Diaspora while being chased out or murdered by Jews and Roman pagans. What is new with the human being. Still can`;t get it right with ADONAI. Thanks Rabbi for setting a few things straight. Amen to that.

  15. Rabbi Friedman, what faction of Judaism do you represent. Are you Orthodox, Reform, Liberal and wherein lies the difference between each one. Just wondering after reading some of your comments. You seem really hurt and angry. I guess the past history has a lot to do with all this antagonism going on. Sling shots and bows and arrows from within. Lot of healing needs to go on. We had a similar situation in my country with the First Nation People and how they were treated by our government and people, sure took a long time to heal but it is coming along with the right methods. Think Israel and many Jewish people need this help too. Hope it comes to be for those who need it most.

  16. You see Yechiel that the Pope is a representative from another country and a guest in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He is considered a dignitary rather like an ambassador. The same care would be given to the Queen of England as she is the representative of England. To have extra protection as a Jew to pray at the Temple Mount, one would need to belong to a special group coming as a visitor only. That is sorted out by governments themselves. And of course permission came from Palestine too for the Pope to visit Abbas. It is just the way it is and to change it you would need to address your country and Palestine in order to pray on the Temple Mount because they have been given the power to control it and that took place in history a few years ago. They claimed it and won it. That is life. One battle after the other for claiming territory. We had that in my country too. I believe the US did as well between North and South and also in 1776 when trying to unite the states into one country. That was quite an ordeal. There is a movie called `1776`you might want to watch sometime. Hope this helps you a little.

  17. Yes, when it comes to Israel, this Pope offers nothing new. But just because he isn't smart about Israel or the rest of the Middle East, doesn't mean Israeli Jews should act like the intolerant bozos surrounding them.

  18. I do not think the world should be Catholic. I dont think the world should be a religion,
    Period. I think the whole world should love God and each other regardless of what boat or teachings that help them walk that path. To defend or hate a religion because its not your choice is a religious war. Catholics have an ugly history under Constitine who killed non Christians. By the way he was not pope but a roman ruler.Christians have been brutually killed all through history as well. And today ade being killed almost everyday in the Middle East. There are Arab Christians on the other side of the Israeli wall, thats why our pope went there to pray for peace. And it was mynunderstanding that his main reason to visit was to bring back the Orthodox and Catholics back together. The great schism was over the title pope from the East. But Rome was vdry large and the bishop was very important in that way. He is a leader , the father of the church. Bishop of Rome. This happened while the church was in captivify in then east and was not involved in the decision for a leader. So both churches excommunicated the other. He wants to find a way to reunite them.

  19. The only path is Religion. Your talk is non-sense. You haven't follow any news! The Haredim are not Sephardim Jews. The Haredim are mad because the stupid Kerry has been saying the Vatican has to take over all Holy sites including to take away the tomb of King David! That's why they are protesting, because stupid American authorities are causing problems in Middle East!

  20. Yeshi, those srupid American authorities are presently training alongside of Jewish solders. Why again do live in a land that you are now bashing? Why leave us ? Such hatred

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