Tami Mozes Fights Back: El Al’s Old Board Asking Israel to Kill Rosenberg’s Purchase...

Of course, this will not be exactly the first time in the history of business transactions that the real new owners, for a variety of reasons, prefer to act through a representative.

Most Conservative High Court Justice Alex Stein Orders Rabbi Eliyahu’s Disciplinary Hearing for Incitement

Frankly, this ruling revealed what an intellectual asset Justice Alex Stein has been to the Supreme Court, and how it takes a calm, conservative thinker to express liberal values the way they were intended by the 18th century's great thinkers.

Supreme Court President Esther Hayut Quarantined, Senior Aide Infected

It is unclear how the judge’s isolation will affect the schedule of the Supreme Court.

Jerusalem Court Rules Malka Leifer Will be Extradited to Australia

A psychiatric panel in January decided that the alleged sex offender, who escaped to Israel from Australia, is mentally fit to stand trial and has been feigning mental illness.

European Court of Justice Advocate General Opposes Belgian Outlawing of Kosher Slaughtering

Clearly, the jurist did not go as far as to legitimize the Jewish and Muslim methods of killing animals per se, suggesting instead the rights of the slaughtered animals are superseded by the religious rights of European citizens.

Wexner Foundation Sponsored Harvard Grads Sue Yair Netanyahu for Defamation

The plaintiffs claim Yair Netanyahu called the foundation's graduates a "pedophile cult."

Supreme Court Judge Calls Netanyahu’s Refusal to Evacuate Khan al Ahmar an ‘Embarrassment’

Supreme Court Justice Noam Solberg rejected Netanyahu’s request for an additional six-month continuance to submit a response in the Khan al Ahmar case, and treated the government to some particularly sharp criticism.

High Court Rejects Petition by ‘Prophet of God’ Against Netanyahu, Gantz

One is tempted to believe that had Netanyahu been made to read Sobol's prophetic book in 2015, he would have been better prepared for the pandemic in 2020. Or not.

Trial of 14 Collaborators with 3 Murderers at Charlie Hebdo, Hypercacher Market Begins in...

On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo republished the cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed in its new weekly edition.

Political-Security Cabinet : Okay to Withhold All Terrorist Bodies Regardless of Affiliation

“Refusal to return the bodies of terrorists is part of our commitment of maintaining the security of Israeli citizens. . . I hope our enemy understands and internalizes the message."

Report: Israeli Courts Secretly Asked Google to Remove Critical Articles Against Judges

A judge who was offended by a critical story about him or her would call Barak Laser and demand that the offending story be gone from Google.

Disgraced NY Assembly Leader Silver Begins 6.5 Year Sentence in Coronavirus Infected Prison

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Otisville has reported 42 coronavirus cases, 28 inmates and 14 staff. No pandemic-related death has been reported.

Otzma Yehudit Chairman Joins Reform Movement’s High Court Petition Against Him: Bring It On

"In order for me to fulfill my right to prove my innocence, I ask the court to order the Attorney General and State Attorney, Dr. Avichai Mandelblit, to file an indictment against me."

Bus Driver Who Fled a Stop Where Wheelchair Bound Haredi Child Was Waiting Sued...

"The boy was shocked by the incident and even got into an emotional storm and asked to return home as the incident made him feel bad and scared of traveling on public transport."

Federal Judge Slams Betsy DeVos’ Coronavirus Aid that Includes Yeshivas

The money, about $13.5 billion, was included for K-12 schools in Congress’s $2 trillion-aid package, the CARES Act, which was enacted last March to mitigate economic damage from the pandemic.

Feds Ask High Court to Rethink Rescinding Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Penalty

The federal government has revived the death penalty and has been seeking executions after a 17-year unofficial moratorium.

Leftwing NGO Attempts to Block Terror Victims from Attending Court Sessions on Terrorists

“It’s not enough that HaMoked spits in our faces by voluntarily defending the terrorists who murdered our loved ones – now they are pouring salt on our open wounds. Have they no shame?”

Bereaved Families Blast Left’s Attempt to Curb their Influence on Courts Deliberating Terror Cases

MK Keti Shitrit (Likud) called Shenhar's letter "shameful" and said it was an attempt to "exclude the bereaved families from the hearings on the terrorists' punishment."

California Appeals Court Sides with Spanish Museum Against Heirs of Holocaust Victim on Pissarro...

Stay tuned, as the heirs of Lilly Cassirer decide whether to take their case to the Supreme Court.

Prosecution Won’t Investigate Breaking the Silence Despite Its Gathering Classified Security Information

The Prosecution did agree that the questions soldiers are being asked by BtS investigators raise some question marks.

Knesset Defense Committee Demands High Court Review of Terrorist’s Home Demolition Nullification

MK Sa'ar called the ruling "miserable, wrong and painful," and said “it must not remain intact."

Hundreds of Rightwing Activists Chant ‘Justice for Amit’ outside Supreme Court President’s Home

"This blatant violation of the basic principles of democracy endangers the future of the State of Israel."

Netanyahu Asking for Court Review as Bereaved Families Protest Outside Home of Justice Mazuz...

To date, with very few exceptions, the High Court of Justice has routinely rejected appeals by terrorists' families to halt the demolition of their homes.

Merciful High Court Nullifies Demolition of Home Belonging to Terrorist who Murdered Sgt. Amit...

Justice Yael Wilner, appointed by former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, was of the minority opinion that the order should be carried out.

Justice System Closing Ranks to Rebuff Criminal Allegations Against Netanyahu’s Prosecutor

"Every time you think that the institutional corruption and the corrupt organizational culture of the State Attorney's Office has reached the bottom – you discover an entire dungeon further down, built without a construction permit."

Week 2: Rightwing Israelis Stage Noisy Protest outside Supreme Court President’s Home

The protesters, led by Im Tirtzu and the South Tel-Aviv Liberation Front, accused the High Court of being a politicized actor who quashes the will of the country's elected officials.

VP at Yitzhak Tshuva’s Company Sued for Holocaust Denial

“No company should tolerate anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in New York City in 2020, least of all a company with El Ad’s Israeli roots.”

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence

The appeals court agreed with the defense, saying the judge should have conducted a jury selection process that was “sufficient to identify prejudice.”

South Tel Aviv Anti Infiltrators to Hold Street Party Outside Justice Hayut’s Home Saturday...

Most recently, the High Court killed a government rule that compelled migrants to deposit a portion of their income in escrow, to be released to them upon their departure.

High Court: Employers Not Required to Pay for Coronavirus Isolation

Head of Public Health Services Sadecki faced harsh criticism over the past few months for essentially winging it when it came to setting policy, often without scientific basis.


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