There It Is: MK Rothman’s Judicial Selection Bill (a.k.a. ‘Regime Revolution’)

It looks like for the first time since the right overturned the rule of the left back in 1977, Israel has a right-wing government.

Israeli Court Sets New Hearing Over Order to Evacuate Khan al-Ahmar

The government must present its plan to evacuate the Bedouin village built illegally on state-owned land by April 2.

Jury Awards Damages to Jewish Attorney Fired After Requesting Time Off for High Holy...

The jury found the Kimberly Edelstein's First Amendment rights were violated by her former employer, Judge Greg S. Stephens.

Three Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Sanction ICC, Citing ‘Attacks’ on Israel

“The ICC has no legitimate jurisdiction over the United States or any country that does not recognize the ICC’s authority,” says Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

Fruit of a Poison Court: Justice Hayut Ignores Amiram Ben-Uliel’s Claim his Confession Was...

The district court threw out two of Ben-Uliel’s confessions because they were given under torture.

Oregon University to Fork Over $1M to Jewish Professor Sacked for Complaining about Sexual...

The head of HR she said: "Personally, I don’t believe the Jews have a secret agenda to grab power at all!"

AG Orders Netanyahu to Stay Away from Judicial Reform Legislation

It's another attempt to humiliate Netanyahu after the Supreme Court revoked Aryeh Deri's ministerial appointments.

Israel Requests Another 4 Month Postponement on Removing Khan al-Ahmar

For the ninth time: the State of Israel asks the High Court to allow another postponement of its response to Regavim’s petition for the evacuation of the Palestinian Authority’s flagship outpost, Khan al-Ahmar.

Entire Netanyahu Coalition Signs Knesset Bill to Restore Deri as Minister

“Deri Law No. 2,” as it’s been coined, will go before the Knesset next week.

Head of Israel’s Bar Association, Judicial Reform Enemy, in Indecent Act with Woman Needing...

Himi became head of the bar association after his predecessor, Effi Naveh, was forced to quit after a scandal.

Arab Terrorist Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Rape, Murder of Israeli Teen

The terrorist attacked Ori Ansbacher of Tekoa in the woods in the outskirts of Jerusalem because she was Jewish.

MK Simcha Rothman Returns from US Trip Confident of His Defense of Israeli Judicial...

“It was the first time they heard the story straight, without the big bias,” MK Simcha Rothman said.

Netanyahu Makes it Clear: Judicial Reform Will Improve the Economy

Netanyahu said his judicial reform bill will make Israel an even better place to in which to invest.

Rally in NYC to Protest Light Sentence for Antisemitic Attacker

Wassem Awawdeh was offered a six-month term after beating a Jewish man with a crutch; he told police he “would do it again.”

Jerusalem Court Orders Har Homa Public Pool to Stay Open on Shabbat

"In the end, Shabbat is a day of rest for all of us," the judge said.

Coup D’état: AG Considers Declaring Prime Minister Netanyahu Incapacitated

“The rolling judicial revolution, not the attempted reform, has usurped power and upset the balance.”

As Israeli High Court Deadline Approaches, Bedouins Wait to Learn Fate of Khan al-Ahmar

PM Netanyahu says 38 illegal Arab outposts have been dismantled so far in 2023.

US Supreme Court to Hear Case on Sabbath Accommodation in Workplace

"By agreeing to hear this case the Supreme Court has taken one step forward to rectifying this and protecting the religious liberties of Americans in the workforce."

YU Pushing through Legal Process to Supreme Court Vindication on LGBTQ Club

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett wanted to grant YU the right to deny the gay students’ club.

Netanyahu Submits to Supreme Court Ruling, Fires Deri as a Minister

"The Supreme Court decided... that I have an obligation to remove you from your position as Minister... This unfortunate decision ignores the will of the people..."

Coalition Crisis: Shas & Religious Zionism on the Outs with Netanyahu

Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara is reportedly considering starting a legal process to bring about a declaration of Prime Minister Netanyahu as incapacitated.

The Left Takes Politics to the Streets with 100K Demonstrators in Tel Aviv –...

If the left could bring a million angry Israelis to the streets, it probably would have won the last election.

AG Baharav-Miara Orders PM Netanyahu to Sack Minister Deri following Court Ruling

Justice Alex Stein, considered the most conservative of the High Court judges, was angrier than most with Aryeh Deri.

Firestorm Erupts in Response to Court’s Refusal to Allow Deri to Serve as Govt...

Opposition leader and Yesh Atid party chair Yair Lapid warned that if Deri isn’t fired, “the government will be breaking the law.”

Knesset Justice Panel Chair Simcha Rothman to Propose New, Tougher Judicial Reform Bill

MK Simcha Rothman’s proposed legislation goes even farther than that put forward by Justice Minister Yariv Levin, and as a “private bill” does not require review by the attorney general.

Supreme Court Declares War on Netanyahu’s Government, Cancels Minister Aryeh Deri

According to sources in Shas, Deri does not intend to resign from his post. If the PM wants him out, he would have to fire him.

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Case on Sabbath Observance

The appellant, a postal worker, says he was forced from his job.

New IDF Chief of Staff Facing Post-Modern Security Realities

Israel is facing a new security era, created by a sharp and fundamental change in the characteristics of the previous geostrategic system.

Likud MK Calling for Justice Hayut’s Resignation over Illegal Speech

MK Gottlieb demands that the justice minister file a complaint with the disciplinary court for judges demanding Hayut’s removal from office.

Netanyahu, Once the Court’s Guardian, Vows Judicial Reforms

"Several months ago, there was a huge demonstration, the mother of all demonstrations. Millions of people went into the streets to vote in the elections."


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