Supreme Court May Compel Israel to Evict Arab Squatters from Jewish Homes in Sheikh...

The Arab residents of the neighborhood, along with activists from the Peace Now movement, demonstrated outside the Supreme Court.

Israeli TV to Compensate Zionist Yeshiva Rabbi They Vilified

The report, which slandered and shattered the public image of Rabbi Assaf Naumburg irreparably, was produced using unparalleled faking.

Knesset Plenum Adds 2nd Woman to Panel Selecting Rabbinical Judges

The Religious Services Minister will appoint a woman rabbinical court advocate.

The Next Big Storm: Israel Commits to Demolishing 2 Homes in Jewish Settlement in...

Let's hope the Lapid-Bennett government find a creative solution to the Eli problem, as they did regarding the Evyatar outpost a few weeks ago.

Israeli Court Sentences Woman Who Entered Syria to Eight Months in Prison

In February, Syrian authorities took the 25-year-old to a detention center in Damascus and questioned her for 16 days.

Court Rebukes IDF Civil Administration: Doubtful It Took Effective Enforcement Against Illegal Arab Structures

"With each passing day, the citizens of the State of Israel are losing more and more state lands, the price of which we all pay."

Man Who Murdered Jewish Woman in California Synagogue Pleads Guilty

The plea will spare Earnest the death penalty. He will serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Lapid Asking AG to Postpone Evacuation of Illegal Outpost Khan al-Ahmar

Sadly, in the current political reality, it's more likely that the Lapid-Bennett government would continue to kick this can further and further down the road.

Muslim Employees Sue Mount Sinai for Tampering with their Beards while Leaving Orthodox Jews...

The suit alleges religious discrimination in violation of State and City Human Rights Law, and cites Cohen's “failure to engage in a cooperative dialogue.”

Judge Rules Victims of Chabad of Poway Shooting Attack Can Sue Gunmaker

Superior Court Judge Kenneth Medel said the gunmaker negligently marketed its rifle to youth on social media.

Justice Minister Sa’ar Wants to Split the Attorney General’s Post by Rosh Hashanah

With so much control over the executive branch, the Israeli AG over the years has acquired more power than any other unelected official in the country.

High Court Rejects 15 Petitions Against Israel’s Nationality Law

According to the ruling, the principle of equality is a fundamental principle in Israeli law, and by virtue of it, equal rights are granted to all citizens of the state, including minority groups.

Court Rejects Yair Netanyahu’s Appeal, Former PM’s Son to Pay $75K for Libel

The Netanyahu Jr. post stated that the plaintiff participated in acts that deemed an investigation, and therefore he should be arrested.

Jacuzzigate: Netanyahu Threatening to Sue PM’s Legal Counsel over Allegations of Misused Public Funds

Netanyahu's lawyer, Yossi Cohen, claims that the legal counsel Farago has been persecuting the Netanyahu family for years.

Iranian Houthi Proxy Militia Try Abducted Yemenite Model/Actress on Charges of Indecency

Human Rights Watch has been informed that the Houthis forced al-Hammadi to sign a document while she was blindfolded during an interrogation session.

High Court Heeds Regavim’s Petition, Enforces Demolition of Invasive Arab Structure in Archaeological Site

Only after Regavim had issued another warning did the Civil Administration forces arrive at the invasion area on Wednesday and demolish the building.

Akko Arab Indicted for Attempted Murder in Lynching of Mordechai Katz during Riots

"It was like being slapped twice, from the front and the back, and I crashed face-first on the pavement."

Teveria Court Gives 10 Months to Arab Attackers of Breslov Yeshiva Students

"I hope that this punishment will make others think twice before they rush to attack Jews like that."

Court Allow Three Weeks to Review New Evidence in Netanyahu Case 4000

The court ordered a search of former Walla! CEO Ilan Yeshua’s phone.

Ben-Gvir Petitions High Court for Injunction on Police that Banned his Damascus Gate Appearance

"This is a commissioner who has failed to deal with the rioters in Lod, Ramla, Acco, and on the Negev roads, and now he is infringing on the freedom of movement of a Knesset member and Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem."

Police Arrest 4, Including Litzman’s Aide, in Sprawling Corruption Case

After a covert and strenuous investigation, the public phase began Sunday with the arrest a number of suspects on suspicion of committing bribery, fraud and breach of trust offenses.

UK Judge Permits Euthanasia of Jewish Baby Against her Parents’ Wishes

This baby should be allowed to die in England because sending her to Israel would risk her life.

On Mandate’s Final Day, Lapid Government Held Back by Shaked’s Judicial Appointments Ultimatum

The current breakdown of the Judicial Appointments Committee leans is in favor of the activists by 5 to 4 at best. Shaked is aiming to reverse this by replacing one leftist vote – Michaeli.

Israeli Supreme Court President Blasts Critics for ‘Undermining’ Rule of Law

Yariv Levin said, "The judicial system worked overtime today, trying to guide the new legal revolution, which means the final transfer of the legislative powers from the Knesset to the Supreme Court."

French, Canadian, Israeli, UN Officials Demand Justice for Sarah Halimi as World Anti-Semitism Raging

Renowned French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy said that the Sarah Halimi case “is a symptom of the depth of French society’s denial of antisemitism."

Radical High Court Breaks the Rules, Claims Right to Revoke Constitutional Law

Had Israel had a right-wing government over the past 12 years, led by a staunch defender of the Knesset's powers against an arbitrary court, this would never have happened.

Right-Wing Triumph: Knesset Passes Preliminary ‘Settlement Regulation’ and ‘Override Clause’ Bills

Both pieces of legislation bring hope to the right-wing lawmakers who have been pushing them stubbornly but with little success over several years.

Israel Guarantees Muslims’ Freedom of Worship: Jews Banned from Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

Everyone demands that Israel protect the right to worship and in the name of the same right it must forbid the prayer of Jews at the most sacred place for Jews in the world.


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