Jerusalem Arab Barricaded on Rooftop Threatens to Blow Up his Family as Police Attempt...

The father of a Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood family fortified himself on the roof of the house with his children and a gas cylinder.

Survey: Most Israelis Object to a Netanyahu Plea Bargain, Believe He Is at least...

20% of the general public and 29% of Likud voters favor former Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Supporters Raise Over NIS 2M for Netanyahu’s Legal Defense

Funding campaign organizers wrote: "When the left wing and the prosecution put Benjamin Netanyahu on the stand, they put all of us on the stand with him."

Supreme Court to Hear Petition Against Deri’s Plea Deal

Deri was indicted on two charges of under-reporting his income.

Justice Barak Pushing Netanyahu’s Plea Deal that May Oust Him from Politics Until He...

The deal is very likely, and it's probably going to be struck over the next two weeks – before the AG leaves office on February 1.

IDF Hoodie Victim in Brooklyn Describes Outrage After Attacker Set Free on $1,000 Bail

“I don’t understand why the bail was so low,” Blake Zavadsky said. “$1,000 is nothing."

US Court Dismisses Lawsuit Brought by Ari Fuld’s Family Against PA & PLO

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman concluded that he could not exercise jurisdiction over the case, despite being allowed to by the Promoting Security and Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act.

Relatives of Lithuanians Killed in 1991 Soviet Crackdown Sue Gorbachev over War Crimes

So far, the Putin administration has refused Lithuania's request to question Gorbachev regarding his role in the events of January 13, 1991.

Report: Netanyahu Negotiated Plea on Eve of AG’s End of Term

The potential deal exploded eventually over Netanyahu's uncompromising demands.

US Neo-Nazi Leader Gets 7 Years for Intimidating Jewish, Black Journalists

The group focused primarily on those who are Jewish or journalists of color.

It’s Starting: Supreme Court Rejects Government’s Ban on Arab Families’ Reunification Citing Law’s Termination

The judge was right, of course. You can't run a country based on phantom laws. Say hello to your new Palestinian neighbors…

Brazilian Judge Slams American Airlines Twice for Failing to Provide Kosher Food

Is it possible someone at American Airlines teed off Judge José Marcos Marrone of the São Paulo Court of Justice?

After 7 Years on the Run, 135 Days in Prison, Haredi Get Refuser Finally...

For 135 days R remained in jail and refused to release Orly, conditioning her freedom on impossible financial demands.

Former Chabad of Poway Rabbi Gets 14 Months for Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud Schemes

He lost his right index finger in the attack, which probably made it very difficult to count out those 10% cuts.

2019 Poway Synagogue Shooter Gets Life Plus 30 Years

John T. Earnest, a Rancho Penasquitos man who entered the Chabad of Poway on April 27, 2019, opened fire and killed one woman, injured...

Son of Muslim High Court Nominee Facing Accusations of Terror Support

Kabub wrote on Facebook that “we will fill the streets with rage and demonstrations, and we will fill the prisons with innocent people.”

Arab Who Stabbed 2 Haredim Gets 11 Months; Judge: They Didn’t Look Scared

In the future, if you want compensation, let your Arab assailant hurt you more seriously, and, for heaven's sake, do not hit back…

Court Acquits Jews Who Prayed on Temple Mount Disguised as Muslims

In the Channel 13 report, one of the activists was asked what he would do if he's discovered, and his answer was very practical: "I'd beat a heck of a run out of there…"

Settlers Demand Reparations for Illegal Demolition of 2 Communities Who Were Treated Worse than...

Only $32,000 in compensation? Maybe they should hire a lawyer who works on commission…

Convicted Rapist Continues to Deny his Wife a Get

Yad La’Isha legal aid center demands increased sanctions in jail, convict relents.

Environmentalists Withdraw Supreme Court Petition Against Trans-Israel Pipeline

The organizations are concerned about the possible environmental damage that the planned pipeline could cause to the Gulf of Eilat.

Aryeh Deri Signs Plea Deal, Will Resign from Knesset

Under the deal, Deri will plead guilty to charges of committing two unintentional tax offenses and will pay a fine of NIS 180,000.

BLM Protester Describes Bringing Down Statue in Bristol as ‘Act of Love’

The bronze statue of Edward Colston in Bristol was pulled down and thrown into the River Avon.

European Parliament Concerned about Continued Deterioration of Poland’s Rule of Law

The lawmakers called on EU member states to step up their efforts to stop the continuous deterioration of "EU values" in Poland.

Jews Who Prayed on Temple Mount Disguised as Muslims Arraigned Today – Are Israel...

If the court allows this to go on, it should make for a fantastic Supreme Court petition on the nature of prayer and the boundaries the state may impose on it.

Knesset Denies Missionaries Tax-Exempt Status – For Now

yad L'Achim: "It is inconceivable that missionaries who act to convert Jews out of their religion should receive tax benefits worth millions of shekels."

Dutch Court Upholds Immunity for IDF Brass in Gaza Civilian Deaths

The Court of Appeals ruled both men were carrying out Israeli governmental policies and thus have "functional immunity."

Religious Services Minister Kahana: Repeal Law of Return’s Grandchildren’s Clause

It isn't clear why the right to immigrate should also include distant family members of a Jew who have no affiliation with Judaism themselves.

American Airlines Ejected Jewish Couple Who Refused to Place Tallit Bag Under Seat

“Nobody said a word. Nobody defended us. It was embarrassing,” the wife related.


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