Harvard Sued for Tolerating Rampant and Pervasive Antisemitism

Complaint accuses Harvard of being “deliberately indifferent” and adopting a double standard when it comes to Jew-hatred.

Germany Says Will Stand by ICC Arrest Warrants, But Warns It’s Not a Done...

"The public statement that Israel has the right to self-defense loses credibility if our hands are tied as soon as we defend ourselves."

Netanyahu: US Has Three Times the Number of Deaths from Starvation as Gaza

"That's like saying that, well, I'm issuing, you know, arrest warrants for FDR and Churchill, but also for Hitler."

Israeli Emigrant to the US and George Clooney’s Lebanese Wife Urged Khan to Prosecute...

Each of the court’s 120 member states must honor the warrant and detain the wanted person when he enters their territory.

Hague Prosecutor Wants Arrest Warrants Against Sinwar and Netanyahu

Netanyahu who failed to punish the Ramallah gang in 2015 will have to stay out of most of Europe in 2024, where he could be arrested.

South Africa is Hamas ‘Ally,’ Israel says at Hague court

“Calling something a genocide, again and again, does not make it genocide,” said Gilad Noam, an attorney for the Jewish state. “Repeating a lie does not make it true.”

Jerusalem Fighting S. Africa’s Bid for Hague to Stop Rafah Invasion, Issue Warrants for...

South Africa's recent action is a continuation of a case initiated in December, alleging Israel of genocide.

200 Lawyers Urge Biden to Protect Israeli Officials Against ICC Arrest Warrants

“Today they are trying to hobble Israel, using blood libels and claims of war crimes, tomorrow they’ll be targeting American soldiers too."

Shurat Ha’Din Launches Multi-Million Dollar Suit Against SJP on Behalf of Hamas Terror Victims

"If we don’t act urgently against these organizations, America will face a very real threat of its own October 7.”

Speaker Johnson Attacks ICC Investigation, Arrests of Israeli Officials

Netanyahu urged Biden to intervene to help prevent the ICC warrants.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Reject Hague Court’s Attack on Its Right to Self Defense

Meanwhile, the political and legal echelons in Israel are preparing for the Hague court possibly issuing arrest warrants against Israeli senior officials.

Tel Aviv District Judge Rules Arab Party’s Charity Is Funding Terrorism

After years of complaints, investigations, and publications about the ties of the Islamic Ra'am party and its many associations to the terror organization Hamas,...

Federal Court: Iran, Syria Must Pay $191 Million for Murder of Ari Fuld

“It’s not a military act, but it’s an act of defiance that is essential,” said Richard Heideman, who represented the Fuld estate in the lawsuit.

Israeli Supreme Court Orders Stop to Yeshivah Funding for Haredim Required to Enlist in...

The Israeli prime minister had asked for another extension—this time for 30 days—so he could reach a political agreement on the issue

Border Police Judea and Samaria Undercover Unit Open to Female Fighters

Women will be allowed to join if they meet the criteria, but only if more than one passes the threshold.

Jerusalem Arab Gets 10 Months for Posting Severed Head Video

80 indictments were selected from some 300 incitement complaints.

Judge Orders Shin Bet to Explain Why Jewish Administrative Detainees Aren’t Treated like Arabs

Everyone understood a week ago that the IDF and the Shin Bet were trying to make nice with the PA Arabs, on the eve of Ramadan.

International Criminal Court to Decide if God’s Gifts to Israel in 1967 Constitute ‘Occupation’

Welcome to The Hague * Did somebody mention death? * The left has left * Test time

Israel Breaks Legal Logjam as Judicial Selection Committee Meets for First Time in Nearly...

Ten judges and six acting judges were appointed to the District Courts of Haifa and Nazareth and one judge was appointed to the Eilat Magistrate’s Court.

US Federal Court Dismisses Genocide Case Against Biden Administration, Israel Over ‘Jurisdictional Grounds’

“The Court implores Defendants to examine the results of their unflagging support of the military siege against the Palestinians in Gaza."

October 7 Victims Sue Iran for $ 1 Billion for Its Role in the...

The New York lawsuit alleges that the Binance crypto exchange permitted Hamas to utilize their platform for financial transactions.

Netanyahu’s US Born Chief of Staff Ari Harow Convicted of Fraud, Breach of Trust

He is considered to have been one of Netanyahu’s closest confidants.

Kampala Distancing Itself from Ugandan Judge Sebutinde Who Voted Down the Line for Israel

Even the Israeli Judge, former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak, voted yes on two ICJ decisions.

ICJ Rejects South African Bid to Halt War Against Hamas

Gazans are devastated that the court didn't demand a ceasefire from Israel.

Israel Refuses to Give Red Cross Details of Gazan Detainees Without Info on Hostages

Ben Gvir: "They want details about their damned terrorists? Then they must pass on details about our heroic abductees."

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case of NCSU Retaliation Against Professor Who Criticized DEI Program

The Supreme Court shares the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals’ reluctance to protect Porter’s First Amendment rights.

Freedom of Speech This: Lehava Founder Bentzi Gopstein Convicted of Incitement to Racism

Israel is a great country, with wonderful people, and delicious food, but no idea whatsoever of what constitutes a democracy.

UAE Launches Mass Trials of Suspected Muslim Brotherhood Activists

Emirati members of the Muslim Brotherhood undergo a proxy allegiance ceremony.

Six Jewish Students Sue Harvard University for Discrimination

“Harvard is a ripe target for antisemitism litigation,” said Kenneth Marcus, of the Brandeis Center. "No one should be surprised to see this lawsuit filed."


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