High Court Gives Government 3 Month Extension for Response on Khan al Ahmar

"Khan al Ahmar continues to grow, dozens more Palestinian Authority outposts are swallowing up . . . Area C by replicating this proven method of occupation."

Bad News: Elections Committee Banned Balad, But Not to Worry, High Court Should Fix...

The right wants Balad to run and grab thousands of votes in vain from its former partners in the Joint Arab List.

Supreme Court Kills Mazuz’s 8-Year Appointment, Humiliates AG

Baharav Miara refused to compromise, which cost her a humiliating defeat and a serious blow to her future relationship with the court.

Yeshiva University’s LGBTQ Club Offers a Compromise – for Now

Four conservative justices dissented with the majority opinion, claiming New York was ignoring the religious rights of YU.

Justice Ginsburg’s Gavel Sold for $20,400, Collar for $176,775 at Auction

Justice Ginsburg is remembered not only for her trailblazing time on the Supreme Court but also for her fashion statements.

Supreme Court Requires Yeshiva University to Recognize LGBTQ Student Group

The Supreme Court decision also said the university can turn to the Supreme Court again if it is not able to block the ruling in New York State courts.

NJ Jewish Funeral Home Sued for Burying Woman in Someone Else’s Clothes, Grave

Since when are Jews buried on Jewish holidays? Also: since when are Jews buried in their clothes and with jewelry?

Rabbi Lior Calls on Ben Gvir’s Detractors to Stay Out of Court

“How is it possible for men like you think that justice can come out through the legal system as it is seen today?”

Sotomayor Rules Yeshiva U Can Disregard NYS Court Ruling on LGBTQ Student Club

Becket: “Yeshiva shouldn’t have been forced to go all the way to the Supreme Court to receive such a commonsense ruling in favor of its First Amendment rights."

High Court Issues Injunction on Meni Mazuz’s 8-Year Appointment

When Meni Mazuz was on the Supreme Court he was one of the strictest justices in resisting long-term appointments by caretaker governments.

Berlin Labor Court Finds Against Deutsche Welle in Dismissal of Rabid Antisemite Farah Maraqa

This woman adamantly supports the murder of Israeli civilians, including children.

MK Rothman Threatens Million Shekel Defamation Suit Against JPost

Shame on the Supreme Court and Shame on the Jerusalem Post.

Long Haired, Straight IDF Recruit Demands: Treat Me Like a Female Soldier

Can a straight male soldier rely on the IDF's women's rights unit to protect his hair-length rights?

Chief Rabbinate Bans Burial of Get Refusers’ Dying Father

This is not the first time that the rabbinic courts in Israel try to put pressure on a get refuser through sanctions against his relatives.

YU Asking Supreme Court’s Help in Ditching LGBTQ Club

Without official recognition, the club is not entitled to funding from the school.

Hamas Operative Sentenced to 12 Years After Diverting Aid Funds to Terror Group

Shortly after being employed by World Vision, Mohammed El-Halabi began to use his position to benefit the Hamas terrorist organization

#BDSFail: Federal Judge Denies Ben & Jerry’s Bid to Stop Sales in Judea and...

The woke ice cream company sued parent company Unilever for transferring production rights to Israeli company.

Florida Synagogue Cancels Friday Services over Threats Against Congregant Judge Who Signed FBI’s Trump...

One user posted: “I don’t give a [expletive] anymore. Name? Address? Put that [expletive] all up on here.”

Netanyahu Asking Court to Drop his Case 4000 Indictment

Netanyahu plans to claim the investigation against him began before approval was received from the Attorney General.

Kahane Warrior Michael Ben Ari Gets his Day in Court

"There will be an expensive trial here, with the best lawyers.”

Netanyahu Fighting to Ban Burglar with Assault Conviction from Running in Likud’s Primaries

The Likud’s elections committee disqualified Laniado last week for concealing his criminal past from potential voters.

Litzman Convicted in Leifer Case, Gets Suspended Sentence

The former health minister pleaded guilty to the charge and resigned his post in Knesset as part of a plea agreement.

Education Is Everything: Park Hotel Mass Murderer Earns Master’s Degree behind Bars

His wife said he got top marks and plans to get his doctorate as soon as he is released from prison.

Barlev Critical of Court’s Gag on Reporting Female Guard Was Raped Repeatedly by Jailed...

Barlev said that at this stage there’s no point in establishing a commission of inquiry into the matter.

Israeli Rabbinic Court: Woman Must Compensate Husband for Money Spent on Paramour

The Haifa Rabbinic Court was reportedly “stunned” by the brazenness of the woman, who demanded during the divorce proceedings more than half of the couple’s home value.

Supreme Court Regains Sanity Sparing Thousands of Jewish Settlers from Uprooting

What worked for Mitzpe Kramim should work for an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 other Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.

Teva to Settle US Opioid Lawsuits for $4.35 Billion

The proposed deal calls for Teva to pay as much as $3.7 billion in cash over 13 years, and provide $1.2 billion worth of naloxone.


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