Photo Credit: The Judicial Authority of Israel's Spokesperson's Office
Supreme Court President Esther Hayut

Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut on Monday night ordered new hearings, by an expanded panel of seven judges, on the return of terrorists’ bodies to their families.

The terrorists’ families petitioned the court, demanding the bodies—nine altogether—of murderers of Jews shot during or after the crimes.


A panel that included leftist Justice Yoram Danziger and Arab Justice George Karra initially ruled that the state had to hand over the terrorists’ bodies to their families, with the objection of Justice Neal Hendel, a YU graduate.

Hayut scheduled the extended panel for June, until which time the bodies stay.

One point made by the Danziger panel, which will be debated come June, is that the state does not have the authority to hold on to enemy bodies for the purpose of negotiations. This ruling contradicts an existing law which gives this right to the military authorities.