Judge Rejects Appeal to Dismiss Case Against Leftist Who Sent Arab Land Brokers to...

Nawi bragged about his ties to the PA secret police, which “does what it can to prevent [land sales to Jews]. They catch [the offending land brokers] and kills them.”

Neo-Nazi Publisher to Pay $14 Million to Jewish Woman He Harassed

“I was frightened to the point that we couldn’t think straight. We talked about waking our children in the middle of the night — to run from Nazis.”

Greek Church Leased Petra Hotel to Jews in 1903, Sold It to Jews in...

From 1903 to 1931, the building was leased by Yerachmiel Amdursky, son of the owner of a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem, who named it the Amdursky Hotel.

Afula Reverses Position on Municipal Park, Will Welcome Arabs

Here's something Afula should consider: privatize the park.

In Defense of Bibi: Accusers Much Dirtier

Or juxtaposes the cases against Netanyahu which any competent defense attorney could easily hit out of the ballpark, with the accusations against his foes.

25 years After Purchase, Israelis Enter Home in Eastern Jerusalem

The court ruled the home was legally purchased from its original Arab owner.

Jerusalem District Court Rules PA, PLO Responsible for Second Intifada Terror Attacks

The Court cites the “financial and practical support” and ideological encouragement for the attacks provided to the terrorists by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO.

$60 Million Class Action Suit by Communities Suffering from Arab Villagers’ Electronic Waste Fire...

Plaintiffs are exposed to the ravages of smoke inhalation, inhalation of hazardous substances, bad odors and air pollution, which may cause severe suffering and serious illnesses.

Israeli Lottery Cancels Prize to Film About Pro-Terrorist Attorney Tsemel

I'm pretty sure Lea Tsemel is as close as a woman with two Polish parents can get to being the devil.

Military Prosecution Pulls Arab’s Indictment for 7-Year-Old’s Rape, Will Examine Failed Investigation

The lead prosecutor graduated from a course for military advocates in 2017. She was later joined by a prosecutor who graduated in 2016 but had no experience in this type of cases.

Permits Committee Denies Netanyahu’s Request to Let Associates Fund his Defense

The committee's Monday morning decision means the PM must return the $300,000 he had already received from a close associate.

Hague ICC to Hear Complaints Against PA for Torturing Civilians

The father suffered a heart attack when he saw his little daughter who became paralyzed, because the Palestinian Authority had removed her from the incubator in order to punish her father.

High Court Expected to Reject Arabs’ Plea Against Plan to Legitimize Ofra Settlement

In last week's hearing, state representative Aner Hellman also submitted amendments to the State's position, which confused the judges.

Charlottesville White Supremacist Begs for Mercy Citing Jewish Grandfather

Fields' childhood was marred by the knowledge that his Jewish grandfather had murdered his grandmother before committing suicide.

Israel All But Admits Waqf Added Mosque on Temple Mount, Disobeys Court Shutdown Order

Jews believe the gate was sealed by the Muslims because of the tradition that this is the gate through which the Anointed One will enter Jerusalem.

Greek Orthodox Church: Court Ruling in Favor of Israeli Org ‘Unfair’

The court ruled that the Greek Orthodox Church must honor a 99-year lease of three church properties it signed with the Ateret Cohanim organization in 2004.

Sara Netanyahu Signs $15,000 Plea Deal

Mrs. Netanyahu will pay a fine of 10,000 shekel, and return 45,000 shekel to the state coffers.

Likud’s Top Negotiator to Smotrich: Next Justice Minister Will Decide Bibi’s Fate, No Way...

According to the report, the conversation between Smotrich and Eshel took place in the Prime Minister's Office, hours before the dissolution of the 21st Knesset, and in the presence of several participants.

Jerusalem Court Sides with Ateret Cohanim Vs. Greek Church on 3 Major Purchases

The three companies affiliated with Ateret Cohanim are the proud holders of a large portion of the entrance to the Old City from the direction of Jaffa Gate, as well as in another area in the Bab a-Khuta neighborhood.

AG Rejects Netanyahu’s Delay Request, Hints Indictments Inevitable

The AG's assistant hinted that Bibi's legal team can argue all it wants, these charges will go to indictments.

Israeli High Court: Hamas Prisoners Not Entitled to Family Visits

“It is unreasonable ... to allow despicable terrorists to have family visits as long as Hamas holds the bodies of our soldiers and Israeli citizens."

Facing Criminal Hearings, Netanyahu Appoints Himself Justice Minister

The decision to remove Shaked and Bennett from their posts comes two days before the first meeting of the political-security cabinet in more than a month.

Arab Law School Dean Tells High Court Dispersing the Knesset Was Illegal

Professor Wattad believes that the new law dispersing the Knesset "was enacted in the absence of authority and in flagrant violation of constitutional norms according to the Basic Law: The Government," and therefore it is null and void.

Sara Netanyahu to Pay $15,000 in Plea Bargain

Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu's wealth is estimated at 50 million shekels ($13,900,000). The amount to be paid by Sara Netanyahu constitutes less than 0.1% of their holdings.

Mother of Girl Who Was Burned by Firebomb Tells Terrorist: Am Israel Chai

"I tried to put Tahal's fire out with all the means at my disposal, but everything was failing," her mother told the court. "The fire continues to burn parts of Tahal's body. We continued to flee, terrified and screaming."

Supreme Court President Launches No Holds Barred Attack On Netanyahu

Over the two decades or so since Hayut was appointed to the high court, that august body has acted as the 121st member of Knesset.

Haredi Woman Targeted by Vicious Slander Campaign Wins $140,000 Lawsuit

In late 2012, there was a deliberate arson in the Plaintiff's apartment, and she and some of her children were caught in the burning apartment

Thousands Rally Against Bills to Curb Court Activism, Enhance MKs’ Immunity

The accusations that tweaking the high court's power to intervene in the political process means the demise of Israel's democracy is clearly an exaggeration.


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