Senior IDF Officers Petition High Court to Compel Prosecution of Breaking the Silence

Rachel Mattar of the Prosecution allegedly admitted that "there is no doubt that the soldiers were questioned about operational activities that appear to have little relevance to the stated goals of Breaking the Silence.”

High Court Only Allows Demolition of Top Floor of Rina Shnerb’s Murderer’s Home

The judges also ruled that the top floor could be demolished only after Passover eve.

In Bloodless Coup Victorious High Court Appoints Amir Peretz to Replace Edelstein

The High Court of justice ordered overnight Thursday the transfer of the authority to convene a Knesset plenum to the eldest MK, Amir Peretz (Labor).

Speaker Edelstein Passing the Gavel to Amir Peretz, Tells Court to Back Off

Edelstein said the court had been "dragged into political negotiations" instead of allowing the Knesset to elect a new speaker with a broad consent.

Blue&White to Appeal Edelstein’s Resignation to the High Court

Edelstein's resignation thwarted the possibility of holding a vote for a new Speaker until Monday.

Knesset Speaker Edelstein Resigned Over High Court’s Meddling: I Won’t Support Civil War

Edelstein's resignation was made in protest, and also to avoid a precedent in which the High Court of Justice is obeyed when it intervenes in the workings of parliament.

Massive Convoy Protests High Court’s Overreach

The protesters showed up in their cars to say the High Court had crossed a red line by unlawfully interfering in the Knesset's agenda and by ruling in direct contravention of the Basic Law of the Knesset.

Israeli Imprisoned in Thailand to Serve Remainder of Sentence in Israel

Nati Hadad was arrested in 2017 and sentenced a year after for running an illegal medical clinic and a firearms offense.

High Court Orders Speaker Edelstein to Convene Own Decapitation Session

Edelstein is reportedly furious at the High Court panel of five justices, especially since they obviously didn't bother to read his lengthy and well annotated response.

High Court Orders Speaker Edelstein to Declare If He’ll Let the Knesset Replace Him

"In one of the most difficult crises since the establishment of the state, the legal system is attempting a government coup in the State of Israel, no less."

In Phone Conference Cabinet Unanimously Approves Nationwide Emergency Curfew

It should be emphasized that the right to protest in public will be preserved.

Jewish Farmer Suing Rabbis: Declare a Leap Year to Save Our Passover

There are countless unintended consequences to the proposed action, not the least of which being that we'd have to celebrate Purim again, seeing as Purim falls on Adar II.

Netanyahu Requesting 45-Day Delay of Trial, But Approval Unlikely

Judge Friedman-Feldman sat on the panel of judges that convicted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for fraudulent acceptance of a gift and breach of trust.

Chabad of Poway Gunman to Face Death Penalty for Murder of 60-Year-Old Congregant

“Jury selection will take some time because potential jurors will have to be screened for their views,” reported “The San Diego Union-Tribune.”

Feds Won’t Release the Terminally Ill Bernie Madoff as 500 Victims Demand He Die...

The US Attorney concluded that “Denying Madoff’s motion will uphold his victims’ and the public’s faith in our system of justice.”

Supreme Court Throws Out Petition to Prevent Netanyahu from Forming Coalition

The Court stated it was rejecting the petition as final election results had not yet been published.

Jew Slapping Woman Arraigned But Let Go Under New Bail Law

Brooklyn ADA Peter Choi told Judge Danny Chun that he isn't allowed to seek bail in Harris's case.

DC Attorney Suing Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner, Cuomo, AIPAC, Miriam Adelson, on Behalf of ‘Palestinians’

In less than a year, people who believe in this toxic stuff, including many young Jews, could take over the White House.

Judge Throws Out Plea of Duma Defendant for Refusing to Look at Women

It appears Judge Ido Druyan-Gamaliel's liberalism is so lopsided, it's a wonder he can walk the street without falling over.

Gett’s Kosher Taxi App Faces 150 Million Shekel Racism Class Action Suit

"If there were a sincere religious intent here, they should have insisted on Arab drivers for the Mehadrin taxis."

Deep State, Leftist Media, Enraged by Investigation of Gantz’s Management Failure

This investigation is not about whether or not Gantz broke the law, it's about his failure to prevent his subordinates from breaking the law.

Glick Detained Again as He Delivers Release Documents: All They Had to Do Was...

"Bullying and vengeful persecution while abusing power are something that a democratic state cannot accept," Smotrich declared.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Trial Begins March 17

The indictment against the prime minister was officially filed on January 28 by Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit.

Former PM Olmert Asked President to Delete Criminal Record

Should the president delete his conviction, Olmert could return to political life at once.

6 Countries, 14 Orgs Rally Against ICC Probe Against Israel

Several European countries, the US, Canada, Brazil, and Uganda have voiced their opposition to the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) probe against Israel.

Court Orders PA to Pay Terror Victim’s Family $170,000

The court ruled that the PA must compensate the Asulin family using the salaries intended for the terrorists until the accumulated payments reach 583,598 shekels ($170,017.3).

White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Synagogue Bombing Plot in Las Vegas

US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich said the government is determined to stop hate crimes "before mass violence can occur.”

Australian Parliament in Bipartisan Demand to Extradite Malka Leifer

“We have been exceptionally patient in this case, but enough is enough,” Liberal MP and former Australian ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma said


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