Designated Chief Prosecutor Wants More Transparency, Media Focus on his Opinion on Immodest Women

And you thought the Me Too persecutions have died down because of the pandemic – well, you were wrong.

With Court’s OK, Netanyahu Again Fails to Act Against Illegal Arab Outpost of Khan...

In 2018, the Israeli government announced its intention to complete the evacuation and relocation of the illegal outpost, the flagship of the Palestinian Authority’s systematic program of territorial dominance in Area C.

Court Releases Arad Resident, 70, Who Killed Bedouin Car Thief

The essence of the police claim against Schiff is that he was too quick to release the shots at a stranger who was driving away in his car at midnight.

District Courts Rule in Favor of Jewish Owners of 3 Homes in Eastern Jerusalem,...

About two years ago, the Supreme Court rejected a petition that attacked the state's conduct in the Silwan cases.

Agudath Israel, Catholic Diocese, Win Supreme Court Appeal Against Gov. Cuomo

This was the first opportunity for President Donald Trump's two newest appointments, Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, to cast decisive votes.

Rabbinic Court Orders Public Shaming of Get Refuser Yitzhak Sasson

The rabbinical judges also asked to bring their ruling to the attention of the rabbis of the city of Dimona where Sasson lives.

Jewish, Catholic Groups Appeal to Supreme Court Against Gov. Cuomo’s Restrictions

The petitioners are relying on the addition to the Supreme Court of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who is renowned for her religious devotion.

Netanyahu’s Attorneys Tell the Court the Prosecution Conceals Material Evidence

The attorneys for all the defendants claim that they did not receive the full investigation materials required for their legal defense.

High Court Challenging Legality of 2 Prime Ministers in 1 Government

In order to protect the democratic structure in Israel, the court must completely trample on the idea of ​​Separation of Powers. Ingenious.

Smotrich: Netanyahu Eager to Please New Arab Buddies, Skipped Knesset Plenum Moments Before Kaminitz...

The proof is in the baklava: since its enactment, law enforcement agencies have indicated a 50% reduction in the volume of illegal construction starts.

1948 All Over Again: Jaffa Arabs Threw Stones at Bus, Passengers Injured

The incident took place about two weeks ago, during a protest demonstration held by Arabs in the city.

AG Barr Launches Countrywide Probe of Voting Irregularities

The Secretary of State in each state must certify the election results by December 8, which is therefore the date by which all recounts and lawsuits must be resolved.

Supreme Court w. Justice Barrett Expected to Side with Foster Agency Refusing to Include...

"Religious organizations should be free to serve the public, regardless of their beliefs," the attorney for the plaintiffs told the court.

IPU Demands Israel Release Barghouti, Convicted of 26 Charges of Murder, Attempted Murder

The IPU said in a statement that it is "deeply concerned" that, after being incarcerated for 16 years, Barghouti has "no horizon for an early release."

With Conservative Justices’ OK IDF Destroys Home of Terrorist Who Murdered Rabbi Shai Ohayon

In an earlier panel, in August, Nazuz and Justice George Karra blocked the demolition of the home of the terrorist who fatally struck Golani fighter Amit Ben Yigal with a rock.

High Court Issues Injunction Against Health Ministry’s Store Closures

The State attorney admitted that the Health Ministry has no real definition of essential products and that it relies on the discretion of the police.

52 Arab Collaborators Demand that Israel Try PA Judges Who Sentenced Jewish Man to...

Their claim, in the amount of hundreds of millions of shekels, as compensation for their torture, disabilities, rape, and murder, is being heard by the Jerusalem District Court.

Israel Reveals Thousands of Anti-Israel Posts came from Bots, Troll Networks Aiming to Influence...

An investigation conducted by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA) discovered that at least 21% of posts related to an International Criminal Courts (ICC) investigation against Israel came from fake Twitter accounts - and had 180% greater engagement rates than posts from real users.

Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

The left are calling for the expanding the Supreme Court, Biden would consider rotating judges to lower courts.

Israel Police Foil Terror Attack in Rosh Ha’Ayin, Suspect Indicted

Police said the box of bullets “actually prevented an attack.”

2 Ambitious But Not Terribly Proficient Hamas Terrorists Indicted

Thank God, the grenades did not explode and none of the soldiers were injured by the flying knife or the cutter.

Cuomo Caves to Jewish Schoolgirls, Loosens Targeted Lockdown Order

The new restrictions completely banned in-person instruction at BYAM, stripping parents of their right to direct the religious education and upbringing of their children.

Muslim Man Denied German Citizenship for Refusing to Shake Hands with a Woman

The court went all Luther-crazy on the poor man, whose religious constraint was no different than that of many Orthodox Jews.

Neo-Nazi Pleads Guilty to Plotting to Blow Up Colorado Synagogue

Under the terms of his plea agreement, Holzer cannot receive more than 20 years in prison for his crime.

A-G Mandelblit Declines to Probe Netanyahu’s Role in Submarine Scandal

"As presented to me, there is not justifiable evidence showing the existence of reasonable suspicion on this matter.”

Likud Demands Mandelblit’s Resignation; Shocking Recordings Imply AG Was Blackmailed to Indict Netanyahu

Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana, who has attacked the system many times in the past, on Tuesday night responded with a short response that must have felt good to tweet: "I told you so."

Canadian Federal Court Lets Samaria Wineries Have a Say on Marketing as ‘Made in...

The judge invited the wineries to be added as a full party to the proceedings – for the first time since the beginning of the brouhaha in 2017.

Brooklyn Diocese Loses Lawsuit over Corona Restrictions Blamed on Chasidim

On Thursday, a federal judge rejected Agudath Israel's petition and upheld the governor's decision to shut down Jewish houses of worship.

Pakistani Supreme Court Rules Daniel Pearl’s Murderer to Stay in Prison

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations lauded the decision, saying “this killer should be behind bars for the rest of his days; anything less would be a painful insult to the Pearl family.”


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