Psagot Winery Commits to Fighting EU Court’s Anti-Semitic Ruling on Labeling

“Even though the ECJ ruled against us , this is just the beginning of the fight. We are not going to accept a double standard,” said CEO of Psagot Winery Yaakov Berg.

Justice Minister Defies Gag Order to Expose Police Questionable Manipulation of Netanyahu Aide

"They tell him: 'Nir, we know everything. We will drop a bomb on your family.'"

It’s Final: High Court Orders Deportation of Anti-Israel HRW Activist

This is the first instance in which a new Israeli law enabling the deportation of anti-Israel activists has been enacted and upheld by the courts.

Appeals Court Revokes Deportation Orders Against 2 Foreign Workers, their Children

This year, the Immigration Authority began addressing the deportation of several dozen mothers and children living illegally in Israel for many years.

Chauffeur Who Secretly Taped Yair Netanyahu’s Shameful Chat to Pay 30,000 Shekel

Last September, Rosen was also forced to pay tens of thousands of shekels in compensation to Civilian Intelligence, the outfit that employed him.

Temporary Injunction Against Extradition of Russian Hacker to the US

Russia wants Burkov returned to Russia, and to that end, arrested Israeli-American Naama Issachar, holding her hostage.

Justice Minister Ohana to Extradite Russian Hacker Despite Threat to Israeli Prisoner

Both a district court and Israel's Supreme Court have upheld the extradition.

It Took 12 Hours: Bar Ilan U Cancels US Trip of Professor Who Claimed...

Kedar claimed that a senior politician who wanted to sabotage the Oslo Accords was likely behind the murder.

Dean, Counselor, Charged with Manslaughter in Flash-Flood Disaster that Killed 10 Students

Dean Cahan sent reassuring messages saying: "At worst, they'll get to see a flash flood, which would be great."

Justice Ministry Denies Report Prosecution to Indict Netanyahu on Bribery, Fraud and Breach of...

On Sunday, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will begin the review marathon of the three cases, to decide how much of the prosecution's recommendations to adopt.

Duma Village Arson Minor Defendant Convicted of Terrorist Group Membership

The defendant has already been incarcerated for close to four years, but the final verdict may add time for the terrorist membership conviction.

Israeli-Arab Who Aided Terror Cell that Killed 2 Druze Cops on Temple Mount Gets...

The terrorists stormed the Temple Mount in the summer of 2017 and murdered two policemen.

On Bibi’s 70th Birthday Putin Talks Pardon for Naama Issachar

President Putin also called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his 70th birthday

Justice Meir Shamgar Who Investigated Baruch Goldstein Killings, Rabin’s Murder, Dead at 94

"The state is not the property of those who are living in it today," Shamgar declared. "They are just the beginning of the message of the salvation of the children of Israel."

Nazi Camp Guard, 93, Faces 5,230 Accessory-to-Murder Counts in Hamburg

Prosecutors say he was a "cog" in Nazi Germany's "murderous machinery."

Bibi Pleading with Putin over Israeli-American Woman’s 7.5-Year Sentence for 9-Gram Possession

Surely, Netanyahu who swapped more than 1,000 Arab terrorists for one Israeli boychick would find it in his heart to let one hacker go in exchange for an innocent Israeli woman.

Supreme Court Returns Malka Leifer to Jail

Last year, court-appointed psychiatrists determined Leifer was an impostor and fit to stand trial. Since then, she has been held in Neve Tirza women's prison.

Agudah Asking Federal Judge to Suspend NJ Town’s Anti-Semitic Laws

The township argued that Agudah was essentially asking for a summary judgement in their favor, when depositions and discovery in the case are scheduled to continue until Aug. 15, 2020.

Execution of Jewish Cop Killer Postponed over Anti-Semite Judge

Halprin claimed he never fired a weapon at the officer, but was convicted under Texas’ law which holds a person criminally responsible for the actions of another if they are engaged in a conspiracy.

San Diego Chabad Synagogue Shooter Pleads Not Guilty

Prosecutors will consult with the victims, their families and synagogue members before deciding whether to seek the death penalty against Earnest.

Court Releases Malka Leifer to House Arrest Pending Psych Eval

In June, a court appointed psychiatric panel decided that Leifer was manipulative and did not appear to be mentally ill at all.

Trump Facing Most Serious Threat to his Presidency

If this were a drinking game where the reader downed a shot each time we mentioned (who happens to be Jewish), the reader would be thoroughly inebriated by now.

Gush Katif Brutal Policeman Niso Shaham to Do Time for Sex Abuse, Fraud, Breach...

In July 2007, Shaham was appointed deputy commander of the Jerusalem District, after the High Court of Justice had rejected a petition against his appointment. Yes, your defenders of democracy in action...

Bedouin Polygamist Sentenced to 7 Months in Prison

yman Abu Skaeiyak is the first man convicted of polygamy in Israel since enforcement of existing laws forbidding polygamy was reinstated nearly one year ago.

Terrorist’s Appeal Rejected, His Punishment Doubled

Amjad Walid Suleiman Na’alwa actively interfered with the search for his brother who murdered two people in the Barkan Industrial Park.

More than 100 Jewish Lawyers in Texas Request New Trial for Jewish Death-Row Inmate

“If the allegations here are true—and they unfortunately ring true—the trial was no trial, and the verdict no verdict because the judge was no judge,” said the lawyers.

Florida Man Apprehended for Threatening to Shoot Jews

Hanson Larkin, 25, was denied bail in an Orlando federal court. He could face up to five years behind bars if convicted.

Bethlehem Prosecutor: Israa Gharib Was Not Killed in Honor Murder – She Was a...

She was assaulted again in the hospital, where she was heard screaming and calling for the police.

Former NJ Rabbi Gets 6 Years for 1999 Sexual Assault

Many community members supported Weiss throughout the legal proceedings over the last two years.


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