Coalition Tells Gantz They Prefer His Judicial Appointments Candidate Over Lapid’s

In the end, it’s all up to Netanyahu, whose Chess pieces move in mysterious ways.

State Attorneys Accused of Leaking Information to Organized Crime

Exasperated police officers say that despite their repeated reports to State Attorney Aisman, they were ignored.

Ben Gvir Suing Ya’alon for NIS 200,000 for Defamation

"Tיק plaintiff repeatedly declares at every opportunity that he does not include all Arabs when he advocates for the death penalty for terrorists."

Judge Rules: Jonathan Pollard Denied Gun License

The judge ruled, despite his personal sacrifice and contribution to the state of Israel, Pollard doesn't meet any of the minimum eligibility requirements.

US Supreme Court Rules for Big Tech in Terror Cases

“The victims accuse the social media giants of knowingly providing services to groups like ISIS and Hezbollah.”

Rabbinical Court: False Police Complaints Used Routinely in Divorce Disputes

"One cannot say too much about the humiliation involved in actually removing one of the spouses from his home."

Beyadenu Wants 5,000 Jews on Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day – as Police/IDF Seek...

The authorities suggest Nisani “will commit acts of provocation which can endanger the security of the Temple Mount and the Old City.”

President’s Residence Negotiations Near Agreement on Reasonability, AG’s Status

Rothman: "The reform will be advanced in parts according to the decision of the coalition leaders."

Elad Terrorists Sentenced to Life, Plus 20 Years in Prison

Sixteen children were left fatherless after the pair slaughtered four people and wounded three others in the central haredi-religious city of Elad.

Economic Competition Czar: Banks Supervision in Israel Is Regulatory Spaghetti

"The supervision of the non-banking entities should be reduced and adapted to international standards.”

Ben Gvir Wins: Convicted Female Border Guard Orian Ben Khalifa Reinstated

Officer Ben Khalifa will continue to serve while the legal proceedings against her continue.

Israel’s High Court Rejects Petition to Immediately Evacuate Khan al-Ahmar

"This most recent High Court decision illustrates that in today’s judicial system, some are more equal than others."

Opposition Party’s Judicial Reform Matches Levin/Rothman and then Some

If the coalition submitted the above Saar plan as is, and the National Camp would vote in favor, this reporter would be deliriously happy.

Female Border Guard Orian Ben Khalifa Convicted of Assault, Ben Gvir Mulling Appeal

The court ruled that considering the investigation failures, an obstruction of justice conviction strongly contradicts any sense of justice.

Netanyahu Not in Contempt of Court, High Court Rules

The Movement for Quality Government says the prime minister violated a conflict of interest agreement by addressing judicial reform.

Supreme Court Again Decides the Law, Ends Mandatory Orthodox Conversion for Adoption

The Court has now ruled that every case of adoption of a non-Jewish child, of which there were several dozen last year, must be examined individually.

The Coalition Can’t Fire AG Baharav-Miara, But It Can Order Her to Rewrite the...

Why not just fire the insubordinate AG? Because firing the AG is not so simple.

Military Court Asked to Remand Jordanian MP Caught Smuggling Weapons and Gold

The Shin Bet wants to keep Al-Adwan behind bars longer so they may dig deep into his involvement in PA terrorism.

Netanyahu’s Prosecutor Missed Mediation Session for Yet Another Extended Vacation Abroad

It's not the first time that Ben Ari has been absent from meetings related to this case.

Smotrich Pressures Bibi, Gallant, to Alter Response to High Court on Khan al-Ahmar

"I am surprised at the fact that no orderly discussion was conducted with my participation in forming the state’s response on this matter."

Report: Netanyahu Government Asking High Court to Forget About Khan al-Ahmar

Khan al-Ahmar is a hot potato which PM Netanyahu is not willing to add to his list of political woes.

AG Rejects Mediation Option in Netanyahu’s Trial

Incidentally, in three weeks or so, prosecution witness Yair Lapid will take the stand.

With Disengagement Law Annulled, State Drops Indictments Against Israelis Who Visited Homesh

"The indictment that was filed against the students of the Homesh Yeshiva should not have been filed in the first place."

Vast Chasm Between Coalition and Opposition on First Day of Real Negotiations

The coalition proposal is doubling down on the novel idea (in Israel) that elected officials should appoint judges.

Women’s Integration in IDF Infantry, Armored Corps, Postponed Indefinitely

The High Court, as usual, felt qualified to interfere with the decision-making process of the various branches of the military.

Gee Thanks, Israeli High Court Permits Demolition of Jerusalem Bomber’s Home

Both bombs were placed at busy bus stops and detonated during the morning rush hour of November 22.

Trump: My Only Crime Was that I Furiously Defended our Nation

Even if he is convicted, which is not a sure thing at all, Trump will likely not spend any time in jail.


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