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Bedouin Polygamist Sentenced to 7 Months in Prison

yman Abu Skaeiyak is the first man convicted of polygamy in Israel since enforcement of existing laws forbidding polygamy was reinstated nearly one year ago.

Terrorist’s Appeal Rejected, His Punishment Doubled

Amjad Walid Suleiman Na’alwa actively interfered with the search for his brother who murdered two people in the Barkan Industrial Park.

Civil Administration Using Regulation Act to Spare Illegal Arab Homes Slated for Demolition

"This is a definite case of government by civil servants," Regavim said.

More than 100 Jewish Lawyers in Texas Request New Trial for Jewish Death-Row Inmate

“If the allegations here are true—and they unfortunately ring true—the trial was no trial, and the verdict no verdict because the judge was no judge,” said the lawyers.

Florida Man Apprehended for Threatening to Shoot Jews

Hanson Larkin, 25, was denied bail in an Orlando federal court. He could face up to five years behind bars if convicted.

Bethlehem Prosecutor: Israa Gharib Was Not Killed in Honor Murder – She Was a...

She was assaulted again in the hospital, where she was heard screaming and calling for the police.

Former NJ Rabbi Gets 6 Years for 1999 Sexual Assault

Many community members supported Weiss throughout the legal proceedings over the last two years.

In Precedent, Rock-Throwing Terrorists Forced to Personally Compensate Victims

The direct compensation of victims is unprecedented in cases of rock-throwing attacks, which are commonplace across Judea and Samaria and in Jerusalem.

AG Orders Investigation of Gantz’s Company

Fifth Dimension senior officials participated in police discussion about contacting their company to check the suitability of the system they offered for police needs, which gave them the upper hand over competing companies.

High Court Allows Holding Terrorists’ Bodies for Negotiations, Reversing its Ruling

The government must be granted the opportunity to pressure terror organizations to return our soldiers’ bodies and our citizens, and not tie our hands in the war against the terrorists.

Rabbinic Court Reevaluates Ketubah: How Much Is 200 Zuzim?

And how much is 6 million 1979 lira in 2019 shekels?

Hamas-Affiliate Uses British Libel Laws to Humiliate the Jewish Chronicle

The JC is not the first publication to end up paying money to Interpal to avoid a lawsuit. In June 2019, the Daily Mail and Mail Online gave the charity more than $145,000.

Wife Divorcing Leftist Consultant Husband over Affair with Ilhan Omar

Meanwhile, Alabama's Republican Party has issued a resolution calling on its congressional delegation to start expulsion procedures against Omar.

Hindu Pharmacist Joins Orthodox Jewish Doctor in Challenging NJ’s ‘Aid in Dying’ Law

Gov. Murphy told reporters that he plans to “vigorously fight” the restraining order, which remains in effect until the next scheduled court date, on Oct. 23.

High Court Disqualifies Otzma Yehudit’s Marzel & Gopstein from Running for Knesset

Arab lawmakers who repeatedly advocated for the BDS campaign against the state of Israel and openly hope for Israel's destruction, also remained free to run.

The Anarchist Hiding From Israeli Courts

Every Friday, Anarchists Against the Wall engage in violent protests against the IDF soldiers and security forces.

Court Reverses Ruling on Segregated Concert, Leaves Final Call to Afula Municipality

Women's Lobby CEO Michal Gra Margaliot told the court that the value of equality in the public sphere supersedes consideration for the feelings of the Haredi community.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Guards Suspended, Warden Reassigned

The guards are reportedly suspected of falsifying log entries, showing they had been checking on Epstein as warranted.

Israel Women’s Lobby Aims to Prevent Orthodox Family Event in Haifa After Success in...

The Court ordered the Israel Women's Lobby to respond to the Shas petition by August 18, four days after the date of the concert in which world-renown Hasidic vocalist Motti Steinmetz was scheduled to perform in Afula.

Likud Threatening to Fire Smotrich over Attacks on Netanyahu

Smotrich's partners at the top have been absorbing some of the fire that has been trained on him, and have largely supported Smotrich.

Shas to Petition Court over Ban on Separate Seating at Afula Concert

Sahas pointed out ultra-Orthodox taxpayers also deserve to enjoy events in their city of residence.

Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue Mass Murder Reviewed in Court Monday

Bowers was indicted on 44 counts by the federal grand jury on October 31. The charges carry a maximum penalty of death or 535 years in federal prison.

Montana Court Orders Neo-Nazi Publisher to Pay $14 Million in Damages to Jewish Businesswoman

She could take everything he owns, of course, courtesy of the Sheriff's department, including his website which she could hand over to Im Tirtzu...

Haneen Zoabi Facing Indictments for ‘Broad and Systematic Fraud’

Police suspect that during 2013 the party deposited about NIS 3.2 million from a source that has not yet been identified with the funds fraudulently declared as donations from private donors.

Israeli Woman Convicted of $145 Million Binary Options Fraud in US

Another 14 other defendants are standing trial for involvement in the binary options scheme.

Shurat HaDin Asks Court to Block Ilhan Omar from Entering Israel

A 2017 Israeli law allows the state to block foreigners that promote BDS from entering the country. However, Israel has already said it will allow Omar to enter the country out of respect for the U.S. Congress.

India Votes Down Muslim Instant Divorce

Opposition parties opposed the bill, suggesting it was designed to harass Muslims.

Orange County Town Sued for Discrimination Against Chassidic Development

When the town of Chester settled for the new homes, it wasn't aware they would come with Jews in black hats and long kapotas who talk funny and eat kugel.


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